LinkedIn is the platform to be for every professional today.

It is the largest professional network for jobseekers. This networking platform has the potential to lead you to your next best opportunity.

And if you are looking for talent, this a major untapped resource!

But, the first step towards utilizing the full potential of LinkedIn is to optimize your profile. Every section should be picture perfect.

In this particular blog, we will show you the importance of the summary section, also known as the about section. We will also show you how to effectively optimize it according to your career trajectory and future career goals with the help of some examples.

Here is how you can generate the perfect LinkedIn summary:

  1. What is a LinkedIn summary
  2. LinkedIn Summary Generator for Different Profiles
  3. Using Hiration’s services to generate the perfect LinkedIn summary

If you are also looking to build a resume, we have an AI-powered Resume Builder at your service

Here's a list of the topics we will be covering in this blog:

What is a LinkedIn summary

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The LinkedIn “Summary” section allows a 2,000-character limit. So, this means you have up to 2,000 characters to dazzle anyone that lands on your profile.

Ideally, this section should contain an in-depth description of your career and your skills. This can come in extremely handy if you are looking for jobs.

By tailoring the summary to describe your professional experience and your accomplishments, you can show your value to any recruiter.

Before you begin, make the first line of your summary section extremely interesting.


LinkedIn only shows a couple of lines as preview and has a see more option. So, you need to reel in an individual by these few lines so they click and read all about your amazing skills and accomplishments.

On a desktop, this preview is approximately 25–40 words and on mobile, it’s approximately 20–25 characters.

You can also optimize this section with industry-specific keywords which helps you get on the radar of people searching for those keywords.

LinkedIn Summary Generator for Different Profiles

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Every professional has a unique career trajectory and unique career goals. So, they need to use different strategies to draft their LinkedIn summary.

Here are some LinkedIn summary examples for different professionals:

Experienced Professional

I’ll translate your needs into features to provide your product with a competitive edge.

► 7+ years of experience in product management leading the development of global products from conceptualization through launch.
► Expert Product Manager with a track record of excellence in all facets of product development & management including design, development, launch & marketing.

★ Recipient of the best SaaS product in hotel segment award at RY Awards
► Only original PM to be retained after 2 yrs (from 8) while achieving out of cycle promotions
► Drafted the annual product roadmap which enhanced the team's efficiency by 20%
► Introduced 100+ new features based on diligent market research and successfully increased the customer base by 10k+ in less than 2 years

► Product Management
► Customer Engagement
► Product Launch
► Project Management
► Feature Integration
► Product Development

► International PM
► Product Management Thought Leader


I am an aspiring software engineer who enjoys everything coding.

► Software Engineering student learning to translate business requirements into technical solutions.
► Skilled at developing quality end-to-end applications as per requirements.

► Conducted manual testing and successfully logged 30+ bugs weekly to be resolved by the Development team
► Delivered a complete front-end application with some help from Senior Software Engineers

► Application Development
► Software Development
► Testing
► Manual Testing
► Testing Automation

► Languages: Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
► Software: Eclipse

► Trained in DevOps Engineering

Connect with me at

Changing careers

With a strong backbone in sales, I’m ready to step into new HR roles and bring with me all the skills and apply them to help the company resources.

► 6+ years experience in sales, negotiations, client relationship management & team management
► Proven excellence in developing strategic relationships that have lead to closing of millions of dollars worth of B2B deals

► Maintained cordial relationships with B2B clients and retained 90% of them for 5 years working at the company which led to a guaranteed repeat revenue of USD 5 million for the firm
► Negotiated with the SCN functions and brought down costs by USD 50k while securing 10 product licenses for CIOs

► Client Relationship Management
► Partnerships
► Negotiations
► Team Management

► Professional in Learning & Performance

Let’s talk about all thing HR! Drop me a mail at

How to portray your experience while changing careers

In the example above, a sales professional is trying to break into the HR world.

See how the summary has been manipulated to showcase all the skills that could be easily transferred and applied for an HR position.

Moreover, they have also displayed a relevant certification. This makes for a desirable candidate and shows a recruiter how serious you are regarding the shift of career.

So, if you are planning to change your career. Apply the same tips as the example above.


I enjoy the freedom of taking on challenging products and experience growth without restrictions.

► 6+ years of experience in content writing with proven excellence in following SEO guidelines.
► Thriving in all aspects of content creation from social media marketing to blogs & newsletters.

