Top Leadership Skills Interview Questions with Example Answers [2022]

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  • Question: What is your greatest achievement?
  • Question Overview: Recruiters are looking to understand what you consider to be your most significant accomplishment, providing insight into your values, skills, and passions.

    Sample Answer: My greatest achievement was designing and launching a mobile app for a local non-profit during my senior year. As the project leader, I coordinated a volunteer team from initial concept through to development and release. Seeing our app facilitate significant community engagement and support for the non-profit was incredibly rewarding, marking a proud milestone in my budding software development career.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Setting and achieving a significant
    • - challenging goal Overcoming obstacles through determination and skill Lasting impact of the achievement on personal or professional growth

  • Question: Tell me about a time you had to give feedback.
  • Question Overview: The focus here is on your communication skills, especially how you deliver constructive criticism to improve performance or correct behaviors without authority.

    Sample Answer: Working on a group presentation, I noticed one team member's contribution lacked the depth we needed. I met with them privately to provide constructive feedback, suggesting specific areas for improvement and offering my help. They took the feedback positively, enhancing their part, which greatly improved our final presentation's quality.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Delivery of constructive criticism with tact and respect Positive changes and improvements following feedback Strengthened professionalism and skills development

  • Question: Tell me about a time when you had to take charge of a project and go above and beyond?
  • Question Overview: This question assesses your drive, leadership under pressure, and ability to exceed expectations in delivering a project successfully, often in challenging circumstances.

    Sample Answer: In my final year, I led our capstone project, which hit a major snag halfway through. To keep us on track, I reevaluated our milestones, organized extra work sessions, and liaised closely with our advisor for guidance. Our dedication paid off, resulting in a project that not only met our academic requirements but also received special recognition from the department for its innovation and execution quality.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Leadership in critical project phases Extra effort and resourcefulness to meet challenges Exceeding project expectations and standards

  • Question: Tell me about a time when you had to build consensus.
  • Question Overview: This question aims at understanding your skills in negotiation, persuasion, and finding common ground among team members with differing viewpoints.

    Sample Answer: During a group project in my business class, there was a divide over our main thesis. I initiated an extra meeting to delve into each perspective, pushing for open dialogue. By steering the conversation towards our shared goal and finding compromises, we unified around a combined approach that significantly strengthened our project's argument and cohesiveness.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Facilitating discussions to understand differing viewpoints Negotiation and compromise to reach a unified decision Strengthened team alignment and project continuation

  • Question: Tell me about a time when you had to motivate someone who you did not have authority over.
  • Question Overview: Employers are interested in your interpersonal and influence skills - your ability to inspire or motivate team members or peers, particularly in situations where you do not hold formal authority over them.

    Sample Answer: In a group assignment, one member wasn't participating fully, affecting our progress. I reached out to them to understand any challenges they were facing. Through our conversation, I learned they felt unsure about their contributions. By acknowledging their skills and showing them how vital their role was, they became more involved, and their input greatly enhanced our project.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Use of persuasive communication and empathy Encouragement and support leading to increased motivation Enhanced contribution and team dynamics as a result

  • Question: Describe a time when you had to lead a project with minimal supervision.
  • Question Overview: This probes your ability to independently manage and execute tasks or projects, highlighting your initiative, problem-solving skills, and autonomy.

    Sample Answer: During my summer internship, I was tasked with redesigning the company's newsletter. With minimal guidance, I researched effective newsletter designs, restructured the content layout, and incorporated engaging graphics. My initiative and resourcefulness paid off when the new design significantly increased subscriber engagement by 30%. The project was a major learning opportunity, enhancing my skills in design and project management.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Independent management of project logistics and timelines Innovative solutions to unexpected challenges Successful project completion highlighting autonomy

  • Question: Tell me about a time when you volunteered to lead.
  • Question Overview: This question examines your willingness to step up and take on leadership roles without being asked, showing your initiative and drive.

    Sample Answer: In my university's environmental club, I noticed our recycling initiatives lacked coordination. I volunteered to lead the project, organizing teams and schedules for more efficient collection routes on campus. Through better planning and team engagement, we doubled our recycling output within a semester. This role reinforced the importance of initiative and organization in achieving collective goals.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Identification of need for leadership Proactive step-up to guide the project or team Positive impact and project success through volunteered leadership

  • Question: Tell me about a time when you had to lead a team.
  • Question Overview: This question is aimed at understanding your ability to take charge, organize a group of individuals, and guide them toward achieving a collective goal. It explores your leadership style, decision-making process, and how you handle the dynamics of team management.

    Sample Answer: For a class project, we were required to create a marketing plan. I was chosen as the team leader. Recognizing everyone's strengths, I delegated roles that fit each person best. I organized weekly meetings to ensure we were progressing well and to address any concerns. Our collaboration resulted in a comprehensive plan that was highly praised by our professor.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Coordinating team roles and responsibilities Maintaining open lines of communication and support Achievement of team goals with collective effort

  • Question: Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Question Overview: This question probes your ability to take the initiative, lead by example, and positively influence others toward achieving a shared objective. It focuses on evaluating your capability to step into leadership roles, manage responsibilities, and drive forward progress, even in settings where you might not hold formal authority.

    Sample Answer: During a university group assignment, the team was struggling with direction and motivation. I decided to step up and lead the coordination of our efforts. By establishing a project timeline, assigning specific roles according to each team member's strengths, and setting up weekly progress meetings, I was able to keep the team focused and motivated. My efforts to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment led to us not only finishing our project ahead of schedule but also receiving the highest grade in our class for our comprehensive and well-executed strategy plan.

      What the interviewer is looking for:
    • - Initiation of leadership in ambiguous situations Strategic planning and team guidance Successful outcome due to effective leadership