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Does your resume highlight your technical writing skills?

The best technical writers ought to have the best technical writer resumes too!

To be recognized in the job market as the best applicant one needs to stay on top of the recruiters' list.

The essence of your technical writing skills would be assessed by the hiring managers from your resume itself.

So you need to make sure that it contains everything that can get you shortlisted for the targeted job profile.

Here is the summary of our technical writer resume blog:

  • A perfect resume contains the right amount of details and is accurate at all times.
  • Using the right resume format can double the chances of your technical writing resume being shortlisted.
  • Nothing compares to a resume that describes your work experience in a crisp and precise manner.
  • Your technical writing skill should be under the spotlight in a resume.
  • Unnecessary details and information should never be placed on a resume because it takes away the genuine quality of your resume.

At any point, you need to ensure that your doubts about resume writing are cleared before you start creating a resume.

By doing so, you can easily overcome obstacles that may arise while curating your technical writer resume.

The following questions are clarified in this blog:

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What Is a Technical Writing Resume, and Why Do You Need It?

Wondering how to write a technical writer resume?

Well, a technical resume is simply a document that contains your professional qualification and experience details.

In simple words, a technical resume is your job application through which the hiring managers can assess your suitability for the targeted job profile and give you the desired shortlist.

Why you need the resume is very important to understand if you want to take your career ahead. So always keep the following points in mind:

  • Most recruiters filter resumes with the help of ATS (Application Tracking System) as it makes the selection of suitable applicants easier.
  • Now, your job is to ensure that the right set of keywords are included in your resumes for the ATS to accept your technical writing resume.
  • You can simply go through the technical writing job description and list all those points that relate to your professional expertise and skills in your resume.

According to the Salary Explorer, experience level is an important factor that determines the salary package of a professional technical writer.

Here is a chart showing the comparison of salary by years of experience of a technical writer in the US.


Technical Writer Sample Resume

Here is a complete technical writer resume sample fr you to get a better understanding of what an ideal resume should look like:

Noah Wilson
Technical writer
5+ years experienced technical writing professional highly skilled in drafting user and integration guides to provide in-depth understanding of products. Adept at gathering feedback and creating policies to ensure continuous improvement. Proficient in editing and translating technical documents to ensure smooth business operations.
• Technical Writing & Communication • Technical Reporting & Documentation • Document Design
• Content Analysis & Presentation • Technical Training • User Manual Design • Web Writing • Technical Publications
• Information Architecture • Website Navigation • Copywriting • Instructional Material Development

Technical Skills: Hansoft, Zoho, SharePoint, Splunk, MS Office Suite
Technical Writer
Power IT Solutions
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Power IT Solutions is a software and web application development company with experienced IT consultants who can offer valuable business solutions
    Technical Documentation
    • Liaising with product managers and engineers to produce 5+ documents daily, including:
    • User Guides, Integration Guides, and API Developer Guides, etc.
    • Creating and maintaining client aids viz online videos, demonstrations, guided tours, and other educational techniques
    • Translating technical information and complex concepts to non-technical audience ensuring 100% user understandability
    Training Documentation
    • Interacting with customers to gather feedback on documentation to improve the user manual usability
    • Served as an editor to ensure consistency in training documentation across all departments
    • Monitoring metrics on the usage of training materials and direct customer feedback to prioritize future training investments
    Content Writer
    Locus Inc.
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Locus Inc. was established in 1996 to provide information technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses
      Quality Assurance
      • Collaborated with 5+ departments including development, QA, product management to draft and finalize product description
      • Planned, researched, wrote, and revised printed and online documentation, including:
      • General overviews, tutorials, installation & configuration instructions, and API documents
      • Established team policies and procedures to stay up-to-date on current trends
      • Oversaw peer editing and production to provide an in-depth review to ensure high quality
      • Certified Professional Technical Writer | Udemy | Sep '20
      Technical Writing - Intern
      California Highs
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        California Highs provides innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions
        Product Specification Documentation
        • Gathered and analyzed 50+ technical drafts containing product information from sources to document product functionality
        • Wrote, formatted, edited, and reviewed procedural information for technical and non-technical users
        • Assisted in planning, scheduling, and tracking documentation process to meet product release dates and client deliverables
        Bachelor of Arts in Professional & Technical Writing
        California State University
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          • CGPA: 3.7/4.0

          Apart from a senior technical writer resume, you can also create a technical writer cover letter from our Online Resume Builder.

