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“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” - Charles Eames.

If you're searching for a job as a SQL developer or SQL Administrator, you need to build an enticing SQL resume to catch the eyes of the hiring team.

Relate your PL SQL developer resume to the profile you are targeting. Read the job description attentively. Check what they are looking for and highlight those skills in your bullet points.

Emphasize your most relevant achievements and write them in your SQL developer resume summary.

Add more sections that show your other accomplishments or experiences related to SQL. Certifications, publications, and training work as brownie points in a SQL resume.

Let's discuss some FAQs regarding SQL developer resume:

SQL Developer Salary Information

The maiden salary for a SQL Developer in the USA is $86,716 per year, according to

According to, the average salary of an SQL Developer is $74,9137 per year.

According to here are some of the top-paying cities for SQL Developers in the United States:


Where Do You Need an SQL Developer Resume?

Depending upon your past SQL experience and skills, you need to share your SSIS/SQL developer resume with employers looking for interchangeable skills.

If you are targeting desired companies to work as an SQL developer and want to impact a potential recruiter positively, you need a strong SQL server developer resume to share.

In most scenarios, your SQL programmer resume is the only first impression that a recruiter has. It is considered the essential document or step in the recruiting process.

Use your BI developer resume according to your skills and SQL experience.

Define what level of SQL experience the job requires.

In an entry-level SQL resume, you can emphasize your related academic experience, extracurricular activities, and internships to demonstrate your value as a job candidate.

As an intermediate-level SQL developer, showcase your SQL developing experience, responsibilities, and accomplishments relevant to the jobs you are applying for. You also want to highlight your skills and SQL experiences.

An expert SQL server developer resume should be specific to your profession; you can craft an SSIS/SQL developer resume highlighting the skills, achievements, and SQL experiences important to your field. Highlight your recent SQL experiences.

Support your SQL developer resume with a strong cover letter.

After you're done making your BI developer resume, you’ll need to craft a strong cover letter that supports your employment case.

Include the points which you can’t mention in your SQL programmer resume. Don't forget to follow up on your SQL cover letter. A follow-up call in a few days can give your database developer resume a second chance.

Why Do You Need an SQL Developer Resume?

An excellent SQL resume has the power to open doors.
Your BI developer resume describes your qualifications and what makes you unique. Make a database developer resume that markets your strengths and serves the purpose of the job while making you stand out amongst other applicants.

A great SQL developer resume that:

  • Captures the attention of the recruiters.
  • Highlights your relevant skills and achievements.
  • Demonstrates how you're the best bet for a project or position.

And most essentially gets you a job interview!

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How to Make an SQL Resume?

Highlight your best points with these SQL programmer resume writing methods.

It's easy to create a database developer resume that looks like everyone else's. But to win that interview, you need to go beyond the standard approach. Here are four strategies that will get your BI developer resume noticed:

  • Sell yourself and your brand
  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Highlight your accomplishments

Use keywords effectively

Once you've completed your research and settled on a job target, it's time to put your SQL server developer resume together. Since your SQL resume is organized in sections, learn what these sections are and why they're essential.

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SQL Developer Resume Formats


Chronological Resume Format

The standard format of a resume is the chronological resume format. It lists your professional SQL experience section in reverse chronological order starting with your current or former job and then in decreasing order concerning the dates.

If you're considering working in the same industry for the whole of your career, then opt for the chronological resume format, as it gives a clear picture of your growth.

Functional Resume Format

In the functional resume, key skills and achievements are of paramount importance. Less emphasis is put on work experience, and this section is placed towards the end of the resume. In this type of resume, a summary section comes before the skills section, and the education section comes after.

This resume format is perfect for those with gaps in their work history, people new to the industry, and those looking for a career change as this format highlights the skills and buts the employment history in the background.

Hybrid Resume Format

A combination resume is a mixture of both resume formats, known as a hybrid resume. It is a mixture of well-written skills and a finely written professional SQL experience section in reverse chronological order.

This resume consists of best-of-both-worlds with a format that is suitable for recent graduates, seasoned professionals, and those seeking a career change.

