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This post will cover the following topics:

The Start

Starting to make a great resume is the most difficult job. Once you start it, our great resume tips will make it the easiest task for you!

Before starting, read on these great resume tips to make a great resume.


  • Tailor your resume for your job. You should include only highly relevant information.
  • Cut out all the unnecessary sections. Choose a great resume template that fits all of your information perfectly.
  • Right resume format is very important.
  • Prioritize your information. Put the best part of your resume first!
  • Go easy, Go formatting! Use easily read fonts and high contrast colors with a suitable font size.
  • Define your subheadings clearly. This ensures maximum readability.
  • Try to include maximum keywords related to the job. This helps you get filtered through the ATS easily.


  • A great resume need not fit all the job profiles! Pick out your job specific traits.
  • Do not make it too long. A 1-page resume for little work experience and a 2-page resume for a lot.
  • Weird fonts and bold colors are too creative. Be selective in your formatting.
  • Haphazardly arranging the resume sections is messy. Use a clean separation.
  • Do not ignore the job description. Read it thoroughly.

Want great resume templates for your job profile ? Read our resume writing guide that provides all tools to choose the ideal resume format based on your work experience and qualifications here.

Key Sections in a Resume

The Summary

The first important section on your resume is the summary.

This is a brief description of your skills, experiences, and goals. These are specific to a job profile. This makes a great resume.

Follow this checklist for great resume writing tips on this section.


  • Pitch yourself. Include job specific keywords that highlight your uniqueness!
  • Use power verbs and action words like “Spearheaded" and "Curated". Take a look at an exhaustive list of power verbs here.
  • Explain your strengths. The employer must know about how hiring you will benefit the company.
  • Use active voice. It makes your resume concise.
  • Form a decent sized paragraph instead of 2-3 lines. List your objectives clearly.


  • Do not start with a generalized summary.
  • First-person pronouns "I" and "my" are considered unprofessional.
  • Use of passive voice on resumes is not advisable. It makes your resume difficult to understand.
  • Do not make your summary too long. 4-5 action packed sentences are enough.
  • Do not include sentences like:
    Looking forward to advancing my career/ interview with you/ working with your company/ taking your company to new heights.

Your summary must leave a lasting impression on the employer.
Check out our sample summary for a marketing job profile:

20+ years of experience of providing amiable customer support in a busy result-oriented environment for public utility products & services. An unwavering commitment towards customer service, with the ability to build productive relationships, resolve complex issues and win customer loyalty. Adept at developing strategic relationships and engineering partnerships. Endowed with a clinical approach towards coordination & compliance and an excellent judge of performance. Accomplished at client retention and bringing the best out of subordinates by coming to win-win grounds.

The Skills

The skills section is the second most important section in your resume.

These are the employability skills that you need for the world of work. By developing these skills, chances of getting a job and maintaining a good career become higher.

Read on our resume tips for writing this section.


  • Find the most appropriate skills for your job listing. This will help you get filtered through the ATS.
  • Add most of your strong skills, soft or not!
  • Make sure your skills are current. You should be fluent in your listed key skills field.
  • Certain technical/business skills that are different from the usual skills required should be listed separately.


  • Do not list every single skill you have. Customize it according to the job.
  • Do not list common skills like operating MS Office. These skills are mostly a necessity.
  • Avoid bragging. Leave phrases like “best of” or “exceptional”.

Read our guide on how to create the best skills section for your great resume here.
Check out this customized key skills section for a marketing job profile:

• Customer Service Management • Complaint & Conflict Resolution • Retail Operations Management • Front End Supervision • Order Fulfillment • Team Building & Training • Employee Retention • Communication & Coordination
• Client Account Management • Client Retention • Process Optiization

The Personal Details

This section is equally important in a resume.

The details provided in this section are used to contact the concerned person. They may also be used to check the social presence of a person.

Follow our resume tips to customize your most important personal details:


  • List the basics only. Example: phone number, email id and location information.
  • Add your mailing address to get any follow-up correspondence.
  • Use a clean and professional email address. A good example would be :
  • Provide your cell number. It is the most accessible contact detail.
  • Set your voice mail to a professional note. Example: Hey, can't take your call. Please leave a message.
  • Include a profile photo only if your job profile requires it.
  • Mention your social media handles like Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Clean up your online presence. Remove any unprofessional behavior.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile page and heading summary statement. Align it with your current job search goal.
  • Provide link to your personal blog or your website, if any.


  • Do not add your home phone number. Your phone number must be accessible during office hours.
  • Do not use cringy email address such as
  • Do not use a dated provider such as
  • Do not add personal facts/websites. Example: age, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, offensive blogs etc.
  • Do not add every single handle on social media accounts. Only include accounts that have your professional achievements/ milestones.

The Work Experience

If summary is the appetizer, work experience is the main course of your resume. Your work history section shows potential employers what kind of employee you'll be.

Read on these resume tips to structure the most important part of your resume.


  • Get experience. And lots of it. Do some freelance work, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or do an internship.
  • Choose the best work experiences. Pick the past job positions which will add to your resume.
  • Add your work experience in chronological order.
  • Quantify your achievements on your resume. Example: “Increased company profit by 20%”.
  • Skip the confidential agreements. You lose a company's trust.
  • Use action and power words to make a strong impact on the employer. They help to reflect your skill set properly.
    Check out the exhaustive list of the most powerful action verbs here.
  • Make proper buckets to categorize your work experiences.
  • Bolden the important phrases and numbers. This way, even a quick look brings out all the important relevant information.
  • Use consistent tense through each listing.
  • Buzzwords are important. Use them according to your industry.


