How to put SAP on resume?

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In this blog, we will show you how!

Other than that, we will show you how to cover the gaps in a resume for SAP projects, how to show SAP experience on resume, how to add SAP knowledge in resume, what is SAP in resume, how to write SAP experience in resume, and much more!

This guide is your one-stop stop for resume perfection. Here are some SAP resume points are shown in this summary of our SAP Resume 2020 Blog:

  • Every country has different guidelines when it comes to presenting personal information in your sap sales and distribution resume. To make sure that you are abiding by the requirements, thoroughly research the resume guidelines for your country of employment.
  • Avoid using fancy fonts in your sap sales and distribution resume. Use a standard font and keep it consistent throughout your sap fico resume.
  • Double-check your sap experience resume for spelling or factual errors before sending it in.
  • Make your resume achievements-based. Showcase your skills to entice the recruiters into shortlisting you.

Whether you're writing a sap resume for freshers or SAP resume experience - make sure to follow the SAP resume points presented in this guide.

To make a shortlist-worthy SAP resume, follow the 7 SAP resume points we have mentioned below:

Let’s further look into how to build your sap experience resume from scratch.

We have given section-wise explanation & SAP resume samples to show you how each section should look like in the end. Follow this guide to build your perfect sap fico resume.

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Here’s a list of the topics we will be covering in this blog:

Customize your SAP resume for every job application

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You are sabotaging your chances of being hired if you are sending the same resume over and over to different recruiters hoping for different results.

If you are not getting any callbacks even though you are applying to every job opening you come across, then the fault might just lie with your sap experience resume.

Start customizing your sap experience resume today to attract better job opportunities that suit your career projectile. Once you start submitting only customized resumes to recruiters, we can guarantee that you will see a dramatic increase in how many interviews you make.

Start analyzing the specific needs of the job vacancy you are applying for. Go through the JD and see if you will be a good fit there. Once you have done that, pick out keywords and give them a space in your sap experience resume to show recruiters your eligibility.

We will further show you in this guide how to exactly achieve a perfectly customized sap experience resume through various SAP resume points and SAP resume samples.

We will answer questions around how to put SAP on resume, how to cover the gaps in a resume for SAP projects, how to show SAP experience on resume, how to add SAP knowledge in resume, what is SAP in resume, how to write SAP experience in resume, etc.

So keep reading!

SAP Resume Template

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Here's a sap resume template showcasing what a perfect sap experience resume should look like:


Worried if you are doing everything possible to make your job hunting approach a success? Using Hiration’s Online Resume Builder will be a step in the right direction.

Click on the SAP resume template above and you will be taken to our platform where you will be able to edit it to match your requirements and conduct a sap resume download.

Use resume sections to present information in your sap fico resume & enhance its readability

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Let’s talk a little about the formatting and organization of information in your resume.

Choosing the correct SAP resume format is the first step in the resume-building process. This also answers the question: how to cover the gaps in a resume for SAP projects?

If you need to cover gaps, the functional format is a fine option.

We however advise the use of the reverse-chronological format as it is more ATS-friendly.

Moreover, extremely experienced folks have the option of choosing the combination format.


Once you have decided which SAP resume format you are going to use. It’s time to break down your information under different sections.

These are the 7 must-have resume sections in your sap fico resume:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

You can also add extra sections on a need basis:

  • Internships
  • Certifications
  • Conference & Publications
  • Volunteering Experience

Don’t want to do all this work? We have got you covered!

Use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to get access to pre-arranged sections in a perfectly formatted SAP resume template.

Incorporate relevant keywords across different sections of your SAP resume

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Resume keywords can be located in the JD of the job you are targeting. Candidates that utilize these keywords stand a higher chance of being noticed by the recruiter.

Not only that, but it is also a huge help in overcoming the first step of candidate vetting which is the ATS. The applicant tracking system or ATS

The more criteria you meet, the more qualified you're considered for the job!

What are these keywords and how you can identify them?

  • Skill-based keywords: Looking through the JD, you will come across job-specific skillsets listed by the recruiters. There may be different sections for minimum qualifications and preferred skills. Identify the skills that you hold from among these. Pick out these keywords and incorporate them in different sections of your sap experience resume such as the key skills, summary, and professional experience section.
  • Education-based keywords: Read the JD to find out the required academic qualifications required from the candidates. If you hold these qualifications, list them in your education section.
  • Experience-based keywords: Some profiles require relevant experience so highlighting your number of years of experience in the summary will catch the recruiter’s attention and let them know that you indeed are a qualified applicant.

Another benefit of keywords is that it is a golden ticket to get past the ATS which guards the gates for applications to go through the recruiters.

