Employee training plays a vital role in the overall growth of a company. Hence, if you have trained people in your company, it can be a game-changer in your next job switch.

Though the experience of training new employees can emphasize the effectiveness of your application, showing it appropriately on your resume is not easy.

Nearly 56% of HR managers consider employee training essential to business success. Therefore, showcasing employee training experience in your resume can help you reach the interview round.

Now, the question is, ‘how to say you've trained new employees on resume?’. You will get the answer to this question and many more in detail:

How to Show That You Have Trained Someone?

You can showcase your employee training experience through various methods in a resume. However, the most compelling part of your resume to showcase the training experience is in the professional experience section.

You can also use the resume summary, skills, and additional information section to showcase that you have provided training to new employees.

Let us see how you can use different sections to demonstrate that you have trained new employees on your resume:

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In Resume Summary

The resume summary is an essential element that grabs the attention of every recruiter while screening a resume. Hence, you can highlight your employee training experience in the summary section of your resume.

Take a look at the below-given example of how you can use the summary section to add employee training experience in your resume:

5+ years of experience in handling sales and training employees to improve financial performance and business growth. Adept at managing customer queries and addressing them with satisfactory solutions to enhance customer retention.

In Skills Section

You can add the employee training experience to the skills section of your resume. This skill will work similarly to the other power phrases in your resume.

Showcasing that you trained new employees on resume skills section is an effective way to grab the recruiters’ attention.

In Work Experience

The work experience section of your resume is the most suitable place to mention your employee training experience.

You can add bullet points with performance figures to authenticate your information. We recommend adding employee training bullet points at the top of your work experience section.

In Additional Information

You can add the training or mentorship you have given to your juniors in earlier stents to the additional information section of your resume.

However, you must remember that you can add your academic or non-professional details in this section of your resume.

How Should You Frame Bullet Points?

The best way to mention details in your resume is bullet points. Lengthy paragraphs will make your resume dull, unprofessional, and non-attractive.

Hence, we recommend using bullet points while framing every section of your resume apart from the resume summary/objective.

The most challenging part of mentioning power statements or bullet points in your resume is framing them elegantly.

You can follow these below-given points to frame highly impactful power statements for your resume to showcase your employee training experience:

  • Start every statement with a power verb to enhance its effectiveness
  • Use numbers to quantify and authenticate your information
  • Write every bullet in S- Situation T- Task A- Action R- Result format
  • Add technical keywords to every bullet point to enhance its technical strength
  • State whatever you did to improve the skills and capabilities of new employees

Note- Write your job title, company name, serving period, and accomplishments before writing power statements in the work experience section.

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Examples of Points Showing That You Have Trained Someone Recently

Employee training has different parts, and you should know how to mention every one of them in your resume.

Considering this, we are showcasing resume power statement examples for different parts of the employee training process.

You can refer to these examples while framing your resume in 2022:

Designing Training Schedules

  • Designing peer-monitoring and training programs for 25 recruits to enhance their performance and improve skills
  • Designed training and assessment initiatives for more than 500 employees in the past 3 years
  • Designed knowledge base of 25+ internal knowledge resources to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by 30%
  • Created training schedules for 50+ interns to improve their knowledge and emphasize practical skills

Training New Employees

  • Trained new interns and account executives to improve their solution selling strategies, product knowledge, and customer relationship management.
  • Mentored 60+ SEO professionals within the company to improve their skills by 25% and give them deep market insights
  • Managed daily training operations for 10+ recruits to help them deliver required output by the company
  • Training 5+ interns every week to polish your skills and enhance their capabilities by 25%

Documenting Training Reports

  • Developed a training strategy for 15+ sales development representatives to improve business performance by 20%
  • Created onboarding documentation for 50+ new interns to minimize HR complexity by 15%
  • Coached 30 interns and introduced a mentorship program for new recruits at the Japan office
  • Managed a record of 200+ interns to track their performance and pick suitable interns for full-time roles

Supervising Training Programs

  • Supervised training of 40+ recruits to emphasize the employee performance by 25% and minimize errors by 40%
  • Supplied oversight and leadership of 500+ consulting & technology resources, requiring performance management, mentoring, and career development
  • Oversaw the social media training programs and weekly content strategy programs to enhance the average company growth online by 15%
  • Managed 50+ interns to improve productivity by 20% and reduce overall time by 15%

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Key Takeaways

‘How to say you trained someone on a resume?’
It can be a complex task for many professionals. However, these below-given points will give you a clear insight into ‘how to say you manage employees on a resume’:

  • Mention your employee training experience in the resume summary, skills section, work experience section, and additional information section of your resume
  • Use power phrases and power statements to elaborate on your work experience in the resume
  • Mention your role and responsibilities clearly while showcasing your employee training experience in the resume
  • Write about your employee training experience in the topmost points of your work experience section

These points will help you showcase your employee training and managing experience in your resume. Moreover, you can also look at Hiration’s 360-Degree career-building platform.

This digital platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology and has 24/7 online chat support to give you a hassle-free resume-building experience.

Apart from this, our career-building experts are always ready to help you at support@hiration.com. You can reach us in case of any career assistance, and we will come up with a suitable solution for you.

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