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What do employers look for in a Technical Product Manager resume?

Being lingual in technical product management won't get you your dream job.

But effectively presenting your exceptional skills & achievements can help. Doing this can help you make the final cut for your target jobs.

No one said that it is easy. No one said that it is unattainable either.

In this blog, we have covered the A-Z of writing an impeccable technical product manager resume.

Table of Content:

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Role & Responsibilities of Technical Product Manager

Technical product understand the product requirements from the clients and are responsible for development of the product. Their job include coordinating with the product managers, development team and clients and fix problems, resolve doubts and streamline the entire product development process.

Technical product manager also coordinate with cross functional team such as marketing department, sales department, customer support department to ensure smooth process.

Pick out the product manager resume keywords from the job description to add them in your resume.

Technical product managers must be well versed with total product maintenance procedure, scrum, Product Management System (PMS) and agile project management methodologies.

  • Understand customer needs and procure product requirements.
  • Collaborate with internal teams, including developers, engineers, Q.A, and operations for the product development
  • Monitor the key performance indicators to improve product effectiveness
  • Ensure timely development and delivery of products
  • Mitigate technical risks
  • Play a key role in working with data pipelines, algorithms, and automated systems.

Technical Product Manager Salary

technical product manager salary

According to the salary of a technical product manager in the US is $120,234 per year. says the salary of a technical product manager is $109,554 per year.

According to it's $119,141 per year.

Technical Product Manager Resume Format

The resume format you want to use depends on different factors.

However, here are top 3 resume formats used by all job-hunters.

1. Reverse Chronological Resume:

This is the most common resume format used by candidates. It lists your work experience in reverse chronological order and gives the most recent information first. This type of resume is most appropriate for applicants with strong experience and a steady history of employment.

2. Functional Resume Format:

The functional resume format focuses more on your skills rather than your job trajectory, which makes it ideal for those who have gaps in their work history or are making a career change from one industry to another.

This type of resume highlights what you can do instead of what you've done in the past.

3. Combination Resume Format:

A combination resume format combines elements from both chronological and functional formats into one document.

Combination resumes emphasize experience and education over job chronology, but still include dates of employment for each position listed on the document.

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Technical Product Manager Resume Sections

As mentioned earlier the following sections are the standard sections. You need to include them in your technical product manager resume description at all times:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

The optional sections are as the name itself suggests 'OPTIONAL'. You can include them in your resume to add leverage to the standard sections and to highlight your additional traits as a professional.

  • Projects (if any)
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)

Every section brings out something unique about you while making your tech product manager resume finer than any other resumes.

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Technical Project Manager Resume Header

The header of a resume refers to the topmost part of your technology product manager resume that can be used to label your resume which makes it easier for the hiring professionals to recognize your resume.

The following tips should be followed to frame the perfect resume header:

  • Do not write CV or Resume
  • Write your header in the largest font size.
  • The ideal font size is 16-20 font size.
  • Leave a single space between your first and last name.
  • Write the initial of your middle name only, if you have one.
  • Example: "Michael Kurt Holland" as "Michael K. Holland".

To help you visually understand how an ideal resume header is framed we have attached a technical product manager resume sample for the header of a resume:


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Technical Product Manager Resume: Personal Information

Your personal information refers to the following details:

  • Updated mobile number
  • Professional email ID
  • Current Location
  • GitHub/LinkedIn
Hiration pro tip:

Before you start giving out your personal details make sure that you go through the guidelines. Some countries like in the US you are not allowed to mention the details of your gender, birth date, passport details, etc. but it is the opposite in the Mideast.

Updated Mobile Number

This is an important piece of information that you need to include in your resume because the recruiters may want to interview you through the phone. They may also want to confirm with you before any face-to-face interview id scheduled.

You can use the below-given format to write your contact number in a technical product owner resume:

  • Mention the ISD code of your country right before your phone number
  • Add a plus sign (+) before writing the ISD code
  • For example: +1 (166) 111 1311

Professional E-mail Address

Another means of communicating with the recruiters is email. It is easy and convenient for both you and the recruiters.

