Composing a theatre resume can be tough.

So, our actor resume writing experts at Hiration have explained their process of making those perfect, on point professional acting resumes here in this article. We have explained in detail how to write each section.

By the end of our article on Acting Resume, together with acting resume samples and acting resume examples you will be able to:

  • Make actor resume for beginners
  • List out your duties in a persuasive way
  • Demonstrate your skills in the right manner
  • Conclude whether to write a summary section or an objective section

... All leading to a job winning acting resume!

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If you choose to make your theatre resume on your own, then this 10-step guide is here to rescue you out of all your acting resume making problems.

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"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances."
- Sanford Meisner

...But, acting resumes are all about demonstrating your acting career and skills in the most honest way possible.

The broad level areas where actors perform are movies, commercials, TV shows and plays. And whatever the chosen medium of an actor be, they need to showcase it perfectly in their theatre resume.

According to, on an average, nearly 63,000 jobs are held by actors with many of them have had formal training in some discipline of acting. The recruitment of actors is expected to increase by 10% in the next 6 years, which is more than the expected growth rate of other professions.

The work of an actor typically requires them to work for longer hours as opposed to other professions and they also require to travel a lot. In addition to this, for some special character and parts, they need to conduct in-depth research in order to do justice to that character.

They need to learn and memorize that scripts given to them in order to deliver a smooth shot.

Due to the growing demand of actors in live performances, street plays, theme parks, etc. results in hundreds of actors applying to a limited number of vacancies.

In this article, we'll be covering the following topics:

Full Sample Acting Resume

Given below is the complete actor resume sample for you to see how a professional theatre resume looks like.

Acting Resume Sample

What Is An Actor Resume And Why Do You Need It?

A theatre resume demonstrates the proficiency of a person as an actor.

An actor resume provides the recruiter with detailed knowledge of how skillful you are as an actor.

Are you thinking why does an actor need an acting resume?

The answer is: *It'll help you get your dream role sooner.

According to, on average, an actor earns approximately $39 per hour, whereas actors with extensive prior work experience earn around $100 per hour.

Salaries and theatre resume have a direct connection with each other. The recruiters decide the salaries of the applicants upon seeing the number of years of work mentioned in their acting resume.

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How To Write An Theatre Resume?

As difficult as it may seem to write an actor resume, it really isn't.

And if you blend our 10 Step Guide On Acting Resume with our Online Resume Builder, you'll be done with your theatre resume in no time.

We've written a 'KEY TAKEAWAYS' section for you at the end of this article. Do read it for some acting resume tricks and hacks to make your actor resume look more professional than ever.

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Acting Resume Format

  • Reverse Chronological Format For Your Theatre Resume

In this format of resume writing, you first write the most recent job first and then date back to your previous jobs. This format implies for the professional experience section as well as for other sections like education, certification and awards and recognition sections.

To know more about this format, go and check our article on chronological resume format

  • Functional Format For Acting Resume

This format of resume making works best in favor of those who have gaps in their employment history or educational history.

It is a skill-based resume which highlights a person's skills and education section the most.

For more detailed information on this format, visit our article on functional resume

  • Combination Format For Acting Resume

Combination resume format is a blend of the reverse chronological format and the functional resume format. The skills section is written in the functional resume format, whereas the professional experience section is written in the reverse chronological format.

Anyone and everyone can use this format as it does not cater to a specific category of applicants.

To see if this format is suitable for you or not, check out our guide on combination resume

To see which format suits you the best, see our article on choosing the best resume format

Actor Resume Sections

Following are the resume sections of a theatre resume:

  1. Header
  2. Personal Information
  3. Profile Title
  4. Summary
  5. Key Skills
  6. Professional Experience
  7. Internship
  8. Education
  9. Awards and Recognition
  10. Certification and Training

Writing Your Actor Resume

The acting resume is divided into four stages to make the process simpler:

  1. Compilation Theatre Resume
  2. Master Acting Resume
  3. First Draft Actor Resume
  4. Final Theatre Resume
  • Compilation Stage For Your Actor Resume: In this first stage of acting resume making, all you have to do is to collect all the information pertaining to the above-mentioned theatre resume sections at one place. By doing so, when making the acting resume further, you'll get all the information in one place.

  • Master Resume": The second stage of making an actor resume is the master resume.

In this section, you will sort the following information related to your professional experience section.

