Resume Template: Uniform Brown

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Updated on: 2021-06-14


Resume Template: Uniform Brown

Features of the Uniform Brown Resume Template:

  • Premium: The Uniform Brown Template is a premium template on Hiration's Resume Builder.
  • Structure: This resume template is a two column template with each column occupying equal width in the document. This aspect makes this template highly suitable for early to mid level professionals who have as much experience to show for in their jobs as they have in other aspects of their life. Each column can accomodate a lot of information- Professional Experience, Internships, Education, Key Skills, Summary, etc. You name it and this Resume Template will have it. Just ensure that youkeep the height of the columns roughly same for a great resume.

  • Design: The color Brown and dotted borders and separator are the highlight of this resume. This gives the resume a very contemporary feel while keeping the document highly professional.
  • Typography: Everything ranging from the header of this document, to the summary as well as the resume body has a uniform spacing as well as look. Icons have been used in various places to highlight dates and contact information.