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The auditor profile is an indispensable part of every business, because of which, this career option has never faced scarcity.

According to a report by Statista, there were 1.28 million accountants and auditors placed in the United States as of 2012. Since then, this graph has never gone below 1.17 million professionals.

Looking at the eployment stability, we can consider it as a great employment niche for financial graduates. However, You must remember the fact that your degree will only make you eligible for an auditor job, and you need a job-winning auditor resume to apply for it.

Here, we have tried to elaborate on every aspect of auditor resume building. Take a look at the summary points of this intuitive guide:

  • Get all the details related to your targeted auditor job and its recruitment process
  • Pick industry-specific keywords from the job description and use them in your auditor resume
  • Use reverse chronological resume format if you do not have a career gap
  • Use one-liner bullet points to mention details in your resume except for summary
  • Add your education details with grades, important dates, and institute name with location.

Apart from this, we have also answered some fundamental questions related to an auditor profile here:

You can take a look at Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to build your auditor resume. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology and is potent enough to give you a smooth and hassle-free resume-building experience.

Account Manager Resume Sample

Please take a look at the below given Account Manager Resume sample to get resume-building insights. You can use this resume hierarchy to build your audit associate resume.


Auditor Resume Points

It is a fact that the competition for any job is very high these days. Hence, you can not expect the recruiter to spend much time on your audit associate resume.

However, you can represent your information in bullet points for easy understanding so that the recruiter would spend more than a few seconds on your auditor resume.

To make your auditor resume points appealing, you can follow these guidelines while framing them:

  • Start every point with a power verb
  • Write every point in STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format
  • Quantify your information wherever possible
  • Highlight important keywords and metrics

You can feel relaxed as we are supporting you in every possible manner to grab your targeted job. We have crafted one-liner bullet points for more than 250 profiles that can be used in your resume to improve readability.

Here you can see the resume points of similar profiles to an auditor:

Job Description of an Auditor

An auditor is the authorized person to review the financial records of companies and ensure the money flow complies with applicable tax laws. Auditors prevent companies from fraud and help them improve their financial decisions to achieve organizational goals.

Here you can see an example of an auditor job description for better understanding:

We are looking for internal auditors to develop plans and support our internal partners in maintaining strong internal controls. A perfect fit must be an expert in reducing risk, increasing operational efficiency, and protecting our shareholders, customers, and employees.

As an auditor of our company, you must understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication across all levels to earn trust. Moreover, a suitable match must also have the experience to dig into details and develop recommendations that hugely impact business growth.

Auditor Roles & Responsibilities

Let us see some real-time fundamental roles and responsibilities of an internal auditor:

  • Contributes as a team member working on risk-based audits and advisory engagements (including research, evaluation and analysis, and testing) to identify issues related to risk, governance, processes, technology, controls, and operating practices of assigned engagements.
  • Attends team and client discussions throughout the engagement to assist the team with executing audit methodology, assessing risk, and testing effectiveness of controls.
  • Learn the business flow and audit methodology to improve discussion making related to audit scope, testing approach, and data analysis.
  • Contributes to research and writing high-quality internal work papers and client-facing deliverables such as process/control narratives, flowcharts, testing documentation, conclusions, recommendations, and audit report findings to be shared with the audit team and clients.
Hiration pro tip:
You can use job descriptions to pick profile-centric keywords for creating a technically strong and impressive audit manager resume

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Salary of an Auditor

According to a popular employment website named Indeed, the average base salary of an Auditor in the United States is USD 60,878.

