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How do I become a virtual assistant in 2023?

We are here to guide all the individuals having similar questions in mind. Numerous aspirants are struggling to get virtual personal assistant jobs in 2023, however, it is not easy to get entry level virtual assistant jobs in this post-pandemic arena.

To help you achieve your goal, we have also shared a communications assistant resume and an office assistant resume along with a complete virtual assistant resume 2023.

You can also leverage our ready-to-use one-liner bullet points while building your virtual assistant resume. Hiration has crafted resume points for more than 250 profiles. We are entirely determined to pave the way for your job placement.

Here are the major summary points that you will come across in this blog:

  • Get all the details related to your target job before applying
  • Choose the right resume format for maximum benefits in the recruitment process
  • Highlight important information to grab undivided attention of your recruiter
  • Add all the required and relevant sections in your virtual assistant resume

To build an impeccable resume, you need to be completely clear about your target job. Making a virtual assistant resume according to the requirements highlighted in the job description is the most effective way of getting shortlisted.

This blog will answer the following questions related to the virtual assistant job:

Hiration offers you additional help as its AI-powered Online Resume Builder that is effective enough to create a highly impactful resume in easy steps.

Virtual Assistant Job Description

A job description is a perfect place from where you can pick keywords for your resume. Always remember to add as many industry-specific keywords as you can to rank high on the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Here is an example of a virtual assistant job description:

We are searching for an experienced, skilled, and responsible virtual assistant to join our remote working team. Being a virtual admin assistant, you need to update & organize files, answer emails & calls, and assist in making sales materials and presentations.

The perfect fit for this role must be tech-savvy, super organized, and able to communicate easily via multiple channels. As a virtual assistant, you will also be responsible for managing travel itineraries, rooms, and flights. Moreover, the management of payments and expenses will also be on your shoulders.

Virtual Assistant Roles & Responsibilities

To perform better in the recruitment process, you must be aware of all the roles and responsibilities associated with that profile.

Here you can check out some roles and responsibilities you might handle while serving as a virtual assistant:

  • Manage appointments and calendar
  • Update records, organize documentation and manage filing systems
  • Manage social media handles
  • Answer emails and manage communication
  • Keep employer and customer information confidential

Virtual Assistant Salary


Image Source: Payscale

According to Payscale the average salary of a Virtual Assistant in the United States is 16.13 per hour.

We have also curated data of some other resources that will give you an idea of the average virtual assistant salary in the United States:

Source Salary
Indeed USD 19.64 per hour
Glassdoor USD 37,198 annually USD 31,200 annually
Salary Expert USD 33,113 annually

Virtual Assistant Resume Points

To get executive assistant jobs, you need to build a considered and impactful resume. For that, we recommend showcasing all of your information in one-liner bullet points.

Moreover, it is also advisable to add as many profile-centric keywords as you can in your resume and highlight them to parse through ATS without any hurdle.

You can follow the below-given guidelines to create one-liner resume points effectively:

  • Frame every bullet point following the cause-effect relationship
  • Initiate your points with a power verb
  • List all the similar bullet points under one heading
  • Quantify your information to make it look authentic
  • Highlight keywords and important metrics

Hiration has also created resume points for 250+ profiles to help job-seeking aspirants in improving their resumes.

Check out some of them in the links provided below:

Office Assistant Resume Sample


Virtual Assistant Resume Format

Choosing the right format for your virtual assistant resume is the first step you must take to build an impeccable resume. The right resume format will help you be in the limelight during the recruitment process.

Here you can see the top resume formats used by professionals in general across the globe. You can choose any of them as per your requirements to make a perfect virtual assistant resume:

Reverse Chronological Resume Format

It is the generally used resume format that defines every detail straight from your education to your current position. As the name suggests, this resume format will contain your most recent details first in terms of dates followed by older details.

Here are the essential sections you must use in a reverse chronological resume format:

  • Contact Details
  • Resume Summary
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Internships
  • Education
  • Additional Information

Combination Resume Format

This resume format is the combination of two resume formats i.e. reverse chronological resume format and functional resume format.

The combination resume format allows you to showcase your skills along with their evidence in the professional experience and achievements sections. In a single line, we can say that the points in this resume format are groups based on your highlighted skills.

This resume format will add great value to your resume as your recruiter will get an idea of how your skills helped your previous employers in achieving their organizational goals.

Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format can also be termed as a skill-based resume format. You do not have to elaborate much on your personal experience apart from the headings in this resume format.

This resume format is highly useful for people having career gaps as they do not have to explain their professional journey.

Hiration does not recommend using this resume format as every recruiter would like to see your growth as a professional rather than just knowing your skills.

You can use any of these above-given resume formats as per your requirements to craft a fine virtual assistant resume. However, if you do not have any career gap, a reverse chronological resume format will be perfect for your resume.

