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Dealing with scattered data on your resume?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth of 11% for data center technician jobs by 2026. For such a rapid growth rate that is faster in comparison to other occupations, you need to perfect your data center technician resume to land an interview!

Job hunting can be a tedious process if you do not have your basics down as an applicant. We will show you just how you can categorize your information based on current industry trends tailored to your occupation.

Here is a summary of this guide to give you a kickstart:

  • The fields of Technology, Telecommunications, and Finance host the highest paying data center technician jobs
  • Split your work experience into resume points by trimming sentences into concise one-liners
  • Choose the reverse-chronological resume format as it is ATS-compatible and recruiter-friendly
  • Devote a section to your data center technician certifications as it will help you communicate your expertise
  • Optimize your professional experience section by grouping similar points under relevant subheadings
  • Ensure that your resume summary consists of important information from your career trajectory and follows a cause-effect relation
  • Extract keywords from job descriptions provided by the company and weave them into your resume to enhance ATS-compatibility

Given below are some frequently asked questions about data center technician jobs, see if you can find yours!

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Data Center Technician Job Responsibilities

To provide a brief description, data center technicians are skilled professionals who maintain hardware networks and data servers to perform efficiently without any inconsistencies.

A hassle-free work environment is what they strive to achieve through network installations, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Simply put, they are responsible for keeping the most valuable information, that is data of an organization, safe and protected. Usually, they are the ones springing to help those facing issues with their system or network.

Here is a data center technician job description from WarnerMedia:

  • On-site support performing tasks such as hardware, software, and network troubleshooting, installation, and configuration.
  • Physically install and troubleshoot network equipment in network closets and data center network cabinets.
  • Physically install and cable a wide variety of devices and equipment, much of which would not normally be found in a data center environment.
  • Cable and connect devices and peripherals to power and network ports.
  • Perform network closet clean-up, trouble response, and survey work as needed.
  • Perform day-to-day installation, configuration, service, and maintenance of a variety of network and consumer devices such as network switches, PDUs, servers, media devices (streaming, game consoles, set-top boxes).
  • Propose and implement hardware and software upgrades that will improve the performance and reliability of the data center environment.

Data Center Technician Resume Points

Instead of going into great detail about your work experience, you can give your resume a facelift by summarizing them into brief points.

You can achieve that by:

  • Trimming your sentences to concise one-liners
  • Maintaining a cause-effect relationship
  • Starting your sentences with power verbs
  • Including achievement figures
  • Categorizing your work experience into distinct sections with appropriate subheaders

Here are resume points of a few profiles to help you get an idea of how to draft yours:

Data Center Technician Salary

The fields of technology, telecommunication, and finance are the highest paying industries for data center technicians.


Source: Zippia

Although contested, data center technician salary from the leading websites is as follows:

  • Zippia argues that data center technicians earn an average salary of $45,265 per year
  • On the other hand, PayScale says that a yearly average for data center technician salary is $57,972
  • ZipRecruiter has concluded that data center technicians earn $50,979 annually

Data Center Technician Resume Format

You can categorize information on your data center technician resume depending on your intent. There are three resume formats you can turn to while drafting your resume:

Reverse Chronological Order

Everyone's favorite, the reverse chronological order resume format asks you to write your work experience in reverse chronological order. So you have to start from the recent work experience and move backward.

Recruiters prefer this format because of how it increases the transparency of candidates' work histories. It is a lot easier to spot work gaps and other inconsistencies in this resume format

Functional Format

If you are a fresher or you want to change industries mid-career, a functional format may be your best bet. By placing focus on your skills, the functional format aids these candidates to showcase their skills and not their work experience, or lack thereof.

Even if it's not the industry standard, it will help you make the most of the skills you have.

Combination Format

If you are still confused, the combination format just might be the one for you. It is a mix of both reverse chronological and functional formats.

It will help you showcase both your skills and professional experience, without having to skimp on any!


Perform a thorough evaluation of your needs to choose the appropriate resume format. To clear any further confusion, you can check the guide to Resume Formats and get them cleared!

Categorize Your Data Center Technician Resume

To effectively check all the boxes, you can follow this guide to have a basic idea of what your hiring manager may be looking for:


However, to personalize it to your data center technician resume, you need to perform a thorough evaluation of your career trajectory and match them to job descriptions provided by companies.

Include Introductory Details in Your Data Center Technician Resume

Instead of simply writing 'Resume', you need to start your resume with crucial information about yourself. The first part of your data center technician will include the following details:

The header of your resume will just be your full name, the surest way to establish your identity. If you have a middle name, you can do away with just writing its initial.

As it is the first part of your resume, it can be anywhere between 16-20 points. Make sure that you do not decrease the font size as it can hamper the look of your resume.

Profile Title

After your name comes your profile title, the designation of your professional career. Now, it can be either your current work title or the title that you are targeting.

If you are a data center technician with considerable years of experience, you can make your profile title Senior Data Center Technician if that is the role that you want to get.

