What skills can you put on a resume?

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On an average, recruiters will spend 7.4 seconds looking at a resume. A well-crafted resume skills list is your perfect chance for your Eureka!

It is important to know which skills to put on a resume.

    UI Components Designing & Application Interface Coding
    • Identified web-based user interactions and developed highly-responsive user interface components via React concepts
    • Translated designs & wireframes into high-quality code and wrote application interface code via JavaScript following React.js workflows
    Code Debugging & Front-end Architecture
    • Troubleshot interface software and debugged application codes to improve functionality and performance by 50%
    • Developed and implemented front-end architecture to support user interface concepts with 100% accuracy
    Performance Optimization & Features Development
    • Monitored and improved front-end performance by 15% and documented application changes & worked on updates
    • Developed the latest user-facing features using React.js and built reusable components & front-end libraries for future use
    • Optimized components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers
    Application Development & UI Designing
    • Coordinated with the development team of 35 to discuss user interface ideas and applications
    • Reviewed application requirements and interface designs to ensure compatibility with existing applications
      Webpage Designing & Optimization
      • Determined the structure and design of web pages based on user requirements and balanced functional & aesthetic designs
      • Created features to enhance the user experience while ensuring that the web design is optimized for smartphones
      • Employed a variety of languages such as HTML and CSS to write & create user-friendly web pages
      Coding & Website Improvement
      • Built reusable code for future use and optimized web pages for 5 applications for maximum speed and scalability
      • Managed brand consistency throughout the design and maintained & improved the company's website by adding more features and functionality
      Project Delivery & Graphic Designing
      • Liaised with cross-functional teams to ensure that the client projects were completed on time and within a stipulated budget
      • Produced high-quality mockups & designed different prototypes and provided high-quality graphics & visual elements
      • React Certification (Full Stack Web Development) | Coursera | Dec '17
        • Top 20 percentile of the class
        Personal Details
        4+ years experienced React Developer with hands-on experience in identifying web-based user interactions along with designing & implementing highly-responsive user interface components by deploying React concepts. Proficient in translating designs & wireframes into high-quality code, and writing application interface code via Javascript and ReactJS workflows. Adept at monitoring & maintaining frontend performance and troubleshooting & debugging the same to bolster overall performance.
        • UI Designing
        • Coding
        • Application Designing
        • Wireframe & Design
        • Translation
        • Debugging
        • Front-end Architecture
        • Performance Improvement
        • Feature Designing
        • Webpage Designing
        • Webpage Optimization
        • Project Delivery
        • Client Surviving
        • Graphic Designing
        • JavaScript
        • JQuery
        • CSS
        • HTML
        React tools:
        • React.js
        • Webpack
        • Enzyme
        • Redux
        • Flux
        Performance Testing Frameworks:
        • Mocha
        • Jest
        Front-end Development tools:
        • Babel
        • Webpack
        • NPM

        Your resume skills list is:

        • a summary of what you can do for the potential employer
        • glimpse of the value you can add for your prospective employer

        For most job seekers, writing the right skills on a resume presents a challenge because they are not sure about what specific skills and abilities for resume they can add.

        Worry not, for our resume skills examples shall cover all your prospective target list of skills.

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        The following walks you through the necessary knowledge of writing your resume skills appropriately.

        That's not all. By the end of it, you shall know:

        What are Resume Skills?

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        All of the personal resume skills and talents you have can fall into one of three categories:

        Transferable Resume Skills - are key skills that you can take with you from one job to another. Examples: Microsoft Excel or Communications.

        Transferable Skills for resume
        Computer and Internet Skills
        Written and Verbal Communication
        Organizational Skills
        Time Management

        Hiration's online resume building tool possesses a pre-filled list of skills which are related to your target domain.