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Applying for an IT Director job means competing and beating the best professionals in the IT turf. . .

But it also means that your resume needs an update.

If you have landed in this blog, you're either an IT Director hoping to give your resume a major facelift, or you are an IT professional hoping to land an IT Director's job.

Either way, you're in the perfect place.

Believe it or not, an IT Director Resume can be perfected. When it follows all the rules of resume writing, it looks something like this:

This blog is an in-depth guide to perfecting an IT Director resume.

Before we begin, here’s a summary of our IT Director Resume 2021 Blog:

  • An IT Director resume should not have an internship section because it isn't needed.
  • Include certififcations such as Certififed Technical Trainer to your IT Director resume.
  • Write the dates in month & year format across all the sections.
  • Focus on your career highlights and use numbers to substantiate your achievements.
  • It is important to add your technical knowledge in a different section and create sub categories such as languages and frameworks.
  • Create an ATS compliant IT Director Resume by including keywords in the resume from the job description.
  • Include your key IT projects in the resume to highlight your skills that will act as an added advantage and will attract the recruiter.

That's not all.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to write a resume that is as perfect and up-to-date as your LinkedIn profile.

This blog will walk you through:

. . . All so your resume represents your professional prowess!

This guide is the only exhaustive guide you will need to write the best IT director resume. Just read it all the way through, and you'll have perfection in your hands.

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IT Director Job Description

You're an IT Director. Everyone knows what you do and you know it better than anyone.

The role of an IT Director includes some heavy lifting and management roles that exceed the realm of normal day-to-day IT roles.

The great thing about being an IT Director is that you practically exercise the power to make your own rules and delegate tasks.

You are also responsible for making major policy decisions on how to improve the functions of the IT department, and take a call on the nature of the job that is to be assigned to everyone.

IT Director Salary

That IT Directors make a lot of money is not a well-guarded secret.

Everyone knows the perks and privileges that come with being an IT Director.

The biggest perks are compensation.

Here are the salary figures of IT Directors quoted by prominent websites:

If you're reading this guide because you are applying for an IT Director job, or are simply hoping to get promoted to IT Director; your resume needs a promotion too.

You can use our Online Resume Builder to write an IT Director Resume that impeccably represents your IT expertise and makes you suited for the job.

All you have to do is fill the details in the predesigned sample IT Director resume template and modify it to suit your professional qualifications & work responsibilities.

What is an IT Director Resume & why do you need it?

Having a digital footprint on LinkedIn is important. Having a resume is a must.

If you're not an IT Director but are hoping to become one, you need a resume and it needs to be glorious.

It needs to communicate your career trajectory and justify that you qualify for the job. But being qualified is one thing, and being able to translate that in a piece of paper is another.

Sending a standard resume and emailing it to potential employers will not win you the IT Director job. But having a well-drafted ATS compliant resume will.

ATS or the applicant tracking system is a bot that does the first stage of vetting in the recruitment process. This means that not only do you need a resume, but you need one that is ATS compliant too.

In this blog, we will uncover the tricks and trade of writing an ATS-compliant resume.

Trust on this, we will make it worth your while.

In the meanwhile, you can also use our Online Resume Builder. it is designed keeping the ATS in mind to help you slide through the ATS vetting to land right into the hiring manager's arms.

Take a look at the snapshot attached below to get a more nuance idea about IT job industry and the different job titles.


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IT Director Resume Sections

Be it a startup or a top-tier company, recruitment is taken very seriously, especially if you are eyeing the top IT role.

To beat the ATS bots and get your resume shortlisted, the first thing you need to do is organize your IT Director resume into relevant sections.

Here they are. Arrange them in the manner listed below:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)

To get an understanding of what they are, you can read our guide to resume sections.

If the thought of writing your resume is tying knots in your stomach, use our resume building tool.

This tool is filled with a large compendium of pre-filled resume templates that you can personalize to suit your specific qualifications and work history.

