• Choose a layout based on your industry.
  • Consider the years of experience you have while choosing your resume layout.
  • Use an ATS compliant good resume layout for a company that uses ATS.

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“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper

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So, you've collated all the information that needs to go in your resume and all that is left now is to choose a good resume layout template and put that information in the resume ... right?

But choosing the best resume layout 2022 is easier said than done. The resume layout defines how and in what order you choose to present your information to the recruiters.

If the company has a human recruiter then choose a proper resume layout accordingly.

Here's why:


We'll cover all these factors in detail in this Best Resume Layout: 2022 Guide.

In this blog, we will show you:

... All to help you out with a job-winning resume layout.

And what's more? You can get access to all our resume layout templates on Hiration's Online Resume Builder and use them to create your resume.

Take a look at our Best Resume Layout Examples 2022 Guide to choose the best resume layout 2022 for you.

Our Resume Layout Guide is going to cover the following topics:

What is a Resume Layout and Why is it Important?

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A great resume layouts are the design template of a resume that you choose to make your resume on.

And now you ask: "What's the big deal about it? It is just a piece of paper with some design on it."

Well, then let us tell you that this piece of paper with some design on it can be a make or break the deal when it comes to getting shortlisted for your dream job. Yes, you read it all right. Let us explain how.

Firstly because the recruiters only read a resume for 6 seconds at the first screening. So, when you have only seconds to make it through the next round, you need to make sure that the recruiter gets hooked to your resume from the moment they see your resume.

And if this is not enough for you to ensure that your resume layout design is on point, then here's another one.

There are different resume layout ideas for different industry and professional working in and the number of years of experience a person has.

And then there are resume layouts that are made based on the recruitment norms of specific countries. So now do you get how important it is to choose the proper resume layout for that coveted job and how the wrong template can crush your chances of getting the job your dreams?

What are the Different Types of Resume Layouts?

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Great resume layouts have to be defined across multiple dimensions which can be:

  • The number of columns in the resume layout
  • The number of pages in the resume layout
  • The elements that are present in the resume layout i.e. text, colors, picture, etc.

Based on these criteria, the resume layout examples that are possible can be many.

Predominantly, the first two criteria are the most important while choosing the best resume layout examples.

We're going to discuss all three in detail below.

One Column Resume Layout vs. Two Column Resume Layout

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The simplest distinction in great resume layout examples can be in terms of how the content is organized in terms of the number of columns in the resume layout.

a. Mid-senior Level Professionals

Single Column Resume Layout 2022

The single-column resume layout is the most simple resume layout.

As the name suggests, this basic resume layout example has the content organized in a single column that spans the entire resume height.

Here is a sample resume layout example for the one column resume layout:


You can see how the resume sections are aligned in a single column below one another.

Now let us look at some of the professional aspects based on which we chose this particular resume layout.

1. Industry

Since a Brand Manager belongs to the Marketing & Communications industry, which is a highly professional one, the resume layout also needs to communicate the same to the recruiter. That this potential employee is highly professional and means business.

2. Years of Experience

As the profile is that of a mid-senior level professional having 7 years of work experience, a single-column single-page resume layout with a light-colored background suffices all the needs.

3. Recruitment Norms

The above given single-column resume layout is perfect for applying in those countries that do not allow pictures in the resume to make the hiring process completely unbiased.

Double Column Resume Layout 2022

The double-column resume layout has double columns i.e. the content is arranged in the form of two columns, where each column has certain resume sections arranged vertically.

Take a look at the double-column resume layout given below.


Requirements Fulfilled:

This double-column resume layout also fulfills all the requirements that the single-column resume layout above completed. Hence, another Brand Manager profile of the same number of years of work experience has been used in this resume layout.

If these resume layouts are perfectly suitable for you, then make your resume using these free downloadable resume templates on Hiration's Online Resume Builder today!

Apart from the above-provided resume layout, the Creative Resume Layouts 2022 are a great choice for professionals of the mid-senior level.

Creative resume layout examples have a high use of colors and also consist of a picture.

They're appropriate for either creative professionals or someone trying for a job which requires them to showcase their profile visually.

Below are creative resume layout examples from our resume builder.


Requirements met:

The creative resume layouts can be used if you are a professional in the art field or if you're transitioning to this field. These can be great resume layouts for professionals who work as a graphic designer or as an interior designer.

Also, if the place where you're applying for the job requires you to have a picture of you in your resume or in case you feel like putting one, then these creative resume layout should be your go-to resume layouts.

