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How to make a Angular JS Resume?

Your angularjs resume can either take you closer to your dream job or simply become a hindrance in your job application.

Unless you write a resume that is both ATS-compliant and recruiter-friendly, your job application will not stand a chance of getting shortlisted.

So if you have any doubt that your resume may not be effective enough to get you your target job, now is the time to revamp your resume with the help of our awesome guide.

Here is the summary of our Angular JS Resume Blog:

  • Curating your particulars in the right format can escalate the effectiveness of your angularjs developer resume.
  • Writing your name on top of your resume can help you instantly communicate to the recruiter that the resume belongs to you.
  • Presenting information using distinct sections can help you communicate important details and pieces of information to the recruiters.
  • Providing your contact details correctly helps a recruiter reach out to you. So make sure that you correctly write it in your resume.

Resume-writing is not just about filling it up with your details, it is more about how you convince the recruiters that you are a worthy applicant for the targeted job profile.

Here are the 7 resume tips to help you write an impeccable Angular JS resume:

Hiration's resume builder can help you write resumes that are job-worthy and help you make a statement in your job application.

What is Angular JS Developer?

According to simplilearn, 'Angular is an open-source, client-side framework based on TypeScript and designed for building web applications.'

'It is one the most wildly used programming languages. Businesses and organizations that use Angular include many heavy-hitters such as General Motors, Google (of course), The Guardian, HBO, ING, Netflix, Nike, PayPal, and Sony.'

Every company is different hence the roles performed by angular js developers vary but the essence remains the same.

Angular JS Developer Salary

As per the data collected by payscale the average salary of angular js developer is USD 71,746.

We have also curated data from disparate sources, the major one being Indeed and created a list of average annual salary of profiles related to angular js developer:

  • Full Stack Developer salary: USD 106,997
  • Senior Software Engineer salary: USD 126,883
  • Software Engineer salary: USD 103,202
  • Front End Developer salary: USD 104,670
  • Senior Developer salary: USD 102, 189
  • Web Developer Salary: USD 71,497

Angular JS Resume Points

Job description is the best place to pick the keywords from, once you have identified those keywords, incorporate them in your angular js resume.

Doing so will ensure that you pass the Application Tracking System, giving your resume a better short at getting shortlisted.

Creating resume points which are quite impactful can be a daunting task.
In order to do so you need to make sure of the following:

  • Cause-effect relationship in your bullet points
  • Every bullet should start with a power verb
  • Quantify the information wherever possible
  • Group similar points under the same heading
  • Bold relevant keywords or metrics

Hiration has ready-to-use resume points for 250+ profiles, click on the links below to use the ready made power bullets.

Angular Developer Roles & Responsibilities

A job description is a keyword dense place, you can and you should pick keyword from there and include them in your resume.

Following are a few roles & responsibilities of angular js developer:

  • Proficient in website development along with web based applications
  • Ensuring the development of a responsive User Interface
  • Using JavaScript, Angular JS 1.2, HTML5, CSS3
  • Create Single Page Applications by using Angular JS as a framework
  • Enhanced the performance and reduced the response time of the application by using AJAX

Hiration has created resume points for multiple profiles, you can use those points to enhance your angular js developer resume or angular tester resume.

  • Developed the application in C, Java and JavaScript for the company's mobile application
  • Implemented a new Git tool to track and report on the status of Git projects
  • Managed a team of 5 to develop and implement a new Java application for the Department of Homeland Security
  • Utilized the Oracle J2SE development methodology to create and maintain the database
  • Led design and implementation of a web based mobile app for the company
  • Assisted developers with the development of their websites using JavaScript, HTML and jQuery

What are the skills required for Angular Developer?

To be a successful angular developer, one must have the essential skills required.

The Key skills for Angular JS Developer are:

  • UI/UX Designing
  • Application Testing
  • Solution Architect
  • Auditing
  • Product Delivery

In order to have these skills the developers must have the core Technical Skills.

Technical Skills
JavaScript Angular Framework
RESTful API integration npm
Angular CLI TypeScript
RxJS Git


Angular JS Developer Interview Questions

A stellar resume will get you one step closer to the dream job, the interview will decide your future.