SQL Developer Resume Key Sections

SQL Developer Resume Summary

The summary section gives a short brief about your career and the skills that you hold to the recruiter. It typically describes the number of years of experience you hold, your current profile, and how you used your skills to benefit the previous organizations you've worked in.

Here are some of the tips to write a SQL developer experience resume summary:

  • Never write the resume summary before writing the professional experience section
  • Identify the most impactful accomplishments and write them in the resume summary.
  • Include a couple of keywords in the resume section
  • Wrap up the resume summary in 3-4 lines
  • Write a resume summary if you have 3+ years of experience. If you have less than three years of experience, write a resume objective

To get a clearer idea of writing the summary section, look at the example summary given below.

'OCA certified SQL Developer with three years of SQL experience, seeking to use proven Oracle and PL/SQL skills to improve data management and delivered 10 DB projects at Delta Group on time and 15% under budget. Have created working database back-ends for four web apps. Skilled in Oracle, PL/SQL, and database security.'

Example of SQL developer experience resume Summary:


SQL Developer Resume: Key Skills

Staying relevant to the job description is very important. Every section of your SSIS/SQL developer resume should be customized with respect to the profile you're applying for. Read the job description thoroughly and then decide which skill to put in your SQL developer skills resume.

First, think about all your strongest skills related to the profile you're targeting, and then make a list of those skills. Now compare these skills with the skills written in the job description and then write them in your key skills section of the SQL developer experience resume.

You can further categorize these skills into technical skills and key skills in order to make your skills section clean and arranged.

Further, write only those skills which you can substantiate. Also, support your mentioned skills by adding them to points that you write in your professional experience section.

For example, if you've written the skill "business development," then write a point in your work experience section that shows how you have used that skill in developing or growing your business.

Write your key skills section in bullet points and ensure your skills don’t exceed three lines.

PL SQL Developer Resume Sample Key Skills:

SQL Developer Skills
Query Review Code Optimization
Query Development Database Table Designing
Database Table Coding Data Modeling
Database Triggers Development Table Index Development

Given below are some of the technical skills for SQL Developer engineer:

SQL Developer Technical Skills
Declarative programming/4GL DDL
DML Execution Plan
Optimizer Cost Based Optimizer (CBO)

Example of Key Skills section on SQL Developer resume:


SQL Developer Resume: Professional Experience

Start each part of the professional SQL experience section by mentioning the company name, job title (e.g., business developer, analyst), location, and dates (in mm/yy - mm/yy) format. Write your work experience in reverse chronological order starting from the current or most recent experience.

Write your responsibilities in one-line bullet points, starting with a power verb. Mention all the skills once in the whole of your professional experience section that you have mentioned in the key skills section. Also, include industry-specific keywords in your professional experience section.

In your database developer resume, demonstrate why you are the perfect fit for the recruiter’s position and job.

Whenever possible, quantify your accomplishments and responsibilities.



SQL Developer Resume: Education

Your education section will come right after the "Professional Experience" section.

Now the question is: What all information to include in the education section?

You've to include the following information:

  • The degree that you pursued
  • Whether it was a bachelor's degree or a master's degree
  • Name of your school/university
  • Location of the school/university
  • The years (in mm/yy - mm/yy) format for which you enrolled and graduated from the school/university
Hiration pro tip:
Writing CGPA is optional. It is not mandatory to write your CGPA. Mention it only if you graduated in the last three years above 8.0. Most recruiters don't consider your CGPA unless you are a fresher.



SQL Developer Resume: Certifications

The section that will come right below the education section is certifications. In this section, you've to write all the relevant certificates you have done so far.

Certifications are an excellent way to add value to your resume. The certification section lets the recruiter know how much effort you've put into further enhancing your skills or acquiring new skills.

They also demonstrate to the recruiter that your knowledge and skills are not just limited to what you learned in school or college as you took extra initiatives to expand your knowledge further.

When writing the certifications in the resume, make sure you mention the name of the affiliating institution and the dates (in mm/yy - mm/yy) format for enrollment and completion of the certification course.

