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How can I make an airline pilot resume in 2023?

This blog is focused on guiding all the individuals who want to build a promising career in the aviation industry.

Here you will get a completely job-oriented airline pilot resume template sample to grab that aviation job.

Moreover, Hiration has crafted one-liner power bullet points for more than 250 profiles that are effective enough to boost up your chances of getting shortlisted.

These bullet points will help you to parse the ATS, that is used by most enterprises to filter out irrelevant resumes during the recruitment process.

Building a resume is the first step in the job hunting process, hence, it must be effective enough to grab your recruiter's attention.

To build a highly impeccable pilot resume template, you must go through the entire blog with patience and a focused mind. Here are the summary points of what you will get in this blog.

  • Add relevant keywords and relevant information in one-liner bullet points
  • Craft the essential sections appropriately in your resume to make it look better and effective
  • Prepare yourself with the latest interview questions to perform better in the F2F interview
  • Add the total flight time of your career to your resume to showcase your expertise
  • Get certified with relevant certifications to stand out from the crowd

Building a resume is not just about showcasing your work details. It is more about expressing your goals and your skills aligned with the targeted job profile.

You will get the answers to the following questions related to an aviation resume in this blog:

Hiration is offering you an AI-powered Online Resume Builder that can help you build a highly impactful resume for your desired job profile.

You can also use the one-liner bullet points created by Hiration to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

What is an Airline Pilot?

An airline pilot works to fly airplanes for both international & local, long and short-haul flights in private as well as government aviation companies.

As an airline pilot, you will also need to conduct pre-flight aircraft operational system checks, create and adjust flight plans as well as ensure secure landings and takeoffs. In a single line, you will be responsible for the safety of all the passengers along with the crew members.

Airline Pilot Roles & Responsibilities

An airline pilot is responsible for safe air travel from one place to another.

Here you can see some of the major roles and responsibilities of an airline pilot:

  • Build a perfect flight plan considering the performance of aircraft along with weather and altitude conditions
  • Ensure that the cargo weight does not exceed aircraft limits and adequate fuel supplies.
  • Check all the components of the aircraft properly including radars, navigation systems, and engines, etc.
  • Monitor all the cockpit instruments such as peed indicators, and altimeters to ensure their proper functioning
  • Communicate properly with the air traffic control for safe landing and takeoff without any hurdle

Airline Pilot Salary


Image Source: Payscale

According to a recent report by Payscale, the average base salary of an airline pilot is USD 119,419.

We have also gained data on the average salaries of similar profiles from a genuine source named Indeed. Check out the below-given table for the average salary information of some other aviation-related profiles:

Profile Name Average Salary
First Officer USD 59,215 (Annually)
Flight Instructor USD 30.49 (Per Hour)
Captain USD 16.57 (Per Hour)
Commander USD 72,964 (Annually)
Cargo Pilot USD 61,533 (Annually)
Inspector USD 16.83 (Per Hour)

Airline Pilot Resume Points

To make an impressive airline resume, you need to enter all of your information in one-liner bullet points instead of long paragraphs.

Bullet points will make your resume more comprehensible and easy to read. Moreover, it is advisable for you to add as many industry-related keywords as you can to your airline pilot resume templates.

You can pick up keywords from the job description as it is considered the best resource to get relevant keywords for a resume. Here are some points that you can follow while making the bullet points of your resume:

  • Start every bullet point with a power verb
  • Mention every point with a cause/effect relationship
  • Quantify your information with numbers wherever possible
  • Mention all the similar points under one heading
  • Highlight relevant keywords and vital information

Hiration has also crafted ready-to-use resume points for 250+ profiles that can be used to improve the quality and appearance of any resume. Some of them can be seen in the following points:

Airline Pilot Resume Skills

You can not stand a chance if you do not have the required skills in your airline resume. Your skills will also work as keywords that will help you in passing the ATS. Hence, it is highly recommended to add as many industry-relevant skills as you can to increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

Being an airline pilot aspirant, you should also add your overall air flight time as proof of your expertise. Recruiters in this sector expect flight time in pilot resumes examples.

