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Choose from 300+ pre-filled job templates across 25+ designs which you can customize right away!


Tweak the color and spacing in each design to make that resume truly yours!

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Say farewell to generic resumes! Create multiple copies in single click so you can target each job the right way!


Get an in-depth review in seconds, across bullet-level, section-level and resume level along with recommendation for power verbs and skills!

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Simply paste the job listing you're targeting to get a matching score and target the missing resume skills!

AI Resume Builder

From the first word to the final draft, we got you covered!

Instant Live Reviews, AI Assistant with Next Word Prediction, Resume Job a resume for 21st Century.Let your dream job no longer be a dream!

But before that, let’s start off with the basics.


Resume builder - WHY?

Someone predicted years ago that the humble resume is doomed. It took us a while to figure out that it’s just changing - not dying . With the rise of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and the growing divide between jobs and jobseekers, the role of a resume is more significant than ever before.

Now that we’ve established that, where does a resume builder fit in?

Picture this:

You’re a recruiter at a top-notch MNC. You’re tasked with hiring the best possible talent for a role, and there’s nothing stopping you from finding one.

Almost. Don’t forget the countless resumes lying in your inbox (are paper resumes even a thing? Maybe when they said resumes are dead, they meant paper resumes. Go green!)

You have spent hours poring over what feels like hundreds of resumes, and after a while, they all just start to look the same. And why would it not? Those hapless applicants can only resort to MS Word or Google Docs for their resume making requirements.

While the former is an extremely powerful tool, a vast majority of the population can barely leverage a tiny percentage of what it can do. The probability of you pulling your hair apart after spending an hour on MS Word hits too close to home. One erring click or a seemingly innocent keystroke somewhere and your margins are oozing out of your laptop, the formatting goes haywire and you are on the verge of a stroke.

And Google Docs, while being a boon, was not exactly designed keeping the resume in mind. It offers a few templates you can use for making a resume. Without saying anything more, take a look for yourself:


Again, to be fair, Google Docs was not designed to be a resume builder. These templates are just for addressing last-minute emergencies, or those referral opportunities where the resume is a formality. But if you are in the job-market by yourself and relying on Google Docs for your resume-making requirements, you’re doomed even before you begin.

Where does that leave you, dear jobseeker?

Enter your lifesaver - the online resume builder.


Hiration’s Online Resume Builder - WHY?

So now you know that MS Word, with its stroke-inducing capabilities, and Google Docs, with its disappointingly limited options for templates, are not the solutions if you want to make a job-winning resume.

What do you do then?

You go online. You vaguely remembered someone mentioning resume builders, and you have the ‘Aha!’ moment. You are finally thinking that you are free from all your job-search woes. What can possibly go wrong now?

Hence it is advisable that you rely on the best resume and cover letter builder.

Well. Let’s see.

For obvious reasons, you are looking for free online resume builders. I mean, who even pays for a resume? So unheard of, amiright?

You are discounting the frighteningly huge number of people who are applying for jobs, and the limited number of vacancies that they’re vying for. You are thinking of your resume as a ticket to the interview - everyone else is looking at their resume as a ticket to their dream job.

And therein lies the difference in mindset, and how that impacts the final outcome. It’s simple, really. If you are willing to dream about that job, you are strong enough to actually go out and bag it. You are skilled enough to get that job, and you know it won’t take long for the recruiter to see that as well.

The only glitch in the whole picture is the key that gets you through the door. How will the interviewer know that you’re worthy of that role if you don’t even reach there?

A professional resume is that key - your ticket to the interviewer, so you can get that job.

Don’t think of the resume as an end in itself. Not only will it carry you to the interview, but it will also define the outcome. Most recruiters won’t downright admit it - when the applicant first sits down in front of them and hands over his/her resume, they’ll barely take a second or two to glance at it. They went over your resume - that’s why you are here. But in that split second, the impression that you are able to deliver determines how the interview will shape out.

Coming back to your dilemma, you start off by searching for free online resume builders. You just want a quick solution, right? You don’t want to spend hours on it. And sure enough, there are dozens of free online resume builders! Hooray!

Well. We wouldn’t jump to the finish line just yet if we were you.