See the below given an example to know how to write your certifications.



As you can see in the above example, the certifications are written in reverse chronological order. The most recent accreditation is written first, followed by the second most recent certification.

SQL Developer Resume: Awards & Recognition

It is found that recruiters tend to hire those professionals who have been awarded or recognized for their work in their previous companies. So, in case you have been awarded or recognized for your work, write that in this section.

When writing the awards and recognition, do mention how many people you got this award and on what all parameters.

Look at the example below to see how to make this section.


SQL Developer Resume: Additional Information

In the additional information section, you can add additional information which you think will add value to your resume. For example, if you are a member of some valuable society or have done some volunteer work for an NGO, languages you know, etc.

Anatomy Of A Software Developer Infographic

Tailoring the SQL Server Developer Resume

You must be thinking: Why do you need to tailor the SQL developer resume?

We'll tell you why.

Recruiters receive 150-200 resumes generally in response to a vacancy.

To make your SSIS/SQL developer resume striking, you need to include the keywords from the job description in your resume, also known as customizing your SQL programmer resume.

Take notice of the keywords that are highlighted in the job description.

Your SQL resume should be filled with those keywords. You can put these skills in the summary, skills, and professional experience sections.

Mandatory skills should go in the top one-third of your SQL server developer resume so that a recruiter knows right away that you're qualified.

You can also add them to a SQL resume summary or objective section.

Resume Headline for SQL Developer

The very first thing that an SSIS/SQL developer resume should include is your name. The ideal font size of your SQL developer resume header should be 14-16 points, and you can be a little creative with it by adding color to your resume headline for PL SQL developers.

Next in line will come your personal phone number, personal e-mail ID, and your current location.

In the space for e-mail IDs, you can even provide additional links like that of your LinkedIn profile, the online version of your database developer resume, and your personal website.

Further, you can opt for Hiration's Resume Review Service to get your resume checked for relevant content.

SQL Developer Resume Title

Profile title comes right below the header. Profile title plays a significant role in the resume. It lets the recruiter know for which profile you've applied. So, when making the profile title make sure you write the role and not the function.

For example: 'SQL Development' is the function, and you write the function as the profile title, then let us just tell you that it's a significant error.

So, to correctly write the profile title, you need to write the role. For example: 'SQL Developer.’

Also, the profile title is supposed to be the second-largest text in the whole of your resume. So, when writing the profile title, make sure the font size used to write it is between 12 - 14 points size.

Example of profile title in a SQL developer resume:


SQL Developer Resume Personal Information

Your personal information is one of the essential elements in the SQL Developer resume.

Essential personal information for SQL Developer Resume:

  • Updated mobile number
  • Professional email address
  • Location
  • LinkedIn/Kaggle/GitHub Link

The perfect way to arrange your personal information on your manufacturing engineer resume:

{Personal Contact number} | {Professional E-mail Address} | {Current Location of Residence} | {LinkedIn/Kaggle/GitHub Link}

Updated Mobile Number

Here are some interesting tips to add your contact number to the SQL Developer resume

  • When adding your phone number, include the ISD code as well. Also, put a +(plus) sign before the ISD code.
  • Provide your phone number, Not a friend's for families.
  • Example: +1 38723 31981

Professional Email Address

In this online era, email is the first point between you and the recruiter. So, you need to make sure that you have written your correct email address.

Example of Professional email id:

  • johndoe@gmail[dot]com

Example of Unprofessional email id:

  • johndoe.superstar@gmail[dot]com


Here are some of the tips to write location in the SQL Developer resume:

  • No need to write your full address in the resume.
  • If you are applying for a job outside your country, write the location in the City. Country code format.
  • Write the location in State, City code format, if the job you are applying for is within the country.

Example of SQL Developer Resume personal information:

Personal Information
Contact Number +1 222 235 3531
Email Address johnmiller@xyz[dot]com
Current Location Los Angeles, CA
GitHub: www.github[dot]com/johnmiller

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SQL Developer Resume Sections

  • Header
  • Title
  • Personal Information
  • Summary/Objective
  • Key Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Award & Recognition
  • Additional Information

Proofread Before Sending Resume

Proofread your SQL developer resume thoroughly for any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before sending it or posting it to apply for a job.

