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Is your PHP Developer Resume optimized?

If it isn't, it is high time to give your PHP developer resume the makeover it deserves. And we are here to help you with it.

Believe it or not, the PHP developer job of your dreams is just one impeccable resume away. Implementing the right resume tips and tricks is important.

Here's a summary of our PHP Developer Resume Blog:

  • If you are a certified professional ensure that you mention the same in your resume.
  • Your work experience should be described in one-line sentences.
  • Follow the reverse chronological order to list the details and information in your resume.
  • Include a summary of your resume giving an insight into your contributions.
  • List technical and functional skills that validate your expertise level.

That's not all.

In this blog, we have given section-wise resume examples to teach you how to perfect each section of your PHP developer resume.

To perfect your PHP developer resume, follow the eight resume tips we have highlighted below:

We will now walk you through these tips in in-depth detail to help you make an impeccable shortlist-worthy PHP developer resume.

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In the meanwhile, get your hands on our Online Resume Builder if you are in a hurry.

PHP Developer Job Description

PHP developers are technical professionals who are responsible for developing websites and mobile applications from clients.

The PHP developer roles and responsibilities for resumes include coordinating with clients to understand their requirements.

Designing website elements, writing codes, troubleshooting applications, Modifying software-based customer feedback, and ensuring project delivery on time.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunities of web developer, designers including PHP developers are going to increase by 8% from 2019 to 2029. In this upward trajectory, if you want to get a PHP developer job, you need to ensure that you have a stellar PHP developer resume.

Go to Hiration Resume Builder, and pick a professional resume template of your choice to create the PHP developer resume for yourself.

PHP Developer Salary

PHP development is still an active job profile and has a long way to go.

So if you are thinking ... Is PHP developer a good job? Then yes it is indeed a good job.

According to the average salary of a PHP developer is $88,599 per annum. reports the annual salary of a PHP developer is $64,986.

According to, the annual salary of a PHP developer is $77,218.

Optimize Your PHP Developer Resume for ATS Compliance

Here's something that you probably didn't know:

You need an ATS-compatible PHP developer resume to beat the competition and get shortlisted for your dream job.

But what does it mean to make an ATS-compatible resume? And what is the ATS?

Simply put, an ATS or an Applicant Tracking Software as it is famously called, is a recruitment software that most hiring organizations have started using.

The goal is simple and straightforward. The software scans thousands of resumes and rejects the least desired job applications. But the question remains: How does the ATS decide if a resume is unworthy of getting shortlisted?

The ATS makes a judgment call on the suitability of your resume based on the following criteria:


If your resume is reader-friendly, the ATS will be better able to read it. And if it can read it, it is more likely to parse it. Resumes that are not reader-friendly are more likely to get rejected by the software, which means that your resume will never reach a human recruiter!


An ATS looks for keywords in a resume. Keywords are nothing but criteria outlined in the JD of vacant job profiles. When an ATS sees these keywords in your resume, it sees it as a sign of your suitability for the job as it tells the ATS that your resume resembles the JD and thus meets the criteria of the job.

Our Advice:

Work towards improving the readability of your PHP developer resume. Moreover, incorporate relevant keywords into your resume.

But that said, don't just mindlessly engage in keyword stuffing. Use only those keywords that you have actual expertise in.

Present Information Under Distinct Resume Sections

When drafting your PHP developer resume, make sure that you organize information under these must-have resume sections:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

Must-have status of the above-mentioned sections suggests that these resume sections should feature in your PHP developer resume no matter what.

They are the basic sections of a resume that every recruiter will expect to see in your PHP developer resume.

Additionally, you can also use these sections if the ones we have listed above fails to accommodate your much-needed information and relevant details:

  • Internships
  • Certifications
  • Volunteering Experience

To learn more about composing sections in a resume, their importance, and why you should use them, read our Resume Sections Guide.


In the meanwhile, feel free to get your existing PHP developer resume from our in-house Resume Experts. If anyone can make the best PHP developer resumes, this is it.

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Draft the Header, Personal Information, and Profile Title Correctly

The first three sections of your PHP developer resume includes:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title

You need to accurately present and perfect them.

