Do you know who made the first ever resume?

The Mozart of architecture and an epitome of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci made his first resume when he applied for a job from the Duke of Milan.

Needless to say, this perhaps has become his most famous legacy which we all have inherited!

Now, this legacy is serving as the basis of livelihood for most of us.

History tells us how we have evolved as humans and as a civilization. It shows us the path which was taken by us and constantly motivates us to advance with changing times.

The times they are a-changin'. And the same holds true for a resume.

Your resume is really a canvas of your professional journey. You can paint it the way you want - showcase the colours of your efforts and results you achieved.

Philosophy aside, with its ever-rising importance, building the perfect resume has garnered a lot of attention in recent times.

Also, the professional world has completely changed today. The resume is no more just a mute piece of paper.

It has now become your first message to the recruiter.

Given the fact that these days career journeys are complicated, simple plain paragraphs do not serve the purpose.

But if you think that a resume cannot express as enthusiastically your many talents and incredibility, think again.

A resume is no more only a reflection of your past. With hints of the right colour, it can convey your true personality.

The first step to creating an impression starts by choosing the right resume template.

Resume template word versions play with colours and formats to present the most appealing visual to the human eye.

In a graphic-driven century, the resume template word plays an important role. Use of machine recruiters has made it exceedingly important to use ATS optimized resume templates.

Any resume template word you pick is a wise distribution of your professional and personal experiences designed to maximize the effects of the page to highlight your best traits.

The only problem with resume template Microsoft Word might be that it is difficult to edit. To have a hassle-free resume making experience you may log in to Hiration's online resume builder for smooth and text heavy templates.

Heavy Resume Template Word

Who Should Use:

Any professional with a long journey of more than 10 years can safely use this resume template word format for the ease of readability it offers. If you have particularly changed more than 2 companies then the ample amount of information can be fitted in here. Combination of Blue and Grey makes it apt to highlight the important content in a professional way.

Brian Champ on Behance

Brian Champ's free word Resume Template is an A4 Letter compatible with Ai, PSD, iD & Word.

It's deep banner produces character, with a clear space for the professional title.

Further, it has concise secions for your work experiences as well as your education history.

This resume word resume template word makes use of symbols and colours like no other word resume template.

The resume template microsoft word format uses a double column format. It uses ample amount of white space to render the high amount of readability.

Content is displayed wisely by putting Summary, key skills, certifications and conferences on the right-hand side column while the left-hand side is reserved for reverse chronological display of work experience.

The colour combination and the theme used in this resume template word format deploys white colour for the entire word resume template really to catches reader's attention.

Ample white space adds a tinge of sophistication to your resume. The use of symbols for each heading gives it a unique selling point unmatched with other word resume templates.

To fit in your work experience in the format, please see our guide To Write A Resume

Additionally it gives you the option to rate yourself in your skillset so your recruiter knows you are confident.

However, the user may want to include his/her contact details within the context of the personal details and not at the bottom of the resume.


Zoki Design

Zoki's simple and clean word resume template was created in 17 October, 2016 and is compatible with Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3 and MS Word.

It's A4 (210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inch) dimension is illustrated in CMYK colour scheme.

Zoki provides the option of prioritizing your job profile above your name and personal details.

Since this word resume template is made to incorporate a lot of text, the use of white spacing has been done very cleverly to give a spacious feel to the resume.

The best thing is that you'll be able to write all your content in the resume, without cramping it!

Further, the viewers can find a timeline of all your work and educational experiences, emphasizing your professional expertise.


Light Resume Template Word

Who should use:

This resume template word format is more suited for professionals with less than 10 years of work experience and has changed not more than 2 companies.

The use of double column renders quick readability of the document.

Sadique P on Behance

Sadique P provides the option for both an A4 & US Letter sized resume with bold typography.

It boasts of 300 DPI and a CMYK Color scheme with totally print ready and organized file which is easily editable. It follows a dial colour scheme essential for exuberating the content.

However, Sadique's design only uses free fonts, and has limited space for introducing a lot of activities or responsibilities.

This word resume template incorporates inter-section spacing on the higher-end increasing the readibility of the document with space to add your signature initials.

The file is compatible with Ai, PSD, DOC and in PDF formats.


Polished CV by MOO

Created in partnership with digital print and design company MOO, this CV is a modern word resume template that will showcase professionalism, with flair.

This accessible word resume template is customisable to your needs. You can change the colour scheme in the Design tab of the ribbon.

This word resume template follows a very simple colour scheme with dual colours. This word resume template employs the feature of putting the initials of your name in the signature section.

You may download this word resume template here.


Powerful Resume Template Word

Who should use:

This resume template word is suited for professionals with work experience ranging up to 10 years with reasonably used white space to render high readability.

Organic shapes resume by Microsoft

This word resume template is an apt example of how one can play with colours and symbols to win the recruiter's heart. It showcases your experience and talent with style.

