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What does it take to build an impressionable product owner resume?

Product owners play the role of a leader and supervise the entire cycle of product development.

They establish the vision and prioritize the product backlog to enhance product value and outcome.

To execute these duties efficiently, product owners need to possess well-rounded skills. From technical to analytical, communication, to decision-making skills, they need to have it all.

Now, to create a product owner resume that showcases the best of your professional abilities, you’ll need to nail down the basics of building a stellar resume.

Read on to learn about the following topics related to product owner resume:

product owner roles and responsibilities resume

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Who is a Product Owner?

Unlike what the job title of a product owner suggests, product owners are not the literal owners of a product.

Instead, a Product Owner (PO) is a member of an agile team who is responsible for maximizing the product value by ensuring that the stories meet user needs and streamlining the implementation of program priorities.

From product managers to customers and clients, they are also responsible for liaising with various team members and ensuring smooth communication.

The following are some of the general product owner duties:

  • Determining the product vision
  • Prioritizing product backlog and user needs during the product lifecycle
  • Keeping up with the latest market trends and client needs
  • Liaising between stakeholders, team members, and clients
  • Evaluating product progress with each development stage and arranging sprints

Your resume of a product owner has to showcase the skills and experiences to execute the said tasks if you want to impress the recruiters.

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Must-have Sections of a Product Owner Resume

To ensure that your product owner resume hits the mark and impresses the recruiters, you need to segregate your details in a well-structured format.

The benefits of including different resume sections in your product owner resume are:

  • It makes your product owner resume tidy and professional
  • Allows the recruiters to spot key details about your professional trajectory with ease
  • Ensures that your product owner resume is concise and relevant

A traditional resume generally has the following sections:

Product Owner Resume Headline/Header

The header of your product owner resume should always be your full name to provide your identity right off the bat.

If you have a middle name, consider initializing it and the font size for the header should be 16-20 points.

Personal Details

After the header comes the section where you provide your personal details like:

  • A reachable contact number (with the ISD code and a + sign before the contact number)
  • A professional email address (preferably an email id with your name)
  • Your current location (simply mentioning the city name and state will suffice)
  • A link to your online portfolio/website (LinkedIn profile, GitHub, Kaggle, etc.)

You can avoid mentioning other details like race, sex, marital status, etc. to avoid any bias hiring.

Profile Title

The profile title of your product owner resume must be your current designation or the title of the job you are applying to. You can use 14-16 font sizes to write your profile title.

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Product Owner Resume Summary/Objective

If you are writing an entry-level product owner resume with no prior work experience, you must write an objective.

Whereas, if you have 3+ years of professional experience in the field, your senior product owner resume must have a summary.

Being an overview of your entire career trajectory, you must always frame the summary after writing all the other sections of your product owner resume to have a clear idea of what you need to summarize in 2-3 lines.

Generally, your resume summary should highlight your achievements, years of experience, and noteworthy skills.

Meanwhile, an objective highlights your academic achievements, potential, and your eagerness to learn and put your skills to good use.

Since the majority of recruiters now use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software to scan and pick out the most relevant resumes to fill the job vacancy, including industry-related keywords in your product owner resume summary is crucial.

Hiration Pro Tip: Go through the requirements provided in the job listing to pick out relevant keywords that you can include in your product owner resume.

Take a look at the following sample of a product owner resume summary:


Meanwhile here's a sample of product owner resume objective:

Goal-oriented computer science graduate armed with 3 months of internship experience in developing and managing industry-wide, user-friendly products. Possesses strong technical knowledge to steer and coordinate with cross-functional teams to deliver functional product design after ensuring thorough user research and usability testing.

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Product Owner Resume Skills

The skills section of your product owner resume is another section that gets scanned by the ATS software to probe whether or not you are a suitable candidate.

Thus, it is vital to include plenty of keywords in this section as well.

Ensure that your skills are exactly what the recruiters are looking for. Identify the recruiter’s prerequisites from the job listing and match your product owner skills with the job description.

Apart from possessing soft skills like good communication, conceptual, critical thinking, and liaising skills, here are some of the other key skills that can add to your product owner resume:

Product Management Product Backlog
Team Leadership Data Analysis
User Interface Business Process
Software Development Coding & Designing
Agile Methodologies Product Development
User Stories Project Management
Product Vision Business Analysis
Storytelling Time management
Budgeting UX Development
Scrum Methodologies Research

You can also pick up skills that you used to execute tasks in your previous roles, i.e. from the professional experience section of your product owner resume.

Now, coming to the technical skills of a product owner, you can either have a different section or a subsection under your key skills section to showcase your technical skills.

Depending on your knowledge, the following are some of the technical skills that you can include in your product owner resume:

Powerpoint MS Office Suite
C++ Java


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Professional Experience Section

While presenting your work experience in the professional experience section of your product owner resume, you must follow a reverse chronological format.

This format allows your most recent role to be presented at the top, followed by the older roles so that the recruiters don’t have to struggle to find your recent roles that are generally considered to be the most relevant.

