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What is a computer science internship resume?

Computer Science is a fascinating degree, especially with the current boom in software and computer revolution. It’s ingrained in all the major fields in our society. Be it healthcare, education, finance, transportation, etc.

With this growing demand, the need for people with computer science degrees has also increased.

When it was not in demand, the number of computer science graduates has decreased in 2017. But with the growing demand, the number of CS majors has been growing at a rate of 5.54%, from 2.06M in 2018 to 2.17M in 2019.

With this growing competition, how do you apply for a job? It all comes down to how effectively you can create a computer science resume.

In this blog, we will teach you how to make a computer science internship resume with no experience, and it will help you beat most of your competition (if not all).

Here's a summary of our CS Undergrad Resume 2023 Blog:

  • Notify the recruiters about your certifications by adding accurate details.
  • Include a brief description and details of the project(s) you were a part of.
  • Practice writing one-liners and grouping them while describing your work experience.
  • Use the reverse chronological format to create an ATS-compliant resume.
  • Add a summary of the resume and highlight your contributions and achievements.
  • Include links to your GitHub, Kaggle, and other professional websites.
  • List both your key skills and technicals skills in your computer science internship resume.

Additionally, check out the resume tips that we have compiled to help you curate an impeccable computer science internship resume.

Our goal here is to make resume writing as effortless for you as possible.

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What is an ATS-Compliant Computer Science Internship Resume?

Every experienced professional or fresher should know that Most companies use the applicant Tracking System (ATS) to sort candidates at the time of hiring.

It makes hiring easier for the recruiters as it helps them identify only those resumes with relevant keywords signifying an applicant's suitability for the targeted job profile.

So now the question is, how to make your computer science internship resume ATS compliant?

  • Go through the provided job descriptions and see if you have the skills or expertise to meet the requirements.
  • Add relevant words or phrases from the job description in your resume to describe your work experience.
  • Add required skills mentioned in the job description while ensuring that you are familiar with them.
  • Use an ATS-compliant resume format that allows your resume to be easily parsed.

Are you wondering what looks good on a computer science intern resume?

The details included in the templates in the Hiration tool are the perfect examples, and you can get one for yourself from our Online Resume Builder.

You can simply customize your resume and download the computer science resume template in PDF format.

Use Different Sections to Organize Information in Your Computer Science Intern Resume

Using resume sections helps you organize information effectively in your resume.

They make your computer science internship resume look neat, presentable, and reader-friendly.

So here are the various sections for your computer science internship resume:


In addition to this, you can also add certifications & volunteering experience or project section wherever feasible.

While you're at it, get your existing computer science intern resume reviewed by our in-house Resume Experts.

Template used: GCU Athens

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Write Your Name on Top of Your Computer Science Intern Resume Where the Recruiters Can See It Right Away

The resume header is the first section of your computer science intern resume.

What most of you probably don't know is what it is.

Simply put, it is what goes on the outer top part of your resume.

Most professionals end up making a major blunder.

Instead of writing their real full name, they write a generic 'CV' or 'Resume' where your header, i.e., your name should be.

If you have been making the same mistake, we advise you to take corrective action and stop this right away.

Hiration Pro Tip: Write your real full name at the topmost part of your computer science intern resume in a 16-20 font-size. Doing this will help the recruiter instantly identify that the resume belongs to you.

Here's a computer science internship resume example showcasing the perfect header:


We have added a snapshot of the header from our computer science internship resume template that we have curated using Hiration's Online Resume Builder.

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Give Your Contact Details in a Computer Science Internship Resume

When curating your computer science internship resume template, make sure that you present your basic contact details & location in the personal information section, such as:

  • Updated mobile number: Include a single mobile number on which you are available 24x7.
  • Professional email ID: Add a professional email ID to your resume. Any official communication with you will happen over an email ID.
  • Current Location: Include your current location in month & year format. Example: Jun '20

Apart from the listed details, you should provide links to your existing profile on Github, Kaggle, or any professional website.


Doing this will enable a recruiter to get in touch with you. Without it, you'll never hear back from a recruiter.

Hiration Pro Tip: Give a link to your website or online portfolio. Doing this will help you show your expertise via practical, real-life examples.

Read our Resume Contact Information Guide to learn the importance of this section and what you can do to perfect it.

