How to write a ballroom dancer resume?

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Ballroom dance forms are famous for their competitive nature.

So, how great would it be if you could reflect that competitiveness in your ballroom dancer resume to get great opportunities to show your competitive dance moves?

You don’t need to be a master at writing resumes in order to write one. From writing a ballroom dancer resume summary to sorting your key skills and penning down your professional experience, we’ve got a ballroom dancer resume outline ready for you.

Also, you can use Hiration’s online resume builder and make your ballroom dancer resume on it with ease.

But if you’ve decided to make it on your own, below you will find the steps to the ballroom dancer resume outline that will make your job of writing a ballroom dancer resume an easy one.

Also, you can get it professionally reviewed by industry experts.

Once you are done, you may get your resume reviewed by industry experts.

By the end of this blog you will learn:

Ballroom Dancer Resume Sample

Given below is the resume sample for the ballroom dancer resume for you to refer to and get a better idea of how a well-composed ballroom dancer resume looks like.

6 years experienced ballroom dancer adept at performing & directing various forms of ballroom dances for stage & tour performances. Proficient in producing outstanding ballroom concepts with charismatic story lines along with a dash of creativity. Highly skilled in orchestrating stage shows, teaching diverse dance forms and performing theater ballroom. Proven ability to identify and lead high-performing talent for working cohesively & turning innovative concepts into reality.
• Ballroom Dance • Studio Operations & Maintenance • Liaison & Coordination • Dance Instruction
• Leadership & Team Management • Choreography • Production • Training • Costume Designing
• Waltz • Viennese Waltz • Tango • Cha-Cha-Cha • Rumba • Samba • Mambo • Quickstep • Jive • Bolero
    Show Direction & Conceptualization
    • Rendering assistance in directing a show of Viennese Waltz for Broad Base Dance Theater
    • Conducting regular meetings with the students to oversee performances from conceptualization to completion
    • Choreographing innovative dance performances of Tango and Rumba to have an impactful performance for the audience
    Choreography & Mentoring
    • Played a key role in finalizing initial steps of a Tango stage performance for Fox Studios
    • Overseeing enrollment of new students and mentoring them through their initial period
      Team Leadership
      • Spearheaded a team of 10 to perform Waltz for the Johhan Strauss Show '14, in addition to
      • Cha-Cha-Cha as part of community performance in New York in '13
      • Mambo at the New York University as part of the Planet of Dance '16
      • ~4 music Bolero for the Disney Jr. Live Show '15 & assisted in acquiring the props for the same
      • Brainstormed with 2 Directors of Johhan Strauss Show to come up with different ideas to give audience something unique
      Team Leadership & Workflow Optimization
      • Directed a team of ~20 to implement collaboration methods by ensuring efficient workflow
      • Reviewed and approved designs, artwork, photography, content, and graphics developed by the Creative team
      • Liaised with 6 Team Leads & Project Managers to conceptualize unique concepts to fulfill client expectations
      Key Accomplishments
      • Received 'The Leadership Award' for leading a group of 10 in Johhan Strauss Show '18
      • Awarded with 'Bravo! High Point Award' for performing Bolero at the Disney Jr. Show '15 out of 70 dancers
        • Assisted the Rumba and Samba Dance Instructor for a show at University of Los Angeles
        • Rendered assistance in managing a team of 80 Rumba Dancers as well as in coming up with innovative dance steps
        • Suggested conceptual and creative dance moves for a Samba performance
        • Oversaw the dance rehearsals and the final rehearsal before the performance
          • Diploma in Quickstep and Jive
            • Certified Professional Ballroom Dancer | Session College | Aug '10 - Jan '11
            • Certified Waltz and Viennese Waltz Professional | Kapilan Institute of Waltz | Jun '05 - Jan '06
            • Won National Level English Debate competition | Berkeley University| '10
            • Secured the position of 1st Runner Up, Inter College Cha-Cha-Cha Competition | CCLA | '09
            • Won 'DC One - Tango Competition '06' | NYC | '06

            What is a Ballroom Dancer Resume?

            A ballroom dancer is a person who performs a specific or different type of ballroom dances.

            Some professionals have a show of their own while others perform as part of someone else’s group.

            So the ballroom dancer resume should include the skills of the related dance form and instructing in the same.

