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LinkedIn Review

Your LinkedIn analysis, in seconds, without having to leave your profile!

Get your own LinkedIn profile score based on industry trends & best practices, get an exhaustive section-wise study of your score out of 100

But before that, let’s start off with the basics.


Why getting your LinkedIn Profile reviewed is important?

Building your personal brand starts with building a splendid LinkedIn profile whether it be to attract recruiters or potential clients.

If you simply input vague information in your profile and do not incorporate the right keywords, it will make it that much harder to find your profile for anyone.

For instance, if you are a freelance writer and do not have the relevant keywords for the same displayed in your profile, likely, your profile will not jump up when a potential client searches for the keyword “freelance writer” on LinkedIn.

Similarly, there are many such aspects that you have to consider to make the perfect LinkedIn profile. Don’t worry we will be listing everything here.

Our LinkedIn Profile Review Service will review your LinkedIn profile to help you tackle all these aspects at once and help you rank higher on LinkedIn to increase your profile’s visibility. We will give you actionable tips on how to make an impeccable LinkedIn profile.

Using our LinkedIn profile review service, you can improve your LinkedIn profile's score and land your next best opportunity.


Looking for a job? Optimize your LinkedIn for the jobs you are targeting.

95% of the recruiters today look for candidates on LinkedIn. So, if you are a job seeker it is about time you started looking for a job through this platform.

However, remember that the competition here is at its peak so an average profile will do you no favors.

You might have every skill in your arsenal required to fulfill the job duties of your targeted job but if you are not able to look the part online, chances are there is someone who does that will end up landing the job.

An easy way to figure out whether you would appear in any recruiter’s search is by searching for job profiles on LinkedIn and seeing if your profile appears on these searches.

For instance, if you are a web developer, type in web developer in LinkedIn’s search engine. Look through the profiles that appear.

If you are not in the top few profiles, you need to take steps to optimize your profile so when a recruiter searches for web developers, one of the profiles they find at the top is yours.

Our LinkedIn Profile Review service will review your LinkedIn profile to show you exactly how you can rank high on LinkedIn searches for relevant keywords.


Who needs a LinkedIn Profile review?

Wondering whether you need a LinkedIn Profile Review Service or would you be able to coast through without one. Here is a LinkedIn profile review checklist for you to see for yourself:

  • 1.  Go through your LinkedIn profile and compare it with the profile of someone you admire or look up to. Are the standards the same for both? If not, do you have a strategy to enhance your profile to their level?

  • 2.  Do you know what keywords you need to incorporate in your LinkedIn profile to make it rank higher? If yes, do you know where these keywords need to go on your profile?

  • 3.  Are you looking for a job or looking for clients for your business. Both these kinds need to follow a different pattern. Do you know which pattern is suitable for you?

  • 4.  Are you actively looking for a job but no headhunters or hiring managers have ever contacted you?

  • 5.  Are you confident about the content & tone of your profile?

If you are unsure how to answer any of these questions, you might want to take a look at our LinkedIn Profile Service Review.

We won’t give you standard tips that you can find anywhere on the internet but tailor our review for your profile so you can apply those tips to increase the visibility of your profile.

Section-wise review of your LinkedIn Profile

Hiration’s LinkedIn Profile Service Review will give you an overall LinkedIn profile score which will show you how optimized your current profile is. This is an aggregated score based on 200+ different algorithms and insights.

You can further go for a detailed breakdown of the score which will show you how optimized each section of your profile is.

In addition to giving you a score, we will also provide you with detailed steps you can take to improve your score.

Here is a breakdown of the section-wise review that you will be getting if you choose to get your LinkedIn profile reviewed with Hiration.

Cover Picture/Banner

The LinkedIn Banner is mostly skipped by professionals as they do not realize the importance that lies with it. Being at the front and center, this is the first thing a recruiter will notice, so a well-optimized banner in line with your target profile is sure to earn you some brownie points.

Do not use the default LinkedIn image or any other random generic image as the banner for your LinkedIn profile. However, you also have to be careful to not overdo things.

