Your job hunt is not going to bear much fruit if you do not optimize your resume.

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You have to change with the changing times to get ahead of your competitors. Today, resumes have been digitized and with this digitalization, bots have been introduced in the mix.

They are collectively called the ATS or Applicant Tracking System. These bots will hinder your chances of getting shortlisted if you do not take the right measures to appease them.

Don’t be alarmed, they do not demand much! We have written this blog to guide you on exactly how to get past the ATS system and land right into your dream job.

A tip we will want to dispense at the very beginning is to look out for the format specified by the recruiters in the job description.

If they have asked for assistant manager resume pdf or a word file, ensure that you provide that.

Keep reading this blog to utilize our assistant manager sample resumes and assistant manager resume examples while making your resume.

Here is a summary of our Assistant Manager Resume 2020 Guide:

  • To let the recruiter know who the assistant director resume belongs to, mention your name at the extreme top of your resume in the font size of 16-20 points.
  • Use the reverse chronological resume format to put together your assistant store manager resume to make it relevant for your recruiters.
  • People with minimum work experience of 3 years or above should write a resume summary and if you have a lesser experience, stick with a assistant manager resume objective.
  • Keep your resume summary/assistant manager resume objective to a maximum of 5 lines.
  • Quantify your achievements in the professional experience section to make your resume relevant to the recruiters. It enhances your chances of getting shortlisted as by including performance figures you are showing your worth to the recruiters.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to write the perfect resume for asst manager by learning:

  • The correct length for your restaurant assistant manager resume.
  • What to write in your assistant manager resume and how to write it.
  • How to write an ATS-friendly assistant manager resume from scratch.
  • How to identify the right keywords for your assistant manager resume.
  • How to write the perfect assistant manager resume objective and assistant manager resume summary.

In this blog, you will find over 25 assistant manager resume examples. Pay attention to these and the resume-writing rules we impart in this guide to perfect the art of writing resumes.

With the help of this blog you will be able to write perfect profile-specific resumes; be it a retail assistant manager resume, restaurant assistant manager resume or for any other profile.

You can also save time and use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to write exemplary assistant manager resumes. It gives you the option of saving endless assistant manager resume PDFs.

It comes stocked with assistant manager resume examples and assistant manager resume templates that you can customize according to your professional needs.

Here’s a list of the topics we will talk about in this blog:

What is an Assistant Manager Resume & why do you need it?

A resume for assistant managers is a profile-specific resume tailored according to your experience and targeted job profile.

It is a blend of all your important information ranging from your education, work experience, certifications to accumulated skill-sets.

The recruiter will assess your assistant director resume and then make a call on whether or not you are fit for the job.

Hence, you need a profile-specific resume for asst manager today, if you want to have a chance at grabbing your dream job. Be it a restaurant assistant manager resume, retail assistant manager resume, etc.

To make your chances even thinner, most recruiters have started using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to weed out undesirable candidates.

Now, they won’t even have a chance at evaluating your resume even if you are the perfect candidate if your resume does not get parsed by ATS.

The ATS has specific criteria that it follows to shortlist candidates. Once you are aware of them, it becomes easier to get your resume across and on to the next stage.

The ATS will assign a rank to your resume and every other resume sent for a job opening and the resumes will be shortlisted based on what ranks they are assigned.

The higher your rank, the higher your chances of being shortlisted.

In this blog, we will teach you exactly how you can craft an ATS-compliant assistant manager resume and get closer to your much desired shortlist.

Read the do’s and don’ts of writing resumes to learn the craft of writing impeccable resumes.

Assistant Manager Sample Resume

Before we divulge into the depths of the resume-writing process, take a look at our impeccable assistant manager resume sample:

5+ years experienced Assistant Manager with a track record of spearheading teams to champion inventory management across automobile & OEM domains and successfully initiating workflow optimization to boost productivity. Adept at strategizing and implementing a quality-driven culture for improving organizational performance. Proficient in deploying cost optimization measures and maximizing utilization of resources for bolstering profitability. Highly skilled in diligently deploying analytical tools and skills for maintaining & overhauling inventory levels.
• Inventory Management • Plant Repair & Maintenance • Team Leadership • Plant Failure Analysis • Quality Control & Assurance • Vendor Management & Support • Workflow Optimization • IMS & Safety • OEM Compliance • Documentation & Reporting
• Resource Utilization
Software: MS Office Suite | ERP | Xpedeon
Troubleshooting: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Machines | Diesel Engine
    Process Optimization
    • Documented the technical inspection reports of equipment before & after repairs, increasing efficiency by 30%
    • Rendered technical support & secured critical spares on-site during critical breakdown for equipment worth USD 60 CR
    • Optimized workflow by devising plans for workflow utilization & space requirements & conceived equipment layouts
    Stakeholder Management
    • Liaised with 35+ vendors on a pan USA basis for conceptualizing and developing customized & imported parts
    • Formulated quotations for spares & finalized 100+ contracts with vendors
    • Designed & implemented maintenance & safety procedures, decreasing accidents by 100%
    • Estimated productivity & prepared reports by assessing plant utilization reports of sites, increasing productivity by 30%
    Facility Administration
    • Administered facility maintenance procedures in accordance with IMS & OEM guidelines for maintaining inventory
      Enter text here..

      • Languages: English, Spanish

      Assistant Manager Resume Format

      Currently, these 3 assistant manager resume formats are being highly used in the industry:

      • Reverse Chronological Resume Format
      • Functional Resume Format
      • Combination/Hybrid Resume Format

      The assistant manager resume format best-suited for you depends on your unique career history.

      Mostly the number of years of work experience one has is a determining factor for the format best suited for them but there are always exceptions to the rule.

      For example, people with career gaps, people changing industries or frequent job-switchers.

      Read on to determine which assistant manager resume format should you be using:

      • Functional resume format: Works best for entry-level professionals/freshers. Although, it is not very ATS-friendly. People under such categories can also opt for the reverse-chronological format.
      • Reverse chronological resume format: Although said to be ideal for mid-level professionals, this format has proven to work for most of the professionals. Avoid it only if you do not want too much emphasis on dates.
      • Combination/Hybrid resume format: This is best suited for senior-level professionals/frequent job-switchers/professionals with career gaps. It will focus on your acquired skill set while diverting attention from the dates.

      Assistant Manager Resume Length

      Wondering what is the optimal length of your assistant store manager resume? A way too long resume will bore the recruiter and will be left unread while one that is too short will make them doubt your competency.

      Follow the tips below to figure out the best length of your retail assistant manager resume:

      • 1-page resume: Best suited for professionals with less than 10 years of work experience.
      • 2-page resume: Suitable for professionals whose work experience transcends 10 years.

      How to write your Assistant Manager Resume

      Do not haphazardly go about building your resume. Take a systematic approach to not only save time and effort but come up with a fabulous end product.

      Divide your resume-writing process into these 3 stages:

      • First Stage: Master Assistant Manager Resume
      • Second Stage: First Draft of Assistant Manager Resume
      • Third Stage: Final Draft of Assistant Manager Resume

      Read on as we have further explained what work goes into composing each of these sections.

      Master Assistant Manager Resume

      Welcome to the first stage of writing your resume. In this stage, all you have to do is compile your professional information and education details in one place.

      Even write down the seemingly irrelevant stuff.

      You never know which piece of information you might need and it is helpful to have all the data present in the same source so you can go back and pick out whatever you need rather than having to rely on memory alone.

      By making a master resume you will attain the twin objective of resume writing in the present timeline & resume update in the future.

      We have explained how below:

      • Resume writing in the present: Now that you have a library of information at your fingertips, the only thing you need to do to put together your resume is to identify relevant information and use it to compose your resume in the present timeline.
      • Resume update in the future: The easy accessibility of information means less work has to be put in to update your resume whenever you will require in the future.

      First Draft of Assistant Manager Resume

      As part of the second stage, you have to compose the following sections:

      • Header
      • Personal Information
      • Profile Title
      • Professional Experience
      • Education
      • Certification (if any)
      • Awards & Recognition (if any)
      • Additional Information (if any)

      The sections marked ‘if any’ are optional and should only be added if applicable to you.

      Final Draft of Pharmacist Resume

      In the third and final stage of resume-building you have to compose the following sections:

      • Key Skills Section: Drafting this section close to the end helps you identify your core assistant manager skills from your resume so you can single them out in this section objectively.

      • Assistant Manager Resume Summary/Assistant Manager Resume Objective: The assistant manager resume objective/summary is the last section you should compose while building your resume as it becomes easier to identify the career highlights to be included in the summary or objective.

      Hungry for more tips? Check out Hiration’s guide on how to write a resume.

      Assistant Manager Resume Sections

      Before you start composing your resume, you should know how to divide the information into neat little sections and organize them such that it is easy to read and understand.

