"Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.” - W. Clement Stone

Your sales resume is the first impression. So, you must choose the best among the rest.

Sales associates performs the following functions:

  • Sell merchandises - clothing, furniture, automobiles, etc.
  • Assist customers find the products they want
  • Process customer payments

Most of them receive on-the-job training, which usually lasts a few days to a few months.

To cover the primary areas of expertise, a sales associate resume should ideally include:

  • Related work experience
  • Relevant computer knowledge - experience of point-of-sale systems, etc.
  • Undergraduate/Advanced degrees

To compliment your sales resume, include:

  • Skills - Customer Service and Communications Skills
  • Additional Information - Bilingualism

When you are applying for a job in sales, remember that the person receiving and reviewing your applications mostly has more experience than you in sales. This makes it more important for you to have a result-orientated and in-depth resume.

They would carefully scrutinize your:

  • Skills
  • Sales record
  • Previous contributions

To convince your recruiter via your resume is to tell them that you are the best person for the job. This goes to show a consistent track record of your sales achievements, bucketed across skills around your target job profile.

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A sales resume should include some kind of business educational background.

Sales professionals who work in special domains like engineering, aerospace, etc. or deal in specific industrial equipments must also have an industry-specific educational background on their sales resume.

A dynamic and goal-oriented sales professional constantly upgrades their knowledge and skills. So list all the seminars and sales specific trainings that a professional has had throughout their career. A sales resume should also include any industry specific training that was part of the sales professional’s development. Any kind of training that relates to the sales profession should appear on a sales resume.


#10 Sales Professional

The corresponding resume encompasses the following key features:

  • A business school degree
  • An internship

Key Takeaway: Internship experiences should essentially evaluate what you learnt across the tenure at your internship:c

Gained a comprehensive understanding of financial risk analysis & ratio calculation