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Irrespective of your graduation year and work experience, we are helping all business graduates build an impactful business resume by answering the following questions:

What Is a Business Resume & Why Do You Need It?

A business resume is a profile-specific resume for business professionals.

It is a document consisting of important information such as your employment details, internship history, educational background, etc. This information put together paints a complete picture of your professional existence.

If recruiters like what they see in your business development resume, you get shortlisted. And if your resume does not convey what the recruiter looks for in a resume, you don't get shortlisted.

It all boils down to one thing:

Your business development resume should be industry-relevant. Additionally, it should also be ATS-compliant.

Writing an ATS-compliant business development resume is the need of the hour because of the increasing use of the ATS (applicant tracking system) software to simplify their shortlist requirements.

So your goal here is to write an ATS-compliant business development resume, and we are here to help you do it.

How to Write Your Business Resume

Most people complain that writing a business administration resume is too stressful. It takes too much time, yet it fails to meet the perfection standards that a shortlist-worthy resume needs.

Hence, following the right approach to resume-writing helps. It holds the power of helping you write a resume without needing to revisit each section all over again.

Given below is a list of the 3 stages to resume writing that you should follow:

  • Stage 1: Master Business Resume
  • Stage 2: First Draft of Business Resume
  • Stage 2: Final Draft of Business Resume

Master Business Resume

Making a master business resume is the first stage of resume writing.

In this stage, your only job is to compile all your information. Be it your work experience details, educational information, internships, or volunteering experience - collect all your data and dump it in one place.

Doing this helps you in two ways:

  • Resume writing in the present: The best thing about a master business resume is that it eliminates the need to look for information explicitly. It will help you use all your personal, professional, and educational details effectively without any confusion.

  • Resume update in the future: The next utility of making a master business resume lies in its capacity to help you in the future as well. Not looking for information means that you don't miss out on any information. Moreover, this ensures that none of your work experience or past activities is overlooked. Your only job is to objectively streamline the information that you need and update your resume - must the need arise.

First Draft of Business Resume

In this stage, you have to add the suitable resume sections that we have mentioned below:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)

Final Draft of Business Resume

The final draft stage marks the conclusion of your business development resume. In this stage, wrap up your resume by composing the sections we have mentioned below:

  • Key Skills Section: To be framed second-last, right before the summary/objective.
  • Summary / Objective Section: To be crafted at the end.

Before you compose your business resume summary/business resume objective, conclude the key skills section. The key skills section lists all your specific business resume skills that mark your professional caliber.

After concluding the key skills section, draft a business summary or a business resume objective. Either way, make sure that they sufficiently sum up your entire resume in a 3-5 line paragraph.

Business Resume Sample

Take a look at the below-given business resume sample to know all the essential points of a business resume building process:

10+ years experienced, value-driven & result-oriented Business Development Expert with a track record of deploying aggressive sales techniques and trend-based marketing methodologies to successfully achieve business targets. Proficient in networking and liaising with key stakeholders to forge strategic alliances and ensure adherence to client requirements.
• Sales & Business Development • Key Account Management • Stakeholder Management • Information Analysis
• Competition Analysis & Market Research • Negotiation & Networking • Digital Marketing & Business Promotion
• Client Relationship Management • Product Development • Referrals/Upselling & Relationship Cultivation
• Prospecting & Lead Generation • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing • Reporting & Documentation
    Sales & Business Development
    • Executed business deals successfully by undertaking in-depth market analysis
    • Reported directly to the Manager and successfully closed 10+ deals to accomplish stipulated monthly targets
    • Conceptualized & implemented aggressive sales initiatives for effectively diversifying revenue streams & boosting growth
    Stakeholder Management & Marketing
    • Directed business promotion/marketing initiatives and efficiently processed customer queries & complaints
    • Delivered intricate marketing/sales presentations to key stakeholders & interfaced with senior-level decision-makers
    • Analyzed & forged strategic relationships, alliances & partnerships to leverage significant long-term business opportunities
    Documentation & Client Servicing
    • Rendered Independently secured high-worth & high-profitability accounts with 90% retention & client loyalty levels
    • Ensured excellent customer care and efficiently directed resolution of major issues to achieve 100% positive reviews
    • Appointed in-charge of maintaining all statistical/financial records & documentation for complying with client specifications
      Networking & Relationship Cultivation
      • Fulfilled client requirements & networked with 30+ potential clients demonstrating an interest in company products
      • Created and maintained relationships with 100+ clients & key stakeholders to effectively achieve pre-established targets
      Revenue Optimization & Performance Appraisal
      • Boosted revenues by coordinating with field executives, tracing non-contactable customers & conducting field visits
      • Administered ~50 follow up calls daily, in addition to convening and attending meetings for reviewing sales performance
        Product Development & Competition Analysis
        • Discerned & implemented product enhancements, in addition to directing initiatives for New Product Development
        • Conducted competition analysis & deployed in-depth knowledge of latest industry-based trends & marketing developments
        Prospecting, Research & Issue Resolution
        • Identified business opportunities by examining & analyzing prospects and evaluated their position in the industry
        • Spearheaded research initiatives to scrutinize sales options & liaised with channel partners for resolving sale queries
        Key Achievements
        • Bolstered the quality of advances/deposit portfolio by optimizing deliverables as per customer requirements
        • Forged robust business relationships with key customers to enhance market position & achieve 100% targets
          • Top 3 percentile of the class
            • Top 10 percentile of the class
            • Digital Marketing | PACE Digital Marketing | New York, NY | Jun ‘17
            • Languages: English, Spanish, German
            • Hobbies: Human Psychology and reading entrepreneurship books

            Business Resume Sections

            The rule of ATS compliance demands that your business development resume is impeccably organized and spaced out.

            The resume sections helps you categorize your information and allow you systematically communicate information.

            We have mentioned a list of the must-have sections for your business development resume:

            • Header
            • Personal Information
            • Profile Title
            • Summary/Objective
            • Key Skills
            • Professional Experience
            • Education

            These sections are the pre-requisites of all resumes. Your business development resume should organize information under these sections.

            Make sure that your resume has all this information at a minimum.

            You can also use the following sections if you have more information to add to your resume:

            • Certifications (if any)
            • Awards & Recognition (if any)
            • Additional Information (if any)

            Business Resume: Professional Experience

            The professional experience section is the star of your business development manager resume.

            Being the foundation of extremely crucial work details, this section holds a lot of importance. Having the suitable qualification and the right experience won't make a difference if this information is not presented correctly.

            Here are some things you can do to get this section closest to perfection:

            • Frame points
            • Use the STAR format
            • Use Grouping & Highlighting

            Framing Points

            We will begin with the importance of framing points.

            Communicating information using one-liner points makes a world of difference to the readability of your business resumes vis-a-vis paragraphs.

            A commonly held consensus is that paragraphs are not suitable for your resume and thus, should not be used.

            Mentioned below are two business resume examples to demonstrate this argument:

            Business Resume Example 1

            "As part of my roles & responsibilities as a business development executive at company X, I was responsible for the critical task of researching the market and studying the competition to analyze potential gaps in our business and come up with relevant solutions. As a result, I was able to come up with meaningful solutions to improve our company's market positioning and suggest changes in our products & services to meet the market standards & beat the competition. By working alongside channel partners, I could find meaningful resolutions to impending sales queries and further scrutinize our sales options. Additionally, I examined prospects and evaluated their industry status and position to identify new business opportunities for the company."

            Business Resume Example 2

            • Forged business relationships with key customers to improve market position
            • Liaised with channel partners to resolve sale queries and scrutinized further sales options
            • Identified gaps in our products and services to enhance their overall functionality and effectiveness
            • Analyzed the market and studied the competition to determine subsequent step actions
            • Examined prospects and evaluated their position in the industry to identify new business opportunities

            Framing Points: Analysis

            The above-mentioned business resume examples present us with the following observations:

            • Business Resume Example 1 uses one lengthy paragraph to communicate the same message as Business Resume Example 2, which uses crisp one-liner points.
            • While Business Resume Example 1 is hard to read and comprehend, Business Resume Example 2 succeeds in the readability aspect. It is reader-friendly and easy to understand.
            • Moreover, Business Resume Example 2 also uses action verbs to begin each point. The action verbs used here include 'forged', 'liaised', 'identified', 'analyzed', and 'examined.
            • Doing this gives your business development manager resume a tone of confidence and professionalism, which makes your roles & responsibilities more attractive to a recruiter inspecting it.
            • Our advice? Use one-liner points instead of paragraphs to communicate your roles & responsibilities.

