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How can I become a Sterile Processing Technician Resume in 2021?

This blog will be a boon for people applying for a sterile processing technician job. Our modern and effective resume-building techniques wil help you craft a job-winning sterile processing tech resume.

Moving further in this blog, you will come-across a complete Lab Technician Resume Sample along with a Medical Assistant Resume Sample to give you a detailed overview on the resume building process.

We have also created one-liner bullet points to make your sterile processing resume look professional. You can use these resume points as per your profile to improve readability. You can get resume points for more than 250 profiles at Hiration.

Check out the major summary points of this blog:

  • Get all the important information about your job application process
  • Frame your sterile processing technician resume with appropriate resume format
  • Mention all the relevant sections in your sterile processing technician resume
  • Attach a cover letter with your job application for better results

Building a sterile processing resume is not just about writing your professional details, skills, and personal information on paper. It is more of a presentation process where you have to showcase yourself better than your competitors.

You will get answers of the following basic questions in this blog that will help you out in the entire resume-building process:

In case of any confusion, you can always use Hiration’s an AI-powered Online Resume Builder that is effective and efficient to help you make an impeccable sterile processing resume for your job hunting process.

Sterile Processing Tech Job Description

Crafting your sterile processing technician resume around the job description is the most effective way to follow-through the application process. Moreover, the job description is also considered to be the best place from where you can pick up keywords for your medical supply technician resume.

You can highlight these keywords throughout the resume to parse through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Here you can see an example of a sterile processing tech job description for your resume:

The Sterile Process Technician will be provided duties for preparation, sterilization, decontamination, and distribution of medical equipment as well as surgical instruments throughout the surgical process. Being a sterile process technician, you will have to utilize safety and infection control practices for a completely secured surgical ecosystem.

Sterile Processing Technician Roles and Responsibilities

You will get sterile processing technician roles and responsibilities in the job description section. You can see some of them in the points listed below:

  • Monitor and maintain sterilization records as well as report repairs
  • Provide required supplies and instrument sets to the operation room
  • Maintain all the instruments and equipment including biomedical checks and sharpening
  • Adjust and determine appropriate sterilization sequence parameters
  • Process, decontaminate, prepare, and sterilize rigid as well as flexible scopes

Educational Qualifications of Sterile Processing Technician

To start your career as a sterile processing technician, you need to address the following requirements:

  • Get a high school diploma or equivalent certificate
  • Earn Sterile Processing Technician licensure (CBSPD and IAHCSMM)
  • Get a Basic Life Support certification
  • Earn relevant experience in the medical field

After passing your high school, you can opt for a sterile processing technician college or university to get a degree or diploma, which will help you get a sterile processing technician licensure.

To help you choose the best sterile processing technician college after your high school, we are listing the top 10 educational institutes in the United States here:

Top 10 Sterile Processing Technician Colleges in the United States

  • Temple University | Philadelphia, PA
  • Community College of Allegheny County | Pittsburgh, PA
  • Ivy Tech Community College | Indianapolis, IN
  • Stark State College | North Canton, OH
  • Seattle Central College | Seattle, WA
  • Premiere Career College | Irwindale, CA
  • Berkeley College | Woodland Park, NJ
  • Martinsburg College | Martinsburg, WV
  • American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education | Piscataway, NJ
  • Pima Medical Institute | Denver, CO

Lab Technician Resume Sample

Check out the below given example of an impeccable laboratory technician resume. You can refer to its format for crafting your resume.


Sterile Processing Technician Salary


Image Source: Payscale

Generally, sterile processing technicians get paid in terms of hours served. According to Payscale, the average salary of a sterile processing technician in the United States is USD 16.28 per hour.

Moreover, we have researched the topic and got similar responses over the internet. Here are the major sources we can consider for getting the salary estimation in a sterile processing technician job:

Source Salary
Indeed USD 27.54 (per hour)
Glassdoor USD 3,00,782 (annually) USD 44,628 (annually)
Zippia USD 34,000 (annually)

Sterile Processing Technician Resume Points

You need to build an impressive, easy-to-read, and error-free sterile processing technician resume to get shortlisted. Hence, it is highly recommended that you avoid using long paragraphs in your process technician resume.

You should showcase all of your details apart from the summary/objective in one-liner bullet points. Moreover, adding profile-centric keywords will help you rank higher on the ATS.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow while crafting resume points:

  • Start every bullet point with a power verb
  • Frame every point addressing the cause-effect relationship
  • Quantify your information to make it look authentic
  • Group similar points under one heading
  • Bold important metrics and keywords

You can also use Hiration’s repository of premade resume points crafted by industry experts to make your resume-building process easier. We have ready-to-use resume points for more than 250 profiles.

Some of them can be seen in the list shown below:

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Sterile Processing Technician Resume Sections


To get your targeted job, you need to add all the required sections to your sterile processing technician resume. To get a detailed description of each section, you can check out our blog on Resume Sections, or, you can also consider the sections given in the above-given image to be added to your process technician resume.

You will have to select the resume sections based on your resume format, as they all are different from each other. Through these sections, you must showcase your details in a well-arranged form to impress your recruiter.

