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How to write a front end developer resume?

Go out in the job field armed with the right tools to land the perfect job with an ATS-compliant resume.

An average recruiter spends 7.4 seconds on a resume and it is up to you to make the recruiters recognize your potential and identify you as the most suitable applicant for the job in this small window.

An effective front-end developer resume will line up your front end developer resume skills and the most important aspects of your career in front of the recruiters to help you land your dream job.

This blog is jam-packed with java front end developer resume samples to help you have a visual understanding of all that you need to frame in your resume. So, keep reading to arm yourself with all the information you need to build the perfect front-end developer resume.

By the end of this guide you will be flawlessly writing your own resume by learning:

What Is a Front End Developer Resume & Why Do You Need It?

A tailored resume of front end developer, contains important information that your employer will require such as your contact information, employment history, educational background, etc.

A recruiter will make up their mind about your candidacy by reviewing this information. Hence, you should keep the preferences of your recruiter in mind while formulating your senior front end developer resume or front end developer resume no experience.

However, that is not all.

Think that only being a great front end developer will get you hired? Think again!

Recruiters don’t know that you are great at your job. Most recruiters won’t even be familiar with what makes a great front end developer.

But they do know a great resume when they look at one, and only a great front end web developer resume can get you past the recruiters and into a shortlist.

However, you do not just need to get past the recruiters. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will also be guarding the way that leads to your dream job. Most recruiters use this system to filter in resumes that they deem desirable.

ATS works on keywords. They scan a resume for job-specific keywords that the recruiter feeds it and parse the resumes that contain these.

So, when you set out to write your resume, factor in the ATS requirements as well.

In the meanwhile, you can get your existing resume professionally reviewed by Hiration’s Resume Review Service.

Front End Developer Salary

front end developer salary

Front End Developer Resume Sections

The sections listed below are imperative to any resume, no matter what stage of your career you are on:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

The sections listed below are more optional and should be framed by people drafting front end developer resume 2 years or less.

However, at the end you should judge if these sections will do anything to move your application forward and if the answer is yes, then go ahead and include these sections in your resume as well along with the standard sections:

  • Certifications (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)
  • Awards & Recognitions (if any)

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Front End Developer Resume: Professional Experience

Want to show the recruiters that you are exactly what they are looking for in a candidate. The professional experience section is here to shine a light on your many talents that make you an excellent front end developer.

All you need to do is understand and apply the following while curating the professional experience section of your front end web developer resume:

  • STAR Format
  • Framing Points
  • Grouping & Highlighting

Here are two examples one without the above mentioned points and one with, the impact that the second one has is quite evident.

Front End Web Developer Resume Example 1:

Avoid this:
I was responsible for executing deliverables concerning user stories and testing them to ensure that all modules were functioning at 100%. Furthermore, I also managed all the customized product modules. I also carried out user stories on the front end while operating Agile model-based projects. Moreover, I employed technologies like HTML5, Javascript, etc. to evaluate the compatibility of applications.

Front End Web Developer Resume Example 2:

Practice this:

Module Management & Testing

  • Executed deliverables concerning user stories and tested user story deliverables and made sure that all modules were functioning at 100%
  • Managed the commodity-based company’s modules for all customized products

Delivery & Project Management

  • Carried out user stories on the front end while operating Agile model-based projects
  • Employed technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript to evaluate the compatibility of applications

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Front End Developer Resume Sample for Professional Experience Section

Refer to this front end developer resume sample to understand what an ideal professional experience section should look like:


Front End Developer Resume: Header

The front end developer resume headline section is as important a part of the resume as any other. This is why you should be careful to not mess it up.

The most common mistake people make while drafting the front end developer resume headline is, using "CV" or "resume" as the header. It is a redundant exercise as it is obvious that you would be using a resume to apply to a job.

So, instead, use your name as the front end developer resume headline.

Here are some front end developer resume tips for you to formulate your header:

  • Display your resume header at the very top of your resume.
  • Make the header in the range of 16-20 font-size so it is the largest text in your resume.
  • Leave a single space between your first and last name.
  • If you have a middle name, initialize it.
  • Example: Minerva Jean Depp should be written as Minerva J. Depp.

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Resume Header for Front End Developer Resume


Front End Developer Resume: Personal Information

Before you put in any personal information in your resume, make sure that the organization you are applying to doesn't have any standard rules for what information they allow for applicants to display on their resumes.

If you find any such guidelines, follow them “to a t”.
The standard way of showcasing your personal information is by inserting the following information in the personal information section of your resume:

  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Current Location
Hiration pro tip:
Avoid mentioning your gender, country of origin, date of birth, etc., as they are often misconstrued as bias at the end of the recruiter. The best way is to understand the hiring norms of the country you are applying to and follow them to avoid any mishaps.

Contact Number

You must not make any mistakes while inputting your contact information in your resume. Your number is how a recruiter will inform you in case you are shortlisted and they want to schedule an interview.

Only provide an active number that can be reached at all times so you do not miss out on any opportunities coming your way.

Here is the ideal format that should be followed while writing the mobile number on your front end ui developer resume:

  • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
  • Place a plus sign (+) before the ISD code
  • Eg: +1 (863) 824 8230

Email Address

Emailing is the most professional way of communicating with your recruiter or potential employer. This is why only provide the professional email address that has been created for official work only.

It is best if the email address has your name and no fancy phrases

Example: or

Current Location

The location is needed in your resume so that the recruiter can judge if you will need to relocate for your job or not.

There is absolutely no reason to give out details like house number, street number, and/or your locality name. Anything other than your state and your city is not required if you are applying for a job in the same country as your residence.