We will now be discussing them in detail:

PHP Developer Resume: Header

To perfect your resume header, follow these basic header rules:

  • If your PHP developer resume features a 'CV' or 'Resume', stop right away. It is implicit that your resume is a resume. You don't have to write anything so obvious.
  • Instead, write your real full name and place it at the topmost part of your resume.
  • Draft it in the font range of 16-20 points.
  • Give a single space between your first name and last name.
  • If you have a middle name, draft it like this: "Matthew S. Perry"

For a better understanding of resume headers, read our Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header.

Here's a PHP developer resume sample illustrating an impeccable resume header:


This is a snapshot of the header of a PHP developer resume template that we have made using Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

PHP Developer Resume: Personal Information

The personal information section should consist of the following details:

  • Contact number
  • Professional email ID
  • Current Location

In addition to the above-mentioned points, you can also add the following information to this section:

  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Link to your personal website (Example: Kaggle/GitHub)

Hiration Pro Tip: Make sure that you research the resume guidelines of your country of employment. Don't flood this section with trivial information that is left out of these guidelines.

Moreover, here are some rules you should follow to perfect this section:

  • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number.
  • Give an email ID that sounds professional as this will be used as the main medium of official communication between you and the hiring body.
  • Use the city & state code format to present your current location. Do not go overboard and unnecessarily add your complete home address as it is not needed.
  • Make sure that you optimize your LinkedIn profile URL before you add it here.
  • Give a link to your online portfolio or personal website to showcase practical examples of your work and achievements.


Read our Personal Information Guide to get a better grasp of this section.

Here's a PHP developer resume sample showcasing the perfect personal information section:


For more section-wise PHP developer resume templates like these, read on.

In the meanwhile, feel free to use our Online Resume Builder to curate an impeccable PHP developer resume.

It comes with a pre-designed & pre-filled resume template for PHP developer jobs that you can easily modify to suit your career needs & trajectory.

PHP Developer Resume: Profile Title

Your profile title is the third section of your PHP developer resume. It communicates the following facts about you to the recruiter.

  • Your current job title. In this case, PHP Developer.
  • Your functional industry. In this case, the IT industry.

Here are some things you should follow to perfect the profile title:

  • Write it in the second-largest text of 14-16 points.
  • Write it accurately. Do not trade your actual job designation for a senior role just to qualify for a job that you are not qualified for.

Here's a PHP developer resume illustrating an impeccable profile title:


Whether you're writing a PHP developer resume for 3 year experience or a PHP developer resume for 10 years experience, let us do the heavy lifting with you.

Sign up for our Resume Review Service to get access to our premium resume review.

Highlight Your PHP Responsibilities Under the Professional Experience Section

Where should you put the details of your PHP developer job responsibilities?

In the professional experience section of course!

This is a dedicated section for outlining important career-specific information and details of your career trajectory such as:

  • Name of the organizations you have worked in
  • The duration of your professional commitments
  • The details of your roles & responsibilities

However, it does not help to give a bland account of your roles & responsibilities. This section needs to be perfect, which means you need to be more articulate.

Here are some steps you can take to perfect this section:

  • Use the chronological format
  • Use one-liner points
  • Use power verbs
  • Use achievement figures
  • Use grouping & highlighting


Use the Reverse Chronological Format

If you have worked in two or more organizations, make sure that you pick the right PHP developer resume format.

We suggest the reverse chronological format to present your work experience details.

In this format, all you have to do is present the details of your latest job first followed by the rest in a reverse timeline order.

The reason is simple.

Since your most recent job is your most relevant work experience, it should come first, followed by the rest of your work experience details. Doing this will help you better articulate the journey of your career trajectory.

It will also help you show the promotions that you might have gotten along the way as your job designations will show versatility.

So make sure that you make the right decision here and choose the reverse-chronological PHP developer resume format.

Use One-liner Points

When it comes to communicating your work experience details in your PHP developer resume, there are three types of people:

  • Type 1: Uses bulky paragraphs
  • Type 2: Uses multi-line bulleted points
  • Type 3: Use one-liner bulleted points

It is the type 3 people that are doing it right. Why?

