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Organize your data on your SQL DBA Resume

As an SQL database administrator, you might feel like there’s just way too much to conclude on a two-page resume. Well, as one of the most complex and fast-paced fields, we totally get you!

However, if you have a professional SQL DBA resume, looking for SQL DBA jobs can be a breeze,

Well, to a great extent anyway!.

Let your SQL DBA resumes speak for themselves by making them as professional and updated as possible.

SQL DBA resumes can be difficult to ace, especially if you do not have the right tools. Here are some questions that we know you're anxious to learn more about.

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Is DBA a Dying Career?

In no way is DBA a dying career. The Bureau of Labour Statistics says that SQL DBA jobs are projected to grow by 11% from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than average.

The BLS also says that the highest employment for this job is in states like California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. Metropolitan cities like New York City, Washington D.C., Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago.

All of this entails upgrading your job hunting process to get you SQL DBA jobs that complement your expertise. The one major step you can take in preparing a perfect database resume to go with you.

SQL DBA Salary

Though there are variations, there seems to be a fair range of opinions on how much SQL DBA jobs can pay.

Popular source
Glassdoor says that SQL DBA jobs can pay USD 91,345 a year
For SQL DBA jobs, PayScale says that it is as low as USD 73,346 for a year
While Indeed says that SQL DBA jobs will pay a yearly salary of USD 89,925

Even though there are contrasting opinions, the most reliable source can be the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) which says that SQL DBA jobs can pay as high as $98,860 a year.

SQL DBA Roles and Responsibilities

SQL DBA roles and responsibilities differ from other jobs.

Here is a rel time job description from a company called CDK Global:

  • Assist in documenting database strategies, runbooks and processes.
  • Monitor the performance of production systems and utilize appropriate tools to identify tuning requirements
  • Participate in 24 x 7 page out/call out support on a rotating basis for production database support issues
  • Install and configure standalone SQL Servers and Always on clusters for Test, Dev, Staging, and Production environment.
  • Troubleshoot various problems that arise during SQL, service packs installations and fix the issues
  • Plan and implement major upgrades, ensuring system integrity and monitoring

Notice how all the functions are listed? You need to follow the same pattern or something similar in your SQL server DBA resume, and make sure to include major keywords from the SQL DBA job descriptions as well!

SQL DBA Resume for Freshers

With Hiration's Online Resume Builder, you can customize your SQL DBA resume to make the best use of your current expertise. This SQL DBA resume for freshers will help you navigate the process of resume-making as a fresher.


As a fresher, you can use different sections to talk about projects or volunteer experience to add value to your candidacy.

Resume Formats

More than a cluster of information, SQL DBA resumes have to be organized into sensical sections to appeal better to the recruiter. The way you place your information is an intentional decision, and it speaks quite a bit about you. Let’s look at what they are:


The Reverse Chronological Format:

In this format, your work experience will be written in reverse chronological order to give attention to your career trajectory by clearly listing what functions you performed when.

The reverse-chronological format is recruiter-friendly and is preferred by the ATS. The Applicant Tracking System prefers to track the work experience in accordance with the job requirements enlisted by the company.

Recruiters prefer this format as it gives importance to the professional experience more than other features.

Functional Format:

By using this format, you can give more importance to your skills than work experience. You can use this format when you have gaps in your career or think you have more to offer in your skills than your work experience.

Those opting for a career change can choose this format because it won’t highlight the difference in the experience too much by pulling focus to the skill section.

Combination Format:

In this format, you write the first half of your resume in a functional format and the second half in reverse chronological format. By using this format, you can get the best of both.

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Resume Sections

There are many categories within the resume to categorize information and keep it organized. Instead of clubbing various functions together, you can create separate sections in different areas of your career.

Your database resume can have the following sections:


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Introduce Yourself in Your SQL DBA Resume

The first three sections of your database resume have the sole purpose of introducing yourself to the hiring manager. Albeit simple to comprehend, the little details make all the difference.

These three sections are:

SQL DBA Resume Header

In this section of your SQL DBA resume, you have to put a label on your entire career trajectory. What better way to do that than to write your name?

Writing Resume as your SQL DBA resume header is not only outdated but looks strange as well. It is a well-known fact that it is a resume, they can see it.

While writing your name in SQL DBA resume, make sure that you capitalize the first letter of the first and last name and give your middle name in initials only.

Here is one of our sample DBA resumes to give you an idea of a resume header:


SQL DBA Resume Profile Title

The second section of SQL server DBA resumes must show what you work as, and that is shown by writing your designation and seniority level. In this case, you are an SQL Database Administrator, so write your designation by capitalizing the first letter of every word.

