Looking to write a stellar store manager resume?

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Writing a grocery manager resume can be daunting if you don’t know what to write and how to write it.

But don’t worry! We are here to help.

Our in-house resume writing experts have spent years and years on insightful research on how to curate the perfect grocery store manager resume.

So now that we have established what these are, here is a retail store manager resume sample for your reference:

3 years experienced Store Manager and brilliant marketing tactician armed with an incredible sales acumen. Highly efficient in the art of optimizing customer satisfaction and bolstering customer retention. Adept at incubating & retaining high-performing talent with an overall proficiency in managing and leading people into realizing their full potential.
• Store Management • Sales & Marketing • Conflict Resolution • Customer Satisfaction • Recruitment
• Payroll Administration • Employee Retention • Vendor Relationship • Leadership • Team Management
    Negotiation & Store Promotion
    • Negotiated favorable vendor contracts to minimize costs by 40%
    • Implemented innovative promotions to drive store revenue to USD 1 million
    Customer Engagement & Team Management
    • Conceptualized and kick-started trend-breaking programs to enhance customer engagement by 30%
    • Recruited quality talent into the organization and achieved maximum employee retention and satisfaction
      Leadership Support & Team Incubation
      • Assisted the Store Manager in all undertakings in terms of marketing, sales, and operations
      • Optimized the talent requirement of the organization by on-boarding best professionals for the job
      Conflict Resolution & Customer Servicing
      • Directed the resolution of conflicts between top management and employees to mitigate disputes by 90%
      • Resolved customer concerns pertaining to product quality, payment problems, service issues, discounting policies, etc.
        Revenue Generation & Campaign Management
        • Exceeded individual sales targets by over 150% and transcended expectations for 2 consecutive years
        • Initiated successful sales campaigns through social media channels to boost the company's sales prerogative
        Key Achievement
        • Boosted the store's revenues by USD 300k by preparing accurate product descriptions and building trust
          • Graduated top of class in '11

          We have perfected the skill of resume writing and through this blog, we are sharing this knowledge with you so that you can improve your store manager resume.

          Let’s get started!

          Here is a summary of the Store Manager Resume 2021 Guide:

          • Make sure no point exceeds one line in your store manager resume
          • Go for an Objective statement only if you're a fresher, otherwise stick with a crisp store manager resume summary section
          • Group every 2-3 points under a unique subheading across all your profiles
          • Don't create a generic resume for all job listings. Customize your resume as per your target profile
          • Follow the reverse chronological order across all sections in your resume for store manager

          If store management is something you have done in the past but you’re struggling to land a job as a store manager, you’re doing something wrong.

          Chances are that you’re just not getting shortlisted because of your resume.

          If this is the case, then it looks like you have landed in the right place.

          We know how to help you write that perfect store manager resume, and we are not holding back from sharing our expertise with you!

          Landing a job has never been easy, but for someone who knows how to make an impression, it is as effortless as taking a stroll in the park.

          Fortunately or unfortunately, in today’s job market, it is your resume that does the selling for you.

          Your resume is a reflection of your goals and aspirations, your accomplishments as a professional, and your capabilities in terms of your skills and work experience.

          According to an article on the official website of Lansing Community College:

          “The purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. It is a quick advertisement for who you are. It is a "snapshot" of you with the intent of capturing and emphasizing interests and secure you an interview”.

          Which is to say, your resume matters.

          Which is to say, your store manager resume matters.

          You should focus your energy on creating an impactful store manager resume to land the store management job of your dreams. And here is the best part: Hiration is here to help!

          Our store manager resume experts are here to share their secret sauce. The question is: are you ready to dive in this puddle?

          In other words, are you ready to create an impactful store manager resume that will land you your dream job?

          If the answer is yes, then READ ON.

          After reading this blog, you will learn how to build the perfect store manager resume and:

          ...All so you can make a job-winning store manager resume!

          You can always use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make the perfect store manager resume.

          If you prefer to make your store manager resume on your own, then our 2021 Store Manager Resume Guide is the ideal guide you will need to make it.

          To get a glimpse of what a perfect store manager resume should look like, refer to the store manager resume sample given below.

