"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."
-Anton Chekhov

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You may possess a certain level of knowledge but unless you put it to use there is no chance for you to achieve positive results.

Likewise, if you are looking for a job that requires the knowledge that you possess, then you need to create a flawless resume that can communicate your potential to the recruiters.

Stop wasting time and keep reading this blog to learn the art of curating a professional shortlist-worthy resume and get a step closer to your dream job.

Here is a summary of our Informatica Resume 2020 Blog:

  • Write your name as the header of your resume to make it easier for the recruiters to keep a track of your unique resume.
  • Make use of the keywords used by recruiters to describe the targeted job.
  • Provide only the required personal information details in your resume.
  • Compose a summary/an objective to give an overview of your career's highlights.

There is no limit to learning and you should always take up any chance that can make you learn something new every day.

Keep reading to learn more about the ideal ways of writing the perfect shortlist-worthy resumes.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to learn the following points and write a job-winning informatica resumes:

  • What to write in your informatica support resume and how to write it.
  • How to effectively frame your experience in your informatica admin resume.
  • How to write a job-winning, ATS-targeted resume from scratch.
  • How to write an entry-level sr informatica developer resume.
  • How to optimize your skills in a resume and how to highlight them.

. . . All so you can get the job that you want!

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The following is a list of all that you will learn in this blog:

What is an Informatica Resume & why do you need it?

Resumes are the most common source through which you can introduce yourself to the recruiters as a suitable applicant for the targeted job.

Most of the recruiters use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) as it can help them filter through a sea of resumes to pick the most eligible applicant.

The recruiters spend a mere 6-10 seconds on a resume and the use of ATS is the ideal means if there are hundreds of informatica resumes.

Now, you should keep in mind that it is important to rank high on the ATS, which you need to achieve to raise your chances of getting the required shortlist.

Hiration's Online Resume Builder can help you frame the perfect ATS-friendly resume that can make you rank high on the ATS to raise your shortlist chances.

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Informatica Resume Sample

You can refer to our complete informatica resume sample to know what an ideal resume should look like:

5+ years experienced Informatica Administrator & ETL Developer with a proven track record of establishing processes & methodology standards for all phases of an Enterprise Data Warehouse. Proficient in deploying ETL tools for designing scalable ETL applications. Armed with technical leadership skills for mentoring and managing Senior Designers & Developers. Adept at the implementation of full development life - cycle of Data Warehousing & deploying ETL programs for supporting data extraction via Informatica Power Centre to deliver compelling business value for clients.
• Data Integration • Power Center Transformation • Power Center Tasks & Workflows • Advanced Transformation Techniques
• ETL Management • UNIX Shell Scripting • Power Center Repository Management • Software Development Lifecycle
• Integrated & Unit Testing • Project Management • Informatica Administration & Security • Leadership & Team Management
    Software Development Life Cycle
    • Appointed in - charge of leading 15+ developers to deploy Informatica Power Center via Informatica Power Exchange
    • Played a key role in gathering requirements and developing reviews following internal norms
    • Convened meetings with owners of key system components to understand data & systems environments
    Data Integration & Transformation
    • Devised Informatica workflows, mappings/maplets & transformations, PL SQL functions, and DDL scripts
    • Analyzed source systems to identify business rules for data profiling, data flows, data transformations & cleansing
    • Exhibited Change Data Capture and Real-Time support from Mainframe, SQL Server & Oracle database sources
    ETL Management
    • Generated, tested, integrated and deployed ETL routines via ETL tools & programming/scripting languages
    • Designed ETL processes and developed source-to-target data mappings, integration workflows and load processes
    • Supervised best technical practices for data movement, data quality/cleansing, and other ETL activities
    Key Achievements
    • Obtained a single true version of data source & significantly boosted 100% accuracy of information
    • Created an analytics-ready Data Warehouse Platform, reduced batch - time & enhanced business continuity
    • Enabled faster integration of new brands & reduced network resource usage and ETL operational costs
      Process Optimization & Stakeholder Management
      • Interfaced with various brands for enhancing all ETL processes across multiple platforms
      • Collaborated with application groups to diagnose system issues & prepare effective solutions for all programs
      • Coordinated with the UAT team for estimating ETL requirements to design & architect integrated solutions
      Testing & Troubleshooting
      • Developed test plans & test scripts to administer unit & integration testing, and created SQL/UNIX shell scripts
      • Performed validations for transactional records & initiated corrective action to resolve data quality issues
      • Synchronized with technical/business representatives to strategize identification & resolution of data anomalies
      Informatica & Data Integration
      • Ensured accuracy & integrity of applications through analysis, coding, documenting, testing & troubleshooting
      • Directed data gathering, collating and prepared system's program implementation for all Informatica programs
        • CGPA: 3.8/4
        • Languages: Spanish & French
        • Informatica Training & Certification | Techbox | Jan '12 - Jun '12