So, optimize your sap experience resume for keywords to impress both the recruiter and the ATS.

Having trouble identifying the right keyword or is it too much of a hassle to look for keywords every time you customize your sap experience resume?

Here is a quick and easy way to do that. Go to our Online Resume Builder and use its JD-CV match functionality feature.

You can simply copy-paste the JD and our resume builder will give you a list of skills and other keywords that you can add to your SAP HANA resume to make it keyword-optimized, job-optimized, and ATS compatible!

Optimize the header, personal information, and profile title sections of your sap fico resume.

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We will now discuss the first three sections of your sap fico resume and show you how to perfect them. Let's begin!

SAP Resume: Header

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Following are some tips that will help you craft the perfect header for your SAP HANA resume:

  • Write your real full name and place it on the extreme top of your sap fico resume.
  • Draft it in the largest font size, preferably in the range of 16-20 font-size so that it is easy to identify.
  • Do not label your sap fico resume using a generic 'CV' or 'resume' as this does not need to be explicitly communicated.

For a better understanding of this section, read our Resume Header Guide.

Here's a SAP resume example showing you an ideal resume header:


For more section-wise SAP resume samples like this, read on!

SAP Resume: Personal Information

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Give out the following details while drafting the personal information section of your sap fico resume:

  • Updated mobile number: Only give out the number on which you are always available.
  • Professional email ID: Avoid using slangs or funny phrases in the email ID. Make it look professional by using your name in it.
  • Current location: Just your city and state name will do. No need to give out your full address.

Hiration Pro Tip: Avoid falling victim to biased hiring by withholding personal information like your marital status, age, ethnicity, etc. Check the guidelines of your country to know what information is mandatory to be put on a resume.

If you're looking for more information on this section, explore our Resume Personal Information Guide to learn everything you need to know!

Here's a SAP resume example showing an ideal personal information section:


This snapshot is taken from the SAP resume template that we have made using our Online Resume Builder.

SAP Resume: Profile Title

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Here are some facts about the profile title section that you should be aware of:

  • It communicates your current job designation, industry, seniority, and expected salary to the recruiter. This is why you need to be honest while writing it.
  • Make it stand out so the recruiter does not miss it. Ideally, it should be the second-largest text in your SAP HANA resume. We advise using a text size between 14 and 16 points.

Here's a perfectly & corrected titled profile title as shown in this SAP resume example:


For more section-wise SAP resume samples like this, read on!

Perfect the professional experience section in your SAP resume to showcase your expertise

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Let the recruiter know that you are the right fit for the job at hand by making your professional experience section shine.

Here are 5 tips that will help you make the perfect professional experience section:

  • Use one-liner points
  • Use power verbs
  • Use achievement figures
  • Use keywords
  • Use bucketing & bolding

One-liner points

If you are using paragraphs to mention your roles and responsibilities and other work-related details. It’s time to stop.

One-liner points are a far better option when communicating the details of your professional experience.

This increases the readability of your SAP HANA resume and is less likely to distract the recruiter.

Use power verbs

There is more to perfecting the one-liner. The first thing is the use of power verbs.

Here is a guide on all that you need to know about power verbs. Use them to begin each point and add a tone of professionalism and assertiveness to your roles & responsibilities.

Examples of power verbs: Executed, Administered, Spearheaded, Directed, Developed, Formulated, Collaborated, Designed, etc.

Use achievement figures

Don’t show, tell. If all you are doing is talking about your achievements without giving any context, the recruiter will quickly move on to the next resume. Hold their attention by showing how your skills & expertise helped profit your previous organizations.

Need ideas?

Talk about time and money you were able to save, employees you trained (if you are in a senior position), and other values you were able to deliver.

Use keywords

Keywords hold the literal key to making your SAP HANA resume see the light of day.

Identify keywords from the JD of the job you are targeting. Strategically place these keywords into the professional experience section. Doing this can show the recruiters that you meet the skills criteria outlined in the job description.

Use bucketing & bolding

At last, group similar one-liner points together and give them a heading that describes the function they could be grouped under. This is called bucketing and it helps in showing the recruiter your main functions without them even having to read your one-liners.

Next, use bolding in which you will be highlighting all the relevant words, achievement figures, phrases, and keywords to ensure that the recruiter notices them!

SAP Resume sample for professional experience

We talk more about the Resume Work Experience Section in this guide.

Here's a SAP resume sample showcasing a perfect professional experience section:


Give your educational & certification details in your SAP resume

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Tell the recruiter that you are a competent and eligible candidate by giving them details of your academic qualifications and certifications.