          In this guide, we will broadly be covering the following topics:

          What is a Store Manager Resume & Why do you need it?

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          Most companies need stores to sell their products. They need store managers to head the store and to ensure that the day-to-day responsibilities of the store are taken care of.

          Without a store manager, the store cannot function.

          This means that there will always be a demand for store managers. What this also means is that there is tough competition, and you need to stand out.

          You cannot stand out if your resume fails to do the bare minimum of impressing the recruiters enough to get you an interview call.

          Without an interview, you cannot impress the hiring manager. Without impressing the hiring manager, you cannot get the job. And without an impressive resume, you cannot even land an interview.

          This all boils down to one thing:

          You need an impactful store manager resume to land the store manager job.

          Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to write an impactful store manager resume and get to the interview round.

          Most companies today use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to shortlist candidates.
          The ATS has drastically revolutionized the way hiring is done. It has made it that much easier for recruiters to hire their “ideal” candidates. But the ATS has also made it that much harder for candidates to get shortlisted too.

          Good for them, but not so good for you.

          Your goal is to become the “ideal” candidate. Your goal is to write an ATS-friendly store manager resume.

          You can write the ideal store manager resume by mentioning those keywords in your key skills that the recruiter has listed down in the job posting. But don’t just blindly use those keywords in your resume. The ATS can easily detect your bluff.

          Our advice?

          Don’t blatantly list down the keywords in the key skills of your store manager skills resume, but try to draw a connection between your job description and the keywords mentioned.

          Follow this process and you would have successfully written the perfect ATS-friendly store manager resume that will significantly enhance your chances of getting shortlisted.

          Store Manager Salary

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          According to Glassdoor, Store Managers make an average of approximately USD 50,688 per annum.

          Salary.com suggests a range of USD 50,569 to 69,114 per annum for Retail Store Managers. According to the same website, a retail store manager’s salary can easily oscillate between these figures based on a person’s job experience.

          The higher your work experience, the higher your salary.

          In other words, the higher your experience in retail management, the higher your salary.

          The importance of a detailed retail management resume fits into this equation in its capacity to meaningfully express to your future employers just how skilled you are as a professional. For instance, in this case, your store manager resume shows the recruiter that you are who they have been looking for all along.

          Store Manager Description For Resume

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          A Store Manager’s job description often includes the following duties and responsibilities:

          • Store Management
          • Inventory Management
          • Staff-Briefing
          • Stock Reconciliation
          • Recruiting, mentoring & training new employees
          • Monitoring sales KPA
          • Team Management
          • Team Motivation
          • Customer Handling Accounts
          • Complaint handling

          Back when ATS was first launched, applicants figured it was easy to fool these systems. All you had to do was dump all the keywords in the JD on your resume and bam! You're through!

          But the machines evolved.

          In case an ATS detects "abnormal" level of compatibility between your resume and the JD, it flags you and you face the possibility of getting blacklisted.

          The long and short of it is - don't dump keywords in the JD on your resume.

          Try to frame concrete one-liner points revolving around your legitimate contributions in your previous profiles and make sure the keywords are organically placed in your resume.

          How to Write a Store Manager Resume

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          Writing a store manager resume is not rocket science.

          Anyone can do it. You can do it. And we want you to learn all about it.

          In case you want to make use of our online resume builder, you are free to do that too. With our state-of-the-art online resume builder, you'll be able to make a job-winning resume before you even bat an eyelash.

          Hiration's Online Resume Builder has a ready-to-use pre-filled store manager resume template to help you with the next job listing that you are targeting. The content in the template is professionally curated for you by our industry experts.

          You can use this pre-filled template and customize the same in 25+ designs. Customize this ready-to-use template with your contributions and you'll be done with your store manager resume in no time!

          Master Store Manager Resume

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          Kick-start the process of writing your retail store manager resume by working on your master resume first. This is the first stage in the 3-stage method of resume making that we follow at Hiration.