Apart from this, here are some pilot skills you can add to your aviation resume:

Key Skills
Aircraft Navigation Communication Skills
Cockpit Devices Leadership Skills
Operating Boeing 707 Operating Boeing 757
Operating Boeing 727 Operating Boeing 720

Airline Pilot Interview Sample Questions & Answers

A fine airline resume will make you closer to the selection, However, you need to crack the F2F interview process to grab your target airline pilot job.

Hiration has a repository of latest interview questions that can help you in getting required knowledge to crack the interview. Here are some questions that might catch your eye:

1. Explain the CRM process as an Airline Pilot.

The CRM process can be defined as effective and systematic use of every available resource for a smooth and secured flight experience. The process involves a focus on teamwork, communication, decision-making, situational awareness, and task allocation.

Dispatchers, maintenance crew, flight attendants, cockpit crew, and ATC are considered to be the major contributors to the CRM process

2. What is MEA?

Mea stands for Minimum En Route Altitude. It is the lowest altitude on the airway, which ensures the clearance of obstacles and acceptable navigation.

3. Explain the difference between EGPWS & GPWS.

There are 4 major differences between EGPWS and GPWS that can be seen in the table given below:

  • EGPWS is an advanced and safer methodology than GPWS
  • EGPWS uses GPS and there is no GPS in GPWS
  • EGPWS usses a terrain database, which is absent in GPWS
  • GPWS can be used only for the ground below, however EGPWS can be used for a wider area

4. What are Holding Speeds?

Here are certain holding limits that must be kept in mind by every airline pilot:

  • 200 knots for upto 6000 ft.
  • 230 knots from 6000 ft. to 14000 ft.
  • 265 knots for above 14000 ft.
  • 310 knots if you are at a Navy Base or in F-111

5. Explain VDP.

VDP can be termed as Visual Descent Point. It is the endpoint in which you can attain the normal position to land an aircraft on a non-precision approach.

Airline Pilot Resume Sample

Sasha Wilfred
Commercial Airline Pilot
3+ years certified airline pilot with a proven record of flying and testing aircrafts as per the modern aviation standards. Adept at maintaining safety and security measures in the flight resulting in a pleasant customer experience. Proficient in communicating with crew and senior officers to manage customers and airline operational instruments in both medium-haul and long-haul flights.
• Modern Aviation Techniques • Aircraft Testing • Navigation • Aeronautical Mechanics • Flight Supervision
• Safety & Stress Management • Risk Mitigation • Report Analysis • Effective Communication
  • Total Flight Time: 4500+ Hours
  • Assistant Pilot in Command: 1000+ Hours
  • Second Assistant in Command: 500+ Hours
  • Night Time: 1000+ Hours
  • Plane Types: Boeing B737 MAX, Airbus A350
Airline Pilot (First Officer)
Global Airways
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    One of the biggest American aviation company serving across the globe and generating annual turnover of 10bn.
    Flight Supervision & Safety Management
    • Assisting the second officer to ensure timely, comfortable, and safe flights with 100% customer satisfaction
    • Maintaining safety and health standards of assigned flights according to the airline regulations and international policies
    • Managing pre and post-flight activities, including the preparation of flight schedules to ensure flight punctuality

    Report Checking & Information Sharing
    • Performing active communication with air traffic control, and crew to ensure 100% safe and comfortable flight experience
    • Conducting report analysis of navigation controls, operational instruments, communication tools, and fuel levels
    • Training new employees with the modern airline procedures and policies to deliver a superior customer experience
    Cargo Pilot (Second Officer)
    Air Express
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      A leading domestic airline service provider in the United States having 30+ aircrafts
      Aviation & Risk Mitigation
      • Flew 250+ regional cargo flights with punctuality under the supervision of a aircraft captain with perfection
      • Coordinated with the first officer to perform the pilot duties with 100% accuracy to avoid in-air risk

      Flight Safety & Maintenance
      • Performed aircraft testing to ensure safety standards were met before and after every flight for maximum security
      • Rectified the plane testing reports with a team of 5+ aeronautical mechanics with 100% accuracy
      Professional Pilot Training
      Front Range Flight School
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • CGPA: 3.6/4.0
        Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
        University of Colorado
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          • CGPA: 3.8/4.0
          • Certified Airline Transport Pilot | Federal Aviation Administration | Mar '18
          • Certified Commercial Pilot | Federal Aviation Administration | Mar '19
          • Certified Flight Instructor | Federal Aviation Administration |May '20
          • Languages: English (native), French (fluent), and German (working proficiency)

          Sections in Airline Pilot Resume

          To build an impeccable job-oriented airline resume, you need to add all the essential sections having required in easy-to-read format.