Hiration has created a repository of most frequently asked interview questions for hundreds of profiles.

We will answer a few of those questions for you in this blog, if you need any more assistance in preparing for the interview do visit Hiration.

Q 1. What is your experience with CSS

I use CSS to style my web pages & applications, used CSS to change color, font, layout of my projects.

Q 2. What is your level of expertise in JavaScript?

I have used JavaScript to create a web application that allows users to generate a custom report based on their input.

Q 3. What are the skills that you will bring to the company?

I have a strong background in Angular JS and have worked on a wide range of projects. I will be able to create a better user experience for your customers.

Q 4. What are your expectations from the job?

I want to serve in a value based organization that promotes a healthy work=life balance.

Follow the 3 stages of resume writing


You need to have a strategic approach while writing your resume if you want to rank high on the ATS and be recognized by the recruiters.

The recruiters use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to reject the resumes that do not contain the relevant keywords mentioned in the job listing.

By doing so they are left with only those resumes that contain the relevant keywords and it makes it easier for them to shortlist the suitable candidates. But sometimes deserving candidates are rejected because their resumes do not make it on the ATS.

Write a resume that gets past the ATS and land on the hands of the recruiters so that they can recognize your potential.

Here are the three steps of resume-writing that can help you write the perfect ATS-compliant and resume-friendly resume:

  • Stage 1: Master Angular JS Resume
  • Stage 2: First Draft of Angular JS Resume
  • Stage 3: Final Draft of Angular JS Resume

Master Angular JS Resume

Before you proceed with your resume writing you need to create a master folder to collect all the particulars that need to be curated in a resume.

Compile all your information and details in one place as it helps in the following two ways:

  • Angular JS Resume writing in the present: While writing your current resume you can pick the required details from the master folder which can save you time. Besides, it will also help you to include all the important points in your resume without missing out on any important details.

  • Angular JS Resume update in the future: Furthermore it can help you in the future updates of your resume. Keep updating your master folder every time you achieve something in your professional journey or simply set foot on new career milestones.

First Draft of Angular JS Resume

With your master folder ready, you can now start drafting your angularjs developer resume.

It is easy to write a resume but it gets complicated when you start trying to decide whether you should add certain points or avoid them in your angularjs developer resume.

In any case, you need to include the right sections to compose the first draft of your angularjs resume.

Here is the list of distinctive sections that need to be included in a resume:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)

Final Draft of Angular JS Resume

The recruiters do not have the time to look over every resume in detail so you need to work on the following two sections to give the recruiters an insight into your resume:

  • Summary/Objective: Compose this section after winding up the rest of your resume sections. The role of your resume summary or objective is to give the recruiters a quick overview of your professional achievements and contributions mentioned in your resume. It can help them to easily recognize your potential.

  • Key skills: Frame this section right before you compose your resume summary or objective. You can highlight your skills and relevant keywords that can make your resume rank high on the ATS.

Use relevant sections to organize your Resume Resume

To construct an impeccable resume you need to makes sure that suitable segments are included to make your angularjs developer resume stand out.

Every resume should include the following standard sections to communicate with the recruiters:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

You can also include the following optional sections to highlight the mention-worthy credentials of your professional history:

  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)

Hiration's Guide to sections in a resume has got all the important tips to help you understand the importance of every section in a resume.

Go to Hiration’s Online Resume Builder and write the perfect resume that can get you the required shortlist.

Optimize the header of your Angular JS Resume

The header signifies the topmost part of your angularjs experience resume.

This section can be used to mark your resume with your name so that the recruiters can identify you as a unique individual from every other applicant.

Read the listed points to frame the perfect resume header like a pro:

  • Write your name as the header and avoid mentioning CV or Resume.
  • The resume header should be written in 16-20 font size.
  • Maintain a single space between your first name and last name.
  • If you have a middle name, start with your first name, next write the initial of your middle name followed by a period, then write your last name.
  • Example "Mark Felorey Twain" should be written as "Mark F. Twain".