You can also add your seniority level as it adds extra depth to your competence. If you are a senior, you can write your profile title as Senior SQL Database Administrator; likewise, if you are a junior, add that before your designation.

Here is a SQL server DBA resume sample for a profile title:


Contact information

Always double check!

You do not want to make the error of providing the wrong contact information, so ensure that all the details you give are traceable to you at all times.

The contact information section can include:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • LinkedIn
  • Kaggle/GitHub/personal website
Hiration pro tip:
You can edit this at your convenience, but make sure that you do not omit the first three, as they are crucial.

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If you follow the tips given in the blog, the contact information section of your SQL DBA resume will look something like this:


Perfect Your SQL DBA Resume Summary

No pressure, but your SQL DBA resume acts as the trailer to your resume, so your entire career trajectory, so make sure you do it right!

Write your SQL DBA resume summary in under five lines and ensure that you:

  • Start the sentences with power verbs and not pronouns like I or We
  • Keep it short and avoid over-explaining at any cost
  • Maintain a cause-effect relationship
  • Explain your skills effectively

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You can refer to this resume summary from one of our sample DBA resumes:


Compile Your Skills on Your SQL DBA Resume

The key skills section would be what employers look for to gauge your expertise on various matters, so don’t downplay it!

At the same time, avoid writing generic skills like team play or good communication and let those qualities run through your entire resume by subtly weaving them into your sentences.

However, before drafting your SQL DBA resume, look at the job description enlisted by the company and make sure that both of them match. Your SQL DBA resume must complement the job description and must certainly include all the skills that they mention.

As it is an SQL DBA resume, you can divide your skills into two sections, namely:

Key Skills

You can add all of your hard skills in this section and make sure that it relates to what functions you can undertake and what you are adept in as an employee.

Try to show your hiring manager what you are capable of by taking skills from your work experience and other sections like certification or training.

You can also take from your university curriculum, but make sure that your key skills section does not have any skills that are not explained in your SQL DBA resume.

Here is an example of an exceptional key skills section in an SQL DBA resume:


If you don’t know what to add, you can check our blog on Key Skills and fill up your SQL DBA resume with much-wanted skills!

Technical Skills

Without a doubt, your SQL DBA resume must have a section dedicated to showing your familiarity with tools. SQL DBA jobs have a stringent requirement for a wide range of technical skills.

For ease of understanding, you can divide your technical skills and group them based on function. For example, you could group the programming languages you know and all the DBA tools you are acquainted with. Add and remove at your will, but conduct a thorough assessment of your areas of expertise.

Refrain from listing any skills or tools that are entirely irrelevant to your job description. It just takes up space and can be considered a tad unprofessional.

Here is an SQL server DBA resume sample for technical skills section:


Junior SQL DBA Resume

Drafting an ATS-compliant SQL DBA resume can be difficult without proper guidance. Use our Online Resume Builder and leave that work to our live resume scorer which will tell you exactly what you need to do better.


You can maximize the value of your experiences by following the industry standard of preparing SQL DBA resumes and getting SQL DBA jobs that rightly fit your expertise level.

Explain Your Work Experience in Your SQL DBA Resume

We understand that you have a lot to write, or maybe you don’t know how to write the information that you have with you in an organized manner.

Instead of drafting a wall of text on your work experience for your SQL DBA resume, consider giving it a facelift by following the tips given below:

Use One-Liners

You want to make your SQL DBA resume as quick and snappy as possible. One way to do this is by refraining from writing full sentences and quick sentences that explain the functions you performed concisely.

While writing one-liners, you can ditch using pronouns and go straight in with Power Verbs. Doing so creates the illusion that you are at the top of your game, which is something that will get you places.

Group and Highlight

You may have performed more than one function at your previous job, and maybe it looks strange when you list all of the functions you performed together.

So you need to organize your SQL DBA resume and make it easier to read for the hiring managers because apparently, they will not spend more than 7.4 seconds on your SQL DBA resume.

To swerve this dilemma as much as possible, you can:

  • Group similar functions
  • List them in bulletins under a relevant title
  • Highlight important information by typing them in bold

While following these steps, make sure that you don’t bold unnecessarily and contain your groups within three to four bulletins.

Maintain Cause-Effect Relationships

There is no use in writing all of the functions you overtook without backing them up with evidence on your SQL DBA resume. You could go on and on about all that you did, but it won’t matter if you can’t convince them.

