Do you have the x-factor in your production assistant resume?

A production assistant job profile is unique in many ways. A good production assistant should be both technically savvy and creative at the same time.

Not to mention the organization and administrative skills. From ensuring proper set-up for filming to editing the film post-production, a production assistant is a multi-tasker to the core.

You throw anything and everything at a production assistant and it will be taken care of. There is no limit to learning in this role either.

So, are you ready to draft an exciting and thrilling production assistant resume?

Alrighty then, here is what we will be discussing in this blog:

Understand what a production assistant does
How to create an irresistible production assistant resume
Key sections of a production assistant resume
Factors that distinguish a brilliant production assistant resume

Who is a production assistant?

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A production assistant is a filmmaking professional who is generally responsible for various facets of film production.

What does a production assistant do?

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A production assistant, as the name suggests, assists the director or producer of the film. Depending on the requirements of the film and the nature of the shoot, a product assistant is occupied in various key roles.

Typical job responsibilities of a personal assistant include the following:

Organizing & planning the shoot for the day
Communicating with the cast and crew
Resolving any issues during filming
Responsible for managing equipment like light, camera, and other props
Other chores

How to draft an excellent production assistant resume?

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Worried about the competition? Anxious about expressing yourself well on your film resume?

Simply follow these following steps to create a job-winning film production assistant resume and you do not have to indulge in fear of missing out.

We will cover all aspects of drafting a compelling production assistant resume comprehensively.

Just as you would for any film resume, get the summary right
Highlight your achievements in your work experience section
Mention about any certifications or if you have graduated from a film school
List out your skill-set using proper keywords
Express your passion for cinema through miscellaneous sections

Let us get into the nitty-gritty of drafting every section masterfully so that you can confidently apply for a production assistant role.

Production assistant resume summary

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Say if you want to tell a story to someone. That someone would first want to know what the story is all about and the gist of the story.

Once the person is hooked, you can tell the rest of the story in detail.

Very similarly, your production assistant resume is a story of your achievements and accomplishments. You need to tell your story in a few words first to get the attention of the recruiter.

A summary is not just about brevity though. It is one of the many aspects. Keeping things short in itself will never make a story interesting.

Just as you would add salt to your dish, sprinkle the summary section with power verbs and keywords.

Power verbs are nothing but action verbs. A verb signifies action like - to do, to manage, etc but power verbs will augment those actions with your skills.

Thus, in contrast with normal verbs, action verbs signifies skillfully performed action like - spearheaded, pioneered, etc.

Notice the subtle impact this would have for anyone reading your summary.

Another key aspect while summarizing is to quantify. Numbers speak for themselves so quantify as much as you can while writing your glorious summary.

It does not have to be big numbers. Even if it is very modest, do mention it. It just needs to be accurate.

Production assistant resume objective

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If you are a fresher and you have not had an opportunity to showcase your abilities yet, then you need a brilliant objective as a summary.

Instead of your professional summary, you can highlight your academic or other creative accomplishments to start your summary.

Then follow it up with your goals and what you intend to achieve, given an opportunity.

Be as lucid as possible because anyone and everyone appreciates clarity especially in a fresher.

Production assistant resume work experience

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The work experience section is the heart of your production assistant resume, so treat it with the deliberation it deserves.

The very first thing you need to address is, what to put first? If you are aspiring to build a great career, then it is important to choose an impressive film production resume format first.

It is not just what you want to convey but how you convey it is equally important.
Your production resume is a projection of your personality and hence it is wise to choose a film production resume template that is professionally designed and easy to read.

There are three resume formats that you may follow. First one is the chronological fashion. Chronological resume means you are describing your career progression chronologically right from your educational background to your current employment.

The next is the functional format where you are emphasizing your skills over the job. A functional resume will prioritize your current status over past achievements.

The third resume format is called the hybrid resume format or a combination resume format.
As the name suggests, it is a combination of both your skills and experience. The most common resume format is the reverse chronological format because it will be more relevant.

It is advisable to put your most acclaimed achievement or something that you are proud of or what is most relevant to the job you are applying for.

A simple rule to follow here is, if you have more than 3 years of experience, choose the functional resume or else choose the chronological resume.

However, you do not have to conform to any single method. Use your best judgment, now that you are aware of all the formats.

By using an intelligently crafted resume template, you can prioritize what is important with respect to the job you are applying for.

It becomes easier for you to remove the information which is unnecessary and on the other hand highlight the ones which are of prime importance.

