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Sales are at the heart of any thriving business. Without sales, no company can make a profit and grow.

And if you are a salesperson, you know how to communicate with potential clients and convert them into customers.

However, your sales skills won’t actually give you a job.

We get thousands of sales resumes every day, and we notice that those people get hired who not only have the sales skills but also know how to create sales professional resumes.

Your sales resume is the first impression. So, you must choose the best design to showcase your personality.

This blog cover the following topics:

Sales Resume Template

Here's what a top-notch sales executive resume template for you:

Corey Danton
Sales Manager
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    Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
    • Leading 30 Store Managers & 1 Manager to direct daily operations & launch new stores as per cost-time constraints
    • Independently generating regional sales & collaborating with Marketing, Procurement & Customer Service departments
    • Examining & evaluating store performance and assessing individual performance metrics
    • Securing bulk orders for functions or festivals & initiating the process of delivery for hotels and restaurants
    Account Management
    • Managing billing and accounting in addition to forecasting quarterly and annual profits
    • Preparing & reviewing a quarterly budget of USD 25 million & monitoring the annual budget for all areas of responsibilities
    Training & Team Management
    • Identifying hiring needs & supervising recruitment and training to effectively onboard 120+ Sales Executives
    • Collaborating with family members of agriculturists & farmers to aid in quality training & maintenance
    • Initiating English language & computer classes for employees for boosting morale and enhancing overall performance
    Business Development & Sales
    • Designing reports on regional sales metrics to review business development to set quarterly targets & explore new markets
    • Preparing regional sales plans and analyzing market trends for expansion and acquisition
    • Addressing potential problems and recommending prompt solutions
    • Ideating and brainstorming new services/products & implementing innovative sales techniques to register an NPS of 80+
    Key Achievements
    • Accomplished the highest average revenue per month of USD 40,12,000
    • Launched an average of 14 mobile stores in 6 months & achieved an average revenue of USD 1000 per day per store
    • Achieved a cost reduction of ~USD 1,20,000 per month by liaising with ~50 local hawkers for reducing wastage
    • Introduced Lease Farming to decrease the purchasing cost from USD 3,08,000 to 1,40,000
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      Customer Relationship Management
      • Ensured premium level of client satisfaction by directing all Issue Resolution initiatives to bolster NPS
      • Effectively resolved ~25 queries per week to render requisite information for adhering to quality standards
      • Streamlined communication channels with clients to address concerns and perform troubleshooting as per requirements
      • Rendered assistance with the required knowledge of services & goods along with further recommendations and plans
      • Supervised unresolved complaints to ensure effective resolution in the given time frame
      • Processed bills & repairs, tracked potential customers & followed up on outbound calls to serve 15,000+ customers
      Training & Management
      • Appointed as the Seasonal Trainer for sales and product to train 250+ people and actively process OOPS calls
      • Administered a floor of 80+ staff as a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
      • Conducted on-the-job training (OJT) for new product launches and mentored 50+ BQs
      Key Achievements
      • Achieved 'Performer of the Year Award' consecutively for 4 years out of a headcount of 3500+ by maintaining excellent NPS
      • Recorded highest number of surveys (112) with an NPS of 83% along with a lateral movement of trainees in 1 year
      • Generated sales of ~USD 30,000 products and services & received a cash award of USD 3500 for Excellent Customer Service
      • Rewarded as a Fast Track Batch Trainer for products & received certification for Train the Trainer
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        Debt Collection & Process Optimization
        • Negotiated with 1200+ account holders to devise repayment plans and minimize collection receivables
        • Directed agency coordination & litigation activities to manage delinquency cycle, overdue collection calls, skip tracing, etc.
        • Oversaw day-to-day collection functions and excelled in collections from Non-Spousal States
        • Conducted investigation of accounts with balance errors by deploying accounting software
        • Ensured compliance with fair debt practices and regulatory guidelines
        • Identified and analyzed rejection patterns, in addition to partial and third party denials to optimize existing processes
        Recruitment & Training
        • Effectively recruited 20+ representatives for building, training and mentoring high-performing teams
        • Trained 500+ new collection representatives and incentivized team members to achieve production goals
        Key Achievements
        • Achieved FDCPA Certification to decrease the number of legal complaints & accomplished 130% least defect calls
        • Scrutinized overdue accounts with a delinquency average of 24 months to recover USD 120,000 per month
        • Awarded the 'Best Performing Team' out of 15+ teams on the parameters of amount of collections and defects count
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          The University of California, Berkeley is the top public university in the United States
          • Top 10 percentile of the class
          13+ years experienced Sales Leader & BPO Strategist armed with a track record of formulating growth strategies for bolstering sales and business development across geographically-dispersed territory. Proficient in leading teams and forging strategic alliances to effectively close mission-critical deals. Highly skilled in handling complex negotiations to secure organizational interests and deliver customer-centric solutions. Adept at building teams from scratch to execute high-value projects and deliver compelling business value to clients.
          KEY SKILLS
          • Strategic Alliances & Partnerships • Solutions Delivery & Product Sales • Customer Relationship Management
          • Team Management & Leadership • Process Optimization • Transition Management • Hiring & Mentoring
          • Training & Development • Operations Management • Performance Management • Innovation & Growth Strategy