Sure, the free resume builder looks jazzy enough. There are so many designs on the table. But if you’ll really think about it, most resume builders out there are just glorified forms. Sure enough, the design and formatting of your resume are taken care of even before you begin. You see the fields for a few sections and that’s it. Just fill them up and you’re done.

Um. Let’s take a step back. Fill them up with what exactly?

Most people dread the resume not because they can’t figure out the margins or the design. They fear the resume because they don’t know what to write.

Of course, fixing the design or optimizing the formatting is a pain that can surely be addressed by any run-of-the-mill online resume maker. But the role of a jazzy design or a properly-formatted resume is just to get the recruiter to look at it - if the resume doesn’t have anything for the recruiter to look at, no amount of attractive design can do the trick.

That’s where the content comes in. And that’s where Hiration’s AI-powered online resume builder comes in.


Why is Hiration’s Online Resume Builder the Best Resume Maker?

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we’re data-driven people. We can’t even come to a consensus on ordering takeout without involving spreadsheets. So when we make a boastful claim like ‘Hiration’s online resume builder is the best resume maker out there’, rest assured that it’s not fluff and only backed by data and good ol’ facts.

Let’s begin.

You realized that the initial euphoria of finding a plethora of resume builders at your disposal was short-lived. Even if you take care of the formatting and design, you still don’t know what to write. How do even people fill pages and pages of their resume? It’s baffling, really.

Only if there was a pre-filled content template made just for your profile that you could have edited, customized and downloaded in a jiffy...

Only if these ready-to-use resume templates also came along with loads of unique designs (keeping each industry in mind) which you can change whenever you like so that you can focus on what truly matters - content, and how you wish to showcase yourself in your resume...

Only if there was an automatic way to add professional content in your resume, probably powered by a state-of-the-art AI engine that can accurately predict the story you are trying to tell through you resume...

Only if that AI engine could also review your resume in real-time and automatically bold important keywords across all points so that you’re ready to rock that resume...

Only if that same platform also had separate builders for cover letters and personal websites, so your entire online presence and job application process is taken care of…

Only if there was a Job Board on that same platform where you could have used that resume to apply for more than 3 million jobs across the world…

Where on Earth can we find a single platform with all these features, where the entire job-search process is consolidated on a single platform?

Well, hello, dear reader. You are here. Welcome to Hiration :).

Hiration’s Online Resume Builder - Free Resume Maker!

No one likes to make a resume, we know that - unless you do, in which case we are looking for you!

But yeah, broadly, we know that if you are finally picking up your resume, it’s only after you are done praying to every God you know of, have exhausted your entire network, and the frustration of searching for the next job is crossing all limits.

At Hiration, we get that. Truth be told, we love resumes and work around them all day, so we don’t really get that, but we get you.

We know that there’s not a single extra minute you want to spend on your resume. We know that there are equally (probably more) pressing matters needing your attention, and the faster you are done with a professional resume, the quicker you’ll be able to address them. We know that you treat resumes like doctors or lawyers - the lesser you need them, the better your life will be.

Keeping all these things in mind, we’ve designed a revolutionary product that will put an end to all your job-search woes. You’ll find lots of resume builders on the web, lots of places where you can make a cover letter, or design your own personal website, lots of job boards when you can search and apply for jobs...but a single platform combining all of them? Well, hello YCombinator! ;)

Let’s pick apart the online resume builder because something tells us that’s why you are primarily here, that’s what got you here in the first place.

The moment you enter our online resume builder, you are asked to choose a design. No boring sign-ups or asking for your credentials - you want to get down to business, and we know it because that’s how we like it. There are 25+ resume designs to choose from, comprising both single-column and double-column formats. If it looks overwhelming, don’t worry - you can always change it later, at any point of time in your resume building process.

Hiration’s Free Resume Builder - Design Templates

As part of our free resume builder, we offer our Royal Blue and Paris design templates for free! While all other design templates are premium and can be accessed using a premium subscription to our online resume builder, you can select and make your resume using these 2 design templates without any charges! Who said good things are never free? Not us!