Minimalism is key! A simple and elegant banner will speak volumes. It should be just interesting enough to engage a visitor.

If you are looking for ideas, take a quick look at Canva or Fotor. You can also find royalty-free images on Unsplash and Pixabay that you can use.

Here is an example of a simple yet elegant banner:


Profile Picture

With LinkedIn profile pic review we will see if you have used a professional picture as your display.

Profiles with professional photographs as their profile pictures are shown to have garnered 9x more connection requests! Therefore, we strongly recommend including a professional photograph to go with your profile since it’s your “virtual handshake” on the platform.

A captivating picture would be one that would capture the essence of the industry you work in. If you are a motivational speaker, put up a picture of you on a stage. A painter? Hold those paintbrushes high.

However, if you are not from an artistic field or are doubtful whether a picture is suitable or “professional” enough, a simple headshot in a button don shirt will never do you wrong.

If you are camera shy, remember that a captivating picture can attract ~21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages! This should be incentive enough to get clicking.

Here is how your profile picture + banner will appear on your profile:

If you are wondering how can I review or edit my profile picture on Linkedin, follow the below-mentioned steps:

•   Click on the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

•   Click on the “View profile” option.

•   Click on the “Camera icon”. This will not be visible to people who have already added a profile picture.

•   Now you can click a picture or upload one from your device.

•   Click on “Save photo”.


Let us start by showing you an example of the perfect LinkedIn headline:


See how the person has stated what their area of expertise is in a few words. More than that, these are keywords that would help them appear on search results.

Similarly, you have to make use of the 120 characters allowed you to showcase your own headline. Remember it appears at the top of a LinkedIn user's profile so make it to the point.

A few tips are to avoid jargon and show the value you can bring. A simple formula many successful LinkedIn users apply to write the headline is: “(Job title): helping X do Y”.

See how easy it becomes for someone to take a look at your headline and decide whether they want to engage with you or not?

Moreover, keep away from braggy phrases to describe yourself like best, winning, superior, etc. You can do all that bragging in your summary section that too without using any such words.

Another simple tip to remember is avoiding special characters in our headline.

Using our Online LinkedIn Profile Review Software will not only ensure that all these aspects of your LinkedIn profile headline are taken care of but we will also scan it for small things like spelling errors.

Is this what you want, “review my LinkedIn profile and come up with a headline”? We can take care of it! Use our Online LinkedIn Profile Review Software now!


Updating your location means making yourself visible to recruiters or potential clients nearby. This increases your chances of appearing in LinkedIn searches by ~23x!

It is also important to update your location info as many companies take your location into factor before recruitment. So, the chances of being contacted by local companies also increase dramatically.

Did you know that more than 30% of recruiters use location-based search to find their next top talent? So, what are you waiting for? Update your location on your LinkedIn profile now.

Current Role and Industry

Update your current role and industry to stay connected with relevant jobs and events. It is a wonderful way to keep up with over 300,000 people who engage in industry-based searches on LinkedIn every week!

Data has shown that you can gain up to 8x more profile views by simply updating your current position. And if you were to update your industry as well, the profile views will likely increase by ~15x.

Contact Info

If you want to give the recruiters an easy way of contacting you, update your contact info that will be displayed in the headline of your LinkedIn profile.


There are some parameters that you have to be aware of while drafting the summary section of your LinkedIn profile.

Here is an example of a LinkedIn summary that you should match the parameters we are listing below to understand how you should go about writing yours:



Unlike resumes, where you write your information in the third person, It is important to only use first-person to write the “About” section of your LinkedIn profile. It gives a more personal touch to your profile.

Focus on your Experience, Skills, Motivation, and Interests in this section.

Quantifiable information

A great way to showcase your value whether you are looking for a job or prospective clients is by showing numbers on your profile.

Keep these metrics relevant and do not overstuff your summary with numbers, lest they start to lose impact. Doing so ensures that your LinkedIn profile is achievement-based.