  • Company Name
  • Location
  • Dates of Joining and Resigning/Completion of Tenure
  • Designation
  • Points for every professional experience section listed in terms of importance

Hiration Pro-Tip: Keep a copy of the master resume so that in the future you're able to tweak your theatre resume according to every job description of the jobs you apply for.

  • First Draft For Your Actor Resume: In this third stage of acting resume making, you will make your first draft of the theatre resume.

In this stage, you will make the rest of your acting resume sections and write the information in these sections in the reverse chronological order. This means writing your most recent information in terms of the date first and then dating back to the previous information.

For a detailed knowledge on the reverse-chronological order visit our guide to reverse-chronological resume format.

Now, the last stage remains.

  • The Final Resume For An Artist: The first thing out of the three things to do in this section is to make the key skills section.

  • When writing your key skills section, make sure to scan the job description to look for keywords to add in the actor resume.

  • But do not write soft skills even if they are mentioned in the job description.

The second thing to do at this stage is to write the summary section.

  • When making this section, write how you used your skills in your previous engagements.
  • Do not write what you expect from the offered role to give you.

The third thing to do is to bold and highlight all the important words and phrases in the whole of your theatre resume except the summary and the skills section.

Actor Resume Professional Experience Section

Step 1 will be making the professional experience section.

After the compilation resume comes the master resume. And as mentioned above, in the master resume stage we sort, arrange and write the professional experience section. We make this section first because it takes the longest time to be made out of every other section.

Also, it tends to be the longest section in the whole acting resume as many people have extensive work experiences to include in a theatre resume. So, why is this section so important?

Well, this section provides the recruiter with comprehensive information regarding your work history and the level of work you've done till date. In addition to this, there is a proper format for writing this section.

This section is of prime importance in the acting resumes of those who hold extensive work history in the field of acting. Also, make sure to write the director's name and the name of your character.

The below-given format should ideally be used to write this section.

{Organization Name}

{Designation} | {Location} (city, country pin) | {Dates} (in mm/yy-mm/yy) format

{Movie Title 1}
{Director} | {Character}

{Movie Title 2}
{Director} | {Character}

It is very important in an actor resume to write the name of the director and the name of your character.

Let us explain this with the help of an acting resume example.

Professional Experience Section with no mention of the director and the character name.

Movie Title: Black Killers
Character: Protagonist Father

Movie Title: Running Horses
Character: Side Actor

Movie Title: Full Thorns
Character: Side Actor

Movie Title: Rating Games
Character: Negative Role Actor

Professional Experience Section with the mention of the director and the character name.

Movie Title: Black Killers
Director: John Wills | Character: Protagonist Father 'Jony Jones'

Movie Title: Running Horses
Director: John Wills | Character: Side Actor 'Kind Leads'

Movie Title: Full Thorns
Director: Jones Timberlake | Character: Side Actor 'Kit Larson'

Movie Title: Rating Games
Director: Rojer Williams | Character: Negative Role Actor: 'Nom Watts'

From the above given acting resume examples, we can see how mentioning the director's name and the name of the character has added value to the theatre resume. It is also giving in-depth information to the recruiter about the work that you've done.

Also, bolding has played a crucial role in the professional experience section. Bolding will attract the recruiter's attention directly towards what you've written.

When making this section, make sure all the information that you write is true to your knowledge. If you write something that you've never done before, but it seems a good idea to put in the actor resume then you might get in some serious trouble.

The recruiters mostly ask questions around the work that you've mentioned in the acting resume professional experience section. If you write something you haven't done then it will get extremely difficult for you to substantiate in the interview if asked a question upon that particular point.

Take a brief look at the below given acting resume sample to get more clarity on how to make your work experience section.

Theatre Resume: Professional Experience Sample

Acting Resume For Beginners

Now that we've told about which section experienced actors should include in their actor resume, it's time to tell you which section should beginners in this field include in their theatre resumes.

This section is of the internship. Yes. People who don't have professional experience should include the internships which they did in their actor resumes in place of the professional experience section.

The internship section is the utmost important section in the acting resumes of the beginners. The two things to do in this section is to make a bucket of each section and write the points using the cause-effect format.

Below is the format in which an internship section should be made:

{Organization Name}

{Designation} | {Location} (city, country pin) | {Dates} (in mm/yy-mm/yy) format


Cause-Effect Point 1
Cause-Effect Point 2


Cause-Effect Point 1
Cause-Effect Point 2

Now, let us see with the help of an acting resume example how bucketing and cause-effect points add value to your theatre resume.

