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Here is a sneak peek into the top 10 actionable resume tips that we will be showing you in this guide.

Take a look at these SSIS resume points that we will answer through this guide:

SSIS Resume Sample

Wondering how to list experience with SQL and SSIS on resume? Here is the perfect SQL server developer resume sample:

Daisy Bloom
SSIS Developer
6+ years experienced SSIS expert with a proven track record of designing, testing, and debugging new & existing SSIS development practices as well as reporting processes. Proficient in assessing data situation, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to design a data warehousing system to meet business needs. Adept at deploying SSIS packages for integrating & migrating data in OLTP & data warehouse environments.
SSIS Developer
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Moonex is a global service provider to 10k+ insurance organizations with strategic operations support services
    SSIS Package Development
    • Created SSIS package to load data from Flat Files and XML Files to Report-Data mart and Data warehouse
    • Implemented configurations for data viewers, logging, and error during package handling

    Data Reporting & Analysis
    • Analyzed and improvized the existing dashboards, reporting systems, and reports to increase productivity by 20%
    • Performed analysis of structured and unstructured data after data profiling
    • Operated on the data mapping of 5 source systems as part of performing data analysis

    Data Testing & Debugging
    • Resolved data issues after unit testing and documentation of system for Extract Transfer Load (ETL) processes
    • Supervised the migration of DTS packages to SSIS format only after thorough testing of the packages

    Client Servicing & Business Management
    • Prioritized the needs of business information to define the business benefit of data warehousing
    • Developed Business Intelligence solutions as per client's requirements to provide 100% safe service
    Data Analyst
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      Mermedia provides technical service to 50+ Hospitals, 30+ corporate offices, and 20+ private organizations
      Data Processing
      • Maintained the reporting dashboards and planning tools to reduce 50% data processing time
      • Managed data processing cycles to design and develop statistical models based on the operating requirements

      Strategy Formulation
      • Constructed strategies across multiple product lines, business units, and channels of distribution
      • Formulated strategies to boost KPIs across all business units to boost revenue for the company

      Coding & Troubleshooting
      • Liaised with a team of 10 Back-end developers to enhance the usability of the application
      • Generated quality mock-ups and prototypes to build reusable code for use in the future
      Stanford Public University
      Bachelor of Computer Science
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        A public research university in Stanford, CA providing more than 300+ graduate and post graduate courses
        • GPA: 3.8/4.0
        • Languages: English (Native), French (Fluent)
        KEY SKILLS
        • SSIS Package Development • Data Development • Data Reporting • Data Analysis • Data Profiling • Data Processing
        • Data Testing • Client Servicing Management • Business Management • Data Warehousing
        • Tools: SQL, Ssis, ETL, PLSQL, MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
        • Languages: Unix,C#, Asp.Net,XHTML and XML
        • Operating Systems: Windows and UNIX
        • Databases: MS SQL Server, MS Access, FoxPro, DTS, DB2
        • Microsoft BI Certification | Microsoft | '18
        • IBM Certified Data Science Professional | Coursera | '14

        How to Use Hiration's SSIS Resume Sample

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        If you are asking yourself, should I include SSIS on my resume? this guide will answer all your questions, so keep reading.

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        Customize Your SSIS Resume to Suit Your Target Job

        What is your estimate of the number of people you are competing with at any given time in the job market? That number is in the thousands and here is the catch, they are all incredibly qualified and talented.

        Then why is one person being favored over another? What are the candidates being selected doing right?

        First, they are not sending the same generic SSRS developer resume to every potential employer without tweaking or modifying it.

        Why would you want to waste your one chance at your dream company by sending the same resume for bi developer that you have sent to 100+ other recruiters? Further, why waste time sending out so many resumes in the first place? Why not streamline your strategy and selectively apply to only your top picks with a highly targeted resume.

        But before you put our words into action, let’s talk a little about the ATS.

        Most Hiring managers today have started using the Applicant Tracking System (or the ATS) to screen resumes. Only once your resume for bi developer is parsed by an ATS does it reach the recruiter.

        We know it may sound like a cliche, but cracking the ATS is not rocket science. It is a simple enough software that scans your resume for bi developer for matching content with respect to the job description. So, if you read the JD and incorporated keywords from it into your resume for bi developer, your chances of being shortlisted will increase dramatically.

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        Organize Information Using Relevant Sections in Your SSIS Resume

        Start by organizing your information into the 7 must-have sections mentioned below:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        Additionally, there are also a few add-on sections that you can pick and choose from according to your career needs:

        • Certifications
        • Internships
        • Projects & Publications
        • Volunteering Experience

        Also Read: All you need to know about resume sections.