Also, remember that people holding the same profile as you will likely have the same roles and responsibilities. So, your achievement figures are the one thing that will help you stand apart.

Here is an example of a summary that showcases how you can sprinkle some metrics to make your profile stand out:



Make a dedicated subheading for Key Skills in your Linkedin summary. Scrutinize the keywords that a recruiter might look for while searching for a targeted profile. You can also analyze job descriptions of the jobs you want to apply for and borrow keywords from there.

Pick and display the keywords/skills that apply to you to increase the probability of getting discovered for these keywords.

However, don’t overdo it. Remember there is another section just for skills later. So, choose only the top 3-5 skills you’d want to be associated with.

You can also choose unique symbols to display these skills to enhance the visual appeal or to bring attention to them.


Although the maximum character limit is 2,000 characters, you do not need to use the entirety of it. You also should not just write a one-sentence summary. Find a sweet middle spot that is engaging and informative.

We have found this sweet spot to be somewhere between 200 and 300 words.

However, It is not a rule set in stone. You can go beyond if you feel you have important information to add.

Call to action

You can include a CTA in your summary depending on what you are targeting at the moment. If you are a job hunter, you could include your email address and ask recruiters to connect with you.

If you are a business owner you could include a CTA regarding your services. For example, in the summary below, you can see how a startup entrepreneur has included their email address for prospective clients.


Similarly, you can include an email address, Twitter profile link, or anywhere else a visitor can reach you. You can even dedicate a separate email address to your LinkedIn contacts and engagements.

Get your LinkedIn profile reviewed with us to ensure that it is written in the active voice. Moreover, we will see to it that the tone of your profile is positive and matches your profession. So, whether you are a student or an experienced professional, get your profile reviewed now!

Featured Content

Pin your Featured Content on the top. You can additionally consider checking out the categories available - Posts, Articles, Links, and Media - and seeing if you can update your content.

Here is an example:


Professional Experience

Another important section to be catered to. Read on to understand what you can do to perfectly compose your professional experience section.

In the meanwhile, you can check out Hiration’s Linkedin Profile Service Review where we will check if your profile has any indicators of unemployment, whether the professional experience section is of optimum length, and more such parameters.

Before we start, here is an example portraying an impeccable professional experience section:


Take a look at the parameters that we observe while reviewing the professional experience section of LinkedIn profiles:

Bullet points

Using the bullet point format bolsters the readability and overall impact of your achievements.

Paragraphs can not only be hard to read and comprehend but just plain distracting.

Pro-tip: To Unicode bullets directly, press Alt+0149 (Windows) or Alt+8 (Mac).

Also, consider grouping every 2-3 points under unique subheadings in cases where the number of points in a work-ex exceeds 5 as shown in the example below:


Rich media

Adding reports, presentations, charts, or other rich media in your work-ex will better complement the information you have mentioned here.

Remember this is not a resume so you do not have any restrictions so go into detail and explore creative and engaging options to showcase your work history.

With Hiration’s LinkedIn profile review software, your profile will be reviewed as per more than 200 parameters.

One of them being if the logo of your company is visible in your Professional Experience section. Although it sounds like a small thing, visible logos assure the reader of the legitimacy to the company and show them that your company has a presence on LinkedIn.

Quantifiable Information

Numbers have a huge impact on recruiters! Including achievement figures wherever relevant showcases the impact you had in your work engagements.

Here is an example showcasing the perfect work ex on LinkedIn:


You can see how the professional didn’t just write that they saved money for the company but showed exactly how much money they save, etc.

Use the same format to write your professional experience statements.

Power verbs

Another important thing to keep in mind is the use of power verbs to begin each point.

Use verbs like developed, spearheaded, etc. to formulate strong work ex statements.

Make sure that you make no spelling errors and write all your points in the active voice.


Add relevant skills in this section that align with your professional trajectory and your target profile to make your profile more visible.

Check out LinkedIn’s list of most and least sought-after soft skills and determine relevant skills for yourself and include them in this section. It is an easy way to up your chances of hearing from recruiters or other LinkedIn members by 33x.