          The Master Resume is designed keeping in mind three key factors:

          • Data Compilation
          • Quick recovery of relevant information
          • Resume update

          Coming to the first factor which is data compilation, let's begin by pointing out that it is a major driving force behind making the master resume. The master resume is designed keeping in mind the impending need for storing all your data in one place.

          You can dump all the information - both relevant and not-so-relevant data - in one place. What this helps with is an easy recovery of data when you go about updating your resume at a later date.

          This brings us to the second point.

          The second important idea behind making a master store manager resume is the easy recollection of data which we have mentioned above.

          This eliminates the need to look for data in the last minute.

          We all tend to forget things in the heat of the moment. This can easily happen to anyone of us.

          What the master resume does is it eliminates the need for last-in upminute data recollection, which ensures that you don’t forget to mention these important career highlights in your resume.

          This brings us to the third important factor i.e. updating your resume.

          Resume update can be a highly challenging task. It is even more challenging when you have to update your resume from scratch in the last minute.

          This is where the master resume saves the day.

          A master resume helps you update your resume effectively and you don’t even need to break a sweat!

          When you have stored all your career-related data in the master resume, you don’t need to put much effort into updating it anymore.

          All you have to do is pick the points from your work experience which will be most helpful for your new target profile.

          Saving relevant and non-relevant data may not help you immediately but it will go a long way in your resume-updating journey.

          We often have a tendency to update our resumes when we need a job. Years go by without us updating our resume.

          In a hurry, we end up writing whatever comes to mind. We end up skipping crucial details regarding our work-ex which may be relevant to our new target profile just because we are unable to remember them while updating our resumes.

          Hiration Pro-Tip: Save a copy of your master retail manager resume as it will help you in both compiling and updating your resume in the future.

          First Draft of Store Manager Resume

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          Making the first draft of your retail manager resume is the second stage of your resume making process.

          It is in this stage that you have to fill the basic details of your retail manager resume such as:

          • The Header
          • Contact Information
          • Profile Title
          • Education
          • Awards & Recognition
          • Certification
          • Additional information section

          Arrange this information in reverse-chronological order, and prioritize the most recent profile, followed by the next profile, and so on.

          The Final Draft of a Store Manager Resume

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          3 things serve as the hallmark of what you need to do in the final stage of your retail management resume making. They are listed below:

          • Key skills and technical skills sections: Assess your professional experience and job description to pick out your functional (& technical skills if applicable) for your retail manager resume.
          • Write profile summary: Highlight the 3 most relevant skills from your professional experience section to write an impactful summary of your work profile.
          • Highlighting and bolding: The final thing to do while crafting your retail manager resume is to highlight and bold all the important words, phrases, and numbers throughout your resume.

          Store Manager Resume Sections

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          Arrange your store manager resume sections in the order given below:

          • Header
          • Personal Information
          • Profile Title
          • Summary
          • Key Skills
          • Technical Skills
          • Professional Experience
          • Education
          • Certifications
          • Additional Information

          Composing Your Store Manager Resume Header

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          A header is the first thing that goes in your resume.

          In simple terms, it consists of your name.

          If you are writing your resume, please note that your name should be the de-facto resume header.

          Writing down your name at the top of your resume ensures that your resume has an individual identity and life of its very own. It also ensures that it does not get confused or mixed up with someone else's resume.

          The header should be the largest text in your resume.

          Ideally, the point size of your header should be 16-20 font size, depending on the template you are opting for.

          You should keep a single space between your first name and your last name. This is important as consistent spacing gives an impression of professionalism to the recruiter, and the goal is to appear as professional as you possibly can.

          Hiration Pro-tip: If you are someone with a middle name, the correct way to write it in your retail manager resume header is: 'Kit C. Harington'.

          You don’t need to write your full middle name. Simply write down the first initial of your middle name and a full-stop after that initial. Before you write your last name, make sure that you give a single space after the full-stop.

          You should stick to exclusively writing your official name in your resumes. The name that goes in your birth certificate is the same name that should go in your resume. No tampering needed. Writing nicknames in the header is a big NO.

          To perfect the art of writing a header, feel free to refer to our [Guide to Writing the Resume Header](https://www.hiration.com/blog/resume-header/

          You can also make use of Hiration's Online Resume Builder to write the perfect header and in turn, the perfect retail management resume.

