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How to create a proefssional QA tester resume?

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." -Henry Ford

As a QA Tester, you need to meet all the existing quality standards and guidelines by conducting tests for new software products to boost the productivity of an organization.

Likewise, you need to make sure that your software QA resume is of the highest quality so it shows your professional expertise in the best light.

Doing so can help you stand out as the perfect applicant for the targeted job profile. It can also raise your chances of being recognized by recruiters.

Here in this blog, we have compiled all the essential tips and guidelines that can assist you in writing a flawless job-winning QA tester CV.

Here is a brief overview of our QA Tester Resume 2022 Blog:

  • Write your name on top of your resume to uphold the uniqueness of your software QA tester resume.
  • Achieve extra credit from recruiters by listing the details of yourqualifications such as ISTQB certification.
  • Include your career highlights in the QA tester resume summary to give a quick overview of your achievements & career trajectory.
  • Include different sections for key & technical skills including Selenium and MySQL.

A resume is not just a simple document of your particulars.

You need to create it strategically so that it can effectively help you convince the recruiters that you deserve the targeted job profile.

From this blog, you will all together learn the following:

  • How to illustrate your work experience in your QA Tester resume.
  • What specific points to mention in your software QA tester resume.
  • How to promote your key skills in a QA tester resume with banking experience.
  • Which resume format to opt for your QA tester resume no experience.
  • If you should include a QA tester resume summary or QA tester resume objective.

Check out some of the best pre-filled resume templates and a complete QA tester resume template.

This blog comprises 10+ QA tester resume examples and section-wise QA tester resume samples to aid you in creating every section of a QA tester resume.

  1. Which is the correct Software QA Resume Format
  2. How to organize Your QA Tester Resume
  3. Start Writing Your software Tester Resume with the Header
  4. Which is the best way to optimize the Great Professional Experience Section
  5. Is there a correct way to list your Education in Your QA Tester Resume
  6. How write the technical skills in your software Tester Resume
  7. Conclude Your software QA Resume with a Summary/Objective

QA Tester Job Description

Quality testers are responsible for testing software products before sending to the end customer. These products include gaming systems, mobile applications etc.

QA Testers are also know as quality assurance engineer and they use various testing tools to test the softwares and ensures that the deliverables are error-free and meet the customer's specification.

QA Testers are also responsible for generating testing reports and coordinating with software engineers to resolve bugs.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals working in the field of software development including the QA testers will see a 22% growth in employment from 2019 to 2029.

Here are a few QA Tester roles & responsibilities:

  • Diagnosing defects and issues in system software
  • Identifying bugs and resolving them
  • Write functional test scripts and conduct testing
  • Documenting the conducted testing and utilizing data & keyword driven techniques

QA Tester Salary

Choose the Right QA Tester Resume Format

You have the freedom to choose any resume format that you prefer but you need to be aware of what it can contribute towards enhancing your entry level qa tester resume.

We have listed the three ideal resume formats that you can choose from:

  • Reverse-Chronological: This format is the most common resume format that many professionals use and the recruiters prefer. It is so because it presents your most recent and relevant profile upfront and proceeds with the older profiles. It reflects on the progress of your career.

  • Functional: This format is mostly for job hoppers and professionals with career gaps or looking for a change in career. It emphasizes your skills rather than your work history. Try and avoid this format if you have a smooth sailing career trajectory.

  • Combination: This format is a combination of the previous two formats. It highlights both your skills and work experience so you need to use this format only if you have extensive work experience to advertise in a resume.

Still hesitant on which resume format to pick?

Rest assure and visit Hiration' Online Resume Builder Service and our resume experts will help you pick the most suitable resume format that suits your career trajectory.

You can also get your current resume reviewed by us to makes sure that it is job-worthy. You will be provided valuable feedback and assistance to implement any changes your QA tester CV requires.


Use Distinct Sections to Organize Your QA Tester Resume

You need to include the right resume sections in your QA tester CV.

Here is a list of all the traditional resume sections you need to include in your software tester resume sample:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

Besides including the standard sections in a resume, you can incorporate the following optional sections as per your discretion:

  • Internship (if any)
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)
  • Extracurricular Activities (if any)

Furthermore, go through our Guide on resume sections to gain more understanding about resume sections.

