Can a resume be 2 pages?

Well, the short answer, is definitely yes.

In fact, the number of years of experience you have determines how lengthy it can get. Let's look at the thumb rule:

No. of years of experience No. of Resume Pages
<= 10 1 page resume
>10 2 page resume

However, there are lots of possible variations that needs to be considered while drafting a 2 page resume:

  • significant contribution points
  • relevant certifications or skills
  • quantifiable achievements

Would the recruiter consider a 2 page resume too much information or a 1 page resume too less to justify?

Sit tight. Let us answer all the two page resume format.

A two page resume is not easy to read! Longer the resume, more are the chances for the recruiter to skip the important information that you wanted to deliver.

Hence, it is imperative to choose the best two page resume template for your profile.

The right two page resume template can save you from the loss of valuable information.

Your search for the trendiest two page resume templates ends here!

In fact, by the time you are through with our guide, you would have further answered all your doubts regarding the most pressing questions:

  • can a resume be 2 pages?
  • how many years back should a resume go?
  • how to shorten a resume?
  • how to print a two page resume?
  • can a resume be front and back?

We have furnished a complete guide to writing your resume along with good and bad resume examples for 2 page resumes.

Further, the professionals from Hiration have brought you a vast collection of one of the best two page resume templates.Try Hiration's Online Resume Builder now!

Happy reading!

How do you choose the perfect two page resume template for your job? Look out for some special resume tips and the answers to the most asked resume questions at the end!


Can a resume be 2 pages?

Yes,  a two page resume is possible. In fact, it is common, if you have more than ten years of experience in the same field.

However, there are multiple limitations you must follow. Let's look at the specs.

  • You may or may not repeat your name on page 2 depending on the free space you have
  • Do not repeat your skills/summary on page 2
  • Put the most important/relevant facts on page 1
  • Number your pages
  • Don't submit a double-sided resume

When can my resume be 2 pages?

Broadly speaking, you can send a two page resume when you have more than 10 years of relevant experiences.

However, there are a few parameters that otherwise justify writing a two page resume.

So when can your resume be two pages?

If you have:

  • multiple relevant projects
  • extracurricular/co-curricular achievements

If you are a:

  • Seasoned Worker
  • Targeting a Senior Position

Having said that, do not leave your resume a little less that two pages. Always make sure it reaches the complete length of the first or the second page.

Hiration Pro Tip: In case your projects do not fit within 1 - 2 pages, always add an annexure with all your projects.

So, "Can my resume be two pages?"

To sum it up,
  • If it's less than 1.5 pages, make it 1 page
  • When a job description needs a lot of experiences

Essentially, consider a 2 page resume for the following career options/industries:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Finance & Administrative
  • Accountancy
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Office Management

Two Page Resume Templates?

Most of the time, a short one page resume is expected.

But what if you have a lot of work experience? Or tonnes of extramural achievements, projects and certifications?

It becomes difficult to fit all the information in one page. In such a case,  a two page resume comes to the rescue.

The two page resumes, however, are risky. You may fear that the second page of your resume is left unread, or worse unattached.

Worry no more! Hiration has got you covered. We have got the modern yet trendy and sleek professional resume designs for all tastes. Our designs are totally ATS friendly, even with images and other graphical elements.

Keep in mind that your resume does not need to contain lots of depth about your past jobs and abilities.

A resume and a cover letter are just a quick snapshot that opens the door for further prospects. In your interview, the employer may ask for more details from a job seeker.

Only send a longer document if it is requested in the job description (like a C.V. for academic jobs).

Why do you need two page resume?

A two page resume is sometimes a matter of choice and sometimes a matter of dignity.

Before the days of email, resumes were faxed, and further back, hand delivered. Pages got separated, particularly off a fax, but also on desktops (and I am referring to a physical, rather than computer-displayed, desktop).

That is the place from where all the "your resume should be one page long" advice ultimately comes from.

In fact, nowadays many people are not required to print the resume unless the recruit needs to take notes on it.

Pages don't get separated in the digital domain, so 2 pages is OK - provided you aren't just making it longer to appear more impressive. And if you're an established professional, even a 3 page resume can be acceptable under certain circumstances (like, you have 15+ years of relevant but diversified experience).

In fact a resume should NOT be more than two pages. A CV could be more than two pages, but you're not writing a CV, are you?

Unless your'e targetting jobs around the European continent, you do not need a CV. In fact, a resume contains almost all the information as does a CV.

One Page vs. Two Page Resume Format

If you have enough relevant experiences, trainings and certification pertaining to position to showcase on more than one page of your resume, then go for it.

If you want to build a one page resume instead, check out One Page Resume - 2018 Guide to One Page Resume Templates (With Examples)

The two page resume examples which follows shall give you the best ideas about how and when to use a 2 page resume.

These are sure to land you an interview call!

Sample Templates

All the following 2 page resume templates are available on Hiration's online resume builder.

Sales & Distribution Head

  • Material Color 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Simple Black 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Round Timeline 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Traditional Blue 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

Senior Database Administrator

  • Traditional Maroon 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Boxed Navy 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Orange Twist 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • New York 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

Project Manager (PMP)

  • Trendy 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Professional Black 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Gradient Green 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Uniform Brown 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

Senior Architect & Tech Lead

  • Professional Blue 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • California 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Global Citizen Red 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Signature Timeline 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

Art & Creative Director

  • Royal Blue 2 page resume


Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Diamond Timeline 2 page resume


Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Modern Teal 2 page resume

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

  • Global Citizen Green 2 page reusme

Try this design in our Online Resume Builder now!

Choosing the Best Resume Template

When you choose two page resume format, begin by deciding what to include on your resume and what to remove. It makes the drafting and editing process quite easy.

  • If you are a fresher, prefer a one page resume format.
  • If you are a senior working professional, prefer a two page resume format.

After choosing a resume template, focus on choosing the best layout for your resume.

Don't know which layout works best for you? Check out The Best Resume Layout: 2018 Guide with +50 Examples and Samples

Resume FAQs

1. Can a resume be more than one page?

Clearly, Yes. Your resume size depends on the relevant experiences/certifications/expertise that determine your fit for the target job.

3. When can my resume be 2 pages?

There are five major cases when you can use a 2 page resume. These are mainly when you have:

  • greater than 10 years of relevant work experience
  • extensive list of projects
  • relevant extra/co-curricular activities or achievements
  • multiple significant certifications
  • are applying for a senior position

4. When should you not use a Two Page Resume?

If you're an entry-level candidate, there's almost no need to write a two-page resume. You simply don't have enough experience yet. The exception? If you're going for an internship and you've got lots of academic achievements, make your resume two pages.

4. Should I staple my resume?

Rather, use a paperclip.

In case the recruiters want to scan your resume, staples might get in the way.

5. Lastly, is it bad to use a resume template?

Well, templates are the most neat and organized structure for any document. Hence, it is hardly considered fruitless to have a two page resume as long as you have sufficient content for it.

Remember that: organization is the key.

Key Takeaways

Make a two page resume if:

  • You have a significant amount of relevant work experience
  • You have 10+ years of professional experience
  • You have extramural achievements/projects/certifications relevant to the job

Make a one page resume if:

  • Your job profile is in a conservative field
  • You have a limited work experience
  • You are applying to an entry-level or part-time job
  • A one-page resume is requested in the job description

Filter your resume by prioritizing the following factors:

  • Most Relevant: what you definitely have to keep
  • Irrelevant: what you can do without
  • Insignificant: what can stay only if you have enough space
Limit your experience to ones most relevant to the target job.

And you are good to go!

For any further doubts or queries, give us a shout out in the comments!