          Hiration Pro-tip: Don't write 'CV/Resume' on the top. Also, don't write jazzy nick-names as your middle name like "John 'Booster' Moore".

          Our resume builder writes the header in a fixed font size according to the latest hiring trends, which means, gone are the days of setting the perfect point size and font as they are all already pre-defined in our Resume Builder!!

          So don’t wait!

          Go and make your store manager resume with Hiration's Online Resume Builder Now!

          Store Manager Resume: Personal Information

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          As the name fittingly suggests, this section includes your personal information.

          You should always be particular about what you include in your information section. For instance, your retail management resume should include personal details such as your current mobile number, your professional email address, and your location.

          What about information like your religion, age, and marital status? Should you include that in your store manager resume?

          Why? or why not?

          It depends on the location or country of your preference. For instance, in the US, it is strictly forbidden to include personal details like religion, age, gender, marital status, etc., to avoid bias in the shortlisting process.

          In the mid-east, however, it's recommended to not just include your photograph and gender but also your passport number, date of birth, etc.

          Hiration Protip: Depending on the country you're targeting, go through the resume requirements around personal information and update it accordingly.

          Current Mobile Number

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          Your resume should always mention your functional mobile number on which you are available 24x7. If you have multiple mobile numbers, write the one that you are actively using.

          Moreover, you should always write the International Subscriber Dialing code (ISD code) of your country with a plus sign (+) before the ISD code. This should be written as a prefix before your phone number.

          Professional E-mail Address

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          Coming to the e-mail address, you should ensure that you write only that e-mail address in your retail management resume which you actively use.

          Recruiters often use your email ID as an official communication channel to reach out to you. Thus, you must avoid using unprofessional names like 'hotstuff@xyz.com'.

          A professional email ID is that which does not use childish or fictitious names like the one we have mentioned above. A professional email ID is one that reeks of professionalism.

          For example, if your name is Nayeerah Waheed, you can simply write ‘Nayeerah.waheed@xyz.com’ instead of writing something like ‘yourgirlnayeerah@xyz.com'. This tells the recruiter that you are a serious professional and that you take your resume seriously.

          Current Location of Residence

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          The last and third thing that you need to include in your information section is your current location.

          In your resume, you should always mention the city you are living in, not your hometown. This helps the recruiter get a sense of the city that you are based in.

          This saves both your time and the recruiter’s time as there is a high probability that you are looking for a job switch in the city you are currently based in.

          Ideally, you should write the location of your current residence on the right corner, next to the e-mail address. You don't need to write down the complete residential address – a simple mention of the city and state/country you are residing in is more than enough.

          Hiration Pro-tip: If you are planning to apply for a job in the country of your residence, it is enough to mention the city and state alone. On the other hand, if you're planning to apply overseas, mention the city and country.

          Take a look at our store manager resume sample to know what an ideal personal information section should look like:

          Personal Information section in a Store Manager resume

          Customizing The Store Manager Resume Profile Title

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          A profile title conveys your position-of-interest to the recruiter.

          The title is a skill-demonstration that a job applicant makes to a potential recruiter. It tells the recruiter what the level of your expertise is in your functional field.

          For instance, in your retail manager resume, you need to accurately mention ‘Retail Manager' in the profile title.

          If your last/current official designation is that of a 'Store Associate', don't change it to Store Manager just because you're targeting that profile. Including legitimate information in your resume is the only way to get shortlisted.

          Moreover, your profile title should be the second-largest text in your resume with a font size of 14-16 points.

          While you're at it, you can get your existing retail manager resume professionally reviewed for free by our resume experts at Hiration.

          Here's a sample for a job title that can go in your assistant store manager resume:

          Profile Title section in a Store Manager resume

          Store Manager Resume Professional Experience Section

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          Your professional experience section is the most important part of your resume because it directly tells the recruiter where you worked, in what capacity you have worked, for how many years you have worked, and what skills you have cultivated over the years.

          It is this section that needs to stand out in its capacity to sell you as the hottest professional in the job market in your target industry.