To learn more about Writing The Perfect Resume Header read our guide and enhance your knowledge of curating the perfect header for your resume.

Here is an angular js sample resume demonstrating the ideal resume header for your angular js resume for freshers:


Angular JS Resume: Personal Information

A resume is not just to list your achievements and skills but also to provide details to the recruiters that can help the,m communicate with you and determine the location of job placement that you are interested.

Here is a list of what an ideal personal information section should contain:

  • Contact number
  • Professional Email ID
  • Current Location

Contact Number

What is the point if the recruiters cannot get in touch with you even if your angular js developer resume is shortlisted?

Hence you need to provide your contact number so that the recruiters can easily get in touch with you.

You can write your contact number is the format mentioned below:

  • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
  • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code
  • Eg: +1 (132) 215 7211

Professional Email Address

Provide an official email address in your angular js resume for freshers because it is one of the most convenient means of communication.

But make sure that you provide an official email address that has your real name because email IDs with fancy names can make you seem like an unprofessional applicant.

Here is an example of an ideal email address:

Here is an example of an unprofessional email address that you need to avoid giving out in a resume:

Current Location

Read the following points to write the perfect current location in a resume:

  • Avoid the mentioned details: your street number, house number, or your locality name. You should avoid them in your resume because they are unnecessary details that are not required in a resume.
  • Supposing you are looking for a job in your country, indicate the city and state of your residence. But suppose you are looking for or willing to relocate abroad for your job simply mention your city and country of residence.
  • Make use of the city/state code format to mention your locations. For example, you can write your location as ‘SF, CA’.

Read Hiration's Guide to composing your contact information and get in-depth knowledge of this section.

Angular JS Resume Sample for Personal Information

Take a look at the angular js resume sample attached below that we have made with the help of Hiration's online resume builder:


Our online resume builder has a lot more to offer that can help you put together a perfectly framed resume.

Angular JS Resume: Profile Title

Profile titles can represent your professional identity and status in a resume for the recruiters to acknowledge you accordingly.

It speaks about the following points to the recruiter.

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

Stick to the below-mentioned guidelines to write a flawless profile title:

  • Frame it as the second-largest text in your resume after your resume header.
  • It should ideally be written in the range of 14-16 font size.

Exaggerating your profile title can be the downfall of your job application because the recruiters would not want to entertain applicants who deliberately lie on their resumes.

Always provide an accurate profile title that defines your professional status.

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Here is another example of an Angular JS resume sample showing the ideal profile title on an angularjs developer resume:


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Perfect the Professional Experience Section of your Angular JS Resume

One of the most important elements of a resume is the professional experience section.

And if you want to describe your work experience in a resume in the best way possible, here is how you can achieve that:

  • Frame points
  • Use the STAR format
  • Use Bucketing & Bolding

Framing Points

Forget about writing paragraphs to describe your work history and simply stick to framing one-liner angular js resume points.

We have given below two angular js resume examples to help you grasp the idea of framing points instead of writing paragraphs.

Angular JS Resume Example 1

"As a professional Angular JS Developer for ABC Company, I was associated with the Front-end Architects to refine the smooth workflow of the tech team and improve operational activities. I collaborated with IT application production support and development teams to examine the roadmaps, testing, and automation. I was responsible for the mobilization of automation, continuous deployment, and configuration while I also took up the responsibility to manage product delivery. I successfully conducted tuning, auditing, and periodic analysis of the existing systems."

Angular JS Resume Example 2

  • Associated with the Front-end Architects to refine workflow of the tech team and improve operational activities
  • Collaborated with IT application production support & development teams to examine roadmaps, testing, and automation
  • Mobilized automation, continuous deployment, & configuration while managing product delivery
  • Conducted tuning, auditing, and periodic analysis of the existing systems

STAR Format

With clear points framed in a resume, you should focus on how to create action-oriented sentences.

It can be achieved by using the STAR format that has been explained below:

  • S stands for the situation/backdrop/context of your contributions.
  • T stands for the actual task that was officially assigned to you.
  • A stands for the action you strategized to execute the task assigned to you.
  • R stands for the result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure.