            STAR Format

            Using one-liner points makes your resume more readable. But just because it is readable doesn't mean that it is effective.

            Focusing on the effectiveness of your resume is an excellent resume writing tip.

            Using the STAR format creates the desired results and helps enhance the effectiveness of your resume.

            If you're curious, the STAR format stands for this:

            • S stands for situation: The situation/backdrop/context of your contributions
            • T stands for task: The actual job that was assigned to you
            • A stands for action: The strategy you used to execute the assigned task
            • R stands for result: The result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure

            Using the STAR format optimizes each point as it helps you show the reasons behind your actions and the corresponding result/outcome.

            By using numbers, you're also able to draw the recruiter's attention to the utility of your professional expertise, thereby enhancing your shortlist chances.

            Thus, use one-liner-points and optimize them by using the STAR format.

            Grouping & Highlighting

            Next up is grouping & highlighting.

            Congratulations on coming this far.

            Now that you have made your resume more readable, your next task is to enhance its visibility by employing simple tricks. This is where grouping & highlighting can help.

            Here are two business resume examples to showcase this point.

            Business Resume Example 1

            • Handled ~50 follow-up calls daily to educate the customers and boost sales
            • Conceptualized & implemented workable sales initiatives to boost growth by 60%
            • Collaborated with ~3 business executives to close 10+ deals every month
            • Coordinated with field executives and led field visits to attain sales targets
            • Networked with 30+ potential clients leading to 50% improvement in client acquisition
            • Conducted in-depth market analysis to understand the market and launch marketing campaigns
            • Forged relationships with potential clients and maintained relations with key stakeholders to ensure business optimization

            Business Resume Example 2

            Sales & Business Development

            • Conceptualized & implemented workable sales initiatives to boost growth by 60%
            • Collaborated with ~3 business executives to close 10+ deals every month
            • Conducted in-depth market analysis to understand the market and launch marketing campaigns
            • Coordinated with field executives and led field visits to attain sales targets
            • Handled ~50 follow-up calls daily to educate the customers and boost sales

            Networking & Relationship Cultivation

            • Networked with 30+ potential clients leading to 50% improvement in client acquisition
            • Forged relationships with potential clients and maintained relations with key stakeholders to ensure business optimization

            Grouping & Highlighting: Analysis

            The business resume examples illustrated above present us with the following conclusions:

            • Business Resume Example 1 uses one-liner points, but it doesn't do enough to ensure that the topics are getting read. This gap is covered by Business Resume Example 2, which uses grouping & highlighting to organize these points.
            • Grouping is the practice of grouping similar points under unique subheadings, whereas highlighting is the practice of marking your career highlights using bold.
            • The combined effort of grouping & highlighting diverts the recruiter's attention to the applicant's essential responsibilities and career highlights without looking for them explicitly.
            • Thus, you should use grouping & highlighting alongside one-liner points to showcase your roles & responsibilities in the most impactful manner.

            Resume Sample for Professional Experience

            Given below is a sample business resume showcasing the ideal professional experience section.

            It uses one-liner points, grouping & highlighting, and the STAR format in each moment to enhance the effectiveness of your business development manager resume.

            Professional Experience Section in a Business Resume

            Business Resume: Key Skills

            Here's what you can do to optimize the key skills section of your business resume:

            • Pick your core business resume skills from the professional experience section: Doing this helps you identify your core skills as a business professional and helps you articulate them in your business management resume with perfection. As a rule of thumb, avoid using phrases such as 'experienced in' in this section. Keep it crisp and to the point. Eg: 'Sales & Business Development', 'Key Account Management', and 'Stakeholder'.