        How to write your Informatica Resume

        The three stages given below can help you write your informatica developer resume more easily:

        • Stage 1: Master Informatica Resume
        • Stage 2: First Draft of Informatica Resume
        • Stage 3: Final Draft of Informatica Resume

        Master Informatica Resume

        Create a master resume to use it as your master folder of all your information details.

        Gather all the details related to your work experience, education, certification, awards/recognitions, personal information, etc.

        Doing so can save you time whenever you need to pick some pieces of information and you can pick them from one place without having to gather scattered pieces of information.

        In case you are not sure of some unclear points, remember that this folder can be used for any timeline so go ahead and list them in your master folder.

        You can use the stored details in your present resume-writing or for any possible resume updates in the future.

        First Draft of Informatica Resume

        In the second stage, you have to compose the following sections:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Professional Experience
        • Education
        • Certifications (if any)
        • Awards & Recognition (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)

        Final Draft of Informatica Resume

        In the last and final stage, you need to compose the two given sections:

        • Key Skills: Justify this section by identifying your core skills from the professional experience section of your resume and objectively place them in the “key skills” section. Frame this in the last second step of resume writing.

        • Summary/Objective: Compose a resume summary if you have 3 years and above work experience. Else, you should compose an objective. FRame this in the last step of resume writing.

        Our Online Resume Builder can help your informatica with teradata resume writing a hassle-free experience.

        Informatica Resume Sections

        Given below is a list of the standard sections that need to be framed in an ideal resume:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        Given-below is a list of the optional sections that can be framed in an informatica support resume whenever required:

        • Certifications (if any)
        • Additional Information (if any)
        • Awards & Recognitions (if any)

        Get more insight into resume sections on Hiration's 2020 Guide to sections in a resume.

        You can also make use of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to curate a flawless resume.

        Informatica Resume: Professional Experience

        The professional experience section in a resume can be framed perfectly by applying the three factors mentioned below:

        • STAR Format
        • Frame Points
        • Bucketing & Bolding

        STAR Format

        Star format helps you in creating the cause-effect relation in your professional experience statements and it stands for:

        • S stands for the situation/backdrop/context of your contributions towards an organization.
        • T stands for the actual task assigned to you as part of your roles and responsibilities.
        • A stands for the action you strategized to execute the assigned task.
        • R stands for the result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure of numbers.

        Framing Points

        Let us look at the below-given examples to understand the importance of framing points and how it can be implemented in your resume.

        Informatica Resume Example 1

        "Successfully developed test plans to administer unit and integration testing to create the UNIX shell scripts. Effectively validated the transactional records and initiated the required corrective action to resolve any issues related to the quality of the data. Smoothly synchronized with representatives to identify & strategize resolution of data anomalies. Ensured accurate integrity of applications through analysis, testing, coding & troubleshooting at all times. Gathered every data, collated and prepared the implementation of the program of the system for Informatica programs."

        Informatica Resume Example 2

        • Developed test plans to administer the unit & integration testing to create UNIX shell scripts
        • Validated transactional records & initiated corrective action to resolve quality issues of data
        • Synchronized with representatives to identify & strategize resolution of data anomalies
        • Ensured accurate integrity of applications through analysis, testing, coding & troubleshooting
        • Gathered data, collated & prepared the implementation of system's program for Informatica programs

        Framing Points: Analysis

        From the examples, we can see that framing points (example 2) make your statements more readable as compared to the lengthy paragraph (example 1).

        You can simply use bullet points and frame your points in one-liners to make your statements easier for the recruiters to read.

        Avoid writing a bulky paragraph as it may fail to attract the recruiters' attention and in the course, you may lose your chance of being shortlisted.