Bucketing & Bolding

Bucketing and bolding is one of the important factors that can help you enhance the effectiveness of your angularjs resume points.

Look at the two angular js resume examples to understand why and how bucketing and bolding is important.

Angular JS Resume Example 1

  • Established 10+ responsive web applications by incorporating Bootstrap & Angular JS
  • Constructed UI for applications via HTML & JavaScript and expanded webpages for mobile and web applications
  • Reviewed code and administered code quality & transferred the same to the Project teams
  • Cooperated with Marketers & Designers to distribute front-end experiments within an allotted budget & duration

Angular JS Resume Example 2

Application Designing & UI Development

  • Established 10+ responsive web applications by incorporating Bootstrap & Angular JS
  • Constructed UI for applications via HTML & JavaScript and expanded webpages for mobile and web applications

Code Designing & Front-end Delivery

  • Reviewed code and administered code quality & transferred the same to the Project teams
  • Cooperated with Marketers & Designers to distribute front-end experiments within an allotted budget & duration

Angular JS Resume Sample for Professional Experience

It is always beneficial to learn about this section from Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume.

To help you get a visual understanding of this section, here is our angular js resume sample highlighting what an ideal professional experience section actually looks like:


Hiration's Online Resume Builder is designed to help you create resumes that can make your resumes ATS-friendly and help you get recognized by the recruiters.

Give the educational background details in your Angular JS Resume

Your educational qualification can make the recruiters acknowledge you as a suitable applicant who is qualified to be shortlisted for the targeted job profile.

Hence make sure to provide the following details of your education in a resume:

  • Name of the school/university you have attended.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Use the month & year format to write your enrollment and graduation dates.

Read an exhaustive guide on how to list education on your resume and learn how to correctly write the education section.

Refer to the given angular js resume sample showcasing the ideal education section of a resume:


Angular JS Resume: Certifications

Another way to make the recruiters acknowledge you as a suitable applicant is by providing the details of the relevant certification that you hold.

Being a certified applicant can make you stand out amongst other applicants and give you a higher hand during the shortlist.

Provide the following details of your certification in a resume:

  • Certification course name.
  • Name of the institute of affiliation.
  • Location of the institute of affiliation.
  • Date of your admission and completion of the course in the month & year format.

Learn more about certification on a resume by going through Hiration's Guide and get a better understanding of this section.

Here is an angular js sample resume demonstrating the ideal certifications section for your resume:


To stay on top of industry trends it is important to stay updated. With th eworld moving online, you can take up the virtual courses or training from anywhere in the world.

Online platforms that provide certifications are:

  1. Coursera
  • Single Page Web Application with Angular JS
  • Full Stack Web Development with Angular
  • Front-End JAvascripts Framework
  1. VSkills
  • Certified Angular JS Developer
  • ReactJS Developer
  • Angular 2 Developer
  1. Edureka
  • Angular Certification Training
  • JavaScript and JQuery

Present your Angular JS resume skills using a distinct key skills section

The skills section is an effective segment of a resume that you can use to highlight your professional skills.

It should be crisp and on point without any phrases like 'experienced in' or 'expertise in' to mention your skills.

By highlighting the relevant skills in your resume you can also get past the ATS and be recognized by the recruiters who in turn can shortlist your angularjs experience resume for the targeted job profile.

We would also advise you to create a separate section for your functional skills and technical skills to make a statement with the different potential that you hold as a professional applicant.

Hiration's guide to skills on resume holds more information and details that can help you curate this section with perfection.

Look at our angular js sample resume showcasing the perfect functional and technical skills section:


Give an overview of your Angular JS Resume

To give an overview of your resume you can either compose a resume summary or write an objective of angular js resume.

Angular JS Resume Summary

Include a resume summary if you have more than 3 years of extensive work history to document in your resume.

The goal is to make the recruiters recognize you as an applicant with the right set of skills and required years of experience.

You need to project yourself as someone who is capable of executing the roles and responsibilities that would come along with the targeted job profile.

keep the following points in mind to write an effective resume summary:

  • Save yourself some precious time by composing a resume summary at the end to create the perfect overview of your resume.
  • Pick the pinnacle points of your career from your work experience section and include them in your resume.
  • Try not to exceed your resume summary to more than 3-4 lines. A 5 liner resume summary should be written only if you have an extensive work record to describe.