Contact Information


I repeat: DO NOT MES- never mind.

Even if you are The candidate of their dreams, it would be extremely challenging to recruit you if you provide your details wrong.

The contact information section of your resume consists of 3 basic sections:

Phone Number

Provide country code and then write your phone number with sufficient spacing if you're applying outside of your country.

However, you can do away with just listing your phone number with proper spacing if it's a domestic company.

Email ID

If your email address happens to be, I regret to inform you that you will get rejected.

Okay, maybe you won't get rejected.

However, professional etiquette is to avoid such usernames and stick to your name and one or two numbers if necessary. You could create another proper account for your work-related matters and use that email address for applications.


As a U.S. citizen, the ideal way to provide your location is the city, state code.
It can also be city, country code if you're from other countries.

Social Media

If you are an active user on platforms like Github, LinkedIn, or any other social media spaces, feel free to list them!

A recruiter can make a lot about your character by assessing your LinkedIn profile, which is why you need to make sure that it is professional. Providing your Github account can be a safe way to introduce your projects to recruiters.

Here is the introductory section of a data center technician resume:


If you are confused as to what information to add, you can sign up for our Online Resume Builder and get pre-filled templates that you can customize!

Organize Your Data Center Technician Work Experience

Undoubtedly your professional experience section is what recruiters gravitate towards the most. Hence, you need to make sure that it is readable and does justice to your employment history.


Before writing your professional experience section, extract relevant keywords from job descriptions to make your data center technician resume more ATS-compatible.

Here is a data center technician resume sample for a professional experience section:


Peruse this guide on perfecting your Work Experience section to delve deeper into this topic, or you can leave it to us at our Online Resume Builder.

Data Center Technician Skills

As an IT professional, the number of skills you want to add might be limitless. We have just the trick to help you optimize your data center technician skills section.

For example, if you have work experience in improving the efficiency of a workplace or boosting productivity, you can add the umbrella term Process Improvement as a skill.

Additionally, you can dedicate a portion or even an entire section to list all the technical tools that you are well-versed with.

Along with that, you can also add:

  • Network Maintenance
  • Data Encryption
  • Malware Resolution
  • Technical Assistance
  • Customer Servicing

Here is a sample data center technician resume for the key skills section:


Don’t know which skill to add? Check this comprehensive article for Resume Skills to have a deeper understanding.

If you are still clueless, you can try our Online Resume Builder and get personalized recommendations of what to add based on your industry.

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Data Center Technician Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or any related field is all you need to kickstart your career as a data center technician.

While listing your educational background, ensure that you include crucial information like:

  • Degree name
  • University name
  • Location
  • Dates
  • GPA

If you are a fresher in your field, you might want to mention a few course modules from your syllabus.

Here is a data center technician resume sample for an education section:


To get designated sections to enter your information, choose from our repository of resume templates from our Online Resume Builder.

Find out more: Best Way to Include Your Academic Details on Your Resume

Data Center Technician Course

As a role not quite belonging to the mainstream job environment, there are not many options to academically specialize in it.

However, there are plenty of certifications from recognizable institutions like Cisco and VMWare to widen your expertise.

Make a bulleted list and add your data center technician course in this format:
Certifications | Certifying Authority | Time

Given below is a sample data center technician resume for a certifications section:


Also read: How to Add Certifications on Resume

Data Center Technician Resume Summary

The last step of your resume writing process is to draft an engaging resume summary. By doing so, you can create a highlight reel of your best achievements in your career.

Before drafting your resume summary, keep these in mind:

  • Start your sentences with action words
  • Maintain a cause-effect methodology
  • Keep it within five lines

For an entry-level resume, you can choose to write a data center technician resume objective. It will be more about meeting company goals and exhibiting your soft skills than your work experience or expertise.

Here is a data center technician resume sample for a resume summary:


Also read: Draft a Perfect Resume Summary

Add Extra Sections to Your Data Center Technician Resume

If your career trajectory demands that you add a few more sections, you would have to comply by following the industry standard.

As a fresher, you might want to add sections like Projects, Volunteer Experience, or Honors. Evaluate your needs and job descriptions provided by companies to gauge what you have to include.

For example, if the job description requires a few years of experience, make sure that you include that detail in your summary by starting your summary with "4+ years experienced data center technician highly skilled in.." to avoid skipping this detail.

Similarly, if they request soft skills such as team player or active listener, ensure that you include those details in sections like professional experience, summary, etc. If you are a fresher, you can include that in sections like campus involvement, volunteer experience, etc.

Here is a data center technician resume sample for an additional section:


How to Make an Entry-Level Data Center Technician Resume?

If you are new to the game and wish to kickstart your career with data center technician entry-level jobs or internships, you can compensate for the lack of experience in your resume.

As college graduates, you can make the most of your college activities by including extra sections in your data center technician resume, such as:

  • Campus Involvement
  • Honors & Awards
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Study Abroad Program

Adding these sections will give you a chance to exhibit your soft skills fundamental to employment.