It includes a space for your photo with easily customizable fonts and colors to make a statement. It has space for your personal details along with your resume summary/objective at the left of your resume.

The main column is spread across the entire space to include all your professional expereinces and expertise.

This word resume template further includes helpful tips to build an effective resume. The diverging colour scheme provides a pleasant experience for both the user and the viewer.

However, you may have to make a key skills section for yourself to optimize it according to the ATS.


Student Resume Modern design

Tailored for students, this modern resume or CV leads with education and experience.

You should feel free to change the color scheme and fonts in the Design tab of the ribbon. This is an accessible word resume template.

Sophistication defined with different icons used for different headings makes your resume stand out from the crowd.

Word Resume Template name says it all. It is best used by students with the most appropriate display of the resume objctive section to the top followed by education details.

This resume template word format uses a single column structure displaying all the sections like Key Summary, Key Skills, Professional Experience, Education, Internships and others.

The resume template word version has employed Open Sans to exemplify the most popular modern day font.

The black font has been used in the Resume header to highlight the personal information with shades of grey to encompass the descriptive text of the document.

This resume template microsoft word version is all about royal look and feel and incorporates plenty of information without disturbing the neatness of the resume.

With an alternative option of purple, the information does not come across as loaded and rather gives a user-friendly experience.

This word resume template uses simple fonts in this resume template word format again. You can play with other fonts as well. You may visit our guide on fonts for Resume Template Word


Creative Resume Template Word

Who should use:

  • Professional with less than 10 years of experience with not many companies changed along the way. Double column restricts the use of excessive information.
  • Any professional who believes in the usage of more colours and symbols.

The Vintage Rose

This word resume template incorporates maximum amount of information amongst all word resume templates without making it look cramped.

Get ready to receive a lot of interview calls with this aesthetically beautiful resume template word.

This resume template word format uses two column displaying the sections Resume Summary and Key Skills to the right and Professional Experiences and Education section to the left.

You may further add Projects, Additional Information, Internships and other section to the bottom of your resume.

The theme used in this resume template word format employs light hues of gray and peace for the document header background and body headings. The peace adds to a pleasant reading experience to the recruiter.

As we know that candidate's picture in the resume multiplies the chance of getting shortlisted, this word resume template attracts a lot of attention due to the same.


Creative resume by MOO

Created in partnership with digital print and design company, MOO, this resume or CV template was made for jobseekers wanting to showcase their creativity and design eye.

In fact, this word resume template displays a reverse chronological order of professional work experience with an apt display of personal information, professional summary and key skills on the top.

This resume template word doc has a double column format to highlight multiple aspects of your resume.

Sections such as Professional Experience, Education, and Volunteer Experiences are present on the right with more width to incorporate bullet points around the work experience.

The contact information section along with the Summary and Key Skills sections are in the narrower lefthand side column.

A very contemporary green from google's material template has been used for lines in the resume.

The sub-headings and the date sections of the resume have been provided in two following lines with the company name and job title in the first line and the location and date in the second line.

This professional word resume template is very easy on the eye as well. Remember, this word resume template is customizable to your needs! You can change the color scheme in the Design tab of the ribbon.


Once you are done with selecting the appropriate resume template word, it is time to apply for the right jobs. Visit our article on Best Job Sites.

Freebie Inforgraphic Resume

The Resume Creator's professionally designed, easy-to-edit word resume template package is for job seekers who want to leave an unforgettable impression.

This resume design comprises various shades of green alongside black and white to clearly highlight different parts of your resume. Moreover, the use of dashed borders has been done to highlight intra-section separation.

This word resume template can incorporate both text and design to showcase the depth of your performance.

The use of white spacing has been done very cleverly to give a spacious feel to the resume.

The best thing is that you'll be able to write all your content in the resume, without cramping it!

This word resume template can fast track your job search with a resume as professional, creative, and versatile as you are! It is fully customizable in Adobe InDesign and in Microsoft Word with the provision of unlimited edits.


Minimal Resume Template Word

Anixel Studio's Minimal Resume Template Microsoft Word for specially DBA profile

This resume template word elegantly displays the personal information section in the middle with the summary, key skills, technical skills and professional experiences and achievements sections scattered across.

This resume template word format uses a single column so that lot of information can be incorporated in the resume without compromising on the readability factor.

The theme used in this resume template word format deploys professional orange colour for the headings and the texts giving a neat yet trendy display of information. You may change it according to your preference.

The word resume template plays on very professional and sober shades of blue to connect different sections to the most important part - your personal details. It uses a white background to highlight your journey and lends a relaxing feel to the resume.

Orange colour makes the resume stand out in the plethora of dull resumes out there. At the same time, this format does not over-do the colour and keeps it simple yet creative.


Key Take Aways

  • Use heavy content resume template format and traditional blue resume template word format if you have plenty of professional work experience to incorporate.

  • Use light content resume template and trendy resume template word format if you are a fresher or if you have fewer years of work experience to showcase.

For any doubts and questions, please feel free to comment below.