Can your resume pass the ATS resume screening test?

According to, 40% of employers use some type of applicant tracker software to sort candidates for job.

It is something you need to ponder upon while applying for a job.

If you are wondering how the recruiters go about with the hiring process, you need to look at the big picture of how they pick the most suitable applicants from amongst hundreds and thousands of applicants.

The recruiters use ATS to remove unworthy resumes so that they can devote their time to evaluate only those resumes that match the job description. Hence, you need to make sure that your resume is ATS friendly and pass the ATS resume test.

In this blog, you will get in-depth knowledge about the ATS, and you will also learn how to create a flawless ATS optimized resume that can help you pass the ATS resume test.

Read on to pick from the best ATS resume templates that suits your job application.

Here we will talk about:

Make use of a suitable ATS resume format to create the perfect ATS proof resume and stay a step ahead of every other job seeker.

Go check out our ATS friendly resume examples to make sure that your resume passes the ATS resume test.

Here is a list of all that you will be reading and simultaneously leaning in this blog:

What is Applicant Tracking System?

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The ATS is a software application that helps the recruiters filter through resumes and picks the most suitable ATS optimized resume. ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System.

Depending on the organization's needs, an ATS can be used to filter resumes automatically on the grounds of various aspects of the applicant as the years of professional experience, educational qualifications, keywords, skills, etc.

Applicant tracking systems can help hiring companies and recruiters to filter applicants by customizing their ATS resume screening process.

Job seekers who give in their resumes and job applications through the online forms interact with an Applicant Tracking System during the hiring process.

So you need to make sure that only the right things are entered in an ATS resume templates to pass the ATS resume test.

You can go through Hiration's guide to help you learn about the do's and dont's for your resume.

How does Applicant Tracking System Work?

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Apart from knowing what the ATS is, you need to know how it works.

The Applicant Tracking System acts as a gateway for your resume to pass but, only if it meets the ATS resume margins.

First off, the Applicant Tracking System picks a resume, and its contents are analyzed and scanned for related ATS resume keywords.

Once it determines that your resume is competent with the job description, it then transfers your resume to the recruiters.

Keep in mind that the Applicant Tracking System works more like a filter to remove least-qualified applicants rather than pick suitable applicants. It means that even some qualified applicants can get rejected if their resume is without a proper ATS resume layout.

Read about the best resume layout from our guide and refer to ATS scannable resume examples.

What is ATS compliant resume?

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Or you might as well ask, "what is an ATS resume?".

As mentioned earlier, the recruiters rely on the ATS to pick the most suitable resumes that meet the ATS resume margins. And ATS resume scan is conducted by the recruiters to see if your resume is complying with the ATS resume margins.

So an ATS optimized resume is the perfect resume that can help you get shortlisted by the recruiters during the hiring process.

An ATS compliant resume is a document of your particulars that consists of all the specific keywords that can be captured by the Applicant Tracking System.

If curated appropriately, your resume has a higher chance of being picked by the ATS and land on the hands of the recruiters who will have the final say for your shortlist.

Now that you know about ATS compliant resume, "Is your resume ATS compliant?". Read on to learn how to create the perfect resume that can meet any ATS resume margins.

How to Create an ATS Compliant Resume

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A generic resume cannot help you pass the ATS resume scanner nor the recruiters.

On that account, you need to create a resume that is distinctive and special. Keep in mind that your resume will have to go through ATS resume scanners before they end up with the recruiters to finalize your eligibility for interviews.

You need to incorporate the right resume sections in your resume to make it past the ATS resume test.

ATS Resume Header

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Create a resume header to label your resume. Simply write your name at the top part of your resume. The ATS will not assess your resume according to your header, but it is to make sure that the recruiters can keep an easy track of your resume.

Read more about the resume headers from our guide.

ATS resume header

ATS Resume Personal Information

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This section should include your details like your contact number, email address, and current location. Apart from that, you can also add any well-maintained online portfolio like your Linkedin.

The sole purpose of including your contact details in your resume is to provide the means of communication for the recruiters through which they can get in touch with you.

Your current location can also determine if you are willing to work abroad.

Master the art of curating this section of contact details on a resume by going through our guide.

ATS Resume personal informaiton

ATS Resume Profile Title

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Mention your professional status by framing the precise profile title that identifies the level of your expertise. The perfect resume should have an accurate profile title.

Avoid magnifying your profile title because it may affect your job application for lying on your resume.

The profile title is a representation of your professional status that can be read by the Applicant Tracking System.

ATS Resume profile title

ATS Resume Key Skills

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Make sure to add the right key skills in your resume to make it an effective ATS proof resume.

For example, if you are applying for a technical support job profile, use the specific word "Technical Support" at least once in your resume along with any other synonyms that relate to the main keyword.

This way, an ATS resume scanner can recognize you as an applicant who deserves to rank high amongst other applicants.

Knowing what the right key skills are to add in a resume can make your resume ATS proof and pass the ATS resume test.

ATS resume key skills

ATS Resume Summary

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Include a resume summary to give an overview of your resume. In this section, you can incorporate suitable keywords that can easily be recognized by the ATS resume scanner.

Mention the years of experience you have, your skills, achievements, and contributions, etc. Doing so can make your resume rank high on the ATS because the ATS resume scan can capture the factors that go in a resume summary.

Once your resume gets past the ATS resume checker, it will be analyzed by the recruiters in person. The recruiters will spend a mere 6 seconds to go through a resume and the best way to communicate your potential to them in your resume summary.

With that said, you should also keep in mind not to mention unnecessary details in your resume.

ATS resume sumamary

Read about resume summary from our guide and enhance your understanding of the perfect resume summary section.