Here's a computer science student resume example showcasing a well-written personal information section.


Use our computer science student resume template to make an impeccable resume with perfectly optimized sections.

Mention Your Current Job Designation or Professional Status

If you're curating a computer science internship resume, the chances are that you are probably creating a computer science undergraduate resume.

So if you have a computer science undergraduate resume and have a former internship, write your profile title in the following manner:

  • 'Computer Science Undergraduate & Former (profile name) Intern.'
  • 'Computer Science Graduate & Former (profile name) Intern.'

Similarly, if you have a computer science undergraduate resume and you are doing an internship at the moment, write your profile title in the following manner:

  • 'Computer Science Undergraduate & (profile name) Intern.'
  • 'Computer Science Graduate & (profile name) Intern.'

Hiration Pro Tip: Write your profile title correctly without exaggerating it. Why? Because incorrectly presenting it will lead to loss of credibility.

Here's a sample resume for internship computer science showcasing an accurately written profile title for a Computer Science Graduate with internship experience.


In the meanwhile, get your existing computer science undergraduate resume reviewed by our Resume Strategists at Hiration.

Communicate the Highlights of Your CS Internship Effectively

As a CS graduate or undergraduate with an internship resume, it is essential to perfect the internship section & make it stand out.

Based on the information you provide, your suitability for your target job or internship will be evaluated.

Here are five tried & tested resume tips you can use to perfect the internship section of your computer science intern resume:

  • Use One-Liner Points
  • Use Power Verbs
  • Use Keywords
  • Use Achievement Figures
  • Use Grouping & Highlighting


One-liner Points

When it comes to presenting information in your resume, should you go for paragraphs, or should you go for one-liner points?

We recommend the latter.

But what does it mean to use one-liner points?

  • It means communicating the details of your internship experience using one-line statements in a bulleted format.
  • Presenting your internship details in this manner makes your resume more reader-friendly or readable.

Your computer science internship resume needs to be reader-friendly to pass the ATS test.

But what's the ATS test?

For your resume to get shortlisted for your desired internship or job, your CS undergrad resume should get parsed by the ATS.

An ATS will not parse your resume if it is not reader-friendly.

Unlike a paragraph that is hard to read, one-line statements are easy on the eyes. They come with a reader-friendly element that makes your resume ATS compatible.

Now that your resume is ATS compatible, it's time to charm it too. This brings us to the next point, i.e., using relevant keywords.

Suitable Keywords

Using keywords is our tip #2 to curating an effective internship section for your computer science intern resume.

Now that you know how to enhance the readability of your resume, the ATS recruitment bot or software can now read it.

Great job!

But this is not enough.

An ATS is designed to look for job-specific keywords in your resume. The more the keywords, the higher are your chances of getting parsed by the ATS bot.

Thus, we advise you to use keywords in your computer science internship resume.

Resume keywords come in different shapes & sizes. Simply put, they are job-specific criteria that a hiring organization looks for in the ideal candidate.

From skill criteria to work experience criteria to education criteria - a keyword can look like anything.

Your job here is to identify these keywords - match them with your qualifications, skills, and expertise - and incorporate those keywords that match your own.

Easy peasy! But your task does not end here. It simply begins.

Adding keywords will signal the bot that you're qualified. But the bot is simply a computer tool; it does not have a mind of its own.

Even if the bot parses your resume, it will not automatically get shortlisted. First, it will reach a human recruiter who will evaluate your resume with the precision of a surgeon to shortlist the best candidates.

This is why it is essential to include only those keywords that you can justify. Moreover, don't just randomly flood your resume with keywords.

Incorporate relevant keywords organically.

For example, if a keyword listed in the JD is 'Network Equipment Maintenance.’ Don't just compose your work experience or internship details in the following manner:

  • Proficient in network equipment maintenance

Instead, draw a link. Show how this keyword applies to your actual everyday expertise.


  • Adept at configuring and maintaining active network equipment to ensure smooth network operation

Do you see what we did there?

We bet you did. Let's move on to the third point.

Power Verbs

Unlike the last tip, this one is short.

Tip #3 to writing an effective internship experience section is this:

Begin each one-line statement with a power verb.

And again, what is a power verb?

Simply put, resume power verbs are action-packed words that are designed to give your work responsibility that extra zing. Long story short, it provides your internship details a tone of professionalism that it fittingly deserves.