To get your resume layout as well as content professionally reviewed by select industry experts, avail Hiration's Professional Resume Review Service right now!

b. Entry-Level Professionals

Single Column Resume Layout 2022

Entry-level professionals should go for either a Basic Resume Layout or Simple Resume Layout

The Basic Resume Layout has no (or extremely minimal) use of design elements. This resume layout is perfect for recent graduates or entry-level professionals as they don't have much to write in their resume and so, in this case, all the focus should be on making the content the hero in the resume.

Nowadays, people think that these resume layouts appear outdated and have failed to keep up with the changing trends, but that's not the case at all.

Even in 2022, these templates should be the go-to choice for all the students and entry-level professionals if they don't want the fancy resume layouts to overshadow the work which they've done so far.

Here's an example of a simple single-column resume layout in black:


Requirements Completed:

1. Industry

When you're a student or an entry-level professional, then the industry is no bar. This simple black resume layout can be used by a student from any educational background and by entry-level professionals across industries.

2. Years of Experience

This template is perfect for students and professionals with up to 3 years of work experience as the black and blue text with absolutely no color in the background makes sure that all the attention of the recruiter is grabbed by the text of your resume.

3. Recruitment Norms

Again, this is the IT template if you work in a country where no pictures are allowed in a resume to keep the recruitment process unbiased when it comes to the sex and race of the applicant. And apart from this, this is also an ideal template if the recruiters prefer resumes in reverse chronological resume format.

You can use this simple resume layout for free in our online resume builder to create your resume.

c. Senior Level Professionals

Single Column Resume Layout 2022

If you're a professional who's at a senior level then you should go for Modern Resume Layout or Professional Resume Layout

The Modern resume layout or the professional resume layout designs are the most widely used among professionals with experience.

These resume layouts are the industry standard and have an ideal mix of color and space.

This is something the recruiters are used to seeing every day.

Modern Resume Layout 2022:


Requirements Satisfied:

1. Industry

A double column modern resume layout is compliant with the needs of senior-level professionals across industries. The color in the design template ensures that the resume doesn't look too text-heavy.

2. Years of Experience

As it's obvious that senior-level professionals have a lot of professional experience to include in a resume, the Modern Resume Layout helps in maintaining the balance between great resume layout and text by adding some color to the template.

3. Recruitment Norms

If you're in a country where recruiters prefer reverse chronology resume formatting template more over the others, then this template is your dream come true template. Also, as the resume length of professionals at senior-level is usually of 2 pages, the resume spacing of this resume layout ensures that both the resume pages look spacious.

Double Column Resume Layout 2022

Professional Resume Layout 2022:


Requirements Met:

The Professional Resume Layout satisfies most of the requirements that the Modern Resume Layout did. But it is specifically the best resume layout 2022 for you if you work in a country where recruiters prefer combination resume formatting template more.

Apart from that, if you want to make a resume with a professional photograph of your in it, then look no further than a professional resume layout.

How to Choose a Resume Layout?

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This section will guide you on how to choose a resume layout based on your professional profile, years of experience and the job you're applying to.

We're going to cover the resume layout examples in detail so that the professionals can choose the best resume layout 2022 for them based on the following professional aspects.

Resume Layout Examples for Students, Fresh Graduates & Early Level Professionals

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Choosing a Fresh Graduate or Student resume layout 2022 is tricky business.

A fresh graduate has little or no professional experience and the resume is full of academic or other achievements.

There are a few things to consider when you are a fresh graduate or a junior professional:

Number of Pages

You should always follow a one-page resume layout. You don't have significant experience to use a 2 page resume template. Work on and trim your resume until you're able to restrict it to one page. This takes time. So be patient.

Also, if you'll try to add unnecessary information in your resume just to make it reach the end of the second page, then you'll reduce your chances of getting shortlisted by a great deal.

As we've told this time and again, that recruiters see a resume for only 6 seconds at the first screening, so, if they find a resume of an entry-level professional filled with clutter, you'll lose your chance of getting shortlisted there and then.

Number of Columns

You can optimize the use of space by using a single column resume layout. This way, you would have the ability to showcase to the recruiter multiple aspects of your profile, without having to put in fluff just to make the resume full of content.

Also, since you would have little work experience, it will be easy for you to make a one-pager single-column resume with a perfect balance of content and space. Always remember that it is very important to maintain a balance between the content and the resume spacing in a single-column one-pager resume layout.

As the page limit for professionals with less than 10 years of work experience is one page, it is very important for you to only include the most relevant and important information in the resume, to be able to maintain a balance between text and resume spacing in your resume layout.

Type of Resume Layout

You should always go for a basic or simple resume layout unless you are aiming for a creative role. The simple and basic resume layouts have minimal design elements in them, thus, allowing the content of the resume to be at the forefront.

Even if you're a graduate or entry-level professional applying for a creative profile, you should use a creative resume layout with minimal design elements like a resume layout with very light colors used in the design and with no picture on it.