Virtual Assistant Resume Sections


You must add all the required resume sections in your virtual assistant resume to boost up your chances of getting shortlisted. You can see all the essential resume sections in the above-shown image.

These sections will help you in categorizing and prioritizing your information throughout your resume. Moreover, you will be able to showcase your details in a well-arranged form to grab your recruiter’s attention.

Virtual Assistant Resume Sample

Venessa Doss
Virtual Assistant
Certified Professional Virtual Assistant armed with 3+ years of experience in delivering best customer care to clients and resolving escalated issues within a small turn around time. Adept at managing and understanding client requirements and while handling confidential data and providing accurate solutions. Proficient in managing internal projects and training new professionals in the team with latest customer service and virtual assistant methodologies.
• Data Management • Payroll Processing • Client Servicing • Customer Support • Research Operations • User Experience
• Project Management • Employee Training • Critical Call Handling • Process Automation • Issue Resolution
  • Payroll Softwares: Paychex, Zenefits
  • Timekeeping Software: actiTIME, MinuteDock, ClockIT
  • Project Management Software: Basecamp, Trello, Hubstaff
  • Miscellaneous: Microsoft Office Suite
Virtual Assistant
Instant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    One of the most accurate information provider across the globe generating a turnover of USD 2bn.
    Data Optimization & Employee Training
    • Managing client data base and analyzing it to develop innovative solutions and recommendations
    • Conducting research operations for 150+ critical issues raised by customers as a part of achieving 100% customer satisfaction
    • Training 50+ employees on the new customer service techniques for retaining older clients & acquiring new ones

    Payroll Operation & Project Management
    • Managed 10+ company projects with 100% precision and rendering a bug-free digital user experience
    • Supervised payroll activities of over 500 employees for a smooth transition from manual to automated payroll processing

    Customer Service Representative
    Wiki 360
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      A leading BPO in the United States offering virtual assistance with an employee base of 2500.
      Call Management & Issue Resolution
      • Maintained an average call volume of 100 calls per day, answering customer inquiries to boost sales up to 15%
      • Analyzed customer issues and resolve them within minimum turn around time leading to improved brand value

      Process Automation & Problem Handling
      • Performed process automation for repetitive tasks to enhance productivity and reduce the number of manual tasks by 25%
      • Managed 200+ critical calls and delivered appropriate solutions under the supervision of customer service manager
      Bachelor's in Business Analytics
      Daniels College of Business
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        The eighth-oldest business college in the United States with 40,000 alumni worldwide.
        • GPA: 3.6/4.0
        • Certified Professional Virtual Assistant (CPVA) | assistU | May '20
        • Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent), and French (working proficiency)

        Virtual Assistant Resume Header

        As its name defines, it is the uppermost part of your resume, hence, must be framed appropriately for a better impact. You can check out our detailed blog on Resume Header or you can simply follow these steps to craft it correctly:

        • Write your full name as the resume header instead of writing resume or cv
        • Use the biggest font (16-20) in your resume while making this section

        Virtual Assistant Resume Personal Details & Profile Title

        You need to enter all of your genuine details in the Personal Details section. It is highly recommended to craft this section appropriately as it contains the details by which your recruiter can contact you directly.

        You can follow the below-given steps to frame the personal details section appropriately:

        • Mention your contact number with ISD code starting from a plus (+) sign
        • Write your official email id having your real name
        • Showcase your location in city/state format
        • Enlist the social profile relevant to your target profile

        Virtual Resume Profile Title

        This section showcases the profile title you are applying for. Being the smallest yet one of the most important sections in your resume, you must use the second-largest font of your resume (14-16) to craft this section.

        You can go through our detailed blog on Profile Title for a comprehensive overview of this section.

        Virtual Assistant Resume Summary

        This is the section that takes the maximum title to frame correctly in your entire resume. The Resume Summary contains details about all of your skills, education, and experience. You can check out the below-given guidelines to frame the right summary for your virtual assistant resume:

        • Build this section after winding up your entire virtual assistant resume
        • You can write a Summary only if you are working for more than 3 years
        • If you are a fresher, you must opt for an Objective instead of a summary

        If you have any questions in mind like, “What is a good objective for a resume?”, you can check out our detailed blog on the Objective section in a resume.

        Virtual Assistant Resume Key Skills

        This section allows you to showcase all of your virtual assistant skills related to your desired executive assistant jobs. To craft this section elegantly, you can check out our detailed blog on the Key Skills section.