But be careful not to give out just any email address. You should mention only the email address that has your real name to maintain a professional approach.

Giving out an email address with a fancy name may make the recruiters overlook your technical product owner resume by assuming that you lack professionalism.

Example of an ideal email address:

Example of an unprofessional email address;

Current Location

Your current location should be provided in your technical product owner resume by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Use the city/state format to indicate your location on a resume. Example: San Francisco, California.
  • Avoid listing your house number, street number, and your locality name as they are irrelevant information on a resume.
  • If you are looking for a job in your country, simply mention the city and state of your residence. But if you are willing to move abroad for a job, mention your city and country of residence.

If you have an updated LinkedIn or other social medial account, add it in your resume.

Additionally, if you have a portfolio website, or you maintain a GitHub repo for your projects, you can add these in your resume as well.

These links will help recruiters understand your skills effectively.

You can also add links to your personal website, it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills/projects/experience that you couldn't add to your resume.


Refer to the ideal personal information section that has been illustrated in our technical product manager resume sample:


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Technical Product Manager Resume: Profile Title

Profile titles are the representation of your professional identity in a senior technical product manager resume.

It conveys the following facts to the recruiter:

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • The level of your professional seniority.

Follow the guidelines provided below to write your profile title in the right way:

  • It should be the second-largest text in your resume after the resume header.
  • It should ideally be written in the font range of 14-16 points.

To give you a clear idea, take a look at the technical product manager resume sample showing the correct profile title:


Make use of the Key Skills Section

With limited time in hand, the recruiters would want to go through only those resume that has gotten past the ATS.

And the key skills section is one important segment that can help you highlight both your functional and technical skills for technical product manager resume while highlighting suitable keywords.

Scan through your work experience section and pick the most suitable skills that have been justified.

Do not pile up this section with irrelevant or unnecessary skills but make sure to feature only the distinctive skills that you hold and are relevant to the targeted job profile.

List of Key Skills for Technical Product Manager Resume

Key Skills Technical Skills
Product Development HTML
Product Roadmap & Auditing JavaScript
Software Designing CSS
Product Delivery AngularJS
Product Launch Git
Product Management R
Project Management SQL
Business Process Java
Customer Service Jira
Roadmap Test Scripts
Product Vision ROI
Product Strategy KPI
Scrum AWS
Product Requirements CRM
Product Backlog -
Product Specifications -
Market Research -
Data Analysis -
Customer Feedback -
Customer Requirements -
Competitive Analysis -
Business Cases -
Sprint Goals -
Business Units -
Market Requirements -
Technical Specifications -

The perfect skills for technical product manager resume can be framed as illustrated in our technical product manager resume sample:


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Technical Product Manager Resume Summary

The perfect summary can be composed with the following tips:

  • Write your resume summary at the end to save time and avoid unnecessary editing at the end.
  • Pick the high point of your career from the work experience section.
  • Try and limit your resume summary in 3-5 lines and avoid repeating unnecessary points.
  • If you have 3+ years of work experience write the summary.

Given below is a technical product manager resume sample showcasing the ideal resume summary for your senior technical product manager resume:


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Technical Product Manager Resume Objective Section

If you are not entitled to include a technical product manager resume summary, then you should include a resume objective.

A resume objective should be included in a technical product manager resume description if:

  • your work experience is nil.
  • you have limited work experience of fewer than 3 years.
  • you are a fresh graduate.

An objective should project what you can contribute to the targeted organization rather than you listing what you expect from the potential employer.

Keep in mind that the sole purpose of a resume objective is to advertise yourself as a potential applicant. you need to be identified as someone willing to learn and contribute to the higher goals of the organization even though you lack experience.

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## Technical Product Manager Resume Professional Experience Section

The professional experience section is the most critical sections in the technical product manager resume.

