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How to write a freelance web developer resume?

It is as same as any other resume but you need to be able to display your work history in a way that the recruiters can recognize your potential right away.

In this blog, we have compiled all the effective resume writing tips along with freelance web developer resume samples and freelance web developer resume examples to help you build the perfect job-winning freelance web developer resume.

Here is the summary of our Freelance Web Developer Resume Blog:

  • Get the attention of the recruiters by mentioning your certified courses.
  • Provide your contact details and links to your professional portfolios on personal websites.
  • Present your work history in one-line sentences and group similar points together.
  • Layout your details in reverse chronological format web dev resume.
  • Give a summary of your resume to highlight your contributions and achievements.
  • List your technical skills separately along with your key skills.

The recruiters are not looking for just any applicant!

They are on the lookout for the best candidate who outshines the rest of the applicants.

Be clear with the following points to write the perfect Freelance Web Developer resume:

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You can pick any of the pre-filled resume templates and personalize them with your specific details and work history.

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Freelance Web Developer Job Description

A freelance developer job description is simple!

As a freelance web developer, you are inclined to create websites for clients and work on numerous projects related to web development.

There is no denying that freelance web developers have a wide range of scope in the web development field.

You simply need to be up to date with all the job trends and make your presence solid in the job market through your freelance web developer resume.

So if you are wondering ...

How do I put freelance work on my resume Web developer? OR How to find freelance work as a web developer?

Then, this guide blog will give you the best tips on all the dos and don'ts while creating your web dev resume for landing the perfect project and work profiles.

Here is an insight into the variation of salaries for web developers across different job titles in the US:


SOURCE: Career Foundry

Build Your Freelance Web Developer Resume Using a Suitable Resume Format

A flawless resume should be fabricated in a perfect resume format to get it past the ATS and get on the radar of the recruiters.

What is ATS?

Well, it is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps the recruiters in easing their hiring process easier.

Refer to the freelance developer job description and include suitable content in your resume of a freelance web developer.

It can get stressful for the recruiters to pick the right applicant from hundreds and thousands of resumes so they need the ATS to filter those resumes that do not go along with the hiring guidelines.

Now, you need to pick the right resume format so that it is ATS-compliant and gets your resume for web developer to the next level and be checked by the recruiters.

The Chronological resume format is preferred by professionals and recruiters as it is the ideal resume format that is ATS compliant.

It helps you bring forth your recent and relevant job profiles ahead of your past profiles in the reverse chronology hence makes it easier for the ATS to pick and for the recruiters to read through.

The Functional resume format is not ATS friendly and Hiration does not recommend you to use it to write your freelance web developer resume.

Despite that, it has its benefits because for those professionals with visible career gaps and those who tend to change jobs frequently.

It is a skill-based resume format hence it highlights your professional skills and focuses less on your work experience.

Now, for those who have extensive work experience (10+ years) you can make use of the Combination resume format.

This format can help you describe your work experience as well as highlight your skills with equal focus.


The right resume format is the right start to framing the perfect resume of a freelance web developer.

In case you are not confident about which resume format to pick, visit Hiration's Online Resume Builder, and get professional assistance to create your resume freelance web developer.

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Organize Your Freelance Web Developer Resume by Including Distinct Sections

To frame your various details on a resume you need to break down the resume into different sections that are distinct and highlight the specific components effectively.

Here are the sections considered as the standard sections that need to be curated on a freelance web developer resume without fail:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

Add the following sections in your web dev resume to highlight your other professional credentials:

  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)


There is something more for you on Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume so make sure to read through it before you start framing your freelance developer resume.

Optimize the Header Section of Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

How to find freelance work as a web developer?

Well, the best way to find a freelance job in web development is by marketing yourself as a potential applicant through your resume.

Let us take you through the topmost section of your resume freelance web developer.

It should illustrate your resume header, personal information, and freelance web developer profile title.

Freelance Web Developer Resume: Header

Drop the idea of writing "Resume" or "CV" on top of your resume for web developer because it has no impact on your job application.

Instead, write your name as the resume header and label it as a unique application so that the recruiters can easily monitor your resume throughout the hiring process.

The simple guide to writing the perfect resume header is listed below:

  • Write your resume using the largest text in your resume (16-20 font size).
  • Frame it in the topmost part of your freelance web developer resume.