Read our guide on resume summary to learn more about resume summary.

Attached below is our angular js sample resume summary to help you understand what an ideal resume summary should look like:


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Angular JS Resume Objective

The objective of angular js resume should make you project yourself as an applicant who is willing to learn and grow with the targeted organization.

An objective of angular js resume should be included when:

  • You have zero work experience.
  • You have a very limited or less than 3 years of work experience.
  • You are a fresh graduate writing an entry-level resume.

The role of your objective of angular js resume is to try and convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the targeted job profile.

Read our guide to learn more about resume objectives.

Here is our angularjs resume template attached below to help you get a visual understanding of what an ideal resume should look like:

6+ years experienced Angular JS Developer armed with TWB certification and skilled in developing and maintaining web and mobile applications. Proficient in creating highly scalable & visually appealing applications, understanding client requirements, and delivering projects accordingly to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Adept at maintaining & debugging code, performing end-to-end testing, and delivering the products with an allotted budget & time-frame.
• UI & UX Designing • Product Delivery • Auditing • Stable codebase • Application Testing
• Web & Mobile Applications Development • Stakeholder Management • Process Optimization • Solutions Architecture & Delivery • Bug Fixing & Troubleshooting • Client Requirements • Market Research
• Storyboard Development
  • Languages: C, C# , Java, HTML5, Sass, JQuery
  • Framework: MVC, Bootstrap
  • Browser: Opera, Firefox
  • Databases: SQL Server, Teradata
  • Web Technologies: XML, HTML, Node.js
  • Tools: Bugzilla, Firebug
Application Designing & UI Development
  • Created 15+ responsive web applications by integrating Bootstrap & Angular JS and performed data manipulation
  • Formulated UI for applications via HTML & JavaScript and developed webpages for mobile as well as web applications
Code Designing & Front-end Delivery
  • Designed & reviewed code and supervised code quality & handed over the same to the Project teams
  • Cooperated with Marketers & Designers to deliver front-end experiments within an allotted budget & time frame
Roadmap Designing & Automation
  • Interacted with the Front-end Architects to improve tech team workflow and operational improvement activities
  • Liaised with IT application production support & development teams to discuss roadmaps, automation, and testing
Product Delivery & Performance Tuning
  • Orchestrated automation, continuous deployment, & configuration and managed feature & product delivery
  • Performed a crucial role in performance tuning, auditing, and performing frequent analysis of the existing systems
Application Development & Testing
  • Conducted testing of existing and new 20+ applications, websites, and software to improve overall user experience
  • Played a key role in website or product designing, including the layout menus, drop-down options, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Planned the layout of 25+ websites and ensured that the websites are optimized for various devices
Market Research & Storyboard Designing
  • Organized & conducted research to gather feedback on ease of use & incorporated the findings in the development
  • Build storyboards to conceptualize designs and convey project plans to clients and management
Website Analysis
  • Developed concepts within a business webpage/product to ensure interactions are intuitive/convenient for clients
  • Collaborated with 35+ Developers to improve usability & ensure that the websites are functional & visually appealing
  • Worked with 20+ clients to gauge their needs & expectations and deployed analytics to test client satisfaction
  • Improved customer satisfaction from 3 stars to 4.5 stars in just 6 months
  • TWB Certification | Google | Mar '16

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Key Takeaways

  • Religiously follow the three stages of resume writing to create the perfect ATS-friendly and recruiters-friendly angular js developer resume.
  • Highlight both your functional and technical skills in your angularjs experience resume on separate skills section.
  • Create buckets and list all your similar points under suitable headings.
  • Use achievement figures to quantify your achievements to specify your professional expertise.
  • Conclude your resume with angular js experience summary to give the recruiters an insight into your angularjs developer resume.

Refer to our angular js resume samples and angular js resume examples that we have provided in this blog as it can help you in writing a great angularjs developer resume.

You can also write to us at to resolve any queries or questions.