          Here are the standard sections that must be added to every resume you build for an easy-to-read and attractive approach.

          You can add all of these below-given resume sections to your airline pilot resume to get the maximum benefits in your recruitment process:

          Pilot Resume Header

          You can check out our detailed blog on Header to make this section perfect. Here are some major points to craft this section of your airline pilot resume:

          • Mention your name as the header of your resume
          • Use the biggest font (16-20) in your resume to make this section

          Pilot Resume Personal Information

          You need to craft this section appropriately, by which your recruiter can contact you without any hurdle. You can follow these steps to frame a fine Personal Details section for your airline pilot resume:

          • Start your writing contact number with ISD code with a plus (+) sign
          • Showcase your location in state/city format
          • Mention your official email id with your real name

          Pilot Resume Profile Title

          This section plays a very important role as it showcases the profile name for which you are applying. Being a small yet important section you can follow the below-given instruction to frame the Profile Title of your aviation resume:

          • Use the second largest font (14-16) of your resume to craft this section

          Airline Pilot Resume Summary

          As its name defines, it comprises a short description of your entire flight instructor resume. Here are some points that must be kept in mind while making the summary of your airline pilot resume templates:

          • Craft this section after summing up your entire resume
          • Frame a Summary only if you have 3+ years of experience
          • Opt for Objective if you are a fresher aspirant

          Professional Pilot Resume Key Skills

          This section shows all the skills you have related to the profile you are applying for. You can also make separate sections for Technical Skills and Soft Skills for better impact. Here are some guidelines that will lead you towards a perfect Key Skills section:

          • Make this section right before you craft your resume objective or summary
          • Highlight industry-focused skills and keywords to make your resume rank high on the ATS

          Pilot Resume Professional Experience

          The professional experience section elaborates on your entire work history. You can check out our detailed blog on Professional Experience to frame this section appropriately or you can also follow the steps mentioned below:

          • Showcase all of your information in one-liner bullet points
          • Start every bullet point with a power verb
          • Mention every point with a cause/effect relationship
          • Quantify your mentioned information wherever possible

          Airline Pilot Resume Education

          You can refer to our blog for crafting the perfect Education section for your aviation resume. However, you can also follow the below-mentioned guidelines for a quick improvement in the education section of your resume:

          • Showcase the name of school/university you attended
          • Mention the name of your course
          • Add the location of your school/university in city/state format
          • Write your enrollment and graduation dates in month & year format

          Apart from these sections, you can also add some other sections as per the relevance to your target profiles. Some of those additional sections can be seen below:

          • Projects (if any)
          • Certifications (if any)
          • Awards & Recognition (if any)
          • Additional Information (if any)

          How to Make a Pilot Resume

          You should present all the sections in your resume appropriately to get the desired result in the recruitment process. Your resume must be easy to read and filled with required information along with industry-specific keywords to stand apart from the crowd.

          Here are some resume building guidelines that can be followed to make a highly impeccable airline pilot resume:

          • Make a master folder containing all of your required documents
          • Create the first draft containing all the information in an attractive manner
          • Polish it and create the final copy filled with keywords and highlighting important points

          You can follow these points to make a fine and career-focused airline pilot resume. Still, in case of any confusion, feel free to use Hiration’s AI-powered Online Resume Builder that is effective enough to make an attractive resume for your target opportunity.

          Optimize the Professional Experience Section

          Professional experience plays a vital role in the selection process of your airline pilot resume as it consists of all the details about your work experience, roles, responsibilities, achievements, etc.