IT Director Resume: Header

The first section of your IT Director resume is the Resume Header. In simple words, it is nothing but the first thing that goes on your resume.

At the very top, you should write your real full name.

Writing your name on the extreme top instead of writing 'resume' or 'CV' helps you demonstrate professionalism at the first strike. It also ensures that the recruiter knows who the resume belongs to in one go.

Best IT Director Resume: Personal Information

Second to the resume header comes the personal information section.

This section should only consist of the following details:

  • Updated mobile number: One in which you are available 24x7.
  • Professional email ID: This should look professional. No nicknames.
  • Current Location: Write the current city of your residence in city/state format.
  • LinkedIn: Add the URL to your LinkedIn profile, make sure the URL is not too long.

Hiration Pro Tip: A lot of people end up getting too 'personal' while drafting this section. Ignore the hype. Don't follow the crowd. Aside from the three points listed above, include anything extra only if the resume guideline of the country says so.

IT Director Resume Sample for Personal Information

For a better understanding of this section, you can read our guide on composing contact information in a resume.

Here's a snapshot of an IT resume example for this section that we have composed using our ATS resume builder.


You will notice that we have also added the IT Director's LinkedIn profile and link to GitHub porfolio here as they are important selection criteria for tech profiles.

IT Director Resume: Profile Title

Next in our list in the profile title.

It is of supreme importance as it communicates the following facts to the recruiter.

  • Your most recent job title.
  • Your functional industry.
  • Your seniority level.

Hiration Pro Tip: Do not tamper your profile title. Write it as it is. Any deviation from your actual job title will be seen negatively and you can lose all credibility.

In other words, if you are an IT Manager, don't write 'IT Director' as your profile title just because you are applying for the given role.

IT Director Resume Sample for Profile Title

Your profile title should look like this in your IT Director resumes sample.


We have made this sample IT resume using our online resume builder.

IT Director Resume: Professional Experience

Your work experience is the legs on which your future stands.

And how you communicate the nature of your work responsibilities decides whether your resume is the best IT director resume or not and dictates if you'll get the job or not.

Point is, it matters.

Point is, it needs to be perfected.

Here are 3 ways to achieve this:

  • Frame points
  • Use the STAR format
  • Use Grouping & Highlighting

Framing Points

Resume writing is an art. It isn't rocket science. And what we're trying to say here is that it can be done.

Starting from the basics, your IT Director resume should not look like this:

IT Director Resume Example 1

"Employed as an IT Manager in company X, I was responsible for a host of responsibilities that included both technical and managerial roles. From troubleshooting to software development to developing online portals, there is nothing I didn't do. My time was equally divided between meeting company objectives and streamlining business by aligning them with important developments in our tech department. Moreover, I was also responsible for training over 50 coders, developers, and data science engineers, whom I tirelessly onboarded and nurtured. I also managed to optimize resources and manage staff to improve the overall performance and productivity. Some of my innovations in the software also resulted in a 50% increase in annual savings".

On the contrary, you can rephrase the above example and present in the following way to turn it into the best IT director resume:

IT Director Resume Example 2

  • Managed and trained a team of 50+ coders, developers & data science engineers
  • Aligned software innovation with a business objective to bolster tool performance
  • Deployed IT strategies & designed models leading to a 50% increase in annual savings
  • Optimizes resources & managed the IT staff to improve the overall process by 90%
  • Identified strategic solutions & deployed new systems and software to optimize business

Framing Points: Analysis

Both IT Resume Examples as illustrated above are fundamentally different.

The first example uses a paragraph while the second example deploys points to communicate the same.

When you formulate the work experience section in your resume, follow the second model instead of the first.

Here's why:

  • Using points makes your resume easy to read.
  • Good readability means that a recruiter will be encouraged to read it.
  • Most resumes that use paragraphs are often seen as hard-to-read.
  • Due to this, in most cases they don't end up getting read at all.