Internship section with no bucketing and cause-effect points.

  • Assisted the Production Manager in production tasks
  • Rendered assistance to the Production House

Internship section with bucketing and cause-effect points.

Production & Documentation

  • Assisted the Production Manager in production tasks like camera setting, make-up, dialogue delivery and lighting
  • Rendered assistance to the Production House to prepare the documentation for artists and vendors

From the above given acting resume example, you can see how bucketing, bolding and cause-effect points have enhanced your acting resume by a great value. Doing bucketing highlight your skills whereas bolding and cause-effect points enhance and give detailed information about your workings to the recruiter.

As it is the first step in the actor resume making of the beginners, it is also Step 2 in the theatre resume making process of the experienced professionals. Internship section is what you'll make second in the master resume stage.

To get a better understanding of how to write this section, look at the below given acting resume example.

Actor Resume: Internship Section Example

Composing Acting Resume Header

Now, that the master resume stage is over with the above-given steps, let's proceed towards the first draft resume stage. As mentioned in the starting of the article, the first draft stage will focus on the rest of the theatre resume sections except for the summary and key skills section.

So, our Step 3 now would be to compose the header of your acting resume.

You must be thinking: What is it that makes the header an important part of the actor resume?

The answer is that it differentiates your theatre resume from being confused with someone else's actor resume. How? Well, it consists of your name, that's how.

The header is supposed to be the largest text in the whole of the acting resume. The font size of your header should be between 14-16 font size. Decide it whichever suits the best according to your chosen actor resume template.

Also, make sure you give a single space between your first name and your last name. If there are inconsistencies in the name like that of multiple spaces or no space at all, then it gives an impression of being careless to the recruiter.

Hiration Pro-Tip: Do not name the theatre resume as 'Resume'. The recruiters no what kind of document they are reading when they see an actor resume. So, make sure the header is the only thing that you start your acting resume off with.

Further, there is a proper format for people who have a middle name. They should write it in the following format: 'Kylie K. Jenner'.

After writing the first initial of your name, put a full stop. Then give a single space and then write your last name.

Do not write nicknames. Only write your official name that is mentioned in your professional platforms and official documents.

Also, you can go for Hirations Online Resume Builder to make your theatre resume and get that font perfect header. Our Online Resume Builder has a pre-customized font size and font style to give you that professional looking header.

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Look at the acting resume example given below to get an idea of how should an ideal header look like.

Actor Resume: Header Example

Theatre Resume Personal Information Section

Step 4 will involve writing your personal information section. This section includes all your personal information.

In this section you will write your personal phone number, personal e-mail address and your current location of residence. That's it. Not a thing more.

  • Personal Phone Number

There is a proper manner in which the personal phone number is written. The personal phone number will be written just below the header, on the left side.

Write the ISD code of your country before the personal phone number and then within the personal phone number give a single space after first five digits.

  • E-mail Address

Make sure your e-mail address is professional looking, for example: ''. Having a proper and professional looking e-mail address is very important as the recruiter can judge you on how serious you are about little details based on the e-mail address name you choose.

The e-mail address will be written right next to the personal mobile number, at the center.

  • Current Location of Residence:

In this section mention the city in which you are currently living. Same applies if you are living outside of your home town. You will write your current location of residence and not your home town.

The current location of residence will be written right next to the e-mail address, on the right corner. Do not write the complete address. Just write the city name and the country pin.

Hiration Pro-Tip: If you're applying for the job within the country, then only write the city and state in the current location and if you're applying overseas, then write the city and country pin.

Below given is the format to write the personal information section:

{Personal Mobile Number} | { Personal E-mail Address} | {Current Location of Residence}

See the below-given sample acting resume of the personal information section to get more clarity on how to make this section.

Again, you can opt for Hiration's Resume Reviewing Service where industry experts will review your actor resumes global standards.

Acting Resume: Personal Information Sample

Customizing Theatre Resume Title

Step 5 involves customizing the acting resume title.

The title conveys your capability and expertise in your field to the recruiter.

It is supposed to be the second largest text in your actor resume with the font size between 12-14 point size.

Take a brief look at the below given acting resume example to get greater clarity on how to make the profile title section.

You can also opt for a professional review of your theatre resume done by select industry experts of Hiration to check the accuracy of your actor resume design and content.

