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Should a resume be one page?

One page resume is easy for hiring managers to scan over quickly.

It is not overwhelming, and with the right guidance, can contain a lot of valuable information.

Are you looking for crisp one page resume examples that get you those shortlists for interviews?

Read on to know the perfect one page resume template for your job profile. Look out for some special tips and tricks here and there!

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What Are Called One Page Resume Templates?

Most of the time, a short and crisp resume is the best choice.

Your resume does not need to contain lots of depth about your past jobs and abilities. A resume and a cover letter are just a quick snapshot that opens the door for further discussions; hence one page resume is the best option. In your interview, the employer may ask for more details from a job seeker.

Only send a longer document if it’s mentioned in the job description (like a C.V. for academic jobs).

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One Page vs. Two Page Resume Templates

If you wonder how to make one page resume template or should a resume be one page, then fret not! We got you covered.

Make a one page resume if:

  • Your job profile is in a conservative field
  • You have less than ten years of job experience

A two-page resume isn't ideal for applying to any job unless there is a requirement.

Make a two page resume if:

  • You have a significant amount of relevant work experience
  • You are making a senior-level resume (10+ years of professional experience)
  • The JD asks for your entire work history

Sample One Page Resume Templates

Here are some of the one page resume examples for your reference.

Material Color one page resume template

  • Marketing Manager & Senior Sales Professional


Simple Black One Page Resume Template

Supply Chain Manager Resume Example

Traditional Maroon One Page Resume Template


Round Timeline One Page Resume Template


Signature Timeline One Page Resume Template


Boxed Navy One Page Resume Template


Orange Twist One Page Resume Template


Gradient Green One Page Resume Template


Trendy One Page Resume Template


Modern Teal One Page Resume Template


Uniform Brown One Page Resume Template


Global Citizen Red One Page Resume Template

Software Engineer Resume Template

Professional Blue One Page Resume Template


California One Page Resume Template


New York One Page Resume Template


Royal Blue One Page Resume Template


Diamond Timeline One Page Resume Template


Global Citizen Green One Page Resume Template


Professional Black One Page Resume Template


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How to Make a Resume One Page?

Students and professionals both have a lot of qualifications to add to resumes today. They have awards, certifications, projects, skills, etc.

But with this massive amount of experience, it’s difficult to write everything in a one page resume.

But here are some tips to answer your question “how to make resume one page.”

Shorten Resume Margin

The first thing you should do to fit your resume into one page is reduced resume margin. Ideally, the resume margin should be 1 inch on all sides. But if needed, you can reduce the resume margin to 0.5 inches on all sides. But not less than that.

Use Different Resume Formats

You can use double-column resume format to include more information on one page.

Hiration pro tip:
Even though double-column templates tend to provide more space for you to fit in information, you should go for single column templates as they have a higher readability and is easier for the ATS to scan.

Use Smaller Fonts

Another easy way to create a one page resume is by using a smaller font.

Most resumes are written in 12 point font. But you can use a 10 point resume font which is perfectly acceptable in a professional setting. It also reduces the size of the resume.

Avoid Adding Unnecessary Information

Do not include unnecessary information in your resume, such as your hobbies, references, date of birth, irrelevant professional experience, etc.

Use Bullet Points

Do not write the resume in paragraphs. Instead, use short bullet points. It significantly reduces the resume size and helps you fit your experience into one page.

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One Page Resume Template Format

Here's how we should go about a one page resume template:

  • Summary/Objective: This should be the top section of your resume. Go for an objective instead of a summary only if you are a fresher.

  • Key Skills: Club all your key skills in this section as per your profile and the job posting of the role you are applying for.

Hiration pro tip:
Keep the heading as Technical Skills if your profile is technical. If not, just add a small sub-heading under key skills and mention all your technical skills there.
  • Professional Experience: Jot down all your relevant work experiences. Make sure to list down your latest and relevant experiences only, to save space for other information.

  • Projects: If you've worked on projects which highlight your professional accomplishments, do mention them.

  • Internship: If you are applying for an entry-level role or are a fresher, you can mention your relevant internship experiences too.

  • Certifications/Training: Must leave some space at the end to jot down relevant certifications and training experiences.

  • Education: Ideally, this should be the last section of your one page resume template and you should list all your relevant qualifications here.


Does a resume need to be one page? Absolutely! Recruiters only give 7 seconds to review a resume. So, you need to make sure your resume is conscious enough so that recruiters don’t have to spend more time on it to get everything.

If you want to squeeze your experiences into one page, you can totally do it. You just have to get selective on the information you are adding to the resume.

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