As a college student specializing in Criminal Justice, you have the opportunity to enter a field with diverse job opportunities through which you can make a positive impact on society.

The skills and knowledge you have gained through your coursework can be leveraged to pursue a wide range of careers, from law enforcement and corrections to legal services and advocacy.

This sample resume is designed to showcase your educational achievements, skills, and relevant work experiences and help you stand out to potential employers in the field.

Sample Probation Officer Resume for Criminal Justice Students

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Justin Wall
Probation Officer
A results-driven Criminal Justice undergraduate with valuable internship experience in probation. Adept at conducting caseload investigation, developing case plans, and documenting cases. Possesses strong observational and research skills, with a focus on probationer rehabilitation and ensuring public safety.
• Caseload Investigation • Case Plan Development • Probationer Rehabilitation • Case Documentation
• Inmate Observation & Transportation • Property Research
Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent)
Bachelor of Criminal Justice
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University
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    • GPA: 3.7/4.0
    • Course Modules:
    • Introduction To Criminal Justice | Theories Of Criminal Behavior | Theories of Criminal Behavior | Penology
    • Statistics in Criminal Justice | Research Methods in Criminal Justice | Seminar in Criminal Justice | American Court System
    Probation Intern
    Tallahassee County Probation Center
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      Case Investigation & Client Rehabilitation
      • Assisted the Probation Officer to investigate the caseload of juvenile clients under the federal Jurisdiction
      • Evaluated clients' needs to develop case plans and refer them to rehabilitation centers as part of bringing them back to normal life
      Progress Tracking & Case Documentation
      • Performed regular visits with the probationers to observe their progress and reported the same to the officers
      • Maintained accurate documentation of cases including contacts of concerned parties and the treatment reports
      • Attended courts and assisted senior professionals to present documents to the judge
      Corrections Officer Trainee
      Tallahassee County Sheriff's Office
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        Inmate Observation & Transportation
        • Observed inmates' behaviors and reported unusual inmate activities to the Correction Officier
        • Supervised inmate housing cells by coordinating with guards to ensure proper operation of the cells
        • Conducted frequent searches on inmates and their properties daily to ensure inmates' & institutional safety
        • Assisted Correction Officers to transport inmates to and from correction facilities by adhering to federal orders
        Teachers' Aide
        Rockford Public School
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          Class Supervision & Parent Assistance
          • Collaborated with senior teachers and school staff to ensure all students' needs are met at all times
          • Communicated with the parents on a weekly basis to convey children's progress reports
          • Supervised a class of 20+ students in the absence of senior teachers to maintain a healthy classroom environment
          • Taught the students new skills such as writing their names, counting numbers, spelling objects, etc.
          • Volunteer Teacher | Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) | Tallahassee, FL | Jul '20 - May '21
          • Assisted the teachers with daily lesson planning and helping a class of 20 with reading, and doing homework

          With a degree in criminal justice, you will be able to work as a probation officer, parole officer, or correctional treatment specialist, among other positions.

          Probation officers must possess strong communication, organizational, and analytical skills to effectively manage their caseloads.

          This resume sample highlights these skills and demonstrates the candidate's ability to work effectively with individuals who have diverse backgrounds and needs.

          In addition to probation or parole officer positions, a criminal justice background can lead to careers in law enforcement, such as a police officer, detective, or special agent.

          Graduates or undergraduates with a criminal justice specialization can also work in the legal field, as a lawyer or paralegal, or in social services as a social worker.

          Overall, this probation officer resume sample for US students specializing in criminal justice studies provides a solid foundation for those seeking a career in this challenging and rewarding field.

          It highlights the skills and experience necessary to be successful and demonstrates the many possibilities available with an education in criminal justice.

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