Having a proper resume layout with too bright colors or design elements can reduce the impact of the work written in it, thus, decreasing the chances of you getting your target job.

To make your entry-level resume, opt for Hiration's Online Resume Builder now as it has 200+ content templates and 20+ design templates for various entry-level professionals as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Apart from this, Hiration's Online Resume Builder also has free downloadable resume templates and content templates. So, what are you waiting for?

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Resume Layout Examples for Mid-level and Senior-level Professionals

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For more seasoned professionals with significant professional experience, the following resume layout combination is ideal:

Number of Pages

You can use a 2 page resume template as your experience increases. Experts say that the resume should have one page for every professional who has less than 10 years of work experience.

Senior-level candidates can use a 2 page resume template, but not more than that. Just ensure that the resume does not hang in between the first and second page. In other words, make sure that the length of your resume is not 1.5 or 1.75 in length.

Every line on your resume is prime real estate. Make full use of it. To do so, make sure that whole of your resume is written using crisp, one-line bullet points. Do not use paragraphs anywhere in your resume except for the summary that goes on the top.

Number of Columns

We usually recommend our clients of the mid-senior level to choose the single column resume layout. A single column resume layout has sufficient space to add all the necessary information for a mid-senior level professional in a single page.

To fit as much professional experience that senior-level professionals have in a 2 page resume template it is advised to opt for a double column resume layout. An additional, smaller-column makes it easier to incorporate smaller information like that of summary and key skills in lesser space.

Also, other details like technical-skills, education, certifications, etc. can be written in the smaller column. This allows ample space for these professionals to include as much work experience related information in the larger column as possible.

Type of Resume Layout

Again, professionals of the mid-senior level should opt for a creative resume layout. Whereas, senior-level professionals should go for either a modern resume layout or a professional resume layout.

As explained above, in the resume layout examples section, these three different types of resume layout serve the purpose of mid-senior level and senior-level resume profiles perfectly.

As the mid-senior level and senior-level resume profiles are usually text-heavy, these three resume layouts help in balancing the text, design and resume spacing perfectly for these professionals.

Resume Layout Examples for Creative professionals

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Number of Pages

For a creative professional, the number of pages in a resume is usually one. Creative professionals tell their stories visually and use text minimally. For creative profiles like that of a model, musician, dancer, etc., a one-page resume will suffice.

But there are a few creative profiles that are an exception. For example, a senior-level graphic designer can opt for a 2 page resume template as they can have extensive work experience to demonstrate in their resumes.

Apart from this, many graphic designers work as freelancers and as a result, they work on many different projects throughout their work history. So a 2 page resume template will provide them ample space to include a 'Selected Projects' section in their resume.

Number of Columns

The resume layout can be a single column resume layout for all those creative professionals who don't have a text-heavy resume. For example, actors and photographers should go for a single column resume layout.

And for other creative professionals like 3D artists should opt for a double column resume layout as their resumes could be text-heavy and as a result, they would require a resume layout that provides ample space for all the information to be incorporated in their resumes.

So, in other words, professionals belonging to the creative sector can use both, single column and double column resume layouts depending on their work profile.

Type of Resume Layout

Creative professionals primarily use creative resume layouts or infographic resume layouts with multiple graphical elements such as charts and timelines.

Timelines are used to showcase the professional trajectory of a professional in the form of a snapshot. This timeline can include things like education, internships and professional progress in terms of designation.

On the other hand, charts are used to highlight 6 to 8 skills in which you are most proficient at. Try to add a mix of key and technical skills in the chart and add only the best of your skills in the chart.

To get an even better understanding of how to choose the best resume layout 2022 for yourself, check out the table given below.

Profession One/Two Column One/Two Page Basic/Modern/Creative
Student One Column One Page Basic
Entry Level One Column One Page Basic
Mid Level Both  One Page Modern
Senior Level Two Column One or Two Pages Modern
Creative Both One or Two Pages Creative


If you want to use the content or design of any of the resume samples given above in this article, then you can get them on Hiration's Online Resume Builder. And not just these, we have 20+ design templates and 200+ content templates for everyone, from undergraduate students to senior-level professionals.

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What is the right length of a resume?

A resume length mostly depends on the skills and experience of the resume. Ideally the resume must be a single page. But for professional with 5+ years of experience, the resume may stretch to 2 pages.

How can you adjust the resume template to get the right format?

First decide the the template you want to use and then tweak them in the Hiration Resume builder to meet your resume format requirement.

What is the best resume layout for ATS systems?

The reverse chronological resume layout is best for the ATS systems.

Go to Hiration career platform which has 24/7 chat support and get professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries. You can also write to us at and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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