If you've ever dreamt of a thrilling career in law enforcement that involves protecting national security, investigating complex crimes, and upholding justice, a job at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) might be your calling.

The FBI, established in 1908, has grown into a premier federal law enforcement agency dedicated to safeguarding the United States against national security threats, cybercrimes, and terrorism.

With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., the FBI operates field offices across the country and around the world.

FBI jobs offer diverse career opportunities that attract individuals from various backgrounds, all united by a passion for serving their country and making a difference.

We'll guide you through the FBI special agent requirements, the different career paths within the organization, essential qualifications, and some unique insights into the world of FBI jobs.

FBI Jobs Requirements

How to become an FBI agent?

The process of becoming an FBI agent is rigorous and highly competitive. Here are the key steps to follow:

FBI Jobs: Meeting Prerequisites

  • U.S. citizenship: Applicants must be U.S. citizens to be eligible for FBI jobs, as this is a crucial requirement for safeguarding national security.

  • Age requirements: Candidates must be between 23 and 36 years old, ensuring a balance of experience and youthful vigor in the FBI jobs. However, veterans may be exempt from the age limit, recognizing their valuable contributions and diverse skill sets.

  • Clean criminal record: A felony conviction disqualifies candidates, as maintaining a spotless criminal record is essential to upholding the FBI's reputation for integrity and trustworthiness.

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FBI Jobs: Educational Qualifications

FBI jobs require a strong educational background. Typically, FBI job education requirements comprise at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college.

While there is no specific major requirement, fields like criminal justice, law, computer science, accounting, or foreign languages can be advantageous.

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FBI Jobs: Gaining Work Experience

Having prior work experience is an essential aspect of the FBI's selection process. Candidates must have a minimum of three years of professional work experience, demonstrating leadership, problem-solving skills, and ethical conduct.

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FBI Jobs: Physical Fitness

FBI jobs need a high level of physical fitness due to the demanding nature of their roles.

Candidates must pass a rigorous physical fitness test that includes exercises like - sit-ups, push-ups, a 300-meter sprint, and a 1.5-mile run.

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FBI Jobs: Undergoing Background Investigation

All applicants undergo a thorough background investigation, which includes interviews with family members, neighbors, employers, and references. Financial history, drug use, and other personal aspects will also be examined.

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Top 10 FBI Jobs with High Salary

Here's a list of the 10 popular and high-salary FBI jobs, ranging from special agents to specialized roles in engineering, analysis, and technology. Gain insights into their roles and salaries.

Special Agents

  • Job Description: Special Agents are at the forefront of FBI operations, investigating federal crimes, gathering evidence, conducting surveillance, making arrests, and collaborating with other law enforcement agencies. Moreover, special agent salaries at FBI jobs are one of the highest-paid roles.

  • Average Salary: $109,973/year

Mechanical Engineer

  • Job Description: Mechanical Engineers in the FBI jobs apply their engineering expertise to analyze and improve the mechanical systems used in investigations, forensics, and operations.

  • Average Salary: $91,868/year

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Business Analyst

  • Job Description: Business Analysts play a crucial role in gathering and analyzing data to support FBI investigations and operations, helping to make informed decisions and streamline processes.

  • Average Salary: $73,127/year

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  • Job Description: Attorneys in the FBI jobs provide legal guidance, conduct research, and handle prosecution in complex criminal cases, ensuring adherence to the law during investigations.

  • Average Salary: $137,239/year

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Software Engineer

  • Job Description: FBI Software Engineers jobs cater to developing and maintaining the FBI's sophisticated technological infrastructure, ensuring the reliability and security of software systems.

  • Average Salary: $94,599/year

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Electronics Engineer

  • Job Description: Electronics Engineers design and optimize electronic devices and systems crucial for the FBI's intelligence gathering and surveillance operations.

  • Average Salary: $96,827/year


  • Job Description: This is one of the best FBI jobs for math majors and it requires analytical skills to interpret complex data and develop mathematical models to aid in FBI investigations and analyses.

  • Average Salary: $106,710/year

Computer Scientist

  • Job Description: Computer Scientists work on cutting-edge technologies, developing innovative tools and algorithms for data analysis, cybersecurity, and digital forensics.

  • Average Salary: $110,924/year

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Federal Agent

  • Job Description: Federal Agent
    jobs specialize in various fields like counterterrorism, cybercrime, organized crime, and more, for carrying out specialized operations and investigations.

  • Average Salary: $97,021/year

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Forensic Accountant

  • Job Description: FBI Forensic Accountant jobs utilize accounting expertise to investigate financial crimes, track financial transactions, and analyze complex financial data in support of FBI investigations and prosecutions.

  • Average Salary: $92,992/year

FBI Jobs: Training and Development

Once accepted into the FBI, candidates undergo comprehensive training to prepare them for their roles:

  • FBI Academy: Newly hired Special Agents attend the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The rigorous training includes physical fitness, marksmanship, academics, and simulated real-world scenarios.

  • Specialized Training: After completing the basic training at the academy, FBI agents may receive specialized training in their chosen fields, such as forensic investigation, intelligence analysis, or hostage negotiation.

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FAQs on FBI Jobs

What is the difference between the CIA and the FBI?

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is primarily responsible for gathering intelligence and conducting operations outside the United States to protect national security. On the other hand, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is primarily focused on domestic law enforcement and counterintelligence within the United States.

Can a non-US citizen work for the FBI?

No, typically, non-US citizens cannot work for the FBI in regular positions. FBI employment requires U.S. citizenship due to security clearance requirements and the sensitive nature of the work involved in protecting national security and enforcing federal laws.

What is the highest-paying job in the FBI?

The highest paying job in the FBI is the position of "Supervisory Special Agent." The exact salary can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and other qualifications, but it is one of the most lucrative positions within the agency. Additionally, higher-ranking officials and executives in the FBI can also earn competitive salaries.

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