      Below is a list of the standard sections that you must include in your assistant manager resume:

      • Header
      • Personal Information
      • Profile Title
      • Summary/Objective
      • Key Skills
      • Professional Experience
      • Education

      Additionally, you can also mention these sections if need be:

      • Certifications
      • Awards & Recognition
      • Additional Information

      Too large a bite to chew? Hiration's 2020 Guide to sections in a resume will make things simpler. GIve it a read!

      You can also use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make the intimidating task of resume-writing easy and effortless.

      Use the pre-designed assistant manager resume templates that come with our Online Builder and customize them according to your needs. It comes with an option of saving unlimited assistant manager resume PDFs.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Professional Experience

      This is the most relevant section of your resume, and if all goes well and the recruiter decides to read your professional experience section, it needs to be so good that it blows their socks off.

      This section has the potential to make or break your job application. These are some tips that should be followed to ensure that this section is as perfect as can be:

      • Use the STAR format
      • Frame one-liner points
      • Use bucketing & bolding

      Make sure that you get the professional experience section right. Here’s Hiration’s Guide on how to compose the professional experience section in your resume to answer all your questions.

      Need an assistant manager resume example for professional experience? There you go:

      Experience Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      Framing Points

      If like most people you are using paragraphs to compose your resume for assistant managers, you are unknowingly turning off the interest of recruiters as using paragraphs makes your resume hard to read and comprehend.

      It’s high time that you started using one-liner bullet points to communicate your experience and what responsibilities you held.

      Here are two assistant manager resume examples that we want you to observe to understand the importance of framing one-liner bullet points:

      Example 1:

      “I registered the technical inspection reports of equipment both before & after repairs which resulted in an increase in efficiency by 40%. I also contributed to helping the technical support staff by securing critical spares on-site during equipment breakdown which saved the company USD 50 CR. Moreover, I networked with 25+ vendors on a pan USA basis for developing customized & imported parts. I was also responsible for formulating quotations for spares & I ended up finalizing 150+ contracts with multiple vendors.”

      Example 2:

      • Registered the technical inspection reports of equipment both before & after repairs which resulted in an increase in efficiency by 40%
      • Contributed to helping the technical support staff by securing critical spares on-site during equipment breakdown which saved the company USD 50 CR
      • Networked with 25+ vendors on a pan USA basis for developing customized & imported parts
      • Formulated quotations for spares & finalized 150+ contracts with multiple vendors

      Framing Points Analysis

      We can come to the following conclusions after observing the above two assistant manager resume examples:

      • Example 1 uses paragraphs whereas example 2 uses one-liner bullet points to communicate the same information.
      • Example 1 is not comprehensible and is very hard to read due to its bulkiness. Whereas, on the other hand, example 2 simplifies things by using a lot of white space making it easier to read and comprehend.
      • Example 2 also employs action verbs to begin each one-liner bullet point making the text more assertive.

      STAR Format

      Although using one-liner bullet points helps enhance the readability of your resume but it is not enough. Another factor that comes into play is the STAR format.

      The STAR format helps enhance the effectiveness of your one-liner bullet points. It stands for:

      S: Situation - The situation that led to your contributions.
      T: Task - A task that was assigned to you.
      A: Action - What action you took to fulfill the assigned task.
      R: Result - What were the results of this action in the form of an achievement figure.

      It is so effective because of the cause-effect relationship it establishes in each point between your actions and their results. Thus, showing exactly how you benefited the organizations that you previously worked with.

      Bucketing & Bolding

      Now that you have framed your bullet points and established a cause-effect relationship in each one of them, there is one more trick you can employ to make your resume impactful.

      Through bucketing and bolding you can enhance the visibility of the most important aspects of your career history.

      If you use this technique in your resume, the recruiter won’t even have to go through your resume entirely. He could just look upon the highlighted sections to make out your eligibility.

