Round Timeline Resume Template

Round Timeline

This resume template depicts a timeline with your actual accomplishments as various milestones on the timeline. It is certainly a novel way to get noticed and presents a clear professional picture to recruiters and hiring managers in a visual manner.

Diamond Timeline Resume Template

Diamond Timeline

The Diamond Timeline resume template presents the resume in the form of a timeline with diamond shaped milestones. Use this resume template to give a modern look to your resume now!

Boxed Navy Resume Template

Boxed Navy

The Boxed Navy Resume template uses boxes to separate the sections on your resume. Moreover, it also has a provision for adding an image to your resume to give it that modern look.

Signature Timeline Resume Template

Signature Timeline

This resume template has an actual timeline, your image and icons which define each section. This provides a highly modern look to your resume and impresses every recruiter.

Modern Teal Resume Template

Modern Teal

This resume template provides a very modern look to your resume by employing a blend of colors such as teal and shades of grey. It is a two column template with a special bar highlighting the professional title in the resume.

California Resume Template


The California resume template is one of our best sellers in the Modern Resume Templates pack. It employs a gradient scheme between orange and pink colors to give your resume the modern look it deserves.