It must consist the following elements:

  • Name of the organization
  • Your designation
  • Start and end date of employment
  • Your roles & responsibilities in bullet points
  • Awards and achievements if you have many

Without these information the work experience section of technical product manager resume is incomplete.

Tips to write the professional experience section:

Here are some tips to write the professionla experience section of technical product manager resume.


1. Use Single-line Bullet Points

Bullet points allow you to list out your accomplishments and experiences quickly and efficiently, so that hiring managers can see everything you've done at a glance.

2. Use STAR Format to Frame Bullet Points

STAR stands for:

  • Situation - The situation of the problem.
  • Task - The tasks you were assignedto solve the problem.
  • Action - The actions you took to solve the problem.
  • Result - The results of your actions

This format will help hiring managers see how each experience relates to their own situations, tasks, actions, and results.

3. Start Bullet Points With Action Verbs

The best way to start your bullet points is with powerful action verbs.

These power verbs will help engage the reader from the start and make sure they know exactly what you accomplished in each job or internship listed on your resume.

For example: Instead of saying "Managed a team of 7 engineers", you can say "Headed a team of 7 engineers".

Similarly, you can say "Improved product performance by 20%." instead of, "worked on product performance".

You can even go one step further and use numbers in the bullet points.

These shows how much impact your work had!

For example: "Increased sales by $100k/year

4. Bold Important Keywords

It's also important to bold any important keywords in the bullet points.

This is to highlight all the relevant details and statistics in front of the recruiter's eyes.

Professional Experience Example of Technical Product Manager Resume

End-to-End Product Development & Auditing

  • Summarized product vision for 10+ new products and created a functional strategy for driving them to production
  • Examined the product features to record 10+ major defects and established mitigation plans to rectify risks

Training & Customer Satisfaction

  • Trained 10+ customers daily on the utility and proficiency of the new products
  • Provided excellent customer service on product performance and operations to ensure 100% customer satisfaction


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Technical Product Manager Resume Education Section

Providing the details of your education in a resume can be an advantage during your job application. It can make the recruiters acknowledge you as a competent candidate who is qualified for the job profile.

You should include the following points in your education section:

  • Name of your university.
  • Name of your completed courses.
  • Location of your university.
  • Your enlistment and graduation dates.

You can list these points in the format given below:

{Name of the school/university} | {Location} | {Dates} (in month and year format) {Name of the degree} | {CGPA}

The given technical product manager resume sample can help you see what this section looks like:


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Technical Product Manager Resume: Certifications

Do not forget to mention in your technical product owner resume if you are a certified professional or possess any relevant certifications.

Provide the following details about your certification in a technical product manager resume:

  • Name of your Certification(s).
  • Name of the affiliated institution.
  • Location of the institute.
  • Enlistment and completion date of the certification(s).

Top 6 Certification for Technical Product Manager

  1. Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  2. Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  3. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
  4. Project Management Professional (PMP)
  5. Professional Business Analyst Certificate
  6. Certified Product Manager (CPM)

Refer to the technical product manager resume sample exhibiting an ideal certifications section on a resume:


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Technical Product Manager Resume Additional Sections

If you have space left after adding the essential sections, you should add some additional sections in your resume.

If done right, this could improve your chances of getting shortlisted.

1. Volunteer Experience on Resume

Volunteering is a great way to show that you're not only passionate about what you do, but that you're willing to take on extra work and make an impact in your community.

Include any volunteer experience that demonstrates these qualities, as well as any leadership roles or awards/recognition received for your work.

2. Hobbies & Interests

Including hobbies and interests can be a great way to show off your personality, especially if they are relevant to your profession. For example, if someone's hobby is cooking and they are applying for a position at a restaurant chain like Chipotle, it's important they include this information alongside their other qualifications!