STAR Format

Now that you know that drafting points are the required model, your task does not end here. Don't just compose points for the sake of composing points.

It is industry-recommended that you follow the given format when you compose your one-liner points:

  • S stands for situation: The situation/backdrop/context of your contributions
  • T stands for task: The actual task that was assigned to you
  • A stands for action: The strategy you used to execute the assigned task
  • R stands for result: The result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure

For example, this point uses the STAR format:

Deployed IT strategies & designed models leading to a 50% increase in annual savings

It is effective because it showcases the work done by the IT manager and the result of the work done in the form of numbers.

Using numbers helps the IT Manager show the extent of his contributions.

It also shows that the IT Manager can't just do his job, but also knows how to get the work done effectively.

Highlighting & Grouping

The last and most important factor in composing your work experience is using the combined efforts of highlighting & grouping.

Using one-liner points makes your work experience more readable.

Using the STAR format helps you show the value you can bring.

And using grouping & highlighting brings them all together as it enhances the effectiveness of your work by drawing attention to your work.

Here are two examples:

IT Director Resume Example 1

  • Executed technical operations in compliance with company policy
  • Formulated IT policies & systems to implement strategies with 100% accuracy
  • Resolved in-house IT requirements leading to 30% improvement in productivity
  • Eliminated security risks and Supervised the design & implementation of software

IT Director Resume Example 2

End-to-End Technical Operations Management

  • Executed technical operations in compliance with company policy with 1000% satisfaction
  • Eliminated in-house security risks and developed 10+ software & apps

IT Policy Formulation

  • Formulated IT policies & systems to implement strategies with 100% accuracy
  • Troubleshooted in-house IT requirements leading to 30% improvement in productivity

Grouping & Highlighting : Analysis

In the IT director resume examples illustrated above, we can see three notable observations:

  • IT resume example 1 uses simple one-liner points whereas IT resume example 2 groups similar points under unique subheadings (grouping) and highlights the achievements by marking them in bold (highlighting).
  • When drafting your work experience, framing simple one-liner points is not enough. Instead, you should follow example 2.
  • This is so because you don't just want your resume to be readable but you want it to make an impact too. Using grouping & highlighting helps you achieve this.
  • Following example 2 makes your resume more eye-catching and diverts the recruiter's attention to note-worthy points and career achievements within your work experience.

IT Director Resume Sample for Professional Experience

For a more in-depth explanation of this section, you can read our blog on work experience resume example.

Moving on, here's a sample IT resume showcasing the ideal professional experience section after it follows the 3 rules we have outlined above.


This is a snapshot of a sample IT resume we have made using our online resume builder.

IT Director Resume: Education

The education section of your IT Director resume is perhaps the most ignored section of your entire resume. But it shouldn't be.

While your education history will not dictate your suitability for that big fat job promotion or job switch you are after, it will certainly help.

Whether you went to MIT or a community college in Oklahoma will impact decision-making when the board decided if you're fit for the IT director job or not.

So if you have been to an ivy school, make sure you definitely put that down in your resume. Even if you haven't, it is important to present this section.

  • Name of the school/university attended.
  • Name of the course you have pursued.
  • Location of the school/university.
  • Enrollment and graduation dates.

To understand the importance of this section in your resume, refer to Hiration's guide to perfecting education on resume.

IT Director Resume Sample for Education

Here's an IT resume example illustrating what your education section should look like in a perfectly optimized resume:


We have made this sample IT resume using our online resume builder.

IT Director Resume: Certifications

As an IT Director, or someone pining for that job position; you have probably reached the zenith of your career in IT. But...

Have you kept up with the latest industry trends?

Have you brushed up on your IT skills?

Have you picked up the latest skills in the world of tech?

All these factors matter and will significantly impact the nature of your job application or promotion bid.

So while we all agree that you are all-knowing, its probably time to update your skills and get certified (if you haven't), and effectively present your certifications in your resume (if you have).