Acting Resume: Profile Title Example

Theatre Resume: Education Section

Step 6 involves writing one of the most important sections of the acting resume, the education section. The information in this section includes the university/school from which you completed your education, their locations, dates of enrollment and graduating from them, degree pursued and CGPA acquired.

Use the format given below to make this section.

{Name of the school/university} | {Name of the degree} | {CGPA} | {Location} & {Dates} (in mm/yy-mm/yy)

The recruiter decides on the basis of this section whether you are eligible for the job or not.

The acting resume sample below will provide you with a better idea of how to make this section.

In addition to this, you can go for Hiration's Online Resume Builder in which these sections come pre-arranged for a smooth resume making experience.

Actor Resume: Education Section Sample

Acting Resume: Awards And Recognition Section

Step 7 is to write the awards and recognition section.

Recruiters tend to hire those people more who have been awards or recognized for their work. In this section, write all the valuable awards and recognition that you got at work, college or school.

Do not write awards and recognition like that of 'Best Holiday Homework' and 'Best Handwriting'. Awards and recognition like these will not ad any value and at the same time will look kiddish.

Look at the actor resume sample below to get a better understanding of how to write this section.

In addition to this, you can opt for Hiration's Resume Reviewing Service to get a review of your actor resume template to see if it's relevant with the latest theatre resume template trends.

Actor Resume: Awards and Recognition Sample

Acting Resume: Certifications Section

Step 8 is to write the certifications section.

Including certifications in your theatre resume adds more value to your acting resume. Certifications can be in fine arts, some language course, certification in psychology, etc.

You need to mention the below-given things when writing this section.

  • Certification Name
  • Affiliating Institution
  • Location
  • Dates of enrollment and completion of the course

The format to write this section is given below:

{Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (in mm/yy)

Look at the below-given sample acting resume to get more clarity on how to write this section.

Also, you can opt for an actor resume review done by industry experts at Hiration to check your theatre resume formatting ( font, margins, order of sections, etc.

Acting Resume: Certification and Training Section Sample

Actor Resume Key Skills Section

Step 9 includes completing the first draft stage of your theatre resume.

In this step, you will make your key skills section.

Writing the skills section at this stage give you more skills to write in the skills section. How?

Well, you will now be scanning the rest of your actor resume to look for skills that you acquire. Also, when writing your skills, do put a bullet before each skill. For example:

  • Acting
  • Performing Arts
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Campaign Performance Improvement
  • Advertising & Promotions

... etc.

To get a better idea on how to make the skills section, look at the below-given actor resume sample.

Additionally, you can opt for Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make your acting resume.

Our Online Resume Builder offers 20+ resume designs together with the option of modifying your key skills section and personal information section with bar graphs, pie charts, social media icons, and many more such options.

Theatre Resume: Key Skills Section Sample

Personalizing Acting Resume Summary Section

Step 10 involves making the summary section.

In this step, you will look all through your actor resume and pick out points that are the highlight of your career. Now, rephrase these sentences and write them in the summary section while also highlighting the requirements of the recruiter.

See the below given acting resume sample to get a clearer idea on how to make this section.

In addition to this, you can opt for Hiration's Resume Reviewing Service to get a review of your professional summary.

Theatre Resume: Summary Section Sample

Acting Resume Template

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Acting Resume Template Word Doc

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Key Takeaways

  1. While writing awards mention 'out of how many participants/candidates' you got that award and 'on what all parameters'.

  2. Do not use acronyms anywhere in your theatre resume. Expand and elaborate all the acronyms.

  3. Write dates in mm/yy-mm/yy format throughout your acting resume.

  4. While writing the certifications section, make sure to mention the dates of enrolling and graduation from that course.

  5. When writing the certifications section, mention who was the certifying authority.

  6. Also, when writing your respective training, mention the dates of starting and completing that training.

  7. The font size of your actor resume body should ideally be 10-12 point size.

  8. To make your theatre resume stand out in terms of visual appearance and to lower the risk of getting rejected, use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to make your actor resume.

  9. Hiration's Online Resume Builder has 20+ design templates with different colors and better font style/size combinations which will improve the overall design of your acting resume as our Online Resume Builder applies basic principles of design to integrate color and text.

  10. Our Online Resume Builder also has industry-specific designs to suit your theatre resume along with free examples and guides to help you create your acting resume.

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