Tip: The best way to decide is by understanding the production assistant job requirements. Each job opportunity is unique and the approach of the filmmakers and the nature of the films are very peculiar as well.

So you can gather as much data as you possibly can from going through the production assistant job description thoroughly.

The next thing you need to take care of while writing this section is your past achievements and your current responsibilities.

Make sure you never mix up your past job responsibilities that you have already completed with your current job role which you are still working on.

Mixing it up will cause unnecessary confusion for the recruiter and hence the recruiter may even decide against you.

Carefully club all your past achievements and your current roles separately so that it becomes very clear and easy to read through.

Again, do not forget to use power verbs while writing this section.

A production assistant resume is as much about the proper order as it is about your skills and accomplishments. So you need to follow these simple guidelines to draft a blockbuster production assistant resume.

Once everything is sorted in order and after using the right keywords and power verbs, the main part of your resume is taken care of.

But, it is far from over yet. It is only the intermission. So read till the end.


Production assistant resume education

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It does not matter whether your academic accomplishment is directly relevant to your line of work or not, it is still important for you to mention your academic qualifications.

This section is pretty straightforward. Mention when you completed your degree or high school and from where.

If it is from a prestigious institution of great repute, it will add a great value of course. If not, you still mention it nonetheless.

If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, then mention your pre-university/highschool qualification.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher, then you may avoid mentioning school unless you feel it is very important.

Apart from your school and college, if you have any certifications or if you have graduated from a film school, it is always a bonus.

Flaunt your qualifications and certifications in appropriate sections on the production assistant resume. Highlight the ones you wish to draw the attention of the recruiter to.

Production assistant resume Key skills

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Just like a brief summary, a list of key skills are the ones the recruiters will scan for. Make sure that you do not spam this section by listing every skill that is thinkable of.

Dumping a whole list of skills may work against your favour because the recruiter may be skeptical of them.

It is therefore important to list the top skills along with your achievements. This way, you are demonstrating how your skills helped achieve your target. Additionally, you may want to mention your proficiency level too as that will give a better idea about you.

Skills are broadly categorized as hard and soft skills.

Soft skills are nothing but traits like great communication, leadership, planning & organizing, etc. Soft skills like good communication, interpersonal skills & problem solving are mandatory across all industries. You should use your best judgement while listing out soft skills.

Now what are hard skills? Skills like accounting, data analysis & website design are some of the examples of hard skills.

Hard skills are technical skills that you have mastered over a while.

When you are flexing those skill-set of yours on your resume, make sure you emphasize the skill that you are most proficient in and how it can contribute greatly towards your job.

This will also showcase what you are most passionate about and the direction in which you are heading, professionally.

You should emphasize this more than your soft skills because employers often prioritize basic knowledge of the work profile over other skills.

It will also be helpful for the employer to assess you fairly if you mention your proficiency level while mentioning hard skills.

This also helps to determine which skill you are good at and which skill you are still learning.

If you are a fresher or do not have enough experience, you can also point out that you are keen to learn the skill within a very short period of time.

While mentioning your skills on the resume, ensure that you are using the appropriate keywords.

Keywords are critical for your resume to match the job requirements. So it is highly important to read through the job description before enlisting your skills.

Once you have a proper idea of what the job demands, you can tailor your skill-set based on the requirements and your abilities.

Avoid spamming skills indiscriminately on your resume.

Let us look at some of the most common soft and hard skills desired in a production assistant resume.

Typical production assistant soft skills

Planning & organizing
Administrative ability
Conflict resolution
Excellent communication
Attention to detail
Critical thinking
Liaising with multiple teams

Typical production assistant hard skills

Adobe tools
Editing tools
Call sheets
Lighting equipment
Audio equipment
Video equipment


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While drafting your film production assistant resume, you need to mind those keywords because they are more important than you think.

What is a keyword?

A keyword captures the essence of the subject matter in a word.

This is important on many levels. Generally speaking, recruiters will be able to catch the keywords and keyphrases instantly while assessing your film production assistant resume.

It is better to use appropriate terminologies so that your production assistant resume looks uniform and compliant.

Secondly, ATS

What is ATS

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ATS stands for applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system is a software application that will automate the process of assessing a film resume.

So the ATS will look for keywords that are relevant for the job description and decide whether your production assistant resume is a better match or not.

If you have used Linkedin for a job search, the process is similar. So from job title to the industry to the key skills, ensure that you are using proper keywords.