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You may be looking to write a game tester resume or a entry level qa tester resume, we have the best software qa resume examples to help you create your software tester resume.

Start writing your QA Tester Resume with the Header

Tag your software QA resume by writing your name as the resume header.

This can help you stand out as a unique individual and the recruiters would be able to keep track of your resume effortlessly.

The ideal font size to frame your resume header is 16-20 points so that it is easily noticeable and distinguishable.

Some applicants tend to write 'CV' or 'Resume' as the resume header but you should avoid making such blunder. There is no point stating the obvious when you can make use of this space to frame something notable.

So always remember that your name is the best bet to be written as the resume header.

Guide to writing a resume header has more tips to help you frame the perfect resume header.

The QA tester resume sample attached below is the best example of an ideal resume header:


The given snapshot of the QA resume sample has been made using Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

QA Tester Resume: Personal Information

The personal information section in your QA tester CV should essentially include the following details:

  • Contact Number: You need to provide your contact number because the recruiters may want to interview you over the phone or simply reach out to you and confirm face-to-face interviews for any likely shortlist. Give out the correct contact number through which you are easily available.

  • Professional Email Address: Email is a conventional means of contact between you and the recruiters. Provide your formal email ID that has your real name while avoid giving out any email ID that has superficial names. Maintain a professional approach at all times.

  • Current Location: Your current location needs to be mentioned to indicate your interest or lack of interest in relocating for your job. Mention your city and state if you intend to work in your country and mention your state and country if you are interested in working abroad.

If you feel that your online portfolio such as Linkedin profile or any personal website is worth mentioning then you can add them in your software tester resume
with telecom experience.

QA Tester Resume Sample for Personal Information

Enlighten yourself with more information regarding this section by reading our guide to contact information on resumes.

Ideally, the personal information section in a resume should look like the QA tester resume sample given below:


You can create both your QA tester resume and cover letter from our Resume Building Tool.

QA Tester Resume: Profile Title

Your reputation as a professional QA tester can be validated by your profile title.

Make it a point to mention the exact profile title that determines your level of seniority in the profession you practice.

Do not mislead the recruiters by magnifying your profile title because lying on a resume is a risky deal that you should always avoid.

If the recruiters find out that you have lied on your junior QA tester resume, your job application may be rejected despite you being a qualified applicant.

Stick to mentioning the precise profile title that defines your professional status and avoid unnecessary hiccups in your job application.

Write it in 14-16 font size to make it stand out as the second-largest text right after the resume header in your QA tester resume.

A perfect profile should ideally look like the QA tester resume sample given below:


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Draft a great Professional Experience Section

When you construct a QA tester job description for resume, you need to make sure that everything you mention has a positive impact on the effectiveness of your resume.

To communicate your work experience to the recruiters in the most effective way you need to implement the following three components discussed below:

  • Frame One-Liner Points
  • Use the STAR Format
  • Use Grouping & Highlighting

Frame One-Liner Points

It is favorable for you to frame your professional experience section in one-liner points because the recruiters have a mere 6 seconds to go through a single resume.

And to support the statement, take a look at the QA tester resume examples given below:

QA Tester Resume Example 1

"As the official QA Tester for X Company, I successfully analyzed the system document and utilized cases to note every functional test scripts. I have effectively executed test cases by evaluating the business requirement, created UATs, and succeeded in lowering the error rates by 10%. I cooperated with the UAT team comprising of 10 members to oversee multiple priorities and completed testing in the most productive manner."

QA Tester Resume Example 2

  • Analyzed the system document and utilized cases to note functional test scripts
  • Executed test cases by evaluating the business requirement, created UATs and lowered 10% error rates
  • Cooperated with the 10 member UAT team to oversee multiple priorities and completed testing efficiently

Framing Points: Analysis

The QA tester resume examples given above show us that no matter how experienced or skillful you are unless you write a clear statement of your professional experience the recruiters would not recognize you as a potential applicant.

The framed points in example 2 are clear to read and so it has a higher chance for the recruiters to go through your junior QA tester resume.

Frame one-liners that are clear and precise by using bullet points to make it easier for the recruiters to read your professional experience statements.

