Character is higher than intellect.

"I was born to be true, not to be perfect" or "I never dreamed about success, I worked for it" does not suffice for a good resume profile.

It is understood that character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Helen Keller's words leave us with the impression that our experiences and our achievements reflect our character.

So how do we manage to do that in a resume? Let's find out.

What is a resume profile?

The profile on resume is the teaser for your resume body. It builds a foundation in the mind of the hiring manager.

He spends about 10 seconds on each resume. So your best achievements have a chance of getting lost in the resume.

But don't worry, as this section could be best utilized to bring them to the hiring manager's attention.

For an experienced professional, a resume profile is basically a summary of his or her professional endeavor. It can be a paragraph of about 3-4 sentences, usually placed near the top. This paragraph denotes your skill set and your best achievements tailored according to the requirements of the recruiter.

For a fresher, however, the resume profile stands to be an objective of his professional pursuit. In the same 3 - 4 sentences, you may express your strong points and allow your recruiter to understand how you may serve as a desiring candidate to the target organization.

It usually states your career title and years of experience right away. Then it shows your most preferred achievements that best fit your target job.

It is highly recommended that you introduce resume keywords in your resume profile so that the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can parse your resume clearly.

Let's look at a few resume profile examples:


Finance Graduate
Dynamic and result-oriented Finance Graduate adept at deploying analytical & database tools to scrutinize business operations. Proficient in employing effective data analysis techniques for sound decision-making & successful execution of projects. A goal-seeking individual with a comprehensive understanding of taxation & accounting principles and possessing a natural flair for research encompassing primary & secondary channels.


IT Recruitment Specialist
11+ years experienced, value-driven & result-oriented Senior Quality Assurance Manager & Telecom Specialist with a track record of spearheading diverse teams to champion LTE/WCDMA/CDMA/GSM Optimization, including 42 months of experience in RF Optimization/Tuning for LTE & 25 months for GSM. Proficient in formulating & implementing Network Planning & Optimization (NPO) strategies, in addition to conducting audits & directing parametric changes to achieve QA norms. Highly skilled in liaising with internal/external stakeholders to optimize network KPIs and deliver compelling business value to end-user & clients.

**Quick Tip: Think of the profile section as a mini-resume snapshot. It just shows the tip of the iceberg, and a lot more is yet to be discovered. **

Resume Objective vs Resume Summary

It is a common question that you should use a good objective for a resume or a summary?

Professionals at Hiration say that a professional profile summary is almost always the best.

This is because an objective only shows your goal. Instead, you should share how you can reach the company's goal. That would work best by listing all your "achievements" that fit the job.

Resume Header: Objective

A resume objective section on top of your work/educational profiles will give a bird’s-eye view of the applicant’s career trajectory till date.

A broad-level summary of key skills gathered in the course of the applicant’s career followed by selected achievement points should ennumerate the .

Resume Header: Summary

A resume summary is a short and powerful description of your skills and achievements, usually found at the top of your resume.

It spans 2-3 sentences and highlights the most important aspects in your profile. Think of it like how you would formally introduce yourself to a recruiter.

It is one of the best tools you can employ to get shortlisted for any job.

A resume summary is also called by various other names such as career summary, resume summary statement, resume profile summary, resume summary of qualifications, qualifications summary etc.

Check out our blog on resume summary to guide yourself through the most suitable resume profile for you.

What to Put in a Resume Profile

In a resume profile, try to be as much crisp and novice you can be.
Be sure to include your job title and years of experience.

You can further expand your resume profile by focusing on the following areas:

  • Key Skills
  • Money Saved
  • Problems Solved
  • Metrics Improved
  • Awards Won
  • Compliments Received
  • Publications
  • Certifications

To have a unique resume, start with a action word or power verb!
Choose from the trendiest action words and power verbs of 2018 from Hiration's guide here.

How to Write a Resume Profile

The main question hovering in our minds is how to write a resume profile.

  • First, write your resume.
  • Then, remove the unnecessary clutter to build a winning resume profile.

Although it looks pretty easy, it is not when you are an entry level graduate or a career changer!

Entry-Level Resume Profile

For entry level resume profiles, it is hard to list the resume achievements. You are new and unaware of the industry rules. But do not worry!

An entry-level resume should list the following points that match the job:

  • School
  • Related tasks in unrelated jobs
  • Volunteer work
  • Awards
  • Short freelance tasks

If you do not have sufficient accomplishments, you can Volunteer or freelance a few days to stand out.

Resume Profile for Career Changers

For the career changers, it is difficult to mask the gap in your resume.