      Here are two assistant manager resume examples to demonstrate this:

      Example 1:

      • Registered the technical inspection reports of equipment both before & after repairs which resulted in an increase in efficiency by 40%
      • Contributed to helping the technical support staff by securing critical spares on-site during equipment breakdown which saved the company USD 50 CR
      • Networked with 25+ vendors on a pan USA basis for developing customized & imported parts
      • Formulated quotations for spares & finalized 150+ contracts with multiple vendors

      Example 2:

      Process Optimization

      • Registered the technical inspection reports of equipment both before & after repairs which resulted in an increase in efficiency by 40%
      • Contributed to helping the technical support staff by securing critical spares on-site during equipment breakdown which saved the company USD 50 CR

      Stakeholder Management

      • Networked with 25+ vendors on a pan USA basis for developing customized & imported parts
      • Formulated quotations for spares & finalized 150+ contracts with multiple vendors

      Bucketing & Bolding: Analysis

      The above two assistant manager resume examples lead to the following conclusions:

      • Assistant manager resume example 1 uses one-liner bullets which we have already established makes your resume more readable. On the other hand, the assistant manager resume example 2 uses bucketing & bolding along with one-liner bullets. It groups similar points under unique subheadings and bolds the important words.
      • Bucketing & Bolding enhances the visibility of the most important aspects of each point and makes your resume look more organized.

      If you already have an assistant store manager resume but are unsure about its competency, Hiration’s AI-powered Resume Review Service will help you identify the faults in your resume.

      Be on the lookout for it on the bottom left corner of this page.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Key Skills

      We would like to remind you to make this section towards the end.

      You should also include the keywords used by the recruiters in the job description. However, do not blatantly copy and paste keywords.

      Ensure that your professional experience justifies every key skill that you mention here.

      As this section is one of the things that your recruiter is bound to go through, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what assistant manager skills would they want to see here, optimize this section accordingly.

      Read Hiration's 2020 Guide on what skills to put on a resume to get a better understanding of how to efficiently curate this section.

      Get your resume reviewed with Hiration’s Resume Review Service and understand exactly what you need to do to make an ATS-compliant resume.

      Here's an assistant resume sample showcasing the perfect key skills section:

      Key Skills Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      Assistant Manager Resume Summary

      An assistant manager resume summary is required by professionals with a minimum work experience of 3 years.

      Your assistant manager resume summary is where you get a chance to sum up your resume and give a brief window to the recruiters about your work experience.

      It’s like an elevator pitch that if done well will bring you closer to your dream job.

      So, to optimize the summary section of your retail assistant manager resume follow the tips mentioned below:

      • Always write the summary at the end. As you will be able to easily pick your career highlights and include them here. Doing so eliminates the need to revisit your assistant manager resume summary to make edits.
      • Limit the resume summary to 5 lines at the max.

      Hiration's 2020 Resume Summary Guide will teach you how to write impactful summaries.

      Attached with this guide are a number of assistant manager sample resumes. Below is one such sample illustrating the ideal resume summary:

      Summary Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      You can also use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to simplify your resume-writing process.

      Assistant Manager Resume Objective

      There is not much difference between an assistant manager resume objective and an assistant manager resume summary. The resume objective is required by freshers or professionals with less than 3 years of experience.

      Here, you need to convince the recruiters that you carry the skills and you would be the perfect candidate for this job.

      Read Hiration's 2020 Guide on Resume Objectives to understand the art of writing perfect resume objectives.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Header

      Your name is the default header on your resume for assistant managers. Heed the following guidelines to ensure that you do not make any mistakes while writing the header:

      • It should be featured at the topmost part of your assistant manager resume.
      • Write it in the largest font size of 16-20 points to make it visible and stand out from the rest of the text.
      • If you have a middle name, initialize it. For example, if your name is Bella Jane Winchester, your resume header should be 'Bella J. Winchester'.

      Hiration’s 2020 Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header is a quintessential guide that will answer all your doubts about resume headers.

      Our assistant manager resume examples will equip you with the knowledge that goes into building a perfect resume. View one such example below demonstrating the ideal resume header:

      Head Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      Break from the chains of mediocrity and use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to revolutionize your assistant director resume.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Personal Information

      Under this section, you are required to provide your contact information that the recruiter will use to get in touch with you in case of a shortlist. Mention the following details in this section:

      • Your functional mobile number
      • Your professional email ID
      • Your current location of residence

      Hiration Protip: A single typing mistake while writing down your mobile number or email ID can lead to potential employers never being able to get in touch with you. So, be extremely careful to only present correct information in this section.

      Updated Mobile Number

      To make sure that your mobile number is in the right format, stick to the following guidelines:

      • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your mobile number.
      • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code.
      • Eg: +1 37648 21511.

      Professional Email Address

      Emailing is the most professional channel used by the majority of the recruiters to contact potential candidates.

      We would advise you to not use childish or funny email handles. Follow '' or '' format or a similar professional format to configure your email ID.