Whereas in example 1 the lengthy paragraph may fail to communicate your professional experience to the recruiters because they may not go through it in the first place anyway.

Avoid lengthy paragraphs because the recruiters do not have the time to go through every resume they receive and paragraphs are not easy to read in a limited time.

Use the STAR Format

To authenticate the framed points in a QA tester CV, you need to use the STAR format as it can help you create action-oriented sentences.

STAR means:

  • The Situation of your contributions.
  • The Task allocated to you.
  • The Action you used to carry out the assigned task.
  • The Result of your action in the form of an achievement figure.

Use Grouping & Highlighting

To complement the framed action-oriented points you need to apply grouping & highlighting.

Here are two QA tester resume examples that can help you see how grouping & highlighting can enhance your framed one-liners:

QA Tester Resume Example 1

  • Maintained 10+ software products for mobile applications and diagnosed defects
  • Tested software to meet all guidelines and standards to make them market-ready
  • Liaised with 10 member Software Development team to fix issues in new products
  • Documented software defects to recognize similar complications in the future

QA Tester Resume Example 2

Product Maintenance & Debugging

  • Maintained 10+ software products for mobile applications and diagnosed defects
  • Tested software to meet all guidelines and standards to make them market-ready

Database Upgrade & Documentation

  • Liaised with 10 member Software Development team to fix issues in new products
  • Documented software defects to recognize similar complications in the future

Grouping & Highlighting: Analysis

The QA tester resume examples given above are exhibiting the same points.

Framed points are without a doubt clear to read but you need more than clear points to intrigue the recruiters.

Create exclusive headlines and list down all the related points under the befitting heading and bold the chief factor in the sentence.

Grouping the similar points under the relevant heading makes it easier for you to organize your professional experience section while making sure that the recruiters can make sense of your points.

QA Tester Resume Sample for Professional Experience

Get in-depth knowledge of work experience in a resume from Hiration's guide.

Refer to our sample resume for experienced QA tester provided below to see what an ideal professional experience section on a resume looks like:


Using our Online Resume Builder is easy and hassle-free.

List your Education in Your QA Tester Resume

Listing the details of your educational qualification in a junior QA tester resume can add value to your job application.

An educated applicant has a higher chance of being shortlisted for the targeted job profile so make sure that you mention the level of your education.

List the following details in the education sections of your junior QA tester resume:

  • Name of the university you have passed out from.
  • Name of the courses you have completed.
  • The location of your university.
  • The dates of your admission and graduation.

Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume has more advice on this section.

Here is a QA tester resume example indicating the ideal education section of a QA tester resume no experience:


QA Tester Resume: Certifications

The advantage of being a certified professional is undeniable in your job application.

Your certification is like a trump card because if the recruiters ever have to pick between two well-matched applicants then the certified applicants can have the upper hand in being shortlisted.

So if you are certified to practice your work make sure to mention the same in your QA tester resume no experience.

The following details should be included in an ideal certifications section of your QA tester resume no experience:

  • Name of the Certification.
  • Name of the affiliated Institute.
  • Location of the Certifying Institute.
  • Dates of enrollment & completion of certification.

Hiration’s Guide to certifications on resumes can help you attain more information about this section.

Here is a software tester resume sample exemplifying the ideal certifications section on a junior QA tester resume:


Proceed to Hiration's Online Resume Builder to try out the pre-filled resume samples that can be revamped in line with your job application.

Highlight Your QA Tester Resume Skills

Make sure that you mention all the relevant skills that relate to the QA tester job profile that you are applying for.

An important thing you need to be aware of is that the recruiters make use of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to pick the most suitable resumes. So your QA tester resume with banking experience needs to comprise of fitting keywords.

The key skills section is an effective segment where you can highlight the right set of keywords to rank high on the ATS.

Create separate sections for your functional skills and technical skills to emphasize on every aspect of your professional expertise.

A well-framed key skills section can make you broadcast your professional skills effectively. Also, make sure that the skills you mention are validated in your one-liners.

Key Skills Technical Skills
Product Maintenance Selenium
Software Testing MySQL
Automation HTML

Read our guide on what skills to put on a resume to learn more about this particular section.