If you have a middle name you can simply write the initial of your middle name followed by a period and leave it between your first and last name.

It may sound like an insignificant feature on your resume but it plays an important role in giving your resume for web developer profile a unique identity.

To learn more about the importance of the resume header and its impact on your resume, go through Hiration’s Guide to Writing the Perfect Resume Header.

To give you a clear picture of an ideal resume header here is a freelance web developer resume example:


Freelance Web Developer Resume: Personal Information

When you write a resume you must provide your contact details so that the recruiters can contact you for any updates.

And you need to provide your current location to determine if you are willing to relocate for your job placement.

Provide the following details in your web dev resume in the personal information section:

Active Contact Number
Professional Email Address
Current Location
Personal Website Links

Hiration Pro Tip: Try to add your social media profile like Linkedin in your resume to further strengthen the communication between you and the recruiters.

Updated Contact Number: Mention the contact number that you actively use so that you do not miss any call from the potential recruiters.

The recruiters may shortlist some other applicants if they cannot reach out to you. So make sure that your contact number is correct and functional.

Professional Email Address: Furthermore, you should give out your official email address in your freelance web developer resume as it is an easy means of communication.

Make sure that the email address you mention has your real name and not some fictitious name. It may show you in an unprofessional light to the recruiters and affect your job application.

Current Location: Provide the location of your residence in your resume without giving out personal details like your house number, locality name, street number, etc.

If you are looking for a job that will relocate you to some other country then mention your state and country. Else simply mention your city and state.

Personal Website Links: Add links to your professional profile on any relevant websites such as Kaggle, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc. so that the recruiters can get to you through them as well.


Do not neglect the importance of adding your contact information accurately in your resume for web developer job profiles.

The snapshot of our freelance web developer resume sample highlighting the personal information section that is attached below has been taken from our freelance web developer resume template:


Explore all the resume templates and samples on our Online Resume Builder and learn how to write resume as freelance web developer.

Freelance Web Developer Resume: Profile Title

As a freelance web developer, your freelance web developer profile title should be as such.

It should reflect your professional status and the level of seniority that you hold.

Nothing more or nothing less!

The profile title defines your professional skills and assures the recruiters that you are fit for the targeted job profile.

Having said that, you should be able to justify your claim as someone who has a freelance web developer profile in your resume.

The profile title ideally communicates the listed facts to the recruiter and potential employers:

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • The level of your professional seniority.

Simply follow the below-mentioned guidelines while framing the profile title in your resume freelance web developer:

  • Write it as the second-largest text in your resume after the resume header.
  • Write it in the 14-16 font size.

Do remember that exaggerating or magnifying your profile title will be considered as deliberately lying in your web dev resume.

Therefore avoid farming any profile title that does not comply with the work experience that you have achieved.

Here is an ideal profile title from our freelance web developer resume sample to give you a clear idea of what an ideal freelance web developer profile title should look like:


Perfect the Professional Experience Section of Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

The professional experience section plays a key role in illustrating your freelance web developer responsibilities and work history in your resume.

Take the time and figure out what all factors can help you curate this section with perfection.


Framing Points: It does not matter if you have limited work experience or extensive work record to illustrate in a resume. You should stick to framing your points in crisp one-liners.

It gives you a higher chance of clearly communicating your statements to the recruiters.

Framed points can enhance the readability of your work history in the resume of a freelance web developer.

Simply use bullet points and write one-liners to communicate the professional work record that you have acquired over the years as a professional freelance web developer.

Power Verbs: The word "Power Verbs" itself is powerful and hence you should use them to start your one-liners to write meaningful points.

The right power verb can make your points more meaningful as long as it describes your professional roles and responsibilities.

In addition, it allows you to avoid repetitive words in your freelance web developer resume and elaborate your work experience in a broader sense.

Achievement Figures: To emphasize what you are capable of achieving and contributing as a professional make sure to provide your achievement figures in your resume.

It can determine your worth as a valuable applicant for the targeted job profile and make the recruiters consider you as a suitable applicant.

Which in turn can be beneficial for you because it can raise your chances of being shortlisted by the recruiters.

Grouping: The point of using grouping in your professional experience section is to group similar one-liners under the relevant headings.