            • Organically incorporate keywords to make this section ATS-optimized: Your business resume skills won't help you if you don't have the skills that a hiring body needs in a new hiree. In other words, you need to optimize this section and give the recruiters what they're looking for. You need to show that you have the right skills to qualify for the job in question. A great way to do this is by identifying the keywords posted in your target job advertisement and replicating the relevant keywords in your resume.

            Hiration pro tip:
            Don't just cut-copy-paste keywords into this section. Use only those keywords that you can justify using in your business management resume.

            Here's a business development resume sample showcasing the perfect key skills section. In addition, it demonstrates what this section would ideally look like once you incorporate your business resume skills into it.

            Key Skills Section in a Business Resume

            Business Resume Summary or Business Resume Objective?

            A much-heated debate is whether you should use a business resume summary or a business resume objective.

            To better understand this, we will first discuss the summary and then move on to the objective.

            You should write a business resume summary only if:

            • You have over 3 years of work experience.

            On the contrary, you should write a business resume objective if:

            • You have no work experience.
            • You don't have a minimum of 3 years of work experience.

            Now that you know what to write, we will now discuss what you should optimize your resume summary/objective:

            • The goal of a business resume summary and business resume objective is the same. It needs to communicate your suitability and idealness for the job you're targeting.
            • Whether you have enough work experience or not, make sure that you articulate the points that make you the best candidate for your target job.
            • To write these sections with objectivity, compose them at the end: Doing this saves you the unnecessary trouble of writing a business resume summary or objective in the beginning to revisit it at the end.
            • Moreover, it ensures that you haven't overlooked an important aspect of your qualifications and professional prowess that must feature in this section.
            • Make sure that your resume or objective does not exceed 5 lines for maximum effectiveness. Ideally, keep it confined to 3-5 lines.

            Attached below is a sample business resume showcasing the ideal resume summary for your resume.

            Summary Section in a Business Resume

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            Business Resume: Header

            Most people make the blunder of writing a "CV" or "Resume" at the extreme top part of their business administration resume. If you're doing this too, it's high time to stop.

            Follow the steps that we have mentioned below to give your resume header the much-needed touch of perfection that it fittingly deserves:

            • Your full name is the de-facto resume header of your business administration resume. This should feature at the top-most part of your resume.
            • Write it in the largest font size of 16-20 font points to guarantee that it's the first thing a recruiter notices when evaluating your resume.
            • Doing this tells the recruiter that the resume belongs to you. It also keeps your resume from getting mixed up in a sea full of business resumes that bombards a recruiter's email.
            • If you have a middle name, write your first name, followed by the first initial of your middle name in capital letters, followed by your last name. Eg: If your name is Catherine Margaret Scott, your resume header should be "Catherine M. Scott".

            Here's a business resume sample illustrating the ideal resume header for your resume.

            Head Section in a Business Resume

            Business Resume: Personal Information

            This section of your business administration resume should communicate contact-centric information about you, such as:

            • Updated mobile number
            • Professional email ID
            • Current Location

            This section of your resume is the most overlooked section of your business administration resume. However, it is just as important.

            Being the hotspot of your contact information, this section should be correctly composed as the smallest of blunders would keep an interested recruiter from getting in touch.

            In other words, it can practically cost you a potential job offer!

            So make sure that all the components in this section are perfected. We will now dive into each section to tell you the key pointers you should remember while drafting this section:

            Updated Mobile Number

            Follow the below-listed guidelines:

            • Provide only one functional mobile number in this section.
            • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number.
            • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code.
            • Eg: +1 37648 21511.

            Professional E-mail Address

            Follow the guidelines below to write a perfectly composed email ID:

            • Make sure that your email looks professional.
            • Avoid using childish email IDs such as ''.

            Current Location

            Here is a list of guidelines you should follow for a perfect location:

            • Your location should use the city/state code format for job applications in your country of residence and the city/country code format for job applications in outside countries.
            • Avoid putting irrelevant information such as your house number, street number, and your locality as it is unnecessary.

            Business Resume Sample for Personal Information

            To know what an ideal personal information section should look like, take a look at the business resume example we have mentioned below.

            Personal Information Section in a Business Resume

            Business Resume: Profile Title

            Profile titles are important to your job application process. It communicates the following career-centric information to the recruiter:

            • Your current designation, a.k.a job title.
            • Your functional industry (finance, tech, fashion, marketing, sales, etc.)
            • Your level of seniority.