Starting off with your resume on our AI Resume Builder

Choose any design at this stage - it won’t really matter. Since you know that you can always change the design later, finalizing the resume design can be done subsequently - once you have more clarity on content and how long your final resume is, you can then decide if a single-column will look better than a double-column template, if your role/industry requires a somber Simple Black design or a colorful Rainbow template, if the hiring norms for your country/industry ask for a photograph or not, etc.

The second step is to choose a content template - one of the several unique game-changing elements making our resume builder the best online resume maker on the web. There are 200+ pre-filled, ready-to-use content templates to choose from (we are adding more as you read this!), grouped by ~20 key industries/domains like Technology, Medicine, Academia, Law, Marketing, HR, Undergrad/Postgrad, etc.

Most of the templates are made keeping the user requirements in mind, so if you belong to a niche profile and can’t find your template, don’t worry! Just let us know!

Either fill this form or drop in a line at , and you’ll find your chosen profile in our library of ready-to-use templates, from where you can customize and download your own unique resume!

If you want to start with a clean slate, don’t worry, we got you there as well! Just pick a Blank Template containing empty sections that you can start filling up right away!

Hiration’s Free Resume Builder - Content Templates

And if that’s not enough, as part of our free resume builder offering, we offer 5 content templates (including a Blank Template and 4 profile-based templates) without any charge!

If you choose a free resume design (discussed above) in combination with any of these 5 free content templates, you can download a recruiter-friendly and ATS-compliant PDF of your resume using our free resume builder online!

Yep! Features of our free resume builder will knock everyone else out of the park!

Creating your resume on our AI Resume Builder

Once you have chosen a design and content template, you enter the Resume Editor.

Once you have a feel of the editor, the layout, and an inkling of the things you can do here, we recommend logging in at this stage since that will allow you to save your resume. You can either sign up via Google/Facebook or login using an existing email address.

Once your account has been activated, you are good to go! Don’t want to spend an hour working on your resume, only to have it go up in smoke the moment you close the window or go back, do we?

The moment you enter the Resume Editor, every section and field that you see can be edited and customized - barring a few section headings that are mandated as per ATS requirements. Clicking on Change Design will open up a panel of all our designs below - you can click and preview to see which design will look the best for your resume.

A pre-filled content template will also give you insights on things you wouldn’t normally think about. For instance, most resumes are submitted without a job title. A job title makes it astonishingly easy for the recruiter to gauge if you are relevant and if spending another minute on your resume would be worth it. Consequently, you can use this to your advantage by tailoring your resume to each job listing.

Similarly, a smaller field for company description allows you to showcase the scale at which you were operating - most resumes will either be without a company description or will merely contain the link to the company’s website. But if you include details around revenue, number of employees, geographic presence of the company, etc., the recruiter is in a better position to appreciate your achievements.

Customizing Sections on our Online Resume Builder

Let’s take the contact information section for instance. In addition to standard fields for phone, email, and location, you can include additional details around LinkedIn, GitHub, your website, Behance, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, etc.

The Summary is typically the first thing the recruiter will see, and many people find it extremely difficult to write the perfect summary in 3-4 lines. If you check the existing summary in the pre-filled content template, along with summaries of as many related (or random) profiles as you can, you’ll soon identify a pattern which you can then incorporate in your own summary.

As far as the skills are concerned, you can either showcase them in separate bubbles (you’ll find the option for Skills bubbles in the Formatting toolbar on the top), or you can go with a simple bullet-based skill listing.

Besides the standard sections for Professional Experience, Education, etc., you can have an option to add as many sections as you want by simply clicking on the “+ Section” button on your right.

Changing the Design, Line Spacing & Formatting on our Online Resume Builder

Most designs on our resume builder (not all) employ a combination of primary and secondary color elements. And guess what? You can change them! So while there are 25+ designs on paper, there actually are an infinite number of unique designs at your disposal! Make each resume truly your own. Submit a unique resume for each job listing and manage all your resumes from the My Resumes dashboard.

Did we...did we just make resume Well, you tell us!

Speaking of resume building, another major challenge job-seekers face is a full-bodied resume.

Let’s say you start writing and are done with all your sections. But your resume is now 1.5 pages. What do you do? There’s all that white space on the second page - will the recruiter think you are lazy, or incompetent, or both? Do you delete some of the information you’ve already written just so you can end up with a 1-pager resume? Or do you add fluff, knowing that all the meaningful content has already been written, just so you can extend it to 2 full pages?