          It needs to accurately present your skills and job responsibilities in all your previous work organizations and convey to the recruiter that:

          “Hey look, these are my skills and they exactly match what you are looking for.”

          To convey this in an effective way, you need to highlight your achievements as opposed to blandly listing down your responsibilities alone. This will significantly boost your chances of standing out.

          Bucketing & Bolding Points in your Store Manager Resume

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          We talked about the importance of highlighting your achievements in the above section.

          Now here comes the interesting part. We’ll tell you how to do it!

          To make your resume stand out, you need to make it pop. The best way to do this is through bucketing and bolding.


          Because they help enhance the professionalism of your content by shifting the reader’s focus to the aspects in your resume that you want the recruiter to notice.

          Moreover, they also help improve the readability of the content within this section which ensures that the person who is going through your resume does not lose interest midway (we all know what that leads to).

          So here is an store manager resume examples on how to go about using bucketing and bolding.

          Retail Manager Resume example 1:

          • Recruited quality talent into the organization and achieved maximum employee retention and satisfaction
          • Negotiated favorable vendor contracts to minimize costs by 40%
          • Implemented innovative promotions to drive store revenue to USD 1 million
          • Conceptualized and kick-started trend-breaking programs to enhance customer engagement by 30%

          Store manager resume examples 2:

          Negotiation & Store Promotion

          • Negotiated favorable vendor contracts to minimize costs by 40%
          • Implemented innovative promotions to drive store revenue to USD 1 million

          Customer Engagement & Team Management

          • Conceptualized and kick-started trend-breaking programs to enhance customer engagement by 30%
          • Recruited quality talent into the organization and achieved maximum employee retention and satisfaction

          Now we want you to go back and re-read examples 1 and 2.

          You will notice that example 2 is more readable and organized as it has used bucketing and bolding, which has significantly enhanced the readability of the retail manager resume.

          Moreover, the recruiter can now absorb more information in lesser time.

          Furthermore, by simply reading the buckets ‘Negotiation & Store Promotion’ and ‘Customer Engagement and Team Management’, the recruiter gets a general idea of what the applicant is skilled at, and what his/her achievements are.

          Check out the sample retail manager resume professional experience section given below to know what a properly made professional experience section should look like:

          Professional Experience section in a Store Manager resume

          Store Manager Resume: Education

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          Now the next step in writing the perfect retail management resume is to write the education section of the retail manager resume.

          The education section consists of education-centric information such as the name of the school/university you have attended, the courses you have pursued, the location of your school/university, and the dates of enrollment and graduation from each course (month AND year).

          The information you provide should be 100% accurate as it is a depiction of your educational qualifications. You can’t get it wrong as it might pass off as lying to get the job.

          The sample retail manager resume education section provided below is a fantastic example of how you should compose your education section:

          Education section in a Store Manager resume

          Store Manager Resume: Awards & Recognition

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          The next step in writing the perfect Retail Manager Resume is to compose the awards and recognition section. In this section, you have to list down all the awards and recognition that you might have received for your work.

          Recruiters are inclined towards hiring those people who have had some success at being recognized for their work. This shows that a candidate not only has the skills that the recruiter is looking for, but he/she also has the caliber to outshine others.

          You need to keep in mind that the awards and recognition that you list in this section need to be relevant to the position you are interested in, or at the very least add some value to your assistant store manager resume.

          A common approach that we see is to group your awards and recognition in a separate section altogether. The idea is that a separate section will increase the chances of the recruiter noticing them.

          In our opinion though, an alternative way is to create a Key Achievements subheading within each profile in the Professional Experience section and move all your awards/recognition there.

          Retail Manager Resume: Certifications

          [Back to Table of Content]

          The next step in building the perfect retail manager resume is to include all the certifications you may have done in the past (if any).

          While Certifications is not a pre-requisite, it is something that most employers give importance to. It shows that you are someone who takes an active interest in picking up new skills through certifications: be it offline or online.

          While writing this section, mention the following details:

          • Certification Course Name
          • Name of the Affiliating Institution
          • Location of the Institute
          • Dates of enrollment and completion of the course

          The below given format of retail store manager resume examples certifications section:

          {Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year)

          Additionally, you can also get your retail manager resume reviewed by our industry experts at Hiration.