Because if you were to follow the example of type 1 and use bulky paragraphs, this section will become unreadable, which means an ATS software won't parse it, which means that your resume will not reach a human recruiter.

Similarly, while it is industry recommended that you use bulleted points, using multiple liner bulleted points is counterproductive as this too is not readable.

Now this leaves us with the one-liner bulleted points. This is the type we recommend as it helps you make a reader-friendly resume.

We spoke about the importance of readability in getting your resume parsed by the ATS recruitment bot. Using one-liner points helps you achieve this.

Long story short, use one-liner points to communicate the details of your roles & responsibilities.

Use Power Verbs

Now that you know how to improve the readability of your resume, it is high time to move on to stage 2.

Words have the power to move mountains. In this case, it holds the power to impress the recruiter, and in the grand scheme of job applications, it counts!

So while structuring your one-liner bullet points and communicating your job responsibilities, make use of power verbs.

Doing this will give a tone of professionalism to your work experience and achievements, helping you make a desired impact on the recruiter.

Use Achievement Figures

We mentioned earlier how important the professional experience section is.

It takes up 80% of your resume space, which means that if a recruiter decides to go through your resume in its entirety, this is the section that will hold the power to make or break your job application.

Why? Because this section consists of important information such as your roles & responsibilities. Recruiters want to know what they are. Recruiters want to know what kind of work you were delegated with.

But most importantly, they want to know what your accomplishments are. They want to know if you were able to benefit the organizations you were affiliated with.

So to show that you have what it takes, you need to outline your achievements. So make sure that you present a neat list of your most relevant achievements. To show that your achievements hold weight, use figures to quantify them.

Why? because achievement figures help you show the visible results & extent of your professional contributions. And trust us, this helps!

Use Grouping & Highlighting

Grouping is a commonly used method in resume writing.

  • All you have to do here is group similar one-liner points together under one unique heading or 'group'.
  • What it does is make this section look more reader-friendly and appealing.
  • Moreover, one look at your group header will tell the recruiter what your key expertise areas are.

Then comes highlighting. As you might know, highlighting is the practice of marking words or phrases in bold. It is a powerful resume tactic that you can deploy to draw the reader's attention to key focus words in this section.

We suggest marking relevant achievements and figures in bold. This goes an extra step to ensure that you get the right attention to aspects of your work that you want to divert the recruiter's attention to.

PHP Developer Resume Sample for Professional Experience

To get a better sense of the professional experience section and uncover more resume hacks around it, read our Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

Here's a PHP developer resume example showcasing an impeccable professional experience section that implements all the rules we have mentioned above:


To get access to PHP developer resume templates, sign up for our Online Resume Builder. Experience the thrill of editing, modifying, and download stellar resumes that have been pre-optimized for resume shortlist!

Give a Glorious Account of Your Educational Background

Whether you're writing a PHP developer resume for 3 year experience or a PHP developer resume for 10 years experience, your academic history will always stay relevant.

So whether you like it or not, make sure that you put your academic details under the education segment of your resume. If you have not performed exceptionally well in college, you can leave out your GPA or % details.

Just make sure that you have the following details in it:

  • Name of your grad school.
  • Your degree name.
  • Location of your grad school.
  • Enrollment and graduation dates.

Giving these details will tell a recruiter a lot about your educational background.

If you have done a major, mentioning it in this section might even put you ahead of the competition. Moreover, if you're from an ivy school, then your chances of landing a job might increase exponentially given that you have the skills to deserve it!

Does this sound exciting? we bet it does!

To get a better understanding of this section, read our Resume Education Section Guide for a wholesome understanding of the same.

Here's a PHP developer resume example illustrating a perfectly put-together education section:


This is a snapshot of the education section of a resume template for PHP developer jobs that we have curated using our Online Resume Builder. Moreover, you can easily edit & download this template in a PHP developer cv in doc & PHP format!

Use a Distinct Section to Highlight Your PHP Developer Skills

What makes you a PHP Developer? What is your USP?

