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During my years in workforce development, I have constantly searched for automated resume software that offered current resume formats, easy use, intuitive creation and innovative user experience.
Nate Marsh
Director, Workforce Development
Must Ministries
What Do We Offer?
An AI-powered operating system for career centers that streamlines your services, helps you serve more students & saves 2-4h per student!

Resume and Cover Letter Builder

Students can create amazing resumes which increase interview rates by 3X

Choose from 100+ role specific examples & 25+ ATS-friendly designs

Tailor resumes & cover letters for targeted jobs with instant AI-powered job matching

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Ranked no. 1 employment search service
(800+ reviews)

Interview Preparation

A virtual practice screen that mimics real-life interviews in a low-pressure environment

Pre-curated mock interviews for various job profiles

AI provides speech rate, pitch, eye contact, & posture analysis

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Resume Reviewer

AI automatically reviews resumes on 50+ parameters

Provides clear-cut actionable points to improve resumes

Omits the need to check for repetitive standard errors like spelling, page length, etc

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Provide 24x7, AI-powered assistance to your students

Counselor Dashboard

Add expert feedback to resumes & recorded interviews over & above the AI analysis

Create student cohorts and assign counselors to different cohorts

Track progress with in depth analytics & send reminders

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Frequently asked questions

How long would the onboarding process take once an institution partners with Hiration?
It generally takes a maximum of 3 weeks including the staff training to get the whole onboarding process done.
Will there be a dedicated account manager assigned to each of the partner institutions?
Yes, there is a dedicated account manager as well as a customer success manager assigned to each and every partner institution. The account manager is responsible for making sure that all the processes and workflows of the account running smoothly.
Is any type of support or training provided by a Hiration representative before the partner institution officially starts using the platform?
Yes, there will be training and development sessions for the respective institution representatives in addition to platform orientation webinars for the students.
Will there be a direct contact person from Hiration to assist the partner institutions in case of any kind of support or issues?
Hiration has 24x7chat support on the platform and also the dedicated account manager will be available to handle any kind of support-related queries.
How often does Hiration reach out to the partner institutions to ensure that there aren’t any hassles or issues with the partner institutions?
Post-on-boarding, we schedule monthly calls(and more calls if needed) to touch base and ensure the smooth operations of each account.
Would new features be charged extra after a partner institution purchases Hiration?
Any kind of new features that are part of the purchased suite of tools will remain to be free of charge. That being said, any tools that are introduced to the existing ones might be subject to additional charges.