This gives you the chance to organize your points and also heightens the relevance of your work history to the current job profile that you are currently targeting.

The recruiter will easily grasp the different roles and responsibilities that you are familiar with as a professional through your freelance web developer resume.

Highlighting: Your groups of similar points will have more impact on your job application if you bold the important words or phrases in your one-liners.

The recruiters will find it intriguing when they notice what you can execute professionally.

In simple words, the bold words will easily catch the attention of the recruiters and intrigue them into going through your one-liners.

If you feel the need to learn more about adding freelance web developer responsibilities in the right way, go ahead and read Hiration's Blog on how to describe your work experience in a resume.

Freelance Web Developer Resume Sample for Professional Experience

The given freelance web developer resume example shows how ideal professional work experience is carefully framed to communicate your work experience on a resume:


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Give the Educational Background Details in Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

The degree that you hold plays an important role in distinguishing you as an educated professional so make it a point to provide its details in your freelance web developer resume.

The following details should be provided in the education section of your web dev resume:

  • Name of your school/university.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Both dates of your enrollment and graduation.

Spend some time going through Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume to read an exhaustive guide on how to accurately include the education section.

You can refer to the attached freelance web developer resume example illustrating the education section of an ideal freelance web developer resume template:


Freelance Web Developer Resume: Certifications

At some point, the recruiters look for an applicant's extra credits to determine the shortlisting during the hiring process.

You can stay a step ahead of your fellow applicants if you have some relevant certification courses that you completed as a freelance developer resume.

Provide the following details of your certification in your resume freelance web developer:

  • Certification course name.
  • Name of the institute of affiliation.
  • Location of the institute of affiliation.
  • Enrollment and completion date.

Hiration's Guide to listing certifications on a resume has all detailed tips and tricks that can help you curate this section with perfection.

Here is our freelance web developer resume sample showing an ideal certification section on a freelance web developer resume template:


All the professionally designed templates on our Online Resume Builder can help you curate the ideal job-winning resume.

Present Your Freelance Web Developer Resume Skills on Distinct Skills Section

A distinct key skills section in your web dev resume is compulsory!

And you should not skip this segment in your freelance web developer resume because it is an important feature of your resume that should not be missed in any case.

The key skills section can make your freelance developer resume ATS-compliant as well as effectively get the attention of the recruiters.

Make it visible to the recruiter at the first glance itself.

To writ frame the perfect skills section you should follow the given guidelines:

  • Create the skills section only after completing the professional experience section so that you can pick your skills from this section.
  • Layout your core functional skills under the "Key Skills" section and your tech-based skills under the "Technical Skills" section.
  • Avoid phrases like 'experienced in' or 'expertise in' to endorse your skills to maintain the maximum effect.

Read Hiration's guide to highlight your skills on a resume to get a clear understanding of curating this section.

Look at the given freelance web developer resume example displaying the ideal skills section on a resume of a freelance web developer:


Curate an Impeccable Overview of Your Freelance Web Developer Resume

Time is of the essence when it comes to the recruiters during the hiring process so you need to keep that fact in mind.

Despite getting past the ATS some resumes fail to get the attention of the recruiters because it does not serve its purpose effectively.

Now, to make sure that the recruiters get an insight into your resume you need to provide an overview of your resume in the form of a suitable freelance web developer resume summary or freelance web developer resume objective.

Freelance Web Developer Resume Summary

If you have more than 3 years of work experience then you should include a freelance web developer resume summary.

it can help you highlight both your skills and work experience to the recruiters without them having to read through the entire resume which is convenient.

Leave the task of composing your freelance web developer resume summary in the last step of resume writing because you will need to pick your skills and work experience from the stated sections.

Do not cramp up your resume summary with too much information because the whole point is to make it easy to read and effective at the same time.

Simply pick the main points from the work experience section and your core skills from the key skills section.

A 3-4 line freelance web developer resume summary should be enough to convey your professional expertise to the recruiters.

To write a great resume summary for freelance web developer read our resume summary.

Provided below is a freelance web developer resume sample showcasing the ideal resume summary for your resume:


Make your resume writing hassle-free with the help of our Hiration's Online Resume Builder.

