Professional Black Resume Template

Professional Black

The Professional black template is a two column template which allows you to deliver a stellar resume. This template is mostly suited for professionals who want to balance their professional experience with something additional, without causing too much cluttering.

Material Color Resume Template

Material Color

This template uses blue from google's material color theme. A single column template, this also has a signature section in the resume header which you can sign with your initials! The template also has ample white spaces to ensure easy readability.

Traditional Blue Resume Template

Traditional Blue

The Traditional Blue Resume Template is a single column template and a best seller in Professional Resume Templates pack. The primary color of the template is blue. This template is suitable for mid-senior level professionals who have a lot of information to present in their resume.

Traditional Maroon Resume Template

Traditional Maroon

Ideal for professionals in traditional industries in mid-senior levels in their careers. This is a single column template which has been proven to give great results.

Uniform Brown Resume Template

Uniform Brown

This resume template is a double column template with both the columns having equal width. It is appropriate for a fresh graduate or early-mid level professional who wants to highlight all round achievements in addition to their professional experience.

Professional Blue Resume Template

Professional Blue

This resume template is a two column template with complementary colors in each column. This is perfect if you want to impress the recruiter by sending a digital copy. And as with all of our templates, this is also ATS compliant.