The pay scale of an auditor also varies according to the job location. Here we have added some of the United States cities with average auditor salaries:

Cities Average Auditor Salary
Phoenix, AZ USD 82,945
New York, NY USD 72,761
Dallas, TX USD 72,358
Atlanta, GA USD 65,714
Tampa, FL USD 60,039
Chicago, IL USD 58,774
Houston, TX USD 58,063
Indianapolis, IN USD 56,522

Highest Paying Companies in the United States For Auditors

Company size and virtical also play a vital role in ditermining the salary of a professional. Here you can see the list of companies offering highest Auditor Salaries in the United States. You can apply accordingly to get a better renumeration in 2023:

Company Name Average Auditor Salary
DISYS $214,405
Wells Frago $135,758
General Dynamics Information Technology $121,157
NASA $116,312
U.S. Air Force $115,034
U.S. Customs and Border Protection $104,579
Centene $102,970
KPMG $102,185
Harbor Freight Tools $101,035
U.S. Army $92,426
Wisconsin Department of Revenue $90,529
Freedom Forever $90,381
EY $86,326
Department of Revenue $85,456
United State Department of Defence $80,627
Liberty Mutual Insurance $80,608
Northrop Grumman $79,182

Auditor Resume Format

To create a magnificent senior auditor resume, you must start by opting for the correct resume format. People usually do not pay attention while outlining their internal audit resumes as there are numerous resume formats available online that confuse them.

As a result, they end up adding all the sections and details unimpressively. Hence, we recommend you select a suitable resume format based on your skillset and experience.

We have listed three predominantly used resume formats that will help you in building a better auditor resume compared to the other mediocre auditing resumes of your competitors:

It is the best resume format for professionals with no career gaps. It starts with demonstrating your current status and goes down the line with descending dates and details of your career & academic achievements.

This resume format is similar to the chronological resume format, with a slight change in the professional experience section. The resume points in this format are grouped based on skills.

It is completely different from the other two resume formats. The work details in this resume format are entered under the skills section instead of the professional experience section. A functional resume format is suitable for professionals having a career gap.

Internal Auditor Resume Sample

Here is an example of a refined internal audit resume. Unlike other internal auditor resumes available online, it has all the elements at the right place with the best possible presentation.

Joseph Wayne
Internal Auditor
4+ years experienced certified internal auditor with a prolific record of managing finances and reducing taxes as per the latest legal guidelines. Proficient in analyzing and generating financial reports as part of improving overall business model. Adept at tracking investment worth millions and performing audit tests to facilitate sound decision making.
• Financial Audits • Investment Tracking • Finance Management • Accounting • Tax Reduction • Cost Optimization
• Risk Mitigation • Report Generation & Management • Account Management • Process Improvement
Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Arbutus Analytics, AuditBoard
Internal Auditor
Global Investors Pvt. Ltd.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    One of the top 10 investors in the United States helping businesses across the globe with offices in 15+ companies 
    Audit Evaluation & Cost Optimization
    • Conducting financial audits with 100% accuracy every year as part of tax saving and cost optimization
    • Preparing audit reports based on the international standards to improve business decisions and get maximum benefits
    • Coordinating with 5+ associates to evaluate audit procedures for saving ~USD 10mn. annually

    Investment Tracking & Risk Mitigation
    • Collaborating with a team of 10+ auditors to track banking activities and monthly investments
    • Performing monthly analysis of company's financial reports as part of mitigating risks by up to 40%
    • Upgrading finance management methodologies to reduce business complexities by 50% and improve security by 25%
    Junior Accountant
    Jackson Capital Consultants
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      One of the leading financial consultancies of the United States serving since 1999 and generating an annual turnover of USD 5bn.
      Business Analysis & Tax Saving
      • Analyzed business trends and internal operations to reduce costs and improve productivity by 45%
      • Assisted senior accountant in preparation of 50+ error free financial statements and budget reports
      • Developed 20+ tax saving strategies for small businesses and individuals under the supervision of account manager

      Audit Testing & Report Generation
      • Collaborated with 15+ associate accountants to perform audit testing for 50+ financial accounts
      • Created and analyzed monthly financial reports for 10+ clients with individual net worth of USD 50mn.
      Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting Major)
      Jackson State University
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • CGPA: 3.6/4.0
        • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) | Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) | July '19
        • Certified Public Accountant | Association of International Certified Professional Accountants | May '17
        • Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent), and French (working proficiency)

        Education Required for an Auditor Job

        It would be best to have a degree in Business Administration with Accounting as the major subject to be an auditor.