          Store Management Resume Key Sections

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          Store Management Resume: Key Skills

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          Now the next section that needs to be perfected is your skills section.

          We will now discuss which retail management skills for resume will work the most in your favor.

          Once you have successfully written the rest of your store manager resume, you need to look for those core skills or “key skills” that champion your skills as a professional in two to three words.

          The best approach to showcase your skills is by marking them in bold. This enhances the look of your resume and directs the attention of the recruiter towards the skills section when he/she scans your resume.

          An effective way of catching the recruiter’s attention is by analyzing the keywords used by the recruiter in the job listing that he/she has posted.

          By highlighting these keywords and mentioning it in your skills section, you stand a better chance of being recognized by the recruiter.

          Take a look at the office manager resume sample that we have mentioned below to know what an ideal key skills section should look like:

          Key Skills section in a Store Manager resume

          Store Management Resume: Summary

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          The last step in making the perfect store manager resume is to write down the summary section.

          The summary of your resume should be written towards the end.

          It is not something that you should write at the beginning as you might have to rewrite it again at the end. Believe us, you don’t want to waste time doing that.

          Make sure that you don’t write over 5 lines of summary because truth be told, it is simply not needed. Stick to a summary not exceeding 2-3 lines.

          If you don't already know, this is what an ideal resume summary should look like:

          Summary section in a Store Manager resume

          Store Manager Resume Word Template

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          By using Hiration's Professional Resume Review Service, your retail manager resume will be reviewed to satisfy the below-given parameters:

          • Compliance with industry norms
          • Recruiter Friendliness
          • Global Compatibility
          • Performance Assessment (How well you have written your resume to get shortlisted)
          • Design Compatibility
          • Conversion Scope
          • ATS Compliance
          • Content Relevance
          • Store Manager Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)
          • Job Title

          Additionally, you also get 2 free Word templates!!

          So what are you waiting for?

          Get your retail manager resume reviewed by Hiration's esteemed team of industry experts today!

          Store Manager Resume PDF

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          If you pick Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make your store manager resume, you will be rewarded with the following resources at your disposal:

          • Option to save unlimited resumes
          • 25+ resume designs
          • Full rich-text editor
          • Unlimited PDF downloads
          • 100+ content templates
          • 1-click design change
          • A sharable link
          • Live resume editor

          This will make your resume making experience a simple and effortless endeavor.

          Gone are the days of wasting your time on crafting the perfect resume!

          Make one without breaking a sweat with Hiration's Online Resume Builder now!

          Key Takeaways

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          • Make sure that you mention the month and year in all the dates across ALL the sections in your store manager resume - Education, Professional Experience, Certifications, etc.
          • If you have worked on any project in the past, it is essential that you mention these projects in your respective work experience section. This will add value to that particular work experience section.
          • If you don’t have any work experience, then make sure that you add an Extracurricular Achievements section or a Part-time Experience section to add value to your retail manager resume.
          • Do not add headers like that of 'mobile' or 'e-mail' in the personal information section.
          • Strictly avoid using long phrases in your key skills sections. Writing down your key skills is enough. Avoid phrases like 'experienced in' or 'expertise in'.
          • While framing the points of your professional experience section, try to mention the profiles of those stakeholders who have directly or indirectly benefited from your contributions.
          • Make it a point to mention performance figures throughout your professional experience section wherever you can.
          • Refrain from underlining anything in your retail manager resume.
          • If you were responsible for leading a team in the past, mention the number of people you led or trained and in what capacity in your relevant work experience section.
          • If you were recognized or awarded in any of your work profiles, make a 'Key Achievements' bucket at the end of that respective work profile and write your award or recognition under that bucket.

          And voila!

          You have successfully written the perfect store manager resume!

          Now that you now know what to write in your resume and how to write it, start working on writing your perfect store manager resume already!


          You can always make your resume with Hiration’s online resume builder.

          Still confused?

          If you have any pending queries, don’t worry. We are here to help.