Your SQL developer resume is the first step toward creating an impression on the recruiter. Thus, it is of paramount importance that it is error-free.

Below are a few steps to proofread your SSIS/SQL developer resume. First, run a spell check on your database developer resume on your computer to look for any grammatical and spelling errors. Second, read the SQL resume twice to check for mistakes as spelling checkers are not always 100% correct.

Third, now that you have read your SQL programmer resume twice, by now you know which lines you can improve. Try to improve those lines by using power verbs wherever you can.

Consider the list below to check for common mistakes while writing a SQL resume.

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Punctuation marks
  • Spelling mistakes

Also, do check dates, contact information, abbreviations, and spacing.

Database Developer Resume FAQs

Q: Should I hire a SQL server developer resume writer to write my SSIS/SQL developer resume?

A: Your SQL developer resume provides a critical first impression of you to a potential employer. The quality of your SQL developer resume’s content determines whether you will win an interview, not to mention being offered a position.

Your SQL developer resume should showcase all your relevant skills to an employer for them to get a clear insight into your capabilities and past experiences.

Q: What are "Keywords," and how do I use them in my SQL developer Resume?

Include the keywords that make your SQL resume stick out and match your keywords with your job description.

Example: SQL developer, oracle developer, database developer, bi developer, SSIS developer, ETL developer, PL SQL

SQL Server Developer Resume Sample

Below we've given a SQL server developer resume sample so that you can have a clear idea of what a well-written resume looks like.

Natalie Portman
SQL Developer
4+ years experienced SQL Developer adept at executing database projects and employing dialogue-mapping to gather requirements. Proficient in deploying Oracle data modeling & collaborating with global teams. Skilled at creating schema and implementing SSIS packages as part of delivering user-centric solutions and maximizing customer satisfaction.
• Query Review • Code Optimization • Query Development • Database Table Designing • Data Modelling • Database Triggers Development • Table Index Development • Project Management
• Requirement Gathering
• SQL Programming & Scripting Languages: C, C++, Java, Javascript
• Frameworks: Node JS
• Operating Systems: Mac-OS, LINUX, Windows
Delta Group
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    An American multinational information technology service & consulting company headquartered in New York, U.S. which operates in 46 countries
    SQL Queries Coding
    • Formulated tools & procedures/processes to move from log files to aggregated data stored in persistent tables
    • Coded SQL queries and tested them based on the persistent table via Inline Views, Merge statements, and Dynamic SQL

    Database Development
    • Generated database solutions then implemented & optimized stored procedures & functions via T-SQL
    • Explored required data and built reporting deliverables in the given time frame

    Project Management & Requirement Gathering
    • Led development of 10 database projects for clients & completed projects on time and 15% under budget
    • Deployed dialogue-mapping to gather requirements and achieved 98% customer satisfaction
    • Boosted productivity and cut production costs by 10% by deploying Oracle data modeling and reporting tools

    University of Pennsylvania
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      One of the top 10 universities in the country with an enrollment of 2k+ scholars and 200+ teaching faculty
      • GPA: 3.5/4.0
      • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate | STSL Institute | Jan '19 - Jul '19
      • Certification in Microsoft SQL | Speedy Mark Courses | Jan '18 - Jul '18
      • Received 'Most Valuable Tech Employee 2016' award out of 10 employees | Delta Group
      Languages: Spanish (Native), French (Fluent)

      Entry-Level SQL Server Developer Resume Sample


      Key Takeaways

      • Keep your SQL developer resume brief in an ideal two-page maximum.
      • Avoid unnecessary details such as age, religion, and gender.
      • Do not write in the first person; instead, start each sentence with power verbs.
      • Use bullet points for achievements and responsibilities.
      • Include more detail on recent roles and less on older ones unless they are particularly relevant to the job you are applying for.
      • Keep your hobbies and interests section short.
      • Provide references only if a recruiter asks for them, as you do not need to include their contact details on your SQL developer resume.

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