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        Perfect the Header of Your SSIS Resume

        Here's everything you need to know about resume headers and how you can make it perfect:

        • A resume header goes on the topmost part of your resume for bi developer. You can also call it a sort of label of your resume for bi developer.
        • We have seen enough resumes with ‘resume’ or ‘CV’ written on the top to make it a point to inform you, don’t do it.
        • You should be using your real full name as the resume header for your SSRS resume.
        • Being the header, it should be larger than everything else on your resume for bi developer. Use a font size of 16-20 points.
        • Got a middle name? No need to write your full middle name. Just initialize it. Example: If your name is Bruce James Diggory, write it as "Bruce J. Diggory".

        Here's a SQL server developer resume sample illustrating the perfect resume header:


        Include Your Contact Details In the Personal Information Section of Your SSIS Resume

        Moving on, let’s talk about the personal information section. This is where all your contact information goes so that the recruiter can get in touch with you if your application is shortlisted.

        This is a list of information that ideal personal information should have:

        • Updated mobile number
        • Professional email ID
        • Current location
        • LinkedIn profile URL (optional)
        • Online portfolio link (optional)

        Hiration Pro Tip: Different countries have different rules regarding what should or should not be displayed here. So, go through the guidelines of the country you plan to apply in and only put the permissible information here.

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        Here's an SSIS resume example showcasing what an ideal personal information section should look like:


        This snapshot of the SSIS resume example is curated using our Hiration resume builder. You can achieve similar results by using it to put together a perfectly fashioned SSRS resume.

        Write Your Profile Title Correctly in Your SSIS Resume

        Although overlooked by many professionals, this is a very important part of your resume for bi developer. Let’s see what a correctly written profile title will tell the recruiter:

        • The job designation you last held or are currently at.
        • Your functional industry & seniority.

        Here’s how you can make sure to write your profile title correctly:

        • Be honest! Don’t exaggerate or lie about the profile title on your resume for bi developer.
        • Use the second-largest font size to write the profile title in the range of 14-16 points.

        Follow these simple tips to place yourself ahead of countless other applicants.

        In the meanwhile, here's an SSIS resume example showcasing the ideal profile title:


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        Present Your Career Highlights In the Professional Experience Section of Your SSIS Resume

        The professional experience section is the backbone holding your whole resume for bi developer together. You should be paying extra attention to what you are writing here. Remember to not ramble on but only write your career highlights and relevant work-specific achievements.

        Here is all you can do to make your professional experience section easy to read and comprehend:

        • Use one-liner points
        • Quantify your achievements
        • Use grouping & highlighting

        Use One-Liner Points

        Using paragraphs to show your roles and responsibilities on your SSIS developer resume? Stop!

        You are sabotaging your application and making your chances of being shortlisted next to nothing.

        Recruiters love easy-to-read resumes. If you have made an effort to make your SSIS developer resume clean and readable, you might just earn some commendation on this factor alone.

        This section is going to take up the most space on your SSIS developer resume so you cannot neglect to work a little extra on it to make sure it is perfect in every aspect.

        The first thing to do is, ditch the paragraphs and start using one-liner points to communicate the details of your roles & responsibilities.

        Use power verbs to begin each point. This ensures that your responsibilities are clear and also makes your SSIS developer resume look and sound assertive. Some examples are: “spearheaded”, “directed”, “executed”, etc.

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        Quantify Your Achievements

        Let’s now discuss the importance of endorsing your career highlights and work-relevant career achievements by using numbers.

        You can get much more out of your statements if you were to tell the recruiter what your work achieved instead of just saying that you achieved something.

        So, instead of saying that some function you performed saved the company a lot of time, specify an estimate of how many hours were you able to save.

        Use Grouping & Highlighting

        Now that we have learned how to enhance the readability of your SSIS developer resume and what areas to focus on, let us now divert our attention to maximizing the impact it creates on the recruiters.

        This is where we introduce grouping & highlighting.

        Let’s start with grouping.

        While organizing your information in one-liner points can ease the recruiter’s task, a lot of one-liners stacked together will start creating the same problems as paragraphs.

        What can you do to avoid that?


        It is a simple technique in which you create “groups” or subheadings that define a function and group together a bunch of one-liner points under it, in which you talk about that specific function.

        So, a recruiter can read the subheadings or groups alone to know what your key roles and responsibilities are.

        Coming to highlighting, it is all in the name.