However, if you are looking for a job internationally, provide your state and country of residence.

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Front End Developer Resume Sample for Contact Information

This front end developer resume example will give you a visual understanding of how an ideal personal information section should look like:


Front End Developer Resume: Profile

You can communicate your current designation, your functional industry, and your level of seniority to the recruiter through your profile title.

Here are some front end developer resume tips to framing the perfect profile title:

  • Make it the second-largest text in your front end ui developer resume.
  • Keep the font size in the range of 14-16 while writing the profile title.

Avoid the temptation of boasting or exaggerating in your ui front end developer resume. Many people have been caught lying about their profile titles to score a higher position then their current profile will let them have or even to consolidate higher pay.

It passes off as cheating and has the chances of your front end web developer resume being blacklisted from an organization.

Front End Resume Sample for Profile Title Section

Here are some front end developer resume tips to forming your profile title:


Front End Developer Key Sections

We will now be discussing the two key sections of your resume:

  • Key Skills Section
  • Summary Section

Front End Developer Resume: Key Skills

Your skills are your USP that a recruiter will look for before hiring you. Make sure that you highlight them by constructing a separate “Key Skills” section and mentioning all your core skills here.

Create another technical skills section and highlight your front end developer technical skills that you have acquired through the years under here.

Another trick is to comb through the job description of the job you are applying to and identifying the skills mentioned here that you hold. Mentioning them in your resume makes the chances of your resume being parsed by an ATS higher.

Here are some of the key skills for front end developers:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Java Frameworks
  • Version Control/Git
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Responsive designes
  • Off-page SEO
  • Content Management System
  • Load Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Project Management
  • Agile Methodology
  • Scrum
  • Object-Oriented Programming

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Front End Developer Resume Sample for Key Skills

Here is a front end developer resume example showcasing the perfect key skills section:


Front End Developer Resume Summary

Seeing that recruiters often only skimp through resumes due to the sheer amount of resumes they receive for a job opening, it is a good idea to include a brief and concise summary of your ui front end developer resume at the beginning itself.

This way the recruiters can save time by judging your candidacy at the beginning and if they find you desirable then they can further analyze your resume.

The summary section is the last thing you will be framing in your ui front end developer resume. Just go through your resume and decide on the points you want to highlight and you find that the recruiters should absolutely know.

Then compose this section by mentioning your most important achievements, skills, and significant points from your work experience.

Try to include keywords that the recruiter has used in the job listing, naturally. Further, wrap the summary section in under 3-4 lines.

Another important fact to be paid attention to is that professionals with more than 3 years of work experience are the ones that need a resume summary. If you do not fall under this category then move onto the next section of this blog.

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Front End Developer Resume Sample for Summary

We have also provided a front end developer resume sample below to showcase the ideal resume summary:


Front End Developer Resume: Education

Recruiters will expect the applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other relevant field if they are applying to be a front end developer.

To showcase that you have the required education, you need to mention the following information on your resume:

  • Name of the school/university you have attended.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Dates of enrollment and graduation in the month & year format.

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Front End Developer Resume Sample for Education Section

Refer to this front end developer resume example while composing your ideal education section:


Front End Developer Resume: Certifications

If you hold any certifications relevant to front end development then don’t hold them back. This is the time to highlight them in your resume for front end developers and get yourself ahead of all applicants with similar credentials as yours but no certifications.

They can come extremely handy if you are writing a junior front end developer resume for freshers as even if you don’t have as much experience; you have the tenacity to take time and get certified.

Here are some front end developer resume tips to follow while drafting your certifications section:

  • Certification course name.
  • Name of the institute of affiliation.
  • Location of the institute of affiliation.
  • Enrollment and completion date of the course in the month & year format.

Use the format given below to list these facts:

{Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

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Front End Developer Resume Sample

Here is a front end developer resume sample to give you the exact idea of what this blog can help you curate:

4+ years experienced & result-oriented Front End Developer with expertise in advanced development methodologies like automation to effectively carry out key deliverables of critical projects. Demonstrated ability to provide technical solutions for several business requirements to fulfill client requirements. Adept at code optimization to successfully assess the compatibility of various applications.
• Front End Development • Unit Testing • Agile Methodology • Code Optimization • Automation • UI • Enhancement Extension • Module Management
• HTML5 • Angular 4 • Kendo U • CSS3.0 • OOJS • JavaScriot • AJAX • JQuery • BootStrap
Testing & Module Management
  • Executed deliverables concerning user stories and tested them to ensure 100% accurate functioning of all modules
  • Managed the modules for customized products for a commodity-based company
Project Management & Delivery
  • Operated Agile model-based projects and carried out user stories on the front end
  • Evaluated compatibility of applications by deploying technologies like Angular 2/4, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Kendo UI, etc
  • GPA : 4.0/5.0

Key Takeaways

  • Create a master folder to dump all your professional information.
  • Use the STAR format to write one-liner bullet points in the professional experience section.
  • Use suitable power verbs to begin every one-liner bullet point
  • Apply grouping & highlighting to organize your bullet points.
  • Make sure that the contact information you are listing is updated and correct.
  • Honestly write your profile title without any exaggeration.
  • Scatter keywords throughout your resume for front end developer but make sure they are justified by your actual work experience.
  • Write a front end developer resume summary if you have been in the workforce for more than 3 years.
  • Write a front end developer resume objective statement for your junior front end developer resume for freshers.
  • Create a distinct section to display your core and technical skills.

Make sure to refer to all the front end developer resume examples and sample front end developer resumes provided in the guide while writing your front end web developer resume.

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