          Build Your Technical Writer Resume Using a Suitable Resume Format

          The best way to built your resume is by picking a suitable resume format that puts your resume on a pedestal.

          A reverse chronological resume format is the best option to write your senior technical writer resume.

          • It will allow you to highlight your latest work profiles and achievements upfront while the older details follow in a reverse manner.
          • This is the best format and is commonly used because of its ATS-friendly nature and non-nonsense presentation of your career trajectory.

          Next comes the functional format which is actually not the most preferred format due to its non-ATS-friendly nature.

          • It allows you to showcase your skills more than your professional experience
          • It is mostly for covering up career gaps and disguising one's constant career change.

          The combination resume format is quite acceptable since:

          • It is ATS compliant and highlights both your skills and work experience but it is also not the best format.
          • It may seem good enough but only for those who have extensive years of work experience.

          Learn all about Resume Formats before you start framing your tech writer resume.

          Sections to be Included in Your Technical Writer Resume

          The following sections can make it easier for you to highlight all the right details in your technical writer resumes:

          • Header
          • Personal Information
          • Profile Title
          • Summary/Objective
          • Key Skills
          • Professional Experience
          • Education
          • Certifications (if any)
          • Awards & Recognition (if any)
          • Additional Information (if any)

          Every section on a resume gives you the opportunity to connect and communicate with the recruiters.

          Create a Flawless Professional Experience Section in Your Technical Writer Resume

          One of the most prominent sections on a resume is the professional experience section.

          This is the section wherein all your professional experience needs to be described for the recruiters to recognize you as a potential applicant for the targeted job profile.

          No matter how experienced or skilled you are in the field of technical writing unless you can communicate the same through your resume, your chances of being shortlisted cannot be guaranteed.

          Talking of which ...

          You need to make sure that the following three points are clearly embedded in the professional experience section of your tech writer resume:

          • Star Format
          • Framing One-Liners
          • Bucketing & Bolding

          All three points are simple yet tricky if not implemented full-heartedly!

          START FORMAT

          • Situation: The situation/backdrop/context of your contributions.
          • Task: The official task assigned to you.
          • Action: Your strategy to execute the assigned task.
          • Result: The result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure.

          Using the STAR format is as clear as day!

          You need to present the cause-effect of your contributions by describing your action and its result in your technical writer resume.


          • Collected various information from SMEs to develop and write procedure manuals and technical specifications
          • Assessed the latest content and developed innovative approaches for enhancing the content

          From the given examples, the recruiters would easily understand the applicants' contributions and their results, which will raise the chances of being shortlisted for the targeted job.


          Nothing makes it clearer than framing one-liners to describe your technical skills and expertise.

          They are straight to the point and do not beat around the bushes!

          The recruiters would be impressed already once they see that your technical writing resume is clear and on point.


          • Brainstormed & created user-friendly documentation of the product's functionality
          • Developed various deliverables comprising user guide, product manuals, installation & configuration guide, etc.

          From the example given above, we can clearly understand that the applicant is familiar with creating user-friendly documents of products, user guides, manuals, etc.

          Hence, it is clear enough that writing one-liners would make it easier for the recruiters to grasp the applicants' knowledge of the job profile.

          A lengthy paragraph to explain the two points would make it lame because no recruiter would want to read an entire paragraph just to try and understand an applicants' potential.


          Simply create strong headings that reflect your technical writing expertise and list all the similar one-liners under the relevant buckets.

          A well-arranged resume has its advantages by ensuring that your resume easily gets past the ATS and the recruiters quickly recognize your potential.

          Simply create buckets and list down all the similar points under the relevant heading in your technical writer resume.


          Product & Technical Documentation

          • Brainstormed & created user-friendly documentation of the product's functionality
          • Developed various deliverables comprising user guide, product manuals, installation & configuration guide, etc.
          • Collected various information from 10+ SMEs to develop and write procedure manuals and technical specifications

          And do not forget to bold the most significant words, phrases, and figures in your one-liners to ensure that your technical writing skills are easily identified by the recruiters.

          Doing so will make it easier for the recruiters to identify your expertise as a technical writer.

          You can refer to the given professional experience section from our sample technical writer resume:


          Are you still wondering how to write a technical writer resume?

          No worries!

          Simply go through our guide on Perfecting the Work Experience Section in a Resume and learn all about this section.

          Provide Your Personal Information in Technical Writer Resume

          Before you give out your personal information in your resume make sure to go through the guideline of the company, country, organization, etc. wherein you are applying for a job.