          Sales Associate Roles and Responsibilities

          Here are a few daily responsibilities of a sales associate:

          • Greet customers in a professional way, address their questions about products and assist them in making informed buying decisions
          • Operate cash register, manage cash and credit transactions, and redeem vouchers for customers
          • Maintain order on the sales floor and design sales display
          • Brainstorm schemes and promotional materials for customers
          • Cross-sell and upsell products to customers to maximize profitability

          Most of them receive on-the-job training, which usually lasts a few days to a few months.

          To cover the primary areas of expertise, a sales associate resume template should ideally include:

          • Related work experience with performance figures
          • A key skills section that highlights all the skills of the candidate
          • A proper education section with Undergraduate/Advanced degrees

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          What to Look For in the Best Sales Resume Templates

          When you are applying for a job in sales, remember that the person receiving and reviewing your applications mostly has more experience than you in sales. This makes it more important for you to have a result-oriented and in-depth resume.

          They would carefully scrutinize your:

          • Skills
          • Sales record
          • Previous contributions

          To convince your recruiter via your resume is to tell them that you are the best person for the job. This goes to show a consistent track record of your sales achievements, bucketed across skills around your target job profile.

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          Best Sales Resume Templates

          Here are some sales resume templates free for you to get inspired from.

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          Resume Writing Tips for Sales Professionals

          Show Off Your Sales Prowess With Stats

          As a salesperson, your career revolves around selling things, so use your resume to demonstrate your outstanding skills by providing figures in the resume bullet points.

          It not only attracts the recruiter’s attention but also improves your chances of getting a job.

          Create a Standout Header

          Arrange your education and work experience sections in reverse chronological order with the most recent activities and achievements first.

          Create an eye-catching resume header by using a clear font in a slightly bigger size than the rest of your document. Include your full name and two reliable contact methods, such as a mobile phone number and professional email address.

          Listing your city and state is fine, but it’s best to leave out your full mailing address. If you have a personal website or LinkedIn profile, include those URLs too.

          Use Sales Resume Bullet Points

          Use resume bullet points in the professional experience section for your resume for sales. It does not bore the recruiter and keeps their interest throughout the resume. If you can bold some keywords in the resume bullet points, it is cherry on top.

          Optimize the Resume For ATS

          Many employers use automated scanning programs called Applicant Tracking Systems to perform the first round of resume reviews.

          These programs rank documents based on specific elements that are usually driven by keywords. Make sure you use standard sales and marketing terminology in your document, along with relevant keywords.

          You can get a good idea of the terms an employer is looking for by studying the language in the job description and emulating it in your resume.

          Include Education Section

          While many sales jobs rely on a candidate’s relevant experience and proven sales ability, you can use the education section of your resume to set yourself apart from other job seekers.

          List formal degrees along with sales-related certifications and professional development courses. You can also include awards and achievements in this section, as long as they are legitimate and relevant to the sales industry.

          For each entry, give the name and location of the conferring institution. Most employers don’t care about graduation dates, so you can leave those out unless you are a recent graduate or current student.

          Key Takeaways

          Here are some of the key takeaways from the sales associate resume blog:

          • Take a simple resume design to create the sales executive resume to improve readability.
          • Divide the resume into different sections to make it easier to scan
          • Tailor your resume to the specific sales executive job by adding keywords.
          • Use statistics in the experience section of your resume and use the power verb on bullet points to make it stand out.
          • Write a 2-3 sentence long summary. It acts as an elevator pitch for your resume.

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