            The responsibility of a ballroom dancer may also include things like dancing along with a story-line, coming up with different ballroom concepts, and being vividly creative every time.

            The dancer needs to make sure that the audience is enjoying the performance and is spellbound by it under all circumstances.

            There are broadly more than 10 forms of ballroom dance and every type needs major training, practice, and rehearsals for a person to reach the place of perfection.

            The job of a ballroom dancer may require the person to travel a lot as various shows take place in different cities or states. There are also certain situations where a single big show/tour travels in the whole of the country or at least in the big metro cities.

            In cases of countrywide events and tours, the dancer has to sign a contract with the concerned authority which ensures that the person cannot leave the show in-between or in other words until it gets over.

            A ballroom dancer requires skills like coordination, needs to be good at following instructions along with fluent and graceful body movements.

            Why do you need a ballroom dancer resume?

            On average a ballroom dancer earns $14 an hour which can go up to $33.

            To get to the higher paid point, you need to have some relevant experience in the required field and build a reputation of being one of the finest ballroom dancers out there.

            If you are new to this field and don’t have any prior experience, then you will get paid a lower salary of $8 which is the standard salary for freshers in this profile.

            So keep your ballroom dancer resume updated to ensure that when you move to your next project, your experiences promise you higher pay.

            We have attached a ballroom dancer resume sample below as a guide for you to get started in the right direction.

            Ballroom dancers should maintain a resume to make it easy for the recruiters to recognize your work experience and accept you as the best dancer whom they should get on board.

            How to write a ballroom dancer resume?

            Take a look at how you can put your experience of ballroom dancing on a resume.

            You will find the pre-written personal training ballroom dancer resume template at Hiration's online resume building tool. These are pre-written lines specifically made for your industry.

            It’s easy and comes in handy as well as it will help you reach your aimed job sooner.
            Your personal information like name, contact number, e-mail ID, and current residential address will go at the very top of your resume.

            You can also include social media profiles that are relevant to your profession, such as a detailed and updated LinkedIn profile. Considering the profession of a ballroom dancer, other social media platforms like that of Facebook and Instagram can be useful as well.

            If you’re applying in countries like Continental Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, then do remember to include a ballroom dancer resume headshot in your ballroom dancer resume.

            Composing Your Ballroom Dance Master Resume

            When posting to large job posts and creating your LinkedIn profile, the master resume is used for general purposes in this.

            Based on the master resume, you will add only those things to your profile which are relevant to the job you are targeting.

            • It will document your:
            • Career Summary
            • Skills
            • Types of dance forms you know
            • Professional work experience
            • Accomplishments
            • Education
            • Certifications
            • Extra-Curricular Achievements

            You should check for these sections before uploading your ballroom dancer resume anywhere as these will carry all your important information under them.

            Now that your master resume is ready, let’s proceed with the ballroom dancer resume part.

            Tailoring Your Ballroom Dance Resume

            After you upload your resume on a career portal, it is scanned by an ATS to find the relative keywords related to the job you applied for. This system shortlists the most relevant resumes while discarding the non-relevant ones.

            Almost 75% of the resumes are rejected due to the irrelevant keywords that people put up on their resumes. So, strategically putting them in the ballroom dancer resume is the key to get shortlisted for the maximum number of interviews/auditions possible.

            Most of the ATS scanners scan the resumes vertically. Thus, writing the most important information at the center of your ballroom dancer resume is the best way to get shortlisted.

            Writing Your Ballroom Dance Resume Profile Title

            Your name should be the first text in your ballroom dancer resume which should be of 14 or 16 pts.

            It should be followed by a title which is the next most important thing in a resume.


            Add a Profile Header Under Your Name

            Your ballroom dancer resume profile header will basically contain:

            • Phone number
            • E-mail address
            • Current residential address

            Your e-mail address needs to be professional. Don’t use e-mail addresses like ‘’. Such email-IDs are considered unprofessional.



            If you do not write the title, the recruiter will not get to know for which profile you are applying for.

            The title should basically convey:

            • Field of expertise
            • Level of expertise

            Ballroom dancer resume headshots are always appreciable on the resume.


            Work Experience & Education

            The body of your resume consists of work experience and education. Your work experience in your related field gives an in-depth sight to the recruiter of your skills.