        The knowledge of finance is the primary requirement for this job profile. Hence, even finance diplomas with suitable certifications can help you in becoming a successful auditor.

        You can contemplate following these steps while writing educational details in your auditor resume for a professional appearance:

        • Write your university name
        • Add the name of your degree
        • Mention location of the college
        • State your CGPA gained
        • Show your enrollment and graduation dates

        You can also mention your major subjecst to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the Auditor Resume.

        Top Auditor Course Offering Universities in the United States

        You can enroll at any of these United States universities to kickstart your auditor career in 2023:

        • DePaul University | Chicago, IL
        • University of Missouri | Columbia, MO
        • Temple University | Philadelphia, PA
        • Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA
        • The University of New Orleans | New Orleans, LA
        • Suffolk University | Boston, MA
        • Universiy of North Texas | Denton, TX
        • Southern New Hampshire University | Manchester, NH
        • University of Missouri- St. Louis | St. Louis, MO
        • University of California | Riverside, CA
        • University of Nebraska | Omaha, NE
        • Southern Illinois University | Carbondale, IL

        Auditor Certifications

        A competent financial certificate can boost your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process. Most of your competitors will have similar financial degrees like you. Hence, you need a financial certification to stand out from the crowd.

        You can check out these certifications given below with the name of affiliated institutions to bag an auditor job without any complications:

        Certification Name Affiliated Institute
        Certified Public Accountant (CPA) AICPA
        Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) ISACA
        Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) CFA Institute
        Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) ACFE
        Certified Management Accountant (CMA) IMA
        Certified Government Auditing Professional IIA
        Certified Bank Auditor (CBA) AICB
        Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) IIA

        You can follow the format given beneath while addressing the certification details in your auditor resume:

        Certification Name | Name of the Affiliated Institute | Date of Completion

        All of these certifications are credible enough to benefit you a lot in your professional auditor journey. You can opt for any of them to start your career as an auditor and reach up to new heights.

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        Auditor Skills

        A degree in finance and suitable certifications might make you eligible for an auditor’s job. Still, an auditor resume without the latest auditing skills will not help you to bag the job.

        Hence, we recommend you add all the latest auditor skills to strengthen your senior auditor resume. It is also important to make separate sections for your technical auditing skills and key auditor skills to highlight them effectively.

        We have curated some auditing skills here that you can use while making an auditor resume:

        Technical Skills Key Skills
        Microsoft Office Suite Finance Management
        Arbutus Analytics Investment Tracking
        AuditBoard Cost Optimization
        Workiva Accounting

        You can get more advanced skills by referring to the Auditor job descriptions available at different job portals like indeed and Glassdoor. Strong modern skillset will help you grow better as an auditor.

        Financial Advisor Resume Sample

        Similar to the aforementioned auditors resume sample, you can consider this Financial Advisor Resume sample to frame an attractive auditor resume:


        Auditor Job Assistance at Hiration

        Job hunting is not a piece of cake for entry-level and even experienced professionals. It requires heavy brainstorming tasks like resume building, cover letter building, interview preparation, etc.

        Hiration works as the panacea for all of these tasks.

        Hiration has a team of expert resume builders who help people to create flawless auditing resumes. At hiration, we have built an AI-powered Online Resume Builder that is effective enough to ease your audit associate resume-building process. Moreover, it comes with 24/7 chat support that will help you expernece a smooth operating experience while using this resume-building application.

        Additional smart career-framing tools under the roof of Hiration are:

        Key Takeaways

        Take a look at the key takeaways of this reference guide:

        • Choose the suitable resume format according to your experience and skills
        • Mention your academic and professional details in one-liner points to enhance the effectiveness
        • Write your technical auditor skills and soft skills in a separate section to highlight them properly
        • Add your certification details with the affiliated institution name and completion date

        We have mentioned you can get some executable guidelines and important information about an auditor’s profile here to build your auditor resume.

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