► Created thousands of content pieces for 40 clients and have never been flagged for plagiarism
► Wrote ~4000 words daily in the form of articles, blogs, news, outreach, and social media content
► Orchestrated copywriting work such as brochures, pamphlets, banners, etc

► Keyword Optimization
► Content Writing
► Copy Writing
► Editing & Proofreading
► Blog Writing
► Search Engine Optimization

► Hootsuite
► SEMrush
► Google Analytics
► Google Adwords

Looking for a writer for an exciting project? Mail me at


I'll help you maximize your brand’s reach by helping you tell your customers your brand’s story.

► 8+ years of experience in formulating high impact & data-driven marketing strategies for some of the top brands.
► Proven excellence in enhancing the company's search engine ranking & dramatically revolutionizing the company's sales initiatives.

★ Recipient of the Best Marketer Award out of 30 professionals
► Increased revenue by 100% over 2 years by overseeing the company’s affiliate programs
► Saved an approximate of USD 200k from the marketing budget by negotiating with new vendors
► Initiated various influencer marketing campaigns which saw an increase in conversion rates by 20%

► Competitor Analysis
► Social-Media Marketing
► Content Marketing
► Digital Marketing
► Market Research

► International Digital Marketing Expert
► SEO Expert

Recruiter/Human Resources

I am passionate about transforming workplaces into communities.

► 5+ years of experience in recruitment with a specialty in professional networking and sourcing the best talent.
► Sourced, screened, interviewed & on-boarded 1000+ skilled candidates in the last 5 years

► Screened 700+ resumes & interviewed 300+ candidates
► Coordinated with the Hiring Manager to conceptualize & implement cost-effective recruitment strategies and successfully cut down costs by USD 30k

► Recruitment
► Sourcing & Screening
► Interviewing
► Networking
► On-boarding
► Prospecting

MBA Student

I am an aspiring accountant with experience in finance management and marketing.

► 2+ years of experience in finance management.
► Proven excellence in online marketing for increasing brand awareness in the market

► Assisted in the creation of 5+ online marketing campaigns and raised brand awareness by increasing reach to 10k new people
► Bolstered revenue by 20% within a year by assisting in the redesigning of customer communication strategy
► Analyzed financial documents for all departments and identified and eliminated errors

► Financial Planning
► Business Optimization
► Financial Documentation
► Financial Analysis
► Online Marketing
► Brand Awareness

Connect with me by emailing at

Jobseeker (With Experience)

I believe that a beautiful and functional website is the backbone of any business.

► 3+ years of experience in designing intuitive website layouts & visual/digital designs across mobile & web and mobile
► 99% client satisfaction rate, with a track record of deploying innovative technologies to deliver user-centric solutions

★ Recipient of the Best Performer of the Year Award in '18 for creating 5 minor websites in a month
► Bolstered UX scores by 40% and customer retention by 30%
► Optimized user interfaces of 10+ website layouts by employing standard HTML and CSS

► Visual Design
► Web Design
► Project Management
► Mobile Design
► Client Relationship Management

► Languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML
► Operating System: Drupal
► Database & CMS: WordPress
► Graphic Editors: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

► Adobe Photoshop Evening Course
► Web and Graphic Design with Adobe XD

If you have any amazing opportunities, contact me at

Call to Action

Including a call to action like giving out your email ID, especially when looking for a new job can increase your chances of getting a new opportunity. It also is a subtle indication to recruiters that you are looking for a new opportunity without explicitly saying so on your LinkedIn profile.

You can also attach your resume but make sure that it is perfect. Head on to Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

Using Hiration’s services to generate the perfect LinkedIn summary

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If you feel lost and confused, you can use Hiration’s LinkedIn services. Our experts will help you in forming a picture-perfect LinkedIn profile.

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Key Takeaways

Here are a few important takeaways from this blog:

  • Utilize the 2,000 characters of the summary to showcase your skills and accomplishments.
  • Make the first line of the summary most attractive as this will be shown in the preview.
  • Make your summary according to your career goals and experience trajectory.
  • Include a CTA to show recruiters your interest.

With this, we have reached the end of this blog. We hope you will take something of value from here.

If you want to know more about the LinkedIn summary generator and how you can write an effective LinkedIn summary, write to us at