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30+ Resume Templates on Hiration's Resume Builder

  • York/New_York_small.jpg
  • Black/Professional_Black_small.jpg
  • Blue/Royal_Blue_small.jpg
  • Teal/Modern_Teal_small.jpg
  • Maroon/Traditional_Maroon_small.jpg
  • Timeline/Signature_Timeline_small.jpg
  • Citizen Green/Global_Citizen_Green_small.jpg
  • Black/Simple_Black_small.jpg
  • Blue/Professional_Blue_small.jpg
  • Timeline/Round_Timeline_small.jpg
  • Navy/Boxed_Navy_small.jpg
  • Twist/Orange_Twist_small.jpg
  • Design/Trendy_Design_small.jpg
  • Color/Material_Color_small.jpg
  • Template/simple_resume_layout.png
  • 1/Global_Citizen_Green.png
  • Green/Gradient_Green_small.jpg
  • 9/w1.jpg
  • 10/w2.jpg
  • Blue/Traditional_Blue_small.jpg
  •'s Resume Design/Ashokas_Resume_Template_Small.jpg
  • Development/Global_Citizen_Green.png
  • Icons Test/rainbow_resume.jpg
  • 5/Paris.jpg
  • Maroon - CL/traditional_maroon.jpg
  • Template/Barcelona.jpg
  • 6/Rainbow.jpg
  • 7/Simple_Black.jpg
  • 4/Miami.jpg
  • Template/London.jpg
  • 2/iim-template-small.jpg
  • 3/London.jpg
  • 8/two-column-resume-layout-1.jpeg
  • Template/Maroon_Template.jpg
  • Template/Amsterdam.jpg
  • Citizen Red - CL/global_citizen_red.jpg
  • Brown/Uniform_Brown_small.jpg
  • Wars Theme/Star_Wars.jpg
  • Blue -CL/professional_blue.jpg
  • - CL/california.jpg
  • Teal - CL/modern_teal.jpg
  • Citizen Green - CL/global_citizen_green.jpg
  • Blue - CL/traditional_blue.jpg
  • - CL/amsterdam.jpg
  • - CL/barcelona.jpg
  • - CL/rainbow.jpg
  • Black - CL/simple_black.jpg
  • Citizen Red/Global_Citizen_Red_small.jpg
  • - CL/miami.jpg
  • Color - CL/material_color.jpg
  • Brown - CL/uniform_brown.jpg
  • - CL/london.jpg
  • Theme/Charcoal_Theme_small.jpg
  • Theme/Galaxy_Theme.jpg
  • Timeline/Diamond_Timeline_small.jpg

Choose the right Resume Template


Basic Resume Templates

The Basic Resume Templates pack is very similar to the Simple pack, the key difference being that this pack uses some colors to highlight important keywords and headings in your resume. This pack can be used in more modern industries and is highly appropriate for students who are struggling to highlight their key achievements and also for professionals who are very fresh in the industry/job market. The pack has templates in both - a single column format as well as multiple column formats. Make your resume now using a basic resume template now!

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Modern Resume Templates

The Modern Resume Templates pack has been designed for today's professionals who work in newer industries and need to showcase that they pay as much attention to design as they do to content. Professionals in Software Development, Analytics, digital marketing, product management, and many other domains can use our modern resume templates to entirely transform their resumes. This is one of our best selling packs and you can rest assured that this will highly increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Modern templates work best for both ATS and human recruiters alike-- you stand out from the competition without compromising on the ATS optimization part. Take a look at all our Modern Resume Templates and read on to choose the best modern template for you.

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Professional Resume Templates

Our Professional Resume Templates pack has been designed with a focus on bringing out your content in front of the recruiters' eyes. Iconography and other design elements have been used in a very minimalistic manner in these templates. The colors in the entire document have mainly been restricted to two in order to give it a more professional look. Who should choose this pack? Well, the thing with this pack is that it fits all circumstances. These templates form the industry standard and have been used continuously over the years. Moreover, recruiters are very familiar with these templates and they go well with all Applicant Tracking Systems as well.

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Free Resume Templates

This pack of Resume Templates is free for everyone on our Online Resume Builder. We have specifically created these for people who want a high quality and ATS optimized resume but can't afford to pay for the service. Students can take advantage of these templates to create amazing resumes which will help them outshine the competition. You can start creating your resume within seconds!

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Simple Resume Templates

As the name suggest, these are simple resume templates with a clean and compact design. These have been traditionally used in the industry and are sure to parse through even the most traditional Applicant Tracking Systems. And the good news for you is that right now, they're completely free on our Resume Builder! Most of these templates are in grayscale without (or very less) use of colors. You can definitely try and use these templates for more traditional kind of jobs and industries inlcluding government jobs. Go give it a shot on our resume builder for free now!

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Creative Resume Templates

The Creative Resume Templates pack is a set of amazing resume templates that you can use to spice up your Resume. They carry a variety of graphical and other novel elements to make your resume stand out from competition. Our team has conducted in-depth research to incorporate timelines, icons and colors into these templates to ensure that any recruiter who looks at a resume in one of these templates, is sure to keep reading it.

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