Answer: Your skills.

And it is your skill expertise that will help you get the job of your dreams. You might have noticed that a lot of jobs in PHP development are open to fresh graduates even if they don't have relevant work experience yet.

As long as you have the right skills and expertise, you will be hired.

It is your skills that matter most as it is your skills that get you hired.

So make sure that you highlight your skills under a distinct key skills section in your PHP Developer Resume. Moreover, make a technical skills subsection within this section to endorse your technical tool-based skills.

Does this seem too vague? Do you want to learn more about this section?

If the answer is yes, read our Resume Skills Guide to get a holistic understanding of the skills section of your PHP experience resume.

Here's a PHP developer cv example showcasing an impeccable skills section:


Moving on, if you have doubts about the effectiveness of your resume, get it reviewed by our expert strategists at Hiration. We leave no stones unturned to turn your resume into a superhero of resumes and an instrument of job magnets!

Conclude Your Resume Using an Impeccable PHP Developer Resume Summary

A summary statement is nothing but a short overview of your career trajectory.

When done right, a recruiter is likely to evaluate your resume in detail. When done poorly, a recruiter might not even give your resume a chance.

Believe it or not, the best PHP resumes have one thing in common: a perfect summary. It acts as a major pull and helps you appeal to the recruiter before they even have a chance to evaluate your entire resume.

Why? Because whether a recruiter reads other sections or not, on average, most recruiters read the summary if nothing else.

It has been found that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on a resume.

So you need to optimize your PHP developer resume summary and perfect it to hold the recruiter's attention in these** 6 seconds**.

Here’s a list of what you should do to achieve this:

  • Write a PHP developer resume summary only if you have a minimum work experience of 3 years. If you don't, write an objective statement instead.
  • Compose your PHP developer resume summary at the end after concluding all other sections of your resume. Doing this minimizes the time spent on curating it as you can easily pick important points from the rest of your resume.
  • Take an achievement-based tone to highlight your most relevant achievements. This helps you show relevance and expertise at the same time.
  • Keep your summary short, crisp, and to the point. Don't use filler words or jargon and stick to a 3-5 line paragraph limit.

Get an in-depth understanding of resume summaries using our Resume Summary Guide to learn how to perfect this section once and for all.

Here's a PHP developer resume example showcasing an impeccable summary:


In the meanwhile, use our Online Resume Builder to make the best PHP developer resumes that you can dream of!

What makes it extra special is that it supports a PHP developer resume doc & pdf download!

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  • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

Online Resume Builder

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Apart from the features highlighted above ensure that you check out the ones listed below:

PHP Web Developer Resume Sample

Have you ever wondered what an impeccable PHP developer resume looks like? here is a PHP resume sample for your reference:

Template used:

To use this PHP developer resume template, sign up for our Online Resume Builder. Once on our platform, you can easily edit and download the template.

Key Takeaways

You have reached the end of this blog.

Here are the key takeaways of our PHP Developer Resume 2022 Blog:

  • Don't use the same generic resume for every job application as it dwindles your shortlist chances. Customize it for each job.
  • Use the reverse chronological resume format as it helps you showcase your most recent and relevant work experience first.
  • Write an ATS-compatible PHP resume to ensure that the recruitment bot parses your resume. To achieve this, work on the readability and structure of your resume. More importantly, incorporate keywords wherever relevant.
  • Organize and present information under resume sections.
  • Give a link to your LinkedIn profile to familiarize a recruiter with who you are. If you have a website, put a link to it to show practical examples of your work.
  • Research the hiring guidelines of your country of employment to keep your resume to the point and relevant.
  • Perfect the professional experience section at all costs. List out your achievements and quantify them for maximum impact.
  • Outline your PHP developer skills under the key skills section of your resume.
  • Give an account of your academic details in the education section. Leave out your GPA or percentile details if you have not performed exceptionally well.

We hope that you have learned the basics of resume perfection with this blog.

Use the tips we have outlined here to make a stellar resume that gets you shortlisted for the hottest and most trending jobs in PHP development.

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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