      Current Location of Residence

      Your recruiter wants to know your city and state of residence and this is what you will provide in this section. Unless you are applying for a job in another country, then mention your city and country name.

      We would suggest to always avoid providing irrelevant information like your house number, street number, and your locality name unless explicitly asked for.

      Hiration's 2020 Guide to composing your contact information goes into more detail about this section.

      We have scattered several assistant manager resume examples throughout this guide. Pay close attention to them to understand how each section should visually look like once you are done making your resume.

      Take a look at this example demonstrating the perfect personal information section:

      Personal Information Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      The snapshot you see above is a snippet of the resume for asst manager built with Hiration's Online Resume Builder. You can also have such amazing looking resumes if you use our Resume Builder.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Profile Title

      Profile titles carry important information as they tell the recruiter about your current designation in your functional industry and what is your level of seniority in this industry at just one glance.

      By looking at your profile title, the recruiter can figure out the money you are entitled to, among other information.

      Do not exaggerate your profile title in hopes of getting higher pay.

      It should be the second-largest text in your resume and written in the font range of 14-16 points.

      This guide is full of assistant manager sample resumes for your reference. Here's an example showcasing the ideal profile title:

      Profile Title Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      If you have already put together a resume, you can get it reviewed by Hiration's AI-powered Resume Review Service which will give you a constructive analysis of your resume for assistant managers.

      Our resume service will score your resume taking into account factors like ATS-compatibility.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Education

      Although you can start at a lower level and rise through the ranks by sheer hard work alone to become an assistant manager, a degree in a business-related course will help you land this position early with ease.

      Mention the following important information in the education section of your retail assistant manager resume:

      • Name of your school/university.
      • Name of the courses you have pursued.
      • The location of your school/university.
      • Date of enrolment and graduation from each course (in month and year format).

      Hiration's 2020 Guide on how to list education on your resume is an exhaustive guide on the education section. Refer to it and become a master at composing resumes.

      Here's an assistant manager resume sample showcasing the ideal education section for your resume.

      Education Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      Make use of Hiration's Online Resume Builder to create your flawless retail assistant manager resume with help from experts at Hiration.

      Assistant Manager Resume: Additional Information

      Are you multilingual? Or do you have any interesting hobbies that differentiate you from the masses?

      If you have such information, make a distinct section labeled ‘Additional Information’ and mention this information there.

      We have attached an assistant manager resume sample below of the additional information section for your reference:

      Additional Information Section in Assistant Manager Resume

      In the meanwhile, use Hiration's Online Resume Builder for an effortless resume-writing experience.

      Resume Review & Free Assistant Manager Resume Templates

      If you already have a resume, ensure that it is flawless. We will tell you the mistakes you are making in your retail assistant manager resume and tell you what steps to take to make the perfect assistant manager resume.

      With our Professional Resume Review Service, your assistant manager resume will be reviewed in compliance with the below-mentioned parameters:

      • Compliance with industry norms
      • Content Relevance
      • Recruiter Friendliness
      • Design Compatibility
      • Conversion Scope
      • ATS Compliance
      • Global Compatibility
      • Performance Assessment
      • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

      And what’s more? You will even get 2 assistant manager resume templates for free! So start using Hiration's Resume Review Service today

      Online Resume Builder for Assistant Manager Resume

      If you find the task of writing your resume too difficult, give Hiration’s Online Resume Builder a try.

      Our Resume Builder comes with the below-mentioned resources:

      • Option to save unlimited resumes
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      • A shareable link
      • Live resume editor

      Key Takeaways

      • Keep your resume length to a single page. Only exceed this length if you have more than 10+ years of experience. Even then, limit it to 2 pages.
      • Follow the 3 stages of resume-writing to optimize your resume-writing process.
      • Use the month & year format to write dates across all sections of your assistant manager resume.
      • Use one-liner bullet points in the professional experience section.
      • Quantify your bullet points to emphasize your contributions and begin each bullet with an action verb.
      • Make a distinct key skills section to showcase your assistant manager skills.
      • Keep irrelevant personal information off your resume.
      • Write an assistant manager resume summary only if you have at least 3 years of work experience. If you don't, write an assistant manager resume objective instead.

      With this, you have reached the end of this blog.

      We hope that we were able to arm you with enough information so that you can tackle the task of writing your resume head-on.

      It’s alright if you are still unsure about writing the resume. Use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to build the perfect resume.

      For further queries, write to us at