Let us look into both these sections:

SAP resume: education

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Feature your education capabilities on your SAP HANA resume.

Here's a list of the things you should include in the education section of your sap fico resume:

  • Include the names of colleges/universities you attended for both your masters & bachelors. You do not need to add your high school detail in your SAP HANA resume.
  • Write your degree name.
  • Write the location of your institute in the city, state format.
  • Put down your graduation & enrolment dates in the month and year format.

If you need to know more about this section, read Hiration’s Resume Education Section Blog.

Here's a sap resume sample illustrating an impeccable education section.


SAP resume: certifications

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Certifications on your SAP HANA resume show that you have taken the time out of your working schedule to upskill and keep yourself updated. Show the recruiter that you are a dedicated individual by adding your certification details in your SAP HANA resume.

So, even if this section is not necessary, it would do you good to add it in your SAP HANA resume if you have relevant details.

Here are the things you should include in the certifications section of your sap fi resume:

  • The name of your certification course
  • The name of the certifying body
  • Location of the certifying body in the city & state format
  • Certification enrolment & completion dates in month & year format

Here's a sap resume sample illustrating an impeccable certifications section.


To make the perfect sap fi resume, make use of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder now!

Outline your skills under a key skills section in your SAP resume

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Display your SAP resume skills front and center. Focus on this section after you have built your professional experience section so you can cherry-pick your core and technical skills to display them here.

Do not forget to include the skills you have identified from the JD in this section. But be careful that you are not overstuffing and only including those skills that you actually hold.

Hiration Pro Tip: Do not mix your core and technical skills. Draft a subsection under the ‘key skills’ section named ‘technical skills’ to put down your tech-related knowledge.

This Resume Skills Guide will show you more on this section.

Here's a SAP resume sample illustrating the key skills section:


Get your existing sap fi resume reviewed by our expert resume strategists at Hiration.

Conclude your SAP resume using an objective or summary

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We have reached the end of all the sections. The summary/objective is the last section you will be working on.

Let’s take a look:

SAP resume summary

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Professionals with 3 or more years of experience should be writing the summary statement.

Here are some to be incorporated which will make summary perfect:

  • Work on it at the very end. This is so you do not miss out on any important information that should find a way in your summary statement.
  • Talk about your achievements and career highlights.
  • Restrict to a 3-5 lines paragraph when writing your summary.

This Resume Summary Guide will show you more on this section.

Here is a SAP resume sample showcasing a perfect summary:


SAP resume objective

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Professionals with less than 3 years of experience should write an objective statement.

Both these statements serve the same purpose. The only difference is that while a summary talks about career highlights and achievements, the objective statement objective focuses on functional skill as you won’t have much work experience to talk about.

Limit the objective statement to a paragraph of 3-5 lines.

Learn more about Resume Objectives by reading this guide.

In the meanwhile, try our resume builder to curate the perfect sap fi resume.

Resume Review Service

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We recommend our resume review service to you if you have been stuck in the rejection loop and need to update your sap fi resume.

We will be reviewing your sap fi resumes in compliance with the following parameters:

  • Design Compatibility
  • Content Relevance
  • ATS Compliance
  • Global Compatibility
  • Conversion Scope
  • Performance Assessment
  • Compliance with industry norms
  • Recruiter Friendliness
  • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

Online Resume Builder

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Hiration’s Online Resume Builder is everything you need to perfectly curate your sap fi resume.

Here are some features that will help make up your mind:

  • Intuitive next text suggestion
  • 25+ resume designs
  • JD-resume matcher
  • 100+ pre-filled resume templates
  • 1-click design change
  • A sharable link
  • LIVE resume editor
  • Option to save unlimited resumes
  • Full rich-text editor
  • Auto bold feature
  • Unlimited PDF & DOC downloads
  • LIVE resume score

Key Takeaways

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With this, we have reached the end of this blog. Here are some takeaways:

  • Stop sending generic sap fi resumes to hiring managers. Optimize it according to the JD of your target job. Identify relevant keywords and introduce them in your sap fi resume.
  • Check your sap fi resume, especially your personal information section for typos or factual hours.
  • Use relevant sections to organize your information. Use the 7 must-have sections listed in the guide.
  • Write an accurate and honest profile title.
  • When writing your summary or objective, keep it to the point and limited to a 5 line paragraph.
  • Use one-liners to organize your professional experience section. Start each point with a power verb. Quantify your achievements and use bucketing & bolding to grab the recruiter’s attention.
  • Distinctly mention your education details.
  • Mention relevant certifications to show that you have kept up with the industry standards.

Write to us at to resolve any queries or questions.