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Cover Letter Builder

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Breathtaking designs and ready-to-use templates! With a customized cover letter, your dream job is here!

But before that, let’s start off with the basics.


What is a Cover Letter and why do you need it?

Despite it being just a one-page document, many applicants may find themselves in a fix trying to figure out what to highlight in a cover letter.

Unless there is a clear guideline restricting you to send in your cover letter, make sure to include a flawless cover letter in your job application.

A cover letter is a one-page document that gives the recruiters an insight into a resume. The idea is to convince the recruiter why you are the perfect candidate for that particular job.

A well-framed cover letter can help you intrigue the recruiters to go through your resume.

In simple words, while a resume can still be generic, a cover letter is an overview of the resume to make it easier for the recruiters to recognize applicants’ suitability for the targeted job profile.

A cover letter is required in your job application because the recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds to go through a resume. So you need to encourage them to go through your resume by framing the perfect cover letter.

You need to assure them that you are the perfect candidate for the targeted job profile. The recruiters need to accept you as a worthy applicant and, to achieve that, a cover letter for your resume is required.

Our guide to cover letter can help you get in-depth knowledge about the art of writing the best cover letters.


What is a Cover Letter Creator and How Can it Help You?

A cover letter creator is a software or an app that can help you create cover letters with collective forms and various templates. Another term that you can use to refer to a cover letter creator is Cover Letter Builder.

The cover letter builder can provide professionals with tips and suggestions on how to create flawless cover letters that you can send out with your resume during your job applications.

Cover letter builder for students, professionals, job-seekers, or even cover letter builder for an internship, etc. are helpful because they provide professional and industry-standard assistance that cannot be acquired elsewhere.

Hence it is advisable that you rely on the best resume and cover letter builder.

If you are wondering where to find a free cover letter builder for resume or what is the best free cover letter builder, then you are at the right place.

Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder for Resume

Many professionals are ignorant about cover letters and end up losing their chance to get on the good books of the recruiters despite being the most suitable applicant.

But you need to keep yourself apart from such crowds and make your own statement through your cover letter so that the recruiters are captivated to go through your resume.

Hiration is an online resume builder as well as a cover letter builder. And being one of the best cover letter builders in the industry, we strive to provide you with the best in the industry features to create the perfect cover letter that can take you a step closer to your dream job.

And it is the sole purpose of our CV cover letter builder to make sure that your resume is created to get you recognized by the recruiters during job applications.

Explore the different features of our online resume and cover letter builder to experience what the best of what a cover letter creator is all about.

Features of Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder

There are plenty of cover letter builders that are up for grabs and available on the market. Let us show you how we stay on top of all these builders.

Hiration’s AI-Powered Personal Career Assistant includes the following features to help you create an impeccable cover letter:

•   10+ cover letter designs

•   1 click design change

•   Choose color scheme

•   Choose line spacing

•   Option to create unlimited cover letters

•   Option to download unlimited cover letters

All the features mentioned above are available on our cover letter builder to make sure that every applicant stands out as the best candidate for the targeted job profile that one is applying for to go ahead in their career.

Make the best use of Hiration’s Resume and Cover Letter Builder and give yourself the chance to outshine any other average applicant.

How to Make the Best Use of Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder

It is simple and easy to use Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder.

So if you are wondering where to find the best online resume and cover builder, Hiration is the right place to be.

The following simple steps can help you create the best resume cover letter:

•   Pick the right template design

•   Select your job profile

•   Create your cover letter

•   Download your cover letter

Once you login to Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder, you will find the features illustrated below to guide you throughout the whole process:


Follow the four steps highlighted in the snapshot and experience a hassle-free experience to write your cover letter.

Each step is distinctive in nature, and it can help you in creating the best cover letter that compliments your resume even before the recruiters get to go through your resume in person. It is very simple, easy, and effective!

Visit our Online Cover Letter Builder to create the best cover letter to accompany your resumes during job applications.

Once you go to our cover letter builder dashboard you will find the below-given options:


Click on the blue icon that says “+ New Cover Letter” and you can start exploring all the remarkable features that follow.

Pick the Right Template Design

The moment you click on the “+ New Cover Letter” icon the below-given option will automatically pop up:


Now is where you need to name your cover letter for keeping an easy track of your template once you conclude writing the cover letter.

The first impression is the last impression, and the right cover letter can help you make the right impression on the recruiters who can then give you the required shortlist for the targeted job application.

Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder has the option for you to pick the most suitable template design wherein you can highlight your particulars in the right format.