The QA resume sample shows you exactly how to list your skills in your QA tester CV:


Conclude Your QA Tester Resume with a Summary/Objective

QA Tester Resume Summary

A resume summary is an introduction of a resume to highlight your most noteworthy skills and experiences.

If you are an experienced professional with 3+ years of work experience then you need to compose a suitable summary for your game tester resume.

Write 3-5 lines to describe your work experience and include significant skills to give the recruiters an insight into your QA tester resume.

Do not include unnecessary points in your QA tester resume summary because you need to keep it brief and precise so that the recruiters can easily recognize your potential without going through your entire resume.

You can obtain more details on the resume summary from our guide.

The QA tester resume sample given below is an ideal representation of the entry level QA tester resume summary:


Make the best use of our Online Resume Builder to create the perfect job-winning QA tester resume with selenium experience.

QA Tester Resume Objective

Just as the QA tester resume summary gives an overview of your resume the QA tester resume objective does the same.

A QA tester resume objective should be incorporated if you have less than 3 years of work experience or if you have no work experience at all.

The resume objective should be able to communicate your preparedness to contribute towards the target of the targeted organization.

Read our guide on the resume objective section to gain more information about this section.

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  • Industry Compliant
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  • Resume Formatting

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QA Tester Resume Sample

Here is our QA tester resume template to help you see how an ideal resume is perfectly created on our tool:

3+ years experienced QA Tester armed with an ISTQB certification and highly skilled in examining & maintaining new software products for systems/mobile applications, diagnosing defects, and assisting the Senior Testers to resolve bugs before the product launch. Proficient in performing manual/automated testing, writing functional test scripts, creating & executing test cases while complying with the company's policies & procedures.
• Product Maintenance • Product Testing • Software Testing • Automation Testing • Database Upgrade • Debugging
• Documentation • Report Generation • Manual Testing • Requirement Gathering • Data-Driven Framework
• UAT Testing • Functional & Regression Testing • Version Control • Automation • Test Reporting
• Test Preparation & Review • Test Execution
  • Automation Tool: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG
  • Test Management Tool: JIRA, MTM
  • Database Schema: MySQL
  • Languages: C#, Core Java, SQL, and HTML
Product Maintenance & Debugging
  • Checked & maintained new 10+ software products for systems & mobile applications, to diagnose defects or issues
  • Tested various software to ensure they meet all standards & guidelines and are ready to be marketed to consumers
  • Identified 5+ major bugs in 2 software releases and saved the company $20k
  • Identified 50+ bugs in new products before launch, generated reports describing defects and assisted to resolve them
Database Upgrade & Documentation
  • Liaised with the Software Development team of 15 to correct issues with new products & upgraded databases as required
  • Documented software/app defects to help QA Testers recognize similar problems in the future & provide quick resolution
Test Scripting & UAT Testing
  • Analyzed the system requirement document and used cases to write functional test scripts
  • Created & executed test cases by analyzing the business requirement, created UATs and reduced error rates by 15%
  • Collaborated with the UAT team of 15 to organize & manage multiple priorities to complete testing successfully & efficiently
Manual/Automated Testing
  • Executed the test suits to perform manual testing and documented & tracked the defects
  • Automated regression test suit via Selenium WD & TestNG frameworks by applying data & keyword-driven techniques
  • ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) | ISTQB | Mar '18
  • GPA: 4.5/5.0

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways of our QA tester resume blog:

  • The most practical way to label your resume is by framing your name as the header of your software QA tester resume.
  • List your contact details in your software QA resume through which the recruiters can reach out to you for any likely shortlist.
  • Frame the precise profile title that indicates the level of your professional status in your QA tester CV.
  • Use bullet points and frame one-liners to describe your work experience and list them under heading.
  • Include suitable keywords in your QA tester resume with telecom experience to be picked by the ATS.
  • Justify your skills in your professional experience section.
  • Include a QA tester resume summary to give an overview of your QA tester resume with selenium experience.

With this, you have reached the end of our software tester resume sample guide.

Refer to the entry level QA resume samples and software QA resume samples provided in this blog to make your resume-writing a smooth sailing experience.

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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