While presenting this information, make sure that the following grounds are covered:

  • Name of the Certification(s).
  • Name of the certifying body.
  • Location (if offline).
  • Enrollment and completion date.

Arrange these points in a single line in the format mentioned below:

{Name of Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

For a better understanding of certifications, its impact, and where it fits in a resume, read our guide to certifications on resume.

IT Director Resume Sample for Certifications

Here's an IT director resume example showcasing the correct approach to presenting certifications in your resume:


In the meanwhile, give yourself the best shot at getting that coveted IT director job by using our professionally designed online resume builder.

IT Director Resume: Awards & Recognition

Getting awarded for a job well done is what distinguishes an outstanding employee from the rest of the employees.

Whether you have made a name for yourself in your line of work is best known through the recognition you may have received.

Be it the 'best coder' of the month or the 'best-performing employee in the IT department'; these titles matter.

So here's a little pro tip:

Hiration Pro Tip: Present the details of your past accomplishments and recognition under a distinct "Awards & Recognition" section of your resume.

For a shortlist-ready resume that is taylored with perfection from top to bottom, use Hiration's resume building tool:

IT Director Resume: Key Skills

You are a professional nobody without your skills.

No exaggeration there, it is your IT skills that make you an IT professional.

And it is these very skills and your competence in it that will dictate your suitability for your target IT director job.

Notably, a great resume hack is to make a distinct 'key skills' section to illustrate your IT skills.

Put your core-IT skills under the 'key skills' section and make a separate 'technical skills' subsection within this section for your tool-related skills.

If you don't know what skills to put on a resume, simply read our guide to skills on resume.

Or... you can simply take a look at the IT resume example we have presented below. This is a snapshot of the skills section of the IT Director resume that we have made using our online resume builder.


A few must skills for an IT director are:

System Configuration Java
IT Security Cisco Networking Solutions
Process Improvement ERP Systems
Data Management DevOps

IT Director Resume Summary

A resume summary is an overview of your entire career trajectory.

As an IT Director or IT Manager, what were your top achievements? What were your career highlights? What made you a one-of-a-kind employee? What made you indispensable?

Think along these lines to compose a 3-5 line paragraph summary.

Here are some tips that can help you write an effective summary:

  • Compose it at the end: this will help you pick up the best points and formulate your summary effectively.
  • Keep it limited to 3-5 lines.
  • Write a summary only if you have a work experience of 3 years or more.
  • If you don't, write a resume objective.

Read our guide to perfecting a resume summary to learn all about fashioning impeccable resumes for your IT director resume.

Attached below is an IT resume sample illustrating the ideal resume summary for your resume.


In the meanwhile, you can use our online resume builder for a hassle-free resume writing experience.

IT Director Resume Review

We understand that you are busy.

This is why we are leaving no stones unturned to ensure that your resume is earmarked for perfection.

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  • ATS Compliance
  • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

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Online Resume Builder for IT Directors