3. Publications

If you've written articles or books (even if they're self-published), include them here! This section doesn't have to be long—just include links where they can be found online so potential employers can check them out on their

Technical Product Manager Resume Sample

To help you understand how an ideal resume is created on our online resume builder, we have attached a complete sample below:

8+ years experienced & certified Technical Product Manager highly skilled in managing end-to-end lifecycle of products including designing, development, launching & marketing. Possesses in-depth experience of translating complex customer needs into requirements to deliver features that provide competitive differentiation to the product.
• Product Development • Product Roadmap • User Stories Planning & Designing • Product Auditing
• Budget Management & Cost Optimization • KPI Monitoring • Agile Methodologies • Product Shaping
• Customer Satisfaction • Market Research • Product Implementation • Product Launch • Product Delivery
• Software Designing • Programming • Coding & Testing • System Upgrade • Troubleshooting
  • Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Java, C++, and VB.NET
  • Frameworks: AngularJS, Git
  • Agile Tools: JIRA, Version One, Rally, or TFS
End-to-End Product Development & Auditing
  • Outlined product vision for 15+ new products and created an actionable strategy for bringing those to production
  • Generated 10+ user stories, acceptance criteria, and initial wireframes
  • Audited the product features and recorded 15+ major defects and developed mitigation plans to help resolve risks
  • Handled an annual budget of $2mn and saved the company $20k
Agile/Scrum Development & Product Roadmap
  • Coordinated with the Engineering team of 35 and led them from initial planning to the final product release
  • Cooperated with the Design and Engineering teams to execute on the product roadmap
  • Consulted with the Business & Product Owners to prioritize and shape the product backlog, via Agile practices
  • Synchronized with the Engineering team in a fast-paced Agile/Scrum development environment to deliver new features & functionality
Training & Customer Satisfaction
  • Trained 15+ internal & external customers on a daily basis on the benefits & capabilities of the new product built
  • Provided outstanding customer service on function and usage of the products; ensured 100% customer satisfaction
Product Development
  • Assisted in managing the life cycle of products from inception to launch and maintained end-to-end product information
  • Aided in the development of 5+ new products and enhanced the existing 8+ products
Product Requirement & Roadmap Planning
  • Conducted research, understood customer needs, gathered product requirements and defined product roadmaps
  • Coordinated with 3 Senior Product Managers in assisting and executing product tasks & requirements
KPI Implementation & Market Research
  • Defined, implemented and monitored Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for product effectiveness
  • Identified product marketing ideas/opportunities based on industry trends, market environment & competitive trends
Customer Servicing & Product Delivery
  • Supervised the on-time development & delivery of products while working with Development & Operations teams
  • Collaborated with the marketing team of 25 to ensure that products & services meet customers’ current or future needs
Software Designing & Coding
  • Researched, designed, implemented and managed software programs and tested & evaluated 20+ new programs
  • Developed the modifications in existing 35+ programs by identifying areas for modification
  • Wrote and implemented clean & 100% efficient code based on the program specifications
System Upgrade & Troubleshooting
  • Maintained & upgraded existing systems by liaising with other Developers, UX Designers, Business and Systems Analysts
  • Acted as a key role in troubleshooting, debugging and upgrading existing 25+ software programs
System Deployment
  • Collaborated with the Development team of 25 to design algorithms and flowcharts
  • Integrated software components & third-party programs and verified & deployed programs & systems
Program Coding & Software Update
  • Played a key role in coding & testing programs for 20+ software & mobile applications and fixed bugs in existing code
  • Collaborated with the Product & Design teams to develop & deploy 10+ new computer applications
  • Updated existing 15+ software and documented the findings with 100% accuracy to present it to the senior management
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) | PMI | Jun '17
  • CompTIA Project+ Certification | CompTIA | Jun '16
  • GPA: 4.5/5.0

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  • LIVE resume editor
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Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from this blog:

  • Write your name as the resume header and maintain your unique identity in a sea of resumes.
  • Provide your contact details correctly and avoid giving out unnecessary details unless mentioned in the guidelines.
  • List your action-oriented one-liners under unique headings to describe your work experience.
  • Include suitable keywords that are relevant to the targeted job profile to get past the Applicant Tracking System.

Make use of all the technical product manager resume examples and resume samples as it will help you in writing a great resume.

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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