Freelance Web Developer Resume Objective

Just as a freelance web developer resume summary, your freelance web developer resume objective should be included to give an overview of your resume.

but make sure to write a freelance web developer resume objective only if:

  • You have no professional work experience.
  • You have less than 3 years of work experience.
  • You are a fresh graduate writing an entry level resume.

Make the best use of your freelance web developer resume objective to highlight all that you can contribute to the next organization.

Skip the idea of listing what you expect from the organization because the role of a resume objective is to sell your skills as a suitable candidate fr the targeted job profile.

To understand more about the need to write an effective freelance web developer resume objective you can go through our guide on resume objectives.

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Freelance Web Developer Sample Resume

We have created a freelance web developer resume template on our Online Resume Builder that we have attached below for your reference.

George Huxley
Freelance Full Stack Web Developer
3+ years experienced freelance web development professional with a prolific track record of designing, building & maintaining websites to bolster user experience, increase sales and achieve optimum client satisfaction. Proficient in writing program code by deploying CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and jQuery. Adept at coordinating with the high-performing team of web developers to execute big-ticket projects on time and interacting with the clients to understand their needs & specifications and deliver exceptional results while ensuring compliance with the industry standards.
• Web Development & Maintenance • Website Testing & Troubleshooting • Software Architecture • Cloud Computing
• Coding • Vector Graphics • Front End Framework • DNS Management • Prototyping • Wireframing
  • Languages: CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby, HTML, Python
  • Software: Photoshop, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Illustrator
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Word
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Key Clients: Richard Architecture LLP, TechWorld LLP, Oswald KitchenWorld Pvt. Ltd., DreamWorld Furnitures
    Key Achievements:
    • Constructed an e-commerce web application for Oswald KitchenWorld that lets customers virtually design their own kitchens and buy products directly; led to an increase in sales by 90%
    • Collaborated with the customers & visited their locations to understand their vision & gather specifications to build the company's website
    • Bolstered overall user experience by 60% and achieved 98% customer satisfaction

    Website Designing & Client Relationship Management
    • Handled end-to-end verbal and written communications between hosting companies, clients, and vendors
    • Designed and wrote code for 15+ new websites by deploying CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and jQuery
    • Performed market research & competitive analysis to design & implement the front-end via HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, Grunt

    Website Wireframe & Customized Website Development
    • Created custom websites using Bootstrap and WordPress, including custom plug-ins and filters
    • Fabricated multiple designs & wireframes for the clients and proceeded with development & implementation post-approval
    Alpha Technologies
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Web designing company with 2k+ employees servicing thousands of clients across the globe and generating a revenue of USD 60bn
      Website Maintenance & Solution Delivery
      • Designed, built and maintained 20+ websites as well as software applications and performed website updates
      • Coordinated with cross-functional teams to resolve conflicts, prioritize needs, develop content criteria, and deliver solutions
      • Developed test routines & schedules to ensure that test cases mimic external interfaces and address all browser & device types

      Website Testing & Code Evaluation
      • Played a crucial role in backing up files from the websites to the local directories for recovery
      • Identified problems uncovered by customer feedback and testing, and troubleshooting the same to ensure 100% accuracy
      • Evaluated code to maintain proper structure & compatibility with multiple browsers & systems to ensure compliance with industry standards
      • Microsoft Technology Associate | Microsoft | May '17
      University of New York
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        One of the top public universities in the US established in 1967 with an academic staff of over 1300 professionals
        • GPA: 4.5/5.0
        • Languages: English (native) , Spanish (professional) and French (intermediate)

        Here are two other samples of a full stack web developer resume and senior web developer resume for your reference:



        Hiration's Online Resume Builder.

        Key Takeaways

        • A generic resume should be avoided instead go for customized resumes for each job profile.
        • Provide your correct contact details to make it convenient for the recruiters to get in touch with you.
        • Write your most recent and relevant job designation as the profile title in your resume.
        • Highlight both your technical and functional skills in your resume.
        • Quantify your achievements in the professional experience section of your resume.
        • Provide your academic details and any relevant certification(s) details in your resume.
        • A great resume summary for freelance web developer should be limited to 3-4 lines.

        The freelance web developer resume samples and freelance web developer resume examples provided in this blog are to help you write your resume effectively.

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