Moreover adding relevant skills has shown to receive up to 17x more profile views!

A few factors to be aware of while drafting the skills section:

Present in all the 4 categories

Try to evenly distribute your skills across all the 4 categories in the skills section - Industry Knowledge, Tools & Technologies, Interpersonal Skills, and Other Skills.

This helps you showcase that you are a well-rounded professional, thus making you more desirable for jobs.

Featured skills

Identify your top 3 skills so that they are featured on the top of the skills section. As you progress in your career, you can keep updating them in line with your target profile.

This is how the featured skills will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile:



Update your Education section to get up to 10x more profile views than those who leave it blank.

Profiles with an updated Education section has also shown to get 17x more messages from recruiters.

This is how the education section should look on your LinkedIn profile:


Additional Sections & Elements

Other than the standard section you can also consider including the following sections if you have the relevant information:

•   Accomplishments

•   Publications

•   Patents

•   Courses

•   Projects

•   Honors & Awards

•   Test Scores

•   Languages

•   Organizations

•   Background

Other good-to-have Additional Sections & Elements:

Volunteering Experience

If you have volunteering experience, mention it in your profile.

Here is an example of what it should look like:


Optimized URL

We have noticed that most people keep the default LinkedIn URL not realizing the difference an optimized URL can have.

Optimizing your URL makes it easier for recruiters to find you. You can do it yourself by removing the alpha-numeric string of characters and replacing it with your name.

Although you can change the URL of your profile 5 times within 6 months, we recommend that you do not change it frequently as it might negatively impact your search results.


Turn it on to let recruiters know that you are looking for new opportunities.


Include courses and their modules if they are relevant to the profile(s) you are targeting.


Include independent or work-related projects here.

Honor & Awards

Have you been on the receiving end of any awards, recognition, or want to showcase similar accomplishments? Include them in this section.

Groups on LinkedIn

Join industry-relevant groups and try to actively engage with the community to make your profile 5x more likely to be viewed.

Profile-wide feedback

If you choose to get your profile reviewed with Hiration, we will give you profile-wide feedback based on the following parameters. This will be in addition to the factors we have already mentioned above.

•   Accomplishments

•   Publications

•   Patents

•   Courses

•   Projects

•   Honors & Awards

•   Test Scores

•   Languages

•   Organizations

•   Background

Keyword Analysis

We will analyze your profile for the presence of important profile and industry-relevant keywords to make the probability of your profile appearing in the search results for these keywords better.

Wondering how to review feedback on the LinkedIn profile?

We will show you what keywords you need to optimize for, the appropriate location to add keywords, and how to optimize your profile for an industry you are targeting but have little experience in.

Networking on LinkedIn

With Hiration’s LinkedIn Profile Service Review, you will receive templates for reaching out to people across the following categories:

•   Asking for advice from a LinkedIn contact

•   Asking for LinkedIn recommendations

•   Connecting with recruiters after applying for a job

•   Connecting with recruiters for jobs you want to apply for

•   Follow up with professionals after an event

•   Linkedin request after attending an event

•   Asking a contact for an introduction

What are the next steps after someone reviews your profile on LinkedIn? Get the feedback in order and start making the required changes!

Key Takeaways

In this blog, we have shown you the key parameters that make a profile visible and more likely to get views on LinkedIn.

Some of the key takeaways from this blog are:

•   Add an optimized cover picture and a professional profile picture.

•   Update your headline.

•   Write the summary in the first person and add quantifiable information wherever relevant.

•   Add a call to action with your summary by providing a way to get in touch with you.

•   State your professional experience using bullet points and start each of these points with a power verb.

•   Add industry-specific skills and spread them across all 4 categories - Industry Knowledge, Tools & Technologies, Interpersonal Skills, and Other Skills.

•   Optimize your LinkedIn profile URL

Use Hiration’s Online Linkedin Profile Review now to be on the radar of the right recruiters!