Aside from that, you can create a data center technician resume objective instead of a summary to explain your skills and intent to join a company.

The key is to shift your focus to portray yourself as a promising individual with a guarantee to ace your job position. To do so, you would have to ensure that your data center technician resume has everything that the job description entails.

If employers request you to include your academic details or required skills, make it a point to include all of them. If they fail to find what they requested, it may just push your resume onto the reject pile.

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Pair Your Data Center Technician Resume With a Cover Letter

More often than not, hiring managers appreciate receiving cover letters with applications. Not only does it make the application more customized, but gives your recruiter a fair idea of how you will contribute to the company.

Here is what you need to keep in mind while writing your cover letter:


Seems complicated? You can use our Online Cover Letter Builder and get a guided explanation on how to prepare your data center technician cover letter.

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Data Center Technician Resume Sample

If you follow the tips given above, you can create a data center technician resume that is pleasing to the eye and on par with the industry standards!

Here is a sample resume for data center technician:

Diana Ross
Data Center Technician
Detail-oriented data center technician possessing hands-on experience in analyzing IT systems and resolving malware to ensure effective system functionality. Proficient in conducting maintenance checks on networks to mitigate errors and inconsistencies in operation. Adept at performing hardware installations and upgrades to boost system performance and enhance quality of output. Highly skilled in improving network efficiency and devising strategies as part of enhancing security to prevent data loss.
• Network Configuration & Maintenance • Data Encryption • System Upgrade • Computer Inspection
• Documentation • Software Installation • Malware Resolution • Data Security • Quality Checks • Routine Checkup
• Process Improvement • Feedback Implementation • Technical Assistance
Technical Skills: LAN, WAN, SAN, Egnyte, Linux, Windows, PRTG
Data Center Technician
Cloud Solutions
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    U.S based software development company with 2k+ employees in 5+ offices across Texas
    Server Maintenance & Data Encryption
    • Monitored company's servers and computers while performing routine maintenance to ensure stable performance
    • Implemented feedback from 50+ users on issues and resolved them within ~3 business days of the request
    • Performed regular upkeep of data center to prevent overheating and protect company data
    • Collaborated with 10+ members to improve network efficiency and encrypt data through stringent security measures
    System Upgrade & Quality Checks
    • Oversaw functioning of 4+ network processes to analyze inconsistencies and ensure smooth flow of data across all networks
    • Surveilled performance of systems and upgraded internal system components such as CPUs, hard drives, network cables
    • Streamlined resolution of data center issues by delegating tasks to junior technicians while performing quality checks
    Technical Documentation & Routine Maintenance
    • Executed documentation of processes like installation and troubleshooting while keeping event logs
    • Kept track of emerging trends in data center technologies and advised seniors on investing in better-suited machinery
    • Coordinated with 15+ members to conduct thorough examination of all networks at regular intervals to uproot issues
    • Maintained inventory of tools, equipment, and devices in the data center and communicated faults with senior technicians
    Computer Technician
    JB Technologies
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Established in 2013, it is a Texas based company offering computer solutions to 3k+ users
      Computer Inspection & Software Installation
      • Inspected 10+ computers every week for system errors and installed anti-virus programs for safe usage
      • Installed hardware and software systems including new equipment and CRM programs to remain updated with new releases
      • Performed routine checks of company's network and systems for malware and resolved it to ensure smooth functioning
      • Provided coaching to company members on best practices for computer use and integrate technology to reduce workload
      Server Maintenance & Malware Resolution
      • Repaired and maintained servers, 20+ personal computers, and technological equipment to maintain error-free functioning
      • Collaborated with team members to resolve 13+ complex computer issues as requested by company members
      • Conducted market research to identify new technology that will aid better performance and increase quality of output
      • Gained in-depth knowledge in configuring computer systems and networks under supervision of senior technicians
      • Certified Data Center Management Professional (CDCMP) | CNet Training | Aug '20
      • CCNA Data Center | Cisco | Dec '19
      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
      The University of Texas at Austin
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Founded in 1883, it is a public research university providing first-class education to more than 51k+ students
        • GPA: 3.6/4.0
        • Top 5 percentile in class
        • Languages: English (native) and French (fluent)

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        Key Takeaways

        As a fairly saturated job market, you need to get your basics down as an applicant to even be considered. Your basics would include an excellent data center technician resume to go with a personalized cover letter!

        Here is what you can take away from this guide to develop your data center technician resume:

        • Draft your resume in the reverse chronological resume format as it is the industry standard
        • Divide your work experience into groups of bulleted one-liners under relevant subheadings and highlight the important information
        • Within five lines, make sure that your resume summary maintains a cause-effect relationship and includes all the major feats in your career
        • Assess your areas of expertise to effectively add all of your data center technician skills into your resume
        • Evaluate your unique career trajectory and add sections that would complement your career and your targeted jobs
        • Draft a customized cover letter explicating how you will contribute to a company by doing basic research on their activities

        Get your data center technician resume application-ready!

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