Ensure that you don’t cram up this space with irrelevant work experiences that are not recent because unless you have 10+ years of experience, your product owner resume must be only a page long.

To make the professional experience section of your product owner resume impactful, make sure to:

  • Frame bullet points with one-liners
  • Start your sentence with a power verb
  • Use significant figures and numbers to present your achievements and duties
  • Highlight the keywords and numbers
  • Club similar bullet points under relevant headings
  • Mention your previous company’s name along with your past title
  • Follow the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) format to talk about your roles and responsibilities

Following the STAR format will allow you to present a clear picture of the situation or background of your role, the task that was assigned to you, the action you took to complete the task, and the result that you achieved.

Here are some product owner resume bullet points that follow the STAR format along with a sample of the professional experience section:

  • Liaised between stakeholders and the development team to optimize the product roadmap
  • Identified and mitigated roadblocks to meet deadlines and achieved 100% user satisfaction
  • Refined product backlogs to strengthen business operations and enhance the value of end product
  • Developed 10+ user stories to efficiently meet customer needs and achieved an ROI increase of 20%


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Education Background

At the least, product owners need to have a degree in computer science or any other related field.

You can present your education qualifications in this section by writing the name of your college along with the location, the starting and completion year.

If you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, you can mention that as well.

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The education section is followed by a section wherein you can mention the list of certifications or training that you may have taken and is relevant to the job profile of a product owner.

Write the name of the course, followed by the institution name and the relevant dates like so:


Being certified and listing certifications in your product owner resume can not only help you stand out but will also help you earn more as a product owner.

Given below are some of the in-demand product owner certification courses that you can take up:

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Additional Information

Although not compulsory, you can also have an additional information section in your product owner resume, where you can list the languages you speak, your hobbies, etc.

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Product Owner Resume Sample

Tips & Guides
Billie Madison
Product Owner
4+ years experienced & certified agile product owner with a proven track record of brainstorming and designing product roadmaps, preparing sprint plans, and setting up agile guidelines to ensure smooth operations. Highly skilled at devising product backlogs to reduce project output time while bolstering quality. Proficient in liaising with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to identify new product features and deliver maximum client satisfaction.
• Product Management • Process Improvement • Requirements Gathering • Customer Servicing • Record Management
• Performance Monitoring • Agile Methodologies • Release Planning • Market Research
• Backlog Optimization • User Stories Development • Software Development • Coding & Debugging
Technical Skills: JIRA, SQL, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, React
Agile Product Owner
Cyber Technologies
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    A leading multinational IT services and consulting company headquartered in Detroit with over 50k global client base 
    Process Improvement & Requirments Gathering
    • Prepared 10+ progress reports monthly to optimize project management strategies and improved efficiency by 11%
    • Facilitated sprint phases to ensure optimum resource availability for the team to meet targets within the stipulated time frame
    • Gathered feedback through surveys for identifying user needs to support the design, test, and integration phases
    • Rendered assistance to the clients to resolve product related queries & formulated corrective actions to meet specifications
    Release Planning & User Story Analysis
    • Collaborated with 6+ developers to execute the product roadmap as part of aligning team vision around product specifications
    • Executed analysis for 40+ user stories & handled documentation of high-level business requirements
    • Divided 15+ user stories by data types to boost productivity and focus of the development team
    • Refined product backlog to bridge gaps in understanding user stories and product objective to boost product value
    Software Developer
    BlueAlly Corporations
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Detroit based IT consulting firm with an employee base of 5k professionals across 20+ offices throughout US
      Software Development & Feature Update
      • Devised profile autofill functionality using OAuth with JavaScript to enhance user experience
      • Implemented 5+ new features in web applications via Node.js and React to meet technical and client specifications
      • Developed prototypes for 10+ UI animations to boost performance and stability of JavaScript runtime by 20%
      Performance Optimization & Debugging
      • Rendered assistance to the software engineers to test and debug 15+ new applications as part of improving performance
      • Collaborated with the software development team to develop 5+ in-house software and improved efficiency by 10%
      • Evaluated 10+ existing applications to troubleshoot and debug software as part of improving the user's overall experience
      Perinnial University
      Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Established in 1987, Perinnial University is a leading private institution in the US with over 50k+ enrolled students 
        • GPA: 3.5/5.0
        • Certified Agile Leadership | Unacademy | Feb' 19
        • Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent)

        Key Points from the Blog

        • Product owners play the role of a leader and supervise the entire cycle of product development to develop a product roadmap and prioritize the product backlog.
        • Segregating your details in clear sections allows the recruiters to spot crucial details in your product owner resume with ease.
        • Your product owner resume summary should highlight your achievements, years of experience, and noteworthy skills in not more than 2-3 lines.
        • Make your product owner resume ATS-compliant by including plenty of keywords in all the resume sections.
        • Follow the STAR format and present your professional experience in bullet points beginning with power verbs.
        • To emphasize your achievements and work, use numbers to present them.

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