Enter our ground-breaking Line Spacing feature to the rescue! Say farewell to aimlessly playing around with content just so you can have a resume reaching the end of the page. With a single click of a button, the Line Spacing feature on the right will uniformly modify the spacing in your resume across the entire document. You can either uniformly increase or decrease the spacing till you reach the point where your resume is at the end of the page.

First, let that sink in. Now, think of how you would go about doing the same thing on MS Word, or any other resume builder for that matter. Now come back and do things the Hiration way. :)

As far as the formatting is concerned, in addition to basic options for bold, italics, underline, etc., you have an option to either go for numbered or bulleted lists across different sections. The “Skills” button on the formatting toolbar will allow you to modify your skills (or any text, really) from plain-speak to bubble-based. This is a wonderful tool to not only showcase your skills but also emphasize key projects and roles within your work-ex.

In addition to changing text colors and alignment (without an option to change the font size though, since the font size in each section is already optimized for both machines and recruiters), you can add hyperlinks, comments, and images.

If that’s not enough, you have the option to add a Career Snapshot timeline in line with your professional trajectory. Suitable for mid/senior-level professionals, the timeline on the top (even before you proceed with the Professional Experience) allows you to showcase your key highlights and achievements across your career to date. Moreover, you can also add various forms of charts to demonstrate your skill-set, and change the chart form in a single click.

So. Tell us. Resume building on our online resume builder. Fun yet?


Well. Time for the game-changing feature that will, pardon our French, knock your socks off.

AI in our Online Resume Builder - Autobold, AI Review, and Next Word Prediction

Humans are limiting. Tech is liberating.

As much as we’d wish to lovingly work on as many resumes as we can, write and review as many resumes as possible, we are just...people. As much as we want to help millions of job-seekers across the globe, we are just a handful in comparison.

AI is how we are trying to bridge that gap and address that dichotomy. Let’s see how.

Next Word Prediction in the Online Resume Maker

Based on OpenAI’s GPT-2 model, this feature is the crown jewel of our online resume builder which leaves everyone else trailing in the dust.

Just switch on the AI Assistant button on your bottom right and start typing. This AI model is based on the data that you feed and has been trained on millions of resume points across all industries. It works best for one-liner bullet points in your Professional Experience section - which, in all honesty, is the heart of your resume.

Just write the first few words in each bullet and our AI Assistant will predict the next set of words/phrases for you. And since it’s trained on real resumes, it’s equipped enough to understand your profile first and then recommend points accordingly.

Just press the right-arrow key to incorporate the entire phrase that has been recommended, or press the Tab key to add individual words forming the recommendation.

In our experience, the recommendation engine will suggest points that are way better than what you originally intended to write. It will add professional content in your resume before you can blink, and tell how your resume points should be ideally framed. The controller is always in your hands - you decide what you want to retain and what you wish to discard.

Say hello to the next generation of a resume builder as we know it. Good luck finding something like this in any other online resume builder.

Auto-bolding Keywords in our Online Resume Builder

Adding another item to the list of what you should be doing in your resume, highlighting keywords and phrases will go a long way in directing the attention of the recruiter to where you want, instead of leaving it to fate.

You opened any ready-to-use content template on our online resume builder and find that certain significant phrases are in bold. You think you can go ahead and incorporate that into your resume as well.

But hold up! There are multiple parameters you have to keep in mind before you go about highlighting keywords in your resume - the exact job you are targeting, the aesthetics of the page, if you’re going overboard or not, etc.

Why not save you the hassle and let us take care of it?

Again, in a single click, our AI Assistant understands your profile and accordingly auto-bolds keywords in each bullet point. Remember, the final controller is still you. If you don’t like the recommendations, you can always tweak them. But the machine will take care of a majority of it.

AI Review - Transforming Resume Review in our Online Resume Builder

It was considered prudent to send your resume to someone in your network - friends, family, colleagues - for proof-reading before the final submission. It’d still be considered wise, but the question is, do you really need to?

Our AI Review feature is how we’re shaping the next generation of resumes. Say farewell to hounding your friends and colleagues for proof-reading your resume when our AI Review can do a better job than anyone.