  • Do not worry about the “right” experience. Everyone had no experience at one point.
  • Do not add every single work position you have ever held. Choose your experiences according to the job description.
  • Do not just list your responsibilities but also how well you performed them.
  • Do not use the wrong verb tenses or switch between tenses.
  • Use of jargon, clichés, or meaningless buzzwords is unprofessional.

Look at the perfect professional work experience for a marketing professional here:

Leadership & Team Management
-Spearheading all staff and management with focus on customer experience & customer satisfaction
-Overseeing on-boarding & training of all new associates by designing and developing training modules
Process Optimization
-Facilitating information flow between customers and various departments
-Implementing Customer Service Training Manual and Health & Safety Policy in compliance with Federal regulations
Key Accomplishments
-Recruited & mentored ~80 new recruits in 5 years
-Achieved highest customer retention among all states of the US for two consecutive years of '14 - '15

The Education

The education section shows your qualifications before the work experience.

Follow some awesome resume tips on resume writing below.


  • Add your degrees in reverse chronological order.
  • Add your GPA if it is required by the employer. Or if it is high!
  • Add your high school only if it is your highest educational qualification.
  • Make sure that this section is placed either right before or immediately after your resume work experience section.


  • Do not list a GPA which is low. It will destroy your job advantage.
  • Do not add one GPA and leave the other. Be consistent.
  • Do not add your high school if you have university degrees.
  • Do not round your GPA or credits in your degree.

Curate your education section perfectly. Take a look:

-Received the Fulbright Scholarship
-Part of the Basketball & Football college teams

Extra Sections


  • Add a certification section if you have some trainings that are apt for the job.
  • Add a graph/ pie chart or tabular data section to present your skills/ growth better.
  • Add a hobbies section or interests section if it can benefit your resume.
    See how to add hobbies and interests in your resume to make it stand out in our blog post here.
  • Add a co-curricular/ extra-curricular activities section if you have good achievements.
  • Add other sections to your resume if you think they are relevant to your job. This is very essential to grab an interview call.


  • Do not include a references section unless necessary.
    Check out when and how to add references in a resume here:
  • Do not add “references are available upon request.”
  • Do not forget to add your volunteer work. It may be a good source of work experience.
  • Do not miss out any other important sections on your resume.

The Final Touch

Now that you have utilized all the great resume tips and tricks, give it a final touch.

Do not press SEND right away.

Read on these amazing resume tips about what to put on a resume to make it more personalized.


  • Optimize your resume according to the ATS (applicant tracking system).
  • Include a .DOC or PDF version, as required by the recruiter.
  • If nothing is mentioned, prefer PDF as it helps to retain your formatting styles.
  • Personalize your resume email. Use a good email provider and a decent email id.
  • Use a powerful subject line and address the company well.
    Example: Highly skilled/Prolific Management Professional Seeks Assistance Manager Position with ABC.
    Check out our blog post on How to Email a Resume here.
  • Include all the necessary details. Highlight all the important details.
  • Name your resume and cover letter with your own name. This prevents your resume from getting lost in hundreds of resumes.
  • Run your final mail and documents through a spell check. Use this amazing tool Grammarly!
  • Trim the blank/ white spaces as much as you can.
  • Send your mail to the personal email address of the hiring manager. This increases your chances of getting the job greatly.
    Learn more about sending personalized emails here.


  • Do not forget the applicant tracking system, ATS.
    This software helps a hiring manager to sort through the applications they receive for each job opening. If the ATS does not find your resume apt for the job, it does not forward it to the hiring manager!
  • Do not use a general subject line in your mail. Draft it with power verbs!
  • Do not name your resume files improperly. Use a name that prevents it from getting lost. You can rather include a personal website!
  • Do not make typos.
  • Make sure that your contact information is correct and all your facts are accurate.
  • Do not mail the entire company or any unrelated person like the product manager or the CEO.
  • Do not forget to grant the right viewing permissions if you send your resume as an Office online link or a Google Doc.
  • Do not include a cover letter. Only attach if it is specifically listed in the job description!

Post-Writing Resume Checklist


  • Original
  • Readable
  • Professional
  • Lengthwise
  • Appearance


  • Font (10 - 12 pts)
  • Design elements - Bullets/Bolding/Lines
  • Balance - Text vs White Space
  • Even margins
  • Consistency
  • Formatted page break

Resume Sections

  • Clearly labelled sections
  • Prioritize strongest credentials
  • Formatted chronologically
  • Career goal
  • Tailored to a specific career goal/profille
  • Relevant information


  • Key Achievements for all each work experience
  • Non-generic responsibilities
  • Quantified - numbers/percentages/dollar amounts
  • Begin with action verbs


  • Support your career summary
  • Include industry-specific keywords
  • Relevant Awards & Affiliations

Writing Style

  • Avoid personal pronouns - I/me/my
  • Logical content flow
  • No careless typos - spelling/grammar/syntax errors

The Quick Resume Checklist

We've got a quick checklist for you. You can go through this checklist every time you make your resume!

The three C's of resume tips and tricks are:

  • Create: Choose from thousands of templates. Make your resume look presentable.
  • Customize: Curate the sections according to the job profile.
  • Crisp: Include accurate data. Keep your sentences short.

Cover letter: Check if the company demands it. Only send if it is requested!

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