And you can pick from the 10+ cover letter design that we have in stock on our cover letter builder.

You will find the option to choose the most suitable design, as shown in the example given below:


While you can choose any design of your choice that best suits your preference to create your cover letter, you can also find the option to pick a single column or two-column template as per your discretion.

Every design is unique and the option to pick the design of your choice is with just a click. So go ahead and click on any design that you wish to pick for creating your cover letter.

If you feel like changing the design of your cover letter, you have the liberty to do so. As a matter of fact, you can even change the design even before you are done writing your cover letter.

All you have to do is click on the “Change Design” option and you can change the design of your cover letter in seconds.

All you have to do is click on the “Change Design” option and you can change the design of your cover letter in seconds.

If you are wondering how long should a cover letter be, then our guide can help you find the answer to it.

Choose Your Job Profile

Once you select a suitable resume design, you can pick the profile title that suits you best and relates to the field of work that you practice.

Label your cover letter correctly so that the recruiters can recognize from which professional background you are and assess your resume accordingly.

You can be from any work background, but all you need to do is opt for the most relevant job profile that describes your professional footing.

Doing so can classify the category of your resume and make it easier for the recruiters to recognize you for the professional profile that you hold from the title of your cover letter.

Look at the snapshot given below to understand the kind of options that will be available for you to choose for your cover letter profile:


Create Your Cover Letter

This is the part where the real deal takes place.

Our templates are pre-filled, so when you pick any pre-filled template, you can either rephrase the content or simply refer to the mentioned points for writing your own cover letter while customizing your particulars according to the job application.

Do not use a cover letter to repeat all that you have mentioned in your resume. Instead, use it as a document to convince the recruiter why you are the most suitable applicant for the listed job profile.

Create a cover letter that gives an insight into your resume, which gives the recruiter a reason to further study your application.

Start with your introduction and address the person for whom the cover letter is directed towards.

Once the formalities are done with, you can start highlighting your skills. And when describing your work experience, mention your contributions to the organization as well as your achievements.

The aim is to make the recruiters recognize your potential in just 3 paragraphs. Here’s what it briefly entails:

- The introductory paragraph in the cover letter can be interpreted as a summary of your resume. The idea is to set your qualifications and track record ina crisp format so that the recruiter is hooked.

- The second paragraph can deep dive into only the most relevant achievements from your entire professional trajectory. Only include those contributions that are in line with the profile you are targeting, and leave out everything else.

- The last paragraph talks about the company. Mention a few lines to help convince the recruiter that you’ve done your research, that you know exactly why you’re applying there, and how the culture of the company aligns with your own value system.

Brief but precise at the same time!

Go through our Cover Letter Examples to see how some of the best cover letters are created on Hiration: Best Cover Letter Builder.

Download Your Cover Letter

Hiration provides you with the option to download as many PDFs as you need or require. So once you finalize your cover letter, you can download it and start sending it out with your resume.

Downloading your cover letter is easy and quick. Simply click on the download option and save your cover letter(s).

The complete cover letter example given below can give you an insight into how an ideal cover letter is created with the help of Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder:


From the cover letter example provided above, one can clearly see that it is nothing less than perfect with all the right particulars of the applicant exactly where they should be.

The design itself is unique and helps the applicant maintain one’s uniqueness while making it easy for the recruiters to recognize and intrigue them into going through both the cover letter and then the resume.

Additional Features of Hiration

Hiration is armed with the best Online Resume Builder with state-of-art resume template designs that are pre-filled and can be customized according to your requirements.

Our resume experts can not only help you with your resume-writing but assist you in framing the perfect cover letter for your resume.

We believe that every professional has something to offer and deserves the chance to be recognized by the recruiters and land their dream job.

In addition to this, we also provide solutions for LinkedIn Profile Review, Personal Website Builder, and a Job Resume Scanner!

So here at Hiration, we try our best to provide the best service that can help every job-seeker find their way around job applications and raise their chances of landing their dream job.

Professional Cover Letter Builder

There is a reason why people go to experts and professionals to get their resumes and cover letters created on cover letter builder free of confusion.

We are professionals who work tirelessly to help job-seekers communicate their professional expertise to the recruiters and potential employers through resumes and cover letters.

Everything we do revolves around resume writing and cover letters. And we assist professionals in enhancing their resumes and cover letters from our cover letter builder online.

You can also read our Professional Guide to a Job-winning Resume and learn more about resumes apart from cover letters.

For information on cover letters and resumes, you can write to us at and we will make sure to reach out to you.