Let’s see how:

The bullet-level review identifies and addresses key concerns in each bullet point spanning parameters like:

-   Have you quantified the information in that bullet point?

-   Is the length of the bullet point in line with overall resume standards?

-   Are you overusing certain words (‘managing’, ‘responsible for’, etc.)?

-   Are you using action verbs to begin your one-liner points?

-   Are you highlighting key words and achievements, and if so, are you doing it in the right way?

Each bullet in your resume will be assessed on these parameters and consequently assigned an icon - green (good job!), yellow (room for improvement) or red (redo). Clicking on these icons will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to turn all red and yellow points to green.

Beyond this, you have your section-level and resume-level feedback. The former checks if you’ve appropriately and adequately written the company description, in addition to ensuring there are no blank spaces. The resume-level review sees if the resume length is as per hiring norms, and if all the key sections (Summary, Skills, Professional Experience, Education, etc.) are present in your resume or not.

No need to reach out to your network if the key insights extracted from thousands of job-winning resumes are available to you at the click of a button.

ATS Optimization in our Online Resume Builder

It’s true that most job-seekers are still not fully aware of what an ATS (applicant tracking system) is, and why they should be concerned about it.

Bluntly put, an ATS is a program that matches a resume against a particular job listing and assigns a rank to each resume.

To better understand this, let’s go back to that MNC recruiter at the beginning who was going through hundreds of resumes. If it’s an MNC listing out a job vacancy, suffice to say that something like that attracts thousands of applications. How many recruiters do you think it would typically take to scan that volume of resumes?

ust a few, along with something called an ATS.

It’s simple - you feed a JD in the program and it matches all the resumes against the job requirements to identify which resume is the closest that addresses them. If there’s too much similarity, it can flag that resume as an instance of keyword-stuffing leading to downright rejection. So you have to ensure that the keywords are organic, naturally-placed, and can be justified if asked in an interview.

So even if a particular listing attracts thousands of applications, the human recruiter making the decision will have access to a nicely ranked list of resumes. If you were in the recruiter’s shoes, where do you think you’d start?

From the top, of course.

The ATS is the reason why a vast majority of resumes don’t even land on the recruiter’s table. So how can you ensure that your resume is ATS-friendly?

Technically speaking, sending your resume in a Notepad (*.txt) file is the best way to ensure that the ATS successfully parses your entire resume - since the ATS is only programmed to parse basic text.

Picture a job-seeker making her resume on MS Word. She decides that making a chart to showcase her skills, or designing a timeline to demonstrate her professional trajectory, is the ideal way to go. After spending countless hours perfecting them, she imports them as images in her final resume and sends it as a *.doc file.

What do you think will happen?

The ATS will simply gloss over the images. It will only parse the text to conclude that basic information is missing from the resume, hence devaluing it. Game over.

It helps if you know how the system works. That way, you can figure out when, where and how to go around it.

If the ATS only parses basic text, does it mean everyone should be sending their resumes in .txt files?

Coming back to our online resume builder, if we allow you to add charts, icons, and timelines, how can we claim that our resumes are ATS-friendly?

Though it doesn’t look like it, our entire platform - the famed online resume builder - is coded in basic HTML. Using React, a commonly used JavaScript library for building user interfaces, we allow you to create breathtakingly beautiful resumes, all the while staying true to ATS and its ability (or inability, depending on where you are standing) to only parse basic text. What this means is that all the timelines and charts you see on our online resume builder are just basic text and HTML which can easily be parsed by any ATS.

All the designs on our online resume builder are made in this fashion. You can stay humble with our Simple Black design or go bananas using our Rainbow design, you can include all the charts and timelines you want - as far as the ATS is concerned, you are in safe hands.

Our Online Resume Builder, made just for YOU.

You are here.

It doesn’t matter if you are here because of someone who is still in awe of their resume’s transformation. It doesn’t matter if you found your way here or stumbled upon us. It doesn’t matter if you heard our name from somewhere. What matters is that you are here.

And we are supremely thrilled that you are. Which is why we’ll stop talking now. Time to let our resume builder take over.

A transformation awaits. Go CREATE YOUR RESUME NOW!