You should list the following points to stand out from the herd:

  • Focus on transferable skill set.
  • Choose the suitable layout which brings out the important job/achievement if the past.
  • Stress on your achievements.
  • If you have been learning/volunteering/freelancing during any gap in employment history, mention it.

If you are not sure what to put in a resume professional summary, you may begin with relevant licenses and certifications.

Tips to Maximize your first impression

To stand out from the crowd, use our resume profile summary tips below.

They will help you to tailor your resume and quantify your professional achievements.

This way, your first impression will be even more powerful and hiring managers will be all about you.

Custom Fit Your Profile Section

  • Avoid putting any old achievements in the profile section of your resume.
  • Pick out your best achievements and tailor it accordingly.

Quantify Accomplishments

A glance at your the numbers in a resume brings out a quantifiable impact.
Be sure to include as many metrics as you can.

Examples for Top Professions

Resume Summary

Check out the following professional resume profile examples to create your own.

Senior Sales Professional

23+ years experienced, result-oriented & value-driven Senior Sales Professional with a track record of incubating & championing dynamic sales teams to formulate sales strategies & achieve cross-country targets. Adept at driving Business Growth in a wide range of industries with proven expertise in accelerating sales turnover in highly competitive & continuously evolving markets. Proficient in implementing Go-To-Market strategic plans around Market Segmentation & Competitor Evaluation. Demonstrated capability of liaising with key stakeholders to drive significant gains in profitability & deliver compelling business value to clients.

Technology professional

19+ years experienced, value-driven, result-oriented & hands on Technology professional with a track record of incubating product/solution engineering teams & establishing Global Center of Excellence (COE) hubs. Proficient in conceptualizing & delivering complex & scalable enterprise/consumer solutions for early-stage ventures. Highly skilled in liaising with key IT & Business stakeholders for executing key project deliverables & developing enabling technologies to optimize business processes & accomplish strategic goals. Adept at combining an entrepreneurial drive with managerial expertise to integrate/optimize processes & deliver compelling business value to clients.

Senior Management Professional & Implementation Leader

15+ years experienced, value-driven & result-oriented Senior Management Professional & Implementation Leader with a track record of spearheading diverse teams for streamlining day-to-day operations by effectively incorporating & championing new products, services & technologies. Proficient in liaising with key internal/external stakeholders for conducting productive training sessions & customizing solutions for conglomerates. Adept at initiating automation & overseeing API Integration, in addition to directing process optimization initiatives for achieving compliance & delivering compelling business value for clients.

Business Leader & Project Head

33+ years experienced Business Leader & Project Head adept at championing organizational leadership to drive strategic deliverables and bottom-line across commercial food service equipment and consumer durables/electronics industries. Armed with a track record of formulating cost-effective strategies to penetrate new markets & expand distribution network. Deploying stellar negotiation & relationshipbuilding skills to secure favorable contracts & deliver compelling value to key stakeholders.

Senior Technical Services Professional

21+ years experienced, value-driven & result-oriented Senior Technical Services Professional with a track record of spearheading diverse teams to champion Clinical Applications of technical services across diverse domains. Adept at collaborating with external & internal stakeholders to process business requirements for conceptualizing & delivering technical solutions. Proficient in deploying Scientific Research & Analysis to scrutinize industry-based trends and initiate Technological & Professional Innovation. Armed with an extensive techno-managerial experience for executing mission-critical projects. Proven expertise in mentoring young professionals and providing them with hands-on training to enhance long-term organizational performance.

Principal Solutions Architect

18+ years experienced & value-driven Principal Solutions Architect with a track record of leading 100+ member teams to execute projects & strategize delivery of consumer-oriented solutions. Proficient in conceptualizing & designing mobile, web & front-end applications and administering Java Technologies & Cloud Infrastructure to champion user-centric Product Development. Highly skilled in employing Solution Architecture, Industry 4.0, IOT and cross-platforms like Android, Java/J2EE & Cloud system applications to spearhead next-generation customer engagements & deliver compelling business value to clients.

Project Management Professional & Certified ScrumMaster

~14 years experienced Project Management Professional & Certified ScrumMaster with a track record of spearheading teams to formulate strategies & effectively execute key deliverables in the IT domain spanning offshore & onsite projects across India and overseas. Adept at deploying Agile & Scrum methodologies to deliver improved systems, unmatched quality and stellar customer feedback. Proficient in deploying innovative technologies to conceptualize & deliver user-centric products. Highly skilled in incubating teams, optimizing processes & liaising with key stakeholders to deliver compelling business value to clients.

Front End Development Professional

4+ years experienced & result-oriented Front End Development Professional with expertise in advanced development methodologies for effectively executing key deliverables of mission-critical projects. Demonstrated ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions while methodically fulfilling client-specified parameters to prioritize quality, security and scalability.