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Sample IT Director Resume

13+ years experienced IT Director & Certified Technical Trainer highly skilled in leading IT team professionals to implement best practices & deliver compelling value to stakeholders. Proficient in orchestrating end-to-end technical operations, monitoring IT infrastructure, and managing multi-million-dollar budgets. Adept at training new employees and fulfilling client requirements within the organizational framework.
• Technical Operations Monitoring • IT Infrastructure Implementation • Security Risk Elimination
• Budgeting & Cost Reduction • Resource Optimization • Database Management • Network Management
• Systems Configuration • Process Optimization • Team Leadership & Training • Vendor Management • Project Delivery
• Installation & Upgradation • Testing & Troubleshooting • Performance Improvement
• Customer Relationship Management • Network Administration • Research, Analysis & Strategy
Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Frameworks: React, AngularJS, Vue.js
End-to-End Technical Operations Management
  • Oversaw technical operations & infrastructure and evaluated them to ensure compliance with the company's policies
  • Supervised the design & implementation of IT infrastructure and eliminated security risks
  • Developed IT infrastructure strategies, which included, computers, information systems, security, & communication systems
  • Developed, managed, and tracked the IT department's annual budget of ~$2 Million; saved 25% of the budget
  • Purchased efficient & cost-effective technological equipment and software
IT Policy Formulation
  • Devised and established IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by the upper management
  • Analyzed business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs; improved productivity by 30%
Team Leadership
  • Spearheaded a team of 70+ back-end & front-end developers, testers, and IT support members
  • Provided training to 30+ new joiners on IT operations, systems, and procedures
Vendor Management & Client Servicing
  • Assisted in building relationships with 15+ IT vendors and creating cost-efficient contracts
  • Re-negotiated with the supplier contracts to save the company $200k annually
  • Confirmed timely deliveries of projects to 50+ clients & ensured their satisfaction by promptly responding to their needs
VP of Information Technology | Feb '13 - Feb '15
Software/Hardware Development
  • Provided insights & ideas to solve complex IT issues and also developed strategies to save $500k for the company
  • Applied new infrastructure to optimize resources, manage & supervise staff; improving the overall IT process by 30%
System Upgradation & Recruiting
  • Discerned the need for upgrades, configurations or new systems and reported the same to the upper management
  • Identified vulnerabilities, proposed strategic solutions and recommended new systems & software when needed
  • Formed new policies & procedures, recruited new talents, & created new software & hardware tools to improve efficiency
Key Achievements
  • Found a new IT support vendor to improve customer support satisfaction by 15% while reducing the IT costs
  • Received Best Employee of the Year Award thrice in Jun '15, Jun '17 and Jun '19 for optimizing the entire IT process
Team Management & Network Security
  • Bolstered overall productivity by 30% by analyzing departmental needs and aligning it with the business objective
  • Deployed antivirus tools and directed network security initiatives for 100+ in-house and remote users
  • Spearheaded a team of 30+ employees & trained them on hardware & software installation and maintenance
Database Administration
  • Coordinated with senior-level stakeholders to identify technology needs and to optimize the use of IT resources & tools
  • Monitored systems, networks, & databases, etc., to ensure smooth delivery & operation of IT services
Team Leader | Feb '10 - Dec '11
IT Project Management
  • Spearheaded a team of 15 IT engineers and trained them on the process of system installation & configuration
  • Led 15+ projects and ensured that the deadlines were successfully met to improve client satisfaction
Systems Installation
  • Collaborated with IT Managers to develop focused plans & solutions for the IT infrastructure
  • Managed systems installations & implementations for 200+ in-house users and over 50 remote users
Hardware Installation
  • Communicated with the IT Manager on a weekly basis to discuss system needs and responded to general IT requests
  • Designed & installed computer hardware configurations for 50+ in-house employees
Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution
  • Installed software & networking systems and troubleshot software, network & hardware issues
  • Trained non-IT teams on newly installed hardware & software systems and ensured that all the systems are updated
  • Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) | CompTIA | Jun '16
GPA: 3.8/4.0

Key Takeaways

If you have gotten this far, you have read enough to fashion an impeccable resume from scratch. Here are the key takeaways of this blog:

  • The key to writing an ATS-compliant IT director resume lies in how you present your key skills. Make a distinct key skills section to illustrate your core IT skills.
  • Assemble your tech-centric skills and tool knowledge like languages, script, etc. under a distinct 'technical skills' sub-section within the key skills section.
  • Being in the IT industry demands that your skills are up to date. Acquire new skills via certifications and present them in your resume.
  • Use achievement figures or numbers to quantify your IT achievements. Doing this helps you show the extent of your IT contributions.
  • Write a 3-5 line resume summary. Pack it with your key achievements and career highlights for maximum impact.
  • While drafting the professional experience section, use one-liner points and group them under unique subheadings. Highlight the key achievements. This will enhance the readability and effectiveness of your IT Director resume.

Reach out to us at for any questions or assistance needed for IT director resume.