Sterile Processing Technician Resume Sample

In order to help you achieve your goal, here we are showcasing a complete sterile processing resume example. It contains all the essential sections along with the appropriate formatting suited for your job profile.
Dave Brooks
Sterile Processing Technician
2+ years experienced Certified Sterile Processing Technician highly skilled in performing decontamination, sterilization, and distribution of medical instruments to eliminate the risk of disease and infection. Adept at handling surgical and medical equipment while performing periodic inspections to detect and replace malfunctioning instruments. Proficient in maintaining equipment records as part of managing equipment inventory and restocking supplies within a stipulated time frame.
• Sterilization & Hygiene Management • Decontamination • Equipment Management • Infection control
• Inventory Management • Patient Care • Data Management
Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Clinical CRM Software
Associate Sterile Processing Technician
Atlanta Healthcare
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    A healthcare unit in the United States providing medical facilities to Veterans of the country since 1999.
    Sterilization & Decontamination
    • Assisting in 25+ emergencies daily for providing sterilized medical instruments and patient care equipment to control infection
    • Conducting daily inspection to retrieve malfunctioning instruments while ensuring timely rapair and replacement
    • Deploying decontamination processes to perform bending, lifting, and washing of medical instruments like pans, bins, trays, etc.
    • Maintaining hygiene and sterilization for 100% secured surgical operations in compliance with the OSHA standards

    Data Management & Patient Care
    • Managing a record of 50+ regular patient data for the analysis of ongoing treatment and results
    • Performing required practices under the supervision of clinical head to improve patient servicing by 30%
    • Maintaining sufficient inventory levels of supplies and instrumentation to avoid equipment shortage
    SPD Online Education Course
    Sterile Processing University LLC
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      • Final Score: 79%
      High School Diploma
      Atlanta Community School
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • CGPA: 3.2/4.0
        • Certified SPD Technician | Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution | Oct '18
        • Languages: English (native), French (fluent), and German (working proficiency)

        Resume Formats For a Sterile Processing Technician

        As the initial step, you must choose the right resume format for your job application. Opting for the wrong one will concise your chances of getting shortlisted.

        Check out the majorly used resume formats across the globe:

        This resume format will contain your recent details at first according to the dates followed by older events. You can also use this resume format to make a resume for a sterile processing Technician With no experience.

        This is the resume format that will contain your skills and their use in your professional experience section as proof of your efficiency.

        It is a skill-based resume format that can add value to people having career gaps as it focuses more on skills rather than your professional experience.

        Sterile Processing Technician Salary in the USA

        The average sterile processing technician salary in the United States is $28.80 per hour.

        However, the sterile processing salary varies based on the location of health care facility in the country. You can see the salary difference at different parts of the United States below:

        Job Location Average Sterile Processing Salary
        Cincinnati, OH $32.34 per hour
        Chicago, IL $30.27 per hour
        Cleveland, OH $29.75 per hour
        Portland, OR $29.06 per hour
        Tampa, FL $28.89 per hour
        Phoenix, AZ $26.04 per hour
        Dallas, TX $24.46 per hour
        Houston, TX $21.44 per hour
        Birmingham, AL $21.33 per hour

        Sterile Processing Technician Cover Letter

        A finely crafted sterile processing technician resume might help you to parse through the ATS, but your recruiter will not be impressed with just an entry level sterile processing technician resume.

        Generally, most recruiters in the world do not even consider resumes without a Cover Letter. Hence, it is highly advisable to attach a sterile processing technician cover letter along with your sterile processing supervisor resume to get your recruiter’s undivided attention.

        You can follow the below-given points to frame a perfect cover letter for your sterile processing technician resume:

        • Use 3-4 paragraph format to write your cover letter
        • Mention your achievements and strong points in the first paragraph
        • Showcase your previous employers and companies in the middle paragraph
        • In the last one, write about your qualities admired by your employers the most
        • Ensure that your cover letter is not exceeding 350 words

        Check out Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder to resolve any remaining reservations. It is powered by AI technology that is effective enough to help you in grabbing your desired sterile processing technician job.

        Medical Assistant Resume Sample

        Here is an example of a fully loaded medical assistant resume that will help you in understanding the presentation of a resume to get the recruiter's undivided attention.


        Resume Review at Hiration

        You need to be an expert if you want to complete a task with precession. Hence, to build your resume, you need experts who can portray your professional image marvelously in front of your recruiter.

        However, if you have built your resume, analyze its effectiveness with the help of resume-building experts. Reach out to Hiration, which will analyze your resume based on the below-given parameters:

        • Recruiter Friendly
        • ATS Compliance
        • Resume Formatting
        • Performance Assessment
        • Content Relevance
        • Design Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • Global Compatibility
        • Compliance with industry norms

        Hiration Online Resume Builder

        If you have still not built your sterile processing technician resume, you must check out Hiration’s Online Resume Builder. It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered resume building tool that can make your resume building process easier than ever.

        Here are some major benefits you will get with our online resume builder:

        • 1-click design change
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        • Auto bold
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        • 25+ resume designs
        • LIVE resume score
        • A sharable link

        Key Takeaways

        Take a look at the key takeaways of this guide:

        • Showcase your information in one-liner bullet points
        • Integrate industry-specific keywords in your resume
        • Highlight essential information and keywords
        • Send your resume with a cover letter

        We have showcased all the important details and information related to making a sterile processing technician resume along with a sample resume for sterile processing technician. You can follow these guidelines and grab your aimed job opportunity. However, you must always feel free to share your views, ideas, confusions, and hurdles with our experts at

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