          You have to craft the Professional Experience section of your aviation resume with a completely focused mind and a pinch of creativity.

          Here are some guiding points that you can follow to frame this section effectively to get desired results:

          Frame Points

          Step out of the traditional methodology of long paragraphs. No one is interested in reading lengthy content these days. Hence, you should showcase all of your information in one-liner bullet points.

          This technique will make your aviation resume easy to read and attractive enough to grab the eyes of your recruiter.

          Cause & Effect

          • Mention all of your bullet points in STAR (S- Situation, T- Task, A- Action, R- Result) format
          • Showcase the tasks that are assigned to your officially
          • Explain the actions performed to achieve the desired result
          • Showcase the outcome with your achievement figures for better impact

          Grouping & Highlighting

          To give your resume a sparkling professional structure, you must group all the similar points and mention them under one heading. Moreover, you should also highlight the keywords and essential information to grab your recruiters’ attention.

          Airline Pilot Certifications

          It is always better to have additional certifications in your bucket other than your educational degrees. Their certificates can help you to steal the limelight and get bonus points in the recruitment process.

          You can enlist these certifications in your aviation resume as proof of your expertise for the applied opportunity. Here are some guidelines that must be kept in mind while mentioning your resumes in the airline pilot resume:

          • Name of your certification
          • Name of affiliated institute
          • Location of your institution
          • Enrollment and completion date in month/year format

          You can also check out our detailed blog on Certifications to frame this section appropriately for getting maximum benefits.

          To help you out in getting your desired opportunity, here are the certifications by Federal Aviation Administration that will help you in knocking down all the hurdles in getting an airline pilot job:

          Here you can also check out some institutions that will help you in achieving your desired airline pilot job:

          SKY EAGLE Aviation Academy

          • Student Pilot
          • Sport Pilot
          • Recreational Pilot
          • Private Pilot
          • Commercial Pilot
          • Airline Transport Pilot


          • Sport Pilot
          • Recreational Pilot
          • Private Pilot
          • Commercial Pilot
          • Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI)
          • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

          Airline Pilot Cover Letter

          A finely crafted cover letter will increase your chances of getting your target job. Most of the recruiters do not even see a resume without a cover letter.

          Hence it is very important to add a Pilots cover letter along with your sample pilot resume while sending your job application. You can keep the following points in mind to make an impactful pilot cover letter:

          • Make your resume in 3-4 paragraphs, not more than that
          • Start with showcasing your strengths and achievements in your career journey
          • Mention the name of your previous companies and employers
          • Lastly, add the reason for which your recruiters liked you
          • Your pilots cover letter should not exceed 350 words

          In case of any confusion, you can always rely on Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder to craft a perfect pilots cover letter for your job hunting.

          Resume Review Service

          Building a precisely perfect airline pilot resume is not a piece of cake, hence, an expert is all you need to ensure the resume quality.

          You can find these experts at Hiration, who are efficient and experienced enough to upgrade your current resume quality and increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Our experts analyze your resume in compliance with the following parameters

          • Performance Assessment
          • Conversion Scope
          • Global Compatibility
          • Compliance with industry norms
          • Content Relevance
          • Recruiter Friendly
          • ATS Compliance
          • Design Compatibility
          • Resume Formatting

          Online Resume Builder

          Hiration has also built an AI-powered Online Resume Builder that can help you in making an impeccable aviation resume. Here are some of the highlighting benefits you will experience while using our resume builder:

          • 1-click design change
          • Save unlimited resumes
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          • A sharable link
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          • Auto bold
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          • Full rich-text editor
          • LIVE resume editor

          Key Takeaways

          Check out the key takeaways of this blog:

          • Showcase all the information of your resume except summary/objective in bullet points
          • Add as many industry-specific keywords as you can to rank high in the ATS
          • Use figures to quantify your results to showcase your expertise
          • Add all the essential resume sections to portray a professionally perfect image

          You can follow all the above-given guidelines to grab an airline pilot job. We have also showcased airline pilot resume examples in this blog to help you in the resume-building process.

          Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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