            The information mentioned above dictates if you would be suitable for a given job position and what your compensation should be if selected.

            Given its importance, your profile title should be sufficiently highlighted. Here's what you can do to enhance its visibility:

            • Write your profile title in the second-largest text in your resume.
            • Use the font size of 14-16 points to endorse your profile title.

            Meanwhile, get your hands on our AI-powered Resume Review Service to get an in-depth and constructive analysis of your resume within minutes of uploading it on our tool.

            Keep an eye out on the bottom-left corner of this page and click on the AI-review button to avail of this service.

            Given below is a business resume example showcasing what an ideal profile title should look like:

            Profile Title Section in a Business Resume

            Business Resume: Education

            The education section of your resume is the breeding ground for important education-centric information such as:

            • Name of the school/university you have attended.
            • Name of the courses you have pursued.
            • The location of your school/university.
            • Enrolment and graduation dates in month & year format.

            Here's a sample business resume showcasing what this section should ideally look like once filled with the above-illustrated points.

            Education Section in a Business Resume

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            Business Resume: Certifications

            As a business developer or a business executive, what can you do to project your qualifications for the job?

            The answer lies in holding relevant certifications.

            So if you have done any relevant certifications, put them down in this section of your business professional resume.

            Make sure that this section communicates the following points:

            • Certification course name.
            • Name of the institute of affiliation.
            • Location of the institute of affiliation.
            • Enrolment and completion date of the course in month & year format.

            Arrange these points in the below format:

            {Name of Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

            Here's a sample business resume showcasing what an ideal certifications section looks like when listed in your business professional resume.

            certifications Section in a Business Resume

            Business Resume: Additional Information

            Do you have additional communication points that do not fit into other sections of your resume?

            Do you speak multiple languages?

            Or have relevant hobbies that might give your job application a much-needed boost?

            If you do, compile this information and illustrate them in a separate 'Additional Information' section of your professional business resume.

            The sample business resume that we have attached below illustrates this:

            Additional Information Section in a Business Resume

            Business Development Manager Salary

            The average business development manager salary in the United States is $72,553. However, you will see salary fluctuations in different parts of the country based on various factors, including:

            • Size of company
            • Location of company
            • Work experience
            • Educational qualifications

            Business Development Manager Salary Difference in Different US Cities

            Have a look at the highest paying cities for business development managers in the United States:

            City Name Average Business Development Salary (Annual)
            Houston, TX $84,949
            Chicago, IL $80,243
            Los Angeles, CA $80,004
            New York, NY $79,696
            Denver, CO $77,456
            San Diego, CA $75,747
            Atlanta, GA $72,321
            Austin, TX $70,859
            Dallas, TX $69,689

            Key Takeaways

            Building a business resume can consume time and puzzle you up as everyone want to appear better than others in recruitment processes. You can follow these guidelines to create a job-winning business resume in 2022.

            • Use the month & year format for all the dates in your business resume.
            • Use the city/state code format to showcase the location in your resume for job applications in the country of your residence and the city/country code format for job applications in outside countries.
            • Make a separate 'key skills' section to endorse your business resume skills. This will distinguish your skills and help them stand out like fireworks on the fourth of July.
            • Make a 'Key Achievements' group at the end of your respective work profile to endorse an outstanding achievement in that specific organization. Doing this will help you show how you proved to be a pivotal part & parcel of the organization you worked with due to your professional expertise.
            • Use numbers to quantify your achievements. Doing this helps you pinpoint your professional contributions and how they benefitted the organizations you worked with in the past. This is important as it shows a promise of efficiency.
            • Use one-liner points to endorse your roles & responsibilities and begin each point with an action verb. Eg: "directed", 'organized", "boosted", "administered", etc.
            • Use action verbs in the past tense for past profiles and present continuous tense for current profiles.
            • Write a business resume summary only if your work experience transcends 3 years. If it doesn't, write a business resume objective.

            Whether you're writing a business student resume, a business administration resume, or a business development resume, this blog will help you write a stellar resume irrespective of the career stage you are in.

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