Here are some power verbs that you can use in your day to day resume to bolster the effect of your existing work responsibilities & achievements:

  • Directed
  • Spearheaded
  • Executed

Use Achievement Figures

You know that you are great at what you do.

You know that you have what it takes to make it in the cut-throat world of IT careers.

You know you can add value to the organization that hires you.

But how do you show all this?

A recruiter is not interested in your standalone skills if you can't bring value to the organization using your skills.

So here's our tip #4 to perfecting the internship section:

  • Present your achievements & quantify them.
  • Use achievement figures (numbers or percentage figures) wherever possible.

Doing this will help you prove that your CS skills & expertise hold weight.

Grouping & Highlighting

Here's our tip #5 to curating an effective internship section:

Use grouping & highlighting.

But what's grouping & highlighting?

Grouping is the practice of grouping similar points under one unique heading. Doing this helps you present your key responsibilities in one go. All a recruiter has to do is read your grouping headers to identify your key skill.

Highlighting is the practice of marking relevant words & phrases in bold. All you have to do is identify your key highlights & achievements in each point & keep them in bold. This helps you divert the recruiter's attention to them instantly.

Together, they help make your computer science internship resume more effective.

Computer Science Internship Resume Template

Here's a sample resume for internship computer science showcasing the perfect internship section:


This is what a perfect internship section looks like when it follows all five tips outlined above.

Is your resume as perfect as this?

Is there more you can do to improve your computer science internship resume?

What are you doing wrong and what can you do to perfect this section?

Find the answers to all this and more. Get your existing computer science intern resume reviewed by our Resume Strategy Dream Team to get one-on-one feedback & section-wise suggestions now!

Provide Basic Education Details in Your Computer Science Internship Resume

Your computer science intern resume is incomplete without an education section.

As discussed before, the education section is a must-have section of your computer science internship resume. This means that you should include it in your resume.

You must be wondering what makes this section so important, so here's the answer:

Your education details reveal a lot of information about you, such as the grad schools you have attended, the date of graduation, and the course you have pursued. It is also telling of your educational qualifications & your highest academic degree.

A simple computer science graduate will most likely be less preferred over a computer science graduate who has a master's degree to their name.

That you are a master's degree holder can make all the difference. It makes you more qualified for some roles that are otherwise not open to simple CS graduates.

So here's what you should do. Make an education section in your computer science resume and compile the following details within it:

  • University Name
  • Degree Name (Bachelors, Masters, etc.)
  • University Location
  • Enrollment & Graduation Dates

Read our Guide to Write the perfect Education Section on a Resume. It is an exhaustive guide to the education section of your computer science resume.

Here's a computer science internship resume example illustrating the ideal education section:


This is a snapshot of the education section of the computer science internship resume template that we have curated using our Online Resume Builder.

Our resume-building platform has 250+ profile-specific templates that will show you how to perfect your resume.

Whether you're curating a computer science student internship resume or a computer science summer internship resume, or a computer science engineering internship resume - our Online Resume Builder is the only help you will need to perfect it.

Distinguish Your CS Skills From Your Technical Skills

Who are you without your CS skills?

A professional nobody.

So it is essential you carefully group together all your CS skills & present them under a unique 'key skills' section.

Since some of your core CS skills will differ from your technical skills, it is essential to distinguish between the two. To do this, simply make a technical skills subsection within the key skills section to present your tech skills.

Here are some examples of skills to put on a computer science internship resume:

Programming SQL
Coding Java
Debugging C++
App Designing Python

To better understand this section, read our Resume Skills Guide. This will tell you what to write in the skills section of your computer science internship resume and how to perfect it.

Here's a computer science student resume example to visually demonstrate how to correctly put together this section:


Moving on, get your existing computer science engineering internship resume reviewed by our Resume Experts at Hiration. Give your computer science student internship resume the touch-up it needs with our Resume Review Services now!

Include a Perfect Computer Science Internship Resume Objective

What should you include in the objective section of your computer science internship resume? How to write a computer science internship resume objective? How can you make the internship resume objective stand out? Is there a way to optimize this section? How to write a resume for a computer science internship?