System Administrator and Computer Network Consultant

8+ years experienced system administrator and computer network consultant skilled in managing data center and host systems, installation of systems, LAN, server administration, VMware installation, Wi-Fi/WLAN designing & installation and staff management. Highly skilled in managing both data center as well as computer host systems. Possesses hands on experience of performing daily server backups and periodic restoration. Proficient in implementing site to site VPN and setting up and managing LAN, WLAN, Wi-Fi systems. Adept in the administration of various technological tools such as Google suite, McAfee, Oracle VM, Google apps, Barracuda backup etc. In my current role as the System Administrator at Muscat Overseas Co. in Oman, I have been taking care of the complete system administration for the organization over the past 6 years. Keen to apply the acquired problem solving skills to a challenging role in a reputed organization.

DevOps Engineer

7+ years experienced & result oriented DevOps Engineer possessing in-depth experience of managing cloud based technology & effectively handling configuration & deployment of infrastructure & services. Gained hands on experience in implementing core DevOps concepts such as containerization, virtualization, version control, cloud computing, database management & administration, load balancing, etc. by using a wide variety of technologies while working with multiple DBMS, Operating Systems & programming languages. Adept at learning and implementing new technologies very swiftly as demonstrated by his transition from an Android Developer to a DevOps professional. Drives excellence in every project to deliver outstanding results.

Resume Objective

Data Analyst & Software Developer

Dynamic and detail-oriented Data Analyst & Software Developer adept at deploying analytical & database tools to scrutinize business operations. Proficient in employing effective data analysis techniques to ensure sound decision-making & optimize processes. Possesses a proven track record of leading teams & liaising with relevant stakeholders to successfully execute projects & deliver compelling business value to clients.

Entry Level Marketing Professional

Dynamic Management Professional armed with a practical approach for creative problem-solving & possessing a track record of liaising with key stakeholders to formulate & execute marketing strategies. Adept at deploying analytical tools to boost brand positioning & product marketing. A goal-seeking professional with an expertise in analyzing market trends to bolster customer acquisition & deliver compelling business value to clients.

Finance Graduate - Fresher

Dynamic and result-oriented Finance Graduate adept at deploying analytical & database tools to scrutinize business operations. Proficient in employing effective data analysis techniques to facilitate sound decision-making & successfully execute projects. An eager learner with excellent business communication skills & armed with the required skill set to be propelled to higher positions.

Software Developer

Enterprising Software Developer currently pursuing Integrated M.S. in Computer Science & armed with an expertise in engineering usercentric solutions for driving breakthrough efficiency. Adept at end-to-end SDLC as part of executing strategic projects and interpreting technical requirements for bolstering quality, security & scalability. Proficient in initiating automation to optimize processes & delivering compelling value to key stakeholders.

Marketing Professional

Data-driven Marketing Professional adept at formulating and implementing marketing strategies to effectively execute key project deliverables for measurably increasing brand awareness. Proficient in identifying and fostering long-lasting business relationships, in addition to conceptualizing initiatives for bolstering brand visibility in accordance with client requirements. Highly skilled in leading teams for organizing end-to-end PR events and programs in liaison with internal teams and external stakeholders. Adaptable and transformational leader with an ability to work independently, deliver effective presentations and convert opportunities to further accomplish organizational goals

Graduate Pilot

Dynamic and result-oriented High School Graduate with passion and determination to become a world class pilot. Highly adept at working in both large and small teams to deliver stellar results. E/ectively coordinates with all stakeholders to smoothly deliver projects. A goal-seeking individual with a comprehensive understanding of physics & armed with the required skillset to be propelled to higher positions. Seeking to leverage the acquired gamut of skills to bring value to an esteemed organisation as a commercial Pilot in the aviation industry.

Finance & Business Analytics Post-Graduate

Dynamic and result-oriented Finance & Business Analytics Post-Graduate armed with a practical approach for problem-solving and possessing a track record of accomplishing organizational goals to fruition. An organic team player with an ability to both lead teams for achieving business objectives and excel as a subordinate for gaining a profound understanding of new concepts and skills. Adept at deploying analytical & database tools to scrutinize business operations. A goal-seeking individual with a comprehensive understanding of taxation & financial principles and proficient in delivering compelling business value to clients.

Key Takeaway

This guide shows you how to write a professional profile that stands out. Always remember to:

  • Pick your achievements according to the job profile.
  • Put your best accomplishments at the top.
  • Quantify all your achievements.

Use our tips to make your resume profile as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd!

For any doubts or queries, give us a shout out in the comments.