Production assistant resume Miscellaneous sections

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For a production assistant resume, a miscellaneous section can add great value to the resume.

Through this section, you can highlight everything you can which will add weight to your resume but may not be directly related to the job.

The miscellaneous section will help the recruiter to understand you better as a person in addition to being a production assistant.

For instance, if you are familiar with multiple languages, it is a tremendous value-add. Because you would have come across more scripts and more films thereby.

The wider your miscellaneous accomplishments are, the more mature your personality is.

Your hobbies and pastimes will determine what kind of person you are and what interests you aside from work. This may indirectly benefit you.

Production assistant resume Professional design

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Have you often wondered whether your resume is lacking in it’s content or structure? Or you might have seen a better resume somewhere else and wondering how to make sure that your resume is on par.

The best way to address this issue is by using a professionally designed resume template. When you are competing for a coveted position, it is very important to have a professionally designed production assistant resume.

One of the main advantages of using resume templates is that you can make use of resume templates carefully designed by experts.

The advantage of this is that you will be able to furnish your information without any clutter and in a methodical manner.

You do not have to worry about designing it, which would be an additional challenge otherwise.

By using a professionally designed resume template, you can focus all your attention on the content of the resume.

By opting for a professionally designed resume, you are facilitating your potential employer to assess you well if the layout and formatting is easy to read and quickly comprehend.

When you are summarizing your career in one or two pages, it is very important that you make sure that the information is spread out in such a way that no one misses out on something important which you have mentioned.

Afterall, the whole purpose of a resume is to communicate well and briefly.

You do not want your production assistant resume to be too long or too cluttered. As mentioned earlier, resumes are about both design and content.

It is important to understand the utility of your resume, based on which you can intelligently format your resume.

An ideal production assistant resume must highlight all the important contents impressively.

The best way to do that is to use a professionally designed resume that would take care of all the design and compliance metrics.

Just as a film needs a great art design, a production assistant resume will fare well with a professionally designed resume.

Tips for a professionally designed resume

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You may have noticed that professionally designed production assistant resumes are not only well designed but also the information it contains is elegantly spread across the resume.

One of the most important tips that will help you design a production assistant resume like a pro is to never use the same resume for every single job profile.

Instead, tweak it, customize it thoughtfully so that you increase your odds of landing that dream job. Most job seekers commit this mistake of using and reusing the same production assistant resume over and over.

However, to stand out from the competition, keep polishing that resume until it shines brightly.

When you are furnishing all the important details regarding your profile, you need to put it in a way that really stands out.

Experts who understand the art of building a good film resume template ensure that each and every single point on your entertainment resume makes an impact on your recruiter.

Cover letter

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For most of the job profiles, a well-crafted resume is more than sufficient. However, for a production assistant, adding a cover letter along with the resume is a must.

Why? you ask

Well, a cover letter is an introduction of sorts. You are writing a thoughtful letter directly addressing the person with whom you want to work with.

Think of the impact it will have if done properly. It is an opportunity that you would not want to let go of.

When you can take advantage of opening up to the filmmaker in a more informal way in comparison to a resume, then it makes it obvious to add it.

Filmmaking is more about creativity although technical expertise cannot be compromised. Both are indispensable for this line of work.

It is therefore important to add a cover letter along with your regular resume to express how you feel about working with the filmmaker or the production company.

Take your liberties and pour your heart out in a well-crafted cover letter.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the nuances of creating a beautiful production assistant resume?

Say no more. We got you covered.

Hiration’s cover letter builder for resume

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Hiration’s AI-Powered Personal Career Assistant includes the following features to help you create an impeccable cover letter:

• 10+ cover letter designs

• 1 click design change

• Choose a color scheme

• Choose line spacing

• Option to create unlimited cover letters

• Option to download unlimited cover letters

Make the best use of Hiration’s Resume and Cover Letter Builder and give yourself the best chance when applying for a production assistant job.

Besides, you will also find tons of film resume examples and production assitant resume templates which you can pick and edit without losing any of your precious time.

Key takeaways

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To end with, let us briefly summarize what we have discussed so far:

We examined who a production assistant is
Discussed typical job responsibilities of a production assistant
Discussed how to draft an impeccable production assistant resume
A breakdown of the key sections of a production assistant resume
Distinguishing factors for a job-winning production assistant resume

We hope that this information was thorough and helpful to you. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and if required, we are willing to help you better.

Go to Hiration career platform which has 24/7 chat support and get professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries. You can also write to us at and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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