          In order to avoid bias hiring some country and organizations prohibits the mention of certain details like gender, religion, country, marital status, etc.

          Your senior technical writer resume should always have the following personal details so that the recruiters can easily get in touch with you for any job-related purposes:

          Personal Information
          Contact Number: +1 323 666 9999
          Email Address:
          Current Location: SF, US

          Apart from the above-listed details, you can also add links to your LinkedIn or Github profile along with any other personal website that shows you in good light.


          Learn all about personal information on your resume and make sure to create the perfect tech writer resume.

          You can also have a look at the given sample technical writer resume highlighting the right way to provide your personal details:


          Technical Writer Resume Skills Section

          The technical writing skill that you possess should be included in your technical writer resume skills section.

          This section is very important in a resume because:

          • It is the best place to use suitable keywords picked from the job description
          • It is the right place to boast about your expertise in technical writing
          • It is the section through which you can easily communicate your technical writing skill with the hiring managers

          Here are some of the most common technical writing skills that can be mentioned in a tech writer resume:

          Technical Writer: Key Skills
          Technical Writing Strategies Audience Analysis
          Documents Verification Statistic Reviews
          Product Documentation Proofreading

          Do not forget to highlight your technical skills along with your key skills because it plays a major role in defining your technical writing potential:

          Technical Writer: Technical Skills
          Microsoft Word Adobe FrameMaker
          HTML XML

          The right set of skills on a resume can magnify your technical writing skill and raise your chances of being shortlisted for a job.

          The technical writer resume skills section given below is from our sample technical writer resume:


          How to Write a Technical Writer Resume Summary/Objective

          A summary of technical writer resume plays an important role in introducing you to the recruiters.

          And so does a technical writer resume objective.

          A summary of technical writer resume can give an insight into your entire resume without wasting the recruiters' precious time.

          While composing a resume summary you need to remember the following points:

          • Include a resume summary only when you have extensive years of professional experience.
          • Ensure that you pick points from the professional experience section to highlight your professional experience as a technical writer.
          • Limit your summary to a maximum of 4-5 lines.

          Your technical writer resume objective is more or less the same as a summary.

          The only difference is that the objective should be included if:

          • you have less than 3 years of experience and
          • communicate what all value you are willing to contribute to the targeted organization.

          To be simply put, a summary of technical writer resume is to highlight the growth of your professional career and the objective is to mention your willingness to learn and contribute towards the higher goals of an organization.

          Given below is a glimpse of what a technical writer resume summary comprises of:


          Technical Writing Qualifications in a Technical Writer Resume

          To become a technical writer it is not compulsory that you have a graduation or post-graduation degree.

          Though there is no harm in highlighting them in your technical writing resume if you possess a degree.

          Your chances can elevate if you have a degree in English Literature, Journalism, Mass Communication, or any relevant field of studies.

          A degree in science or IT can give you leverage too!

          All you need to do is:

          • Mention the name of your university
          • Specify your course of study
          • Include the dates of your enrollment and completion
          • Include the location of your university

          Create a separate education section in your junior technical writer resume.

          Here is a sample technical writer resume of the perfect education section:


          By highlighting your educational qualification in your resume you can hone your technical writing skills through your academic achievements.

          Certifications in a Technical Writer Resume

          As a technical writer, you should constantly hone your skills to stay one step ahead in the competitive job market.

          Never let go of any opportunity that can get you under the recruiters' radar during your job application.

          Apart from highlighting your scholastic details, you can also highlight any certification that you have completed or currently taking up in your technical writing resume.

          Doing so will make an impression of your commitment and level of excellence in the field of technical writing and amplify your technical writing qualifications.

          Here is a snapshot of an ideal certification section on a technical writer resume:


          Read Hiration's Guide to including certifications on a resume and get a clear understanding of its importance in your tech writer resume.

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          Key Takeaway

          Keep the following points in mind while creating the best technical writer resume to land your targeted job:

          • Make sure to understand the importance of getting your resume past the ATS and include suitable keywords from the job listing.
          • Describe your work experience in one-liners under strong buckets to ensure that the recruiters can easily recognize you as a technical writing expert.
          • Provide your contact details to make sure that the hiring managers can get in touch with you whenever your resume is shortlisted.
          • Include both your key skills and technical skills to make your proficient technical writing expertise stand out in your technical writer resume skills section.
          • Mention the details of your professional qualification and certification to add value to your professional junior technical writer resume.

          Refer to the best technical resume examples provided in this blog while writing your technical writer resumes.

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