        See some information in your work statements that you are hoping the recruiter won’t miss? Highlight it. Bold the numbers and important words and phrases to bring them to the recruiter’s attention.

        Employ these tips to achieve the perfect professional experience section.


        SSIS Resume Sample for Professional Experience

        Hungry for more? Read this Resume Professional Experience Section guide that goes into even more detail.

        Here's an SSIS sample resume showcasing a perfectly-composed professional experience section:


        Use our resume building platform for wonderful resources that will make your resume writing experience enjoyable.

        Give the Details of Your Academic Qualifications In Your SSIS Resume

        Recruiters need to know your academic qualifications to decide if you are the right person for the job at hand.

        Are you making an SSIS resume for 5 years experience or more and think that an education section is no longer important? Think again!

        It doesn’t matter if you are writing an SSIS resume for 2 years experience or SSIS resume for 5 years experience. Everyone should be including their academic qualifications in their SSIS developer resumes.

        These are the details that you should be including:

        • Your university’s name
        • The name of the degree you pursued
        • The location of your university in city & state name format
        • Enrolment and graduation dates

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        The SSRS resume samples showcased in this blog will help guide you in formulating your own SSIS developer resume. Here is one such sample showing an ideal education section:


        In the meanwhile, check out our Resume Review Service and get expert advice on your SSRS resume samples.

        Make a Distinct 'Key Skills' Section to Outline Your SSIS Skills

        Wondering how to put SQL on resume or should you be putting Microsoft office on resume?

        Your skills section is where they go!

        Display your skills front and center so that the recruiter doesn’t miss them!

        Make a distinct key skills section and include a subsection titled ‘technical skills’ under it to mention all your tool/software-related skills.

        We advise you to separate your soft skills from your technical skills so that none of them get overlooked.

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        Here's an SSIS sample resume showcasing the perfect key skills section for your SSIS developer resume:


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        Conclude Your Resume with an SSIS Resume Summary or Objective

        This is a finishing touch that every SSIS developer resume needs! A summary will help you conclude all that you have to say in just 3-5 lines. A recruiter can then easily read the summary to decide whether they want to further look into your bi developer resume.

        This is why you need to highlight your most impressive achievements in the summary itself.

        However, if you are an entry-level professional (less than 3 years of experience), you should write an objective instead of a summary.

        Let’s talk about them further:

        SSIS Resume Summary

        What is an SSIS resume summary?

        The summary section showcases your career highlights and achievements. Follow the below-given tips to perfectly compose your summary:

        • Limit your SSIS resume summary to a 3-5 line paragraph. Any longer, it will be a cause for worry as it will most likely get overlooked.
        • Mention the years of experience in the summary itself so the recruiter can decide whether or not you are the right person for the job at hand.
        • Write a summary only if you have a minimum relevant work experience of over 3 years. Write an objective statement if you are a fresher with lower than 3 years of work experience.

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        Attached below is an SQL server developer resume sample to showcase the perfect summary:


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        Key Takeaways

        Now that you have reached the end of our SSIS Resume 2023 Blog, let’s recount the most important SSIS resume points once:

        • Say no to generic resumes. Customize your bi developer resume to be in line with your target job.
        • Arrange the information on your bi developer resume by using relevant sections.
        • Use your name to label your bi developer resume.
        • Do not make errors while presenting your contact details. Double-check your bi developer resume for any such inconsistencies before sending it out.
        • Do not lie or exaggerate anywhere in your bi developer resume but especially the profile title.
        • If you are a professional with over 3 years of experience, write a summary in 3-5 lines. Highlight your most relevant achievements here.
        • If you are a professional with less than 3 years of experience, write an objective in 3-5 lines. Show the recruiter what you can do for the company.
        • Dates should be in the month & year format throughout your SSRS resume.
        • Locations should be in the city & state format throughout your SSRS resume.
        • Use a distinct key skills section to illustrate your core and technical skills. Separate your technical skills from your non-technical skills. You should start by putting Microsoft office on resume in your technical skills section.
        • Make a distinct section to list your roles and responsibilities under the 'professional experience' section. Use one-liner points and start each point with an action verb.
        • Use numbers to justify your work statements. Use grouping and highlighting so that your statements are impactful.
        • Outline your academic qualifications in the education section. Write down details including your university name, location, degree pursued, and enrolment & graduation dates.

        You have now reached the end of this blog. We hope that now you know how to put SQL on resume and other such questions you had.

        Use the SSIS resume points presented here to write the perfect SSRS resume.

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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