            Find out your ballroom dancer resume for agency reliability score from select industry experts today.

            Professional Experiences

            To display your contribution, you can use the ballroom dancer resume format given below:

            Organization Name | Designation | Location | Dates (in mm/yy - mm/yy format)

            One-liner cause-effect points

            Let professionals decide whether your format is aligned.

            When writing this section, many dancers face the problem of how to write their experience in a professional way. Here’s how to do it the pro way.

            You can learn more about this from Hiration's Guide to Professional Experience Section.


            Ballroom Dancer Resume with No Experience

            Writing a ballroom dancer resume is no child’s play. When you have zero work experience, you need to pen down your skills and certifications in the resume in such a way that it convinces the recruiter that you are a better choice.


            Your education plays an important role when you are a fresher. This category contains:

            • Name of the school/university you have attended.
            • Name of the courses you have pursued.
            • The location of your school/university.
            • Enrollment and graduation dates in the month & year format.

            These segments are pre-arranged in the Hiration templates, also, industry-specific content is there on free resume builder.

            Hiration pro-tip: Write your most important achievements in bullet points. For example, if you’ve performed a certain form of ballroom dance for a well-known show, write it in bullet point form.

            Apart from this, other valuable additions a ballroom dancer resume for agency should have are certifications, training, and freelance projects. As a matter of fact, your freelance dance shows matter a lot.

            A ballroom dancer resume for agency should have numbers mentioned in terms of the shows performed to make the recruiter read what you want them to read.

            Go to Hiration Guide and learn about how to curate this section.



            The following details should be mentioned in a certified ballroom dancers resume:

            • Bachelor’s degree in dance
            • Master’s degree in dance, choreography, dance science or ballroom dance forms
            • Diploma in dance, previous dance training or degree in a stage production
            • Degree in music for dance
            • Degree in history of dance, etc.

            You can list your certifications one by one if you have various degrees. The following format can be used to mention the details of your certification in a ballroom dancer resume template:

            {Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

            We may analyze the same sample from the ballroom dancer resume example:

            • Certified Professional Ballroom Dancer | Sessions College | ‘10
            • Waltz and Viennese Waltz Certificate | Kapilan Institute of Waltz | ‘05

            Hiration Pro-Tip: By pursuing a degree program you can get more exposure and become ready for opportunities like live performances and professional tours.

            A lot more is there to know about this section and you can learn them from Hiration's Resume Guide.


            Key Achievements

            Your Ballroom Dancer resume includes a lot more than your ballroom dancer skills. Your achievements play a big role in getting your credibility across resume bullet points.

            These achievements apparently might not seem to be much but they definitely set you apart from other ballroom dancer resumes and precisely highlight your ballroom dancer skills.

            To make sure that achievements attract attention amongst others, quantify them and highlight the ballroom dancer skills or contribution which led to that achievement.

            To do that, frame your point in the STAR format: Situation, Task, Action, Result. This will help you highlight your achievement and not a contribution.

            For example:

            Led a team of 10 to perform Waltz for the John Strauss Show

            Helped in directing a show of Viennese Waltz for Broad Base Dance Theater

            Consider the ballroom dancer resume example above when writing yours.

            Highlighting Skills

            Your Ballroom Dancer skills are basically the key functions that you are proficient at as a ballroom dancer.

            The skills section does not include soft skills like ‘passionate’ and ‘expressive’. You need to mention your hard skills which can be skills like ‘show direction’, ‘liaison and coordination’, ‘choreography, etc.

            Choreography Show Direction Studio Operations & Maintenance
            Costume Design Production Leadership & Team Management
            Instructional Practice Liaison & Coordination Ballroom Dance

            The right Key Skills section can help you stand out amongst other applicants. make sure to read Hiration's Guide on how to highlight your skills.


            Summarizing Your Profile

            Ballroom Dancer Resume Summary

            A ballroom dancer resume summary is the overview of your professional experience as a ballroom dancer with a ballroom dancer resume objective that highlights your ambition, drive, and focus.

            A ballroom dancer resume for agency should definitely have a ballroom dancer resume summary that contains necessary information that a hiring agency would want to know.