        Bucketing & Bolding

        Let us look at the two examples to understand the importance of bucketing and bolding your framed points.

        Informatica Resume Example 1

        • Developed test plans to administer the unit & integration testing to create UNIX shell scripts
        • Validated transactional records & initiated corrective action to resolve quality issues of data
        • Synchronized with representatives to identify & strategize resolution of data anomalies
        • Ensured accurate integrity of applications through analysis, testing, coding & troubleshooting
        • Gathered data, collated & prepared the implementation of system's program for Informatica programs

        Informatica Resume Example 2

        Testing & Troubleshooting

        • Developed test plans to administer the unit & integration testing to create UNIX shell scripts
        • Validated transactional records & initiated corrective action to resolve quality issues of data
        • Synchronized with representatives to identify & strategize resolution of data anomalies

        Informatica & Data Integration

        • Ensured accurate integrity of applications through analysis, testing, coding & troubleshooting
        • Gathered data, collated & prepared the implementation of system's program for Informatica programs

        Bucketing & Bolding: Analysis

        From the examples, we can see that bucketing and bolding (example 2) your framed points can make your one-liners more organized and readable as compared to only framing points (example 1).

        Create unique headings (bucketing) and list down the similar one-liners under them. After which you should bold the highlights of your career and any figures of numbers to specify your contribution or achievements.

        Doing so can make it easier for you to organize your framed points and make it more readable for the recruiters to read and comprehend.

        Here is an informatica sample resume showcasing what an ideal professional experience section looks like:


        Learn more about this section and how to perfect it from Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

        Informatica Resume: Key Skills

        This section can help you highlight your skills for the recruiters to recognize you as a suitable applicant.

        It can also help you rank high on the ATS, provided you use the keywords used by the recruiters for the job listing.

        Remember that the recruiters spend a mere 6-10 seconds to go through a resume so if you can perfectly frame this section, then you can intrigue them and raise your chance of a shortlist.

        Make sure to frame this section professionally to make your resume stand out amongst other informatica resumes.

        Hiration's 2020 Guide on what skills to put on a resume can help you get a better understanding of how to efficiently curate your key skills section.

        Check out our informatica resume sample given below to see how an ideal key skills section should be composed:


        Informatica Resume Summary

        The following points should be followed to compose the perfect summary of your informatica MDM developer resume:

        • Write your summary after framing every other section in a resume as it is easier to decide what to put in your resume summary.
        • Thoroughly scan through your work experience section and pick the highlights of your career.
        • Try to include the keywords that the recruiter has used in the targeted job description.
        • Try to compose a summary of your resume in the limit of 4 lines.
        • Write a resume summary only if you have professionally worked for 3 years and above.

        To write a summary of your resume that has more impact, read Hiration's 2020 Resume Summary Guide.

        Go through our informatica sample resume showcasing the ideal summary of a resume:


        In the meanwhile, make resume-writing an effortless affair with Hiration's Online Resume Builder now!

        Informatica Resume Objective

        You should write a resume objective only if you belong to any of the following categories:

        • You have no work experience.
        • You have very limited work experience of less than 3 years.
        • You are a fresh graduate writing an entry-level resume.

        Compose an objective to communicate all that you are willing and can do for an organization. Avoid listing out your expectations from the targeted organization.

        An objective should be framed to help you sell your skills as a professional and convince the recruiter that you are the perfect applicant that they are looking for.

        To learn more details of farming the perfect informatica salesforce resume objective, make sure to read Hiration's 2020 Guide on Resume Objectives.

        Informatica Resume: Header

        The header of a resume helps your ETL informatica developer resume have its unique identity when you write your name.

        Keep the following points in mind while framing your header:

        • This should be written in the topmost part of your informatica support resume.
        • The header of your resume should be written in the largest font size.
        • This should be in the range of 16-20 font size.
        • If you have a middle name, write only the initial of your middle followed by a period and place it between your first and last name.
        • Example: Write Edward Dominic Newgate as "Edward D. Newgate".

        Learn more about this section from Hiration’s 2020 Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header.

        Here is a snapshot of an ideal resume header that has been created with Hiration’s Online Resume Builder:


        Informatica Resume: Personal Information

        The personal information section ideally requires the details of the following:

        • Contact Number
        • Email Address
        • Current Location

        Hiration Protip: Depending on the country you're targeting, go through the resume requirements around personal information and update it accordingly.