        In hurry, don’t worry…!! You can also follow these guidelines to make this section impressive:

        • Showcase your soft skills and technical skills separately
        • Make this section just before you build your resume summary or objective
        • Highlight your skills and relevant keywords to get past the ATS

        Here are some virtual assistant skills that you can use while making your virtual assistant resume:

        Technical Skills Soft Skills
        Payroll Software Operation Time Management
        Timekeeping Software Operation Social Media Management
        Data and Cloud Storage Platforms Data Management
        Project Management Tools Basic Accounting

        You can also try Hiration’s AI-powered Online Resume Builder to build your virtual assistant resume in easy steps.

        Virtual Assistant Resume Professional Experience

        It is the section where recruiters spend most of their time while checking any resume. Hence, you need to make your Professional Experience section as impressive and expressive as possible.

        You can follow the below-given guidelines to finely craft the professional experience section of your virtual assistant resume:

        Frame Bullet Points

        The most effective way to make your resume elegant is by showcasing your details in bullet points. Long paragraphs affect readability and no recruiter these days wants to spend more than 10 seconds on any resume.

        Hence, framing one-liner bullet points starting with a power verb will improve readability and hook the reader throughout the resume.

        Express With Cause & Effect

        Try to mention every bullet point with a cause-effect relationship and authenticate your information with facts and figures. You can check out the below-given points to understand them better:

        • Showcase your details in STAR (S- Situation, T- Task, A- Action, R- Result) format
        • Write about the tasks that are officially assigned to you
        • Elaborate on the steps you took to achieve your goal
        • Use numbers to showcase end results precisely

        Group & Highlight

        In order to standardize the synchronization, you can collect all the similar points under one heading.

        Apart from this, you should bold all the important information and profile-centric keywords to prove your worth better than your competitors.

        In case of any complications, feel free to check out Hiration’s Online Resume Builder that is effective enough to build your virtual assistant resume without any hurdle.

        Virtual Assistant Resume Education

        This section will contain all of your educational details. We have created a detailed blog on the Education section in a resume to explain to you the importance and crafting of this section appropriately.

        However, you can also follow these below-given steps while making the education section of your virtual assistant resume:

        • Write the name of your course
        • Mention the name of your institution
        • Showcase the location of your institution in city/state format
        • State your enrollment and graduation dates in month/year format

        Virtual Assistant Resume Certification

        This is the section that can offer you bonus points during your recruitment process. You should enlist all the Certifications you have attained related to your targeted remote assistant jobs.

        These certificates will make you stand out from the crowd and help you in reaching up to the interview process.

        Here are some steps you can follow while listing certifications to your virtual assistant resume:

        • Name of your certification
        • Name of your affiliated institute
        • Location of that institute
        • Date of course completion in month/year format

        Resume Additional Information

        You can add all the desired information related to virtual personal assistant jobs in your resume. However, you have to ensure the relevance of your information before adding it to your resume. Here are some details you can add to your resume as per the targeted profile:

        • Awards & Honors
        • Volunteer Experience
        • Languages

        You are not bound to add just these details. You can add all of your desired details if relevant to the job title in your virtual assistant resume.

        Communications Assistant Resume Sample


        Virtual Assistant Resume Cover Letter

        After building a highly impactful virtual assistant resume, you would not want any risk on your shortlisting chances. For that, you need to craft a virtual assistant cover letter to send along with your resume.

        Nowadays, most recruiters do not even see a resume without a cover letter. Hence, it is very essential to attach a cover letter along with your resume while applying for online virtual assistant jobs.

        You can check out the below-given steps to frame a cover letter for virtual assistant without any complications:

        • Do not exceed 4 paragraphs while making your cover letter
        • Initiate with your achievements, qualities, and other impressive details
        • Mention the name of your previous recruiters and companies
        • Showcase your qualities admired the most by your recruiters
        • Ensure the word count is between 300-350

        In case of any confusion, you can also use Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder to make a cover letter for your resume.

        How Hiration Can Help

        Building a resume is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a daunting task for numerous individuals. Hence, it is very important to review your resume if it is effective enough or not.

        For this, you can leverage the power of resume experts at hiration. We have a team of resume building experts who analyze every resume based on the following parameters:

        • Resume Formatting
        • Global Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • Performance Assessment
        • Compliance With Industry Norms
        • ATS Compliance
        • Recruiter Friendly
        • Design Compatibility
        • Content Relevance

        Virtual Assistant Relevant Blogs

        Check out the list given below to take a glance at these related blogs of Hiration:

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        To build the perfect resume, you need to follow all the above-given guidelines and also research a lot to frame it appropriately.

        As an alternative option, you can use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder that comes with the power of Artificial intelligence to help you in building a profile-centric resume.

        Key Takeaways

        Here are the key takeaways of this blog:

        • Choose the right format for your virtual assistant resume
        • Showcase all of your information except summary/objective in bullet points
        • Frame separate sections for technical skills and soft skills
        • Group similar points under one heading
        • Send your job application with a cover letter

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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