            • The kind of shows you performed at
            • The skills you learned and practiced
            • Quantifiable achievements

            You should write the ballroom dancer resume summary at the very end so that you can pick information from the other sections of your resume to write now that they are complete.

            Make sure your resume defines your goals and experience the right way to get you your desired job. Get your ballroom dancer resume professionally reviewed by the industry experts.

            Make sure to go through Hirations Resume Summary guide to learn more about the resume section on a ballroom dancer resume for agency.


            Formatting The Resume

            A ballroom dancer resume can be made in the following formats:

            Reverse Chronological format: This format is the most popular amongst all the resume formats and is best suited for those who have extensive work experience.

            Functional/skilled based format: This format is suitable for those who don’t have relevant work experience or are students/recent graduates as well as for those who are looking for a career change.

            However, for best expressing the profile, we have used the reverse chronological order.

            Arranging Your Ballroom Dancer Resume Sections

            As per the chosen format from among the different ballroom dancer resume formats, the sections will be arranged in:

            1. Name
            2. Contact Information
            3. Title
            4. Professional Summary
            5. Key Skills
            6. Professional Experience
            7. Education

            You can also consider giving the following extra information if applicable:

            • Dance forms
            • Certifications
            • Extracurricular achievements


            Proofread your ballroom dancer resume and look for the following:

            1. It should be minimum one page in length and maximum of two pages
            2. Clear and separate section headings with the right bucketing
            3. Plenty white space, especially around the borders
            4. Easy-to-read font

            Hiration's online resume builder will automatically use a common and easy-to-understand font.

            Few extra things to consider while proofreading your ballroom dancer resume for agency will include:

            1. Same tense throughout your ballroom dancer resume. Usage of past tense to describe previous work experience and present continuous tense to explain the present work roles.

            2. Make sure that all the points start with a power verb. Some ballroom dancer resume examples of verbs are: Led, Performed, Brainstormed, Helped, etc.

            3. Do not use jargon in your ballroom dancer resume.

            4. Refrain from using I, me, we, us.

            5. Make sure that your resume bullet point does not exceed one line.

            6. Write your name in the file name of the ballroom dancer resume that you will submit.

            Hiration pro-tip: Do check for errors like that of double spacing and spelling mistakes.

            You can also your ballroom dancer resume professionally reviewed by industry experts before submitting it.


            Ballroom dancer and other dance forms job requires a blend of extensive training and physical strength. So make sure all your questions are answered.

            1. Networking

            Networking is more important now than ever. Reach out to your connections who can help you with your job –

            • Family
            • Friends
            • University Classmates
            • Neighbors
            • Former Colleagues

            Keep your social media profiles up to date like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram about the profiles that you are seeking.

            1. Be Persistent

            Look for digital and traditional resources by getting in touch with your friends and relatives as well as by joining job support, online groups. Seek online job portals for the same.

            1. Follow up

            Stay in touch with all the contact persons whenever you get a job lead until and unless you get a definitive no as an answer.

            1. Evaluate

            Still unsure of your career field? Take an evaluation test to analyze your skills and career interest.

            First, narrow down your options.

            Second, look for online and offline resources to collect more information about the profiles that you are interested in.

            Stay Positive

            Stay in touch with people and share your thoughts and feelings with them. Keep your stress levels low by eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping for eight hours a day.

            Key Takeaways

            • Write Ballroom Dancer Resume Summary in a paragraph
            • Write your ballroom dancer resume summary in a 3-4 line paragraph and not in bullet points. The paragraph should not exceed the limit of 3-4 lines.
            • Use ATS friendly keywords
            • Use keywords that are specific to your industry and which recruiters are likely to put in an ATS scanner. This will increase the chances of you getting shortlisted for an interview and getting a job faster.
            • Write a ballroom dancer resume objective if you are a fresher
            • Always make a ballroom dancer resume objective section instead of a ballroom dancer resume summary section if you are a fresher.
            • In this, you can write your ballroom dancer resume objective w.r.t. your career profile since you don’t have any prior experience to put in a ballroom dancer resume summary.
            • Write Company Description
            • While writing your work experience do remember to write a short one-line description of the company you previously worked for. This will help the recruiter to know a little about your previous company if he hasn’t heard about it already. Also, it will increase your chances of getting recruited.

            Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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