        Contact Number

        You need to provide your active contact number so that the recruiters can get in touch with you in case of any possible shortlist.

        The recruiters may also want to interview you over the phone or confirm any likely schedule for interviews.

        Make sure to avoid making careless mistakes while giving out your number, else the recruiters may not be able to get you on the phone.

        The correct format for writing your mobile number is documented below:

        • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your contact number
        • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code
        • Eg: +1 37246 23246

        Hiration Pro Tip: If you have 2 or more mobile numbers, make sure that you accurately mention only that mobile number on which you are available 24x7. If the recruiter cannot get in touch with you, there is no use of penning down your contact number in your details. Hence, be extra sure that you are writing it correctly in your resume.

        Email Address

        Strictly avoid giving out childish and fancy email IDs as it may make the recruiters consider you as an unprofessional applicant.

        Example: geniusedward@xyz.com or edwardgenius@xyz.com

        Provide your official email ID that has your real name. Create one right away if you do not have an official email ID:

        Example: edwardnewgate@xyz.com or edward@xyz.com

        Current Location

        Keep the following points in mind while giving out your location in an sr informatica developer resume:

        • Do not mention your house number, street number, or your locality as they are unnecessary pieces of information in a resume.
        • In case you are applying for a job in your own country, mention your current city and state. But if you are looking for a job outside your country, simply write your city and country of residence.

        There is more to this section and you can read Hiration's 2020 Guide to composing your contact information to write an ideal personal information section.

        Take a look at our informatica sample resume below to understand how an ideal personal information section can be framed:


        Our Online Resume Builder comes with a pre-designed & pre-filled resume template that you can easily modify according to your preference.

        Informatica Resume: Profile Title

        The profile title in a resume communicates the following facts to the recruiter:

        • Your current designation.
        • Your functional industry.
        • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

        Write your profile title in the largest text after your informatica data quality resume header. It should ideally be in the range of 14-16 font size.

        Frame your accurate profile title as exaggerating it will pass off as intentionally cheating the recruiter.

        Refer to our resume sample given-below to see what a well-framed profile tile looks like:


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        Informatica Resume: Education

        The details of your educational qualification should be provided in a resume as per the requirement of the targeted job profile, provided you possess them.

        An ideal education section in a resume consists of:

        • Name of the school/university you have attended.
        • Name of the courses you have pursued.
        • The location of your school/university.
        • Enrollment and graduation dates in the month & year format.

        Go to Hiration's 2020 Guide to listing education on a resume to read an exhaustive guide on the education section.

        Given below is our resume sample showcasing the ideal education section for your informatica administrator resume:


        Informatica Resume: Certifications

        List any certification that you possess as it can help you communicate yourself as a suitable applicant who is certified to practice one's field of work.

        The following details about should be farmed in an ideal certifications section:

        • Certification course name.
        • Name of the institute of affiliation.
        • Location of the institute of affiliation.
        • Enrollment and completion date of the course in the month & year format.

        Arrange these points in the below format:

        {Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

        Read Hiration's 2020 Guide on listing certifications on a resume to get a better understanding of this section.

        Here is our informatica sample resume demonstrating the ideal certifications section for your resume:


        Informatica Resume: Additional Information

        This section can be framed to list out any additional information about you that can help enhance your resume.

        For example, if you speak more than one language or you have some productive hobbies then you can add it in this section.

        Doing so can make the recruiters recognize your extra-curricular knowledge that can be applied in the targeted job profile.

        The informatica sample resume attached below shows a perfectly composed additional information section:


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        Online Resume Builder for Informatica Resume

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        Key Takeaways

        • Use the largest font size of 16-20 to write your header and frame your profile title in the second-largest font size of 14-16.
        • Organize your professional experience section by framing points and bucketing & bolding to make it easier for the recruiters to read and comprehend your statements.
        • Use action verbs to start each point and avoid writing phrases to maintain clarity of your one-liners.
        • Compose your summary only if you possess 3 years and above of work experience else compose an objective.
        • Quantify your achievements wherever possible by providing the figure of numbers to specify your contributions or achievements.

        With the end of this blog, you can write a flawless resume by referring to all the examples and guides provided.

        You can also write to us at team@hiration to resolve any queries or questions.