ATS Resume Objective

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A resume objective can also help you give an overview of your resume. It should be included in your resume only if you have no or less work experience to highlight in your resume.

Mention your career goals and interest in a resume objective so that the recruiters can recognize your potential.

Learn more about when and how to include a resume objective from our exhaustive guide.

ATS Resume Professional Experience

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This section is one of the most significant segments in a resume because you can justify your skills and describe your work experience in this section.

Use bullet points to frame clear and distinctive one-liners to describe your work experience. It will be easier for the Applicant Tracking Systems to parse your resume if you organize your statements in clear one-liners.

You can include ATS resume keywords in this section to raise your chances of being picked by the ATS resume scanner.

Demonstrate your professional work experience by incorporating suitable keywords related to the job description for the ATS resume scan to recognize them.

Thus creating an ATS approved resume can help raise your chances of being shortlisted by the recruiters for interviews.

ATS resume professional experience

Curate the ideal professional experience section by going through our guide.

ATS Resume Credentials

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Even though the ATS may not prioritize and pick a resume that includes the details of your credentials, the recruiters would evaluate your resume based on its leverage over other applicants.

Hence, you need to mention the details of your education, certifications, and any other credentials that relate to the targeted job profile.

It can enhance your resume because some recruiters customize their Applicant Tracking System to capture relevant educational qualifications or certifications or any mention-worthy achievements.

Make sure that you enhance your resume by including any notable extracurricular activities or training that illustrates your professional expertise in your field of work.

Read more about the education and certifications on a resume that can help you curate these sections like a pro.

ATS Resume Guidelines

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So far, we have discussed the Applicant Tracking System and ATS compliant resume. And we have also highlighted the right sections that need to be incorporated in a resume to make it ATS worthy.

But how to pass ATS resume screening?

Make Your Resume ATS friendly!

Now you must be wondering, "What is ATS friendly resume?".

The following ATS resume guidelines and ATS resume tips are listed to help you understand what it is and how to make your resume ATS friendly.

Use a Suitable ATS Optimized Resume Template

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Start by making your ATS resume templates effective if you want to rank high on the Applicant Tracking System.

The right resume template for ats makes it easier for you to fill up your particulars in the most suitable ATS resume format.

The Applicant Tracking System can pick those applicants that have used the right ATS approved resume templates.

Always pick the right resume templates to create resumes that would rank high on the ATS resume reader.

Choose the Right ATS Resume Format

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Once you pick the right ATS optimized resume template, you need to work on the ATS resume format.

Out of the three resume formats that are the reverse-chronological resume format, functional resume format, and combination resume format, the reverse-chronological is the safest choice because the Applicant Tracking System can smoothly parse it.

The reverse-chronological resume format is preferred because most of the Applicant Tracking Systems do a better job at parsing resumes based on the data available in a chronological manner.

Learn about ATS resume formatting from our guide and use the right resume format to create an ideal ATS optimized resume.

Include Distinctive ATS Resume Keywords

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One of the most effective ways to make sure that you pass the ATS resume test is by incorporating the right keywords in your resume.

You need to work on ATS resume keywords that are relevant to the job description of the targeted job profile.

For example, if you are applying for a technical job profile, then you need to present yourself as a professional with a technical background. So read through the job description and mention the skills that relate to the job profile.

Mention your skills in the resume summary, the key skills section, and the professional experience section, etc.

Now let us assume that you are applying for a Software Developer job profile.

Your keywords should revolve around the specific job profile in a flawless ATS proof resume.

Once you incorporate the relevant particulars as per the mentioned guideline, your ATS approved resume is ready to introduce you as a suitable applicant for the recruiters to recognize your potential.

Learn how to incorporate the right resume keywords and make your resume ATS friendly.

Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Resume

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Yes, you heard it right!

Do not over-optimize your resume in the pursuit of ranking high on the Applicant Tracking System.

Some applicants make the mistake of secretly adding white text or simply stuff their resume with out-of-context keywords.

But that would be regarded as deliberately cheating and hence may lead to the rejection of your resume.

Why take the risk and end up being blacklisted by the recruiters and potential employees just so that you can rank high on the ATS.

Instead, keep your focus on crafting the best ATS resume formatting possible based on the actual skills that you possess.

Make sure that it is easy for your resume to pass the ATS resume scanner as well as easy for the recruiters to read and comprehend.

Proofread Your Resume Template for ATS

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No matter how confident you are about the final draft of your resume, make sure that you proofread it once before sending it out for job applications.

"To err is human; to forgive, divine."

But the stated quote does not quite apply when your resume is going through the ATS resume scan.

You need to go through your resume and check for any possible errors or mistakes that may affect your resume's effectiveness.

The Applicant Tracking System is an electronic tool customized by users to capture specific keywords. Therefore if there are any spelling mistakes or any possible error, the ATS resume scan will not be able to capture the assigned keywords.

Hence it may fail to capture specific keywords that may be compulsory for your resume to contain for t to rank high on the ATS resume scanner.

Key Takeaways

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Here are some key takeaways that you need to remember while creating an ATS proof resume:

  • The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is widely used by recruiters to ease their recruitment processes and identify qualified applicants.
  • The ATS resume scanners remove those resume that does not comply with the ATS resume margins and picks only the qualified resumes.
  • The ATS resume scan can score resumes according to the criteria that have been pre-set by the recruiter.
  • Always use ATS approved resume templates to make it easy for the ATS resume scan to parse your resume.
  • Apply the ATS resume format to tailor your resume as per the job profile that you are applying for currently.
  • Include distinct sections to frame your particulars and professional experience in a resume to make it past the ATS resume test.
  • Optimize your ATS resume keywords while making sure that you do not overstuff your resume with irrelevant keywords.

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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