We have answered these questions in the resume objective tips outlined below:

  • Since you probably don't have many career highlights or achievements to brag about, outline your most distinct set of skills & any relevant accomplishments that you might have achieved during an internship.
  • Keep it crisp and compelling, do not exceed the 3-5 lines paragraph limit.
  • Draft the computer science internship resume objective at the end to ensure minimal corrections.
  • Having finalized all other sections makes it easier to pick relevant points and perfect the objective as you don't have to go back and edit it repeatedly.

What is a good internship resume objective for a computer science internship?

Here's a computer science internship resume objective example showcasing the perfect way to present the resume objective for computer science:


The given example is an ideal objective for a computer science internship resume.

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  • Performance Assessment
  • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

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Computer Science Internship Sample Resume

When you follow the rules of resume writing to perfect it, it looks a lot like the sample resume for internship computer science we have illustrated below:

Jack Jefferson
Network Administration Intern
Computer Science Undergraduate & Network Administrator armed with CCNA & CompTIA Network+ certifications and adept at installing & configuring computer networks as well as monitoring active network equipment. Possesses diverse experience of maintaining, upgrading & troubleshooting software, hardware, and computer systems. Proficient in supporting & administrating third-party applications and setting up user accounts, permissions & passwords.
• Network Engineering • Network Operations • Network Equipment Maintenance • Network Performance Analysis
• System Set-up • Hardware/Software Installation & Upgrade • System Installation • Report Generation & Documentation
• Network Security • Performance Improvement • Equipment Testing • System Testing • User Management
• System Requirements • Client Interaction • Market Research • Troubleshooting

  • Protocols: DHCP, TCI/IP
  • Networks: LAN, WAN, WLAN
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, MS Word, Powerpoint
Network Administrator
TreasureTech Solutions
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    One of the top software firms in the US that provides software development & consulting services with 1000 professionals & servicing thousands of clients
    Network Equipment Maintenance & Network Configuration
    • Aided in deploying, configuring, maintaining & monitoring active network equipment to ensure smooth network operation
    • Installed and configured computer networks & systems and identified & resolved any problems that may arise
    Network Security & Designing
    • Ensured network security & connectivity and monitored its performance including availability, utilization & latency, etc.
    • Assisted in network design and implementation and rendered network support with a variety of operating systems
    Software/Hardware Maintenance & System Requirements
    • Maintained & upgraded existing 7+ software/hardware & monitored computer networks/systems to improve performance
    • Interacted with cross-functional teams and clients (if necessary) to specify system requirements and design solutions
    Process Optimization & Third-Party Applications
    • Conducted market research and made recommendations to the seniors regarding new processes & updates
    • Implemented 3 new processes to improve the overall efficiency by 25% and reduced the number of errors by 17%
    • Supported and administered third-party applications and aided in setting up user accounts, permissions, and passwords
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) | Cisco | May '20
    • CompTIA Network+ Certification | CompTIA | Jan '20
    B. Sc. in Computer Science
    University of New York
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      One of the top universities in the world with 500+ staff members and 10k+ students
      • GPA: 4.5/5.0
      • Volunteer at ICare Child NGO | Jun '18 - Present
      • Collaborated with 15 other volunteers to teach Mathematics & English to 100+ children over the weekend
      • Raised funds from anonymous sponsors to upwards of $10,000 to provide clothes, shoes and other items for children
      • Languages: English, Spanish, German

      Key Takeaways

      Here are the key takeaways of our Computer Science Internship Resume 2023 Blog:

      • Present your details and information under different sections.
      • Illustrate basic contact details such as your mobile number, email ID, and location along with links to your professional websites.
      • Research the resume guidelines of your country of employment before fashioning your computer science internship resume.
      • Don't put unnecessary details such as your marital status, sex, gender, ethnicity, etc., unless the employer explicitly asks for it.
      • Write your profile title accurately. If you are a Programming Intern, write it as it is. If you are a Network Administration Intern, write your profile title as 'Network Administration Intern.’
      • Perfect your computer science internship resume objective to showcase your CS achievements and functional skill sets.
      • Outline your CS skills under key skills and technical skills sections.
      • Use one-liner points to showcase your internship details & begin each point with a power verb. Quantify your achievements & mark them in bold to divert the recruiter's attention to your main achievements.
      • Include the education section to showcase your academic details.

      With this, you have reached the end of this blog. Follow the resume tips we have mentioned in this blog to make an impeccable computer science intern resume.

      Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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