Hence, instead of claiming that you performed any function and letting luck decide if your hiring manager will, believe it or not, provide numbers or any other achievements on your SQL DBA resume.

If you handled the function of troubleshooting, write down how you carried out the task and its results, like improving efficiency. Do the same with all major functions you list to give your hiring manager a more solid figure to assess your expertise in the matter.

By following the tips given above, the professional experience section of your SQL DBA resume can look like this:


If you have internship experience that you would like to include in your SQL DBA resume to compensate for the lack of professional experience or due to the value of the experience, include it by all means!

Here is an SQL server DBA resume sample for a well-crafted internship section:


Like what you see? You can get one for yourself at our Online Resume Builder and edit it to suit your unique career trajectory.

Add Relevant Certifications in Your SQL DBA Resume

A solid certification section will speak volumes for SQL DBA jobs. As it is a reasonably recent exploration, there are not many dedicated courses in most universities.

Hence SQL DBA jobs assess your skills based on the knowledge and expertise you received beyond your degree.

While listing your certifications, make sure you follow the format of:
Certification | Certifying Authority | Time Period

If you have multiple certifications, you can add them in bulletins like this in the SQL server DBA resume sample:


Here is a small list of certifications you can take to enhance your knowledge and add depth to your SQL DBA resume

Include Education Details in Your SQL DBA Resume

There are two ways you can go about drafting this section of your SQL DBA resume.

If you have less than three years of experience in SQL DBA jobs, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Include the name of the degree, and name and location of the university
  • Enter it in the (mm/yy - mm/yy) date format
  • Add relevant course modules that link with your career
  • Attach the names of any clubs you have been involved in

However, you can choose what to add and remove if you have more than three years of experience in SQL DBA jobs. Include your GPA, name of the degree, the university you graduated from, and its location.

For SQL DBA jobs, the perfect degree would be a bachelor’s in computer science or any other related field. It could be a diploma or a full-fledged degree, but include the necessary details in your SQL DBA resume.

Take a look at one of our sample DBA resumes to help you navigate the education secton of your database resume:


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Add Any Additional Information in Your SQL DBA Resume

Anything ranging from volunteer experience to languages you know, you can add here!

Be mindful of what you write, as you do not want to bombard your hiring manager with irrelevant information. Keep them to a minimum and write what you deem to be useful for your SQL DBA job.

You can refer to job descriptions enlisted by the company to have a clear-cut idea of what to include and what to avoid in your SQL DBA resume.

Here is what this section looks like in one of our sample DBA resumes:


Are We Missing Something?

If you feel like we have not included any resume section, trust your gut and add them! We just want to push you to explore your creative genius with extreme professionalism.

Thoroughly assess your areas of expertise and draft an exceptional SQL DBA resume that checks all the boxes.

Apart from these sections, you can include a separate section on any honors and awards, training, volunteer experience, and many more.

Customize your SQL DBA resume to each job and make sure that you analyze their job descriptions and list everything they give as requirements.

Complement Your SQL DBA Resume with a Professional Cover Letter

The surest way to stand out from the mob of applications, especially for the over-packed SQL DBA jobs, is to write a personalized cover letter to go with your database resume.

Here is a checklist you can follow to ace your SQL DBA cover letter:


If this feels complicated or overwhelming, you can choose our Online Cover Letter Builder and receive thorough guidance on how to ace your cover letter!

Try Out Hiration's Resume Review Service

Upload your SQL DBA resume on our Online Resume Builder and get a wide range of suggestions and guidance on how you can enhance your resume based on industry standards.

To do that, there are plenty of templates and samples you can choose from, so you can get the quality of a SQL DBA resume prepared by experts and simply include your details and edit it to suit your career trajectory.

You can also match your SQL DBA resume to job descriptions, ensure that you do not miss out on any essential keywords, and increase your chances of getting that much-awaited job!

Our team of experts at Hiration will review the following features concerning your resume:

  • Global Compatibility
  • ATS Compliance
  • Resume Formatting
  • Design Compatibility
  • Content Relevance
  • Conversion Scope
  • Performance Assessment
  • Recruiter Friendliness
  • Compliance with industry norms

Make the best use of our Resume Reviewing Service and get maximum inputs from our side to perfect your SQL DBA resume.

Leave It to Us at Hiration's Online Resume Builder

We understand that the pressure to create an exceptional SQL DBA resume can be too much to handle, especially since it decides if you get the job.

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  • 25+ resume designs
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That is not all!

We also provide plenty of other job preparation services to aid you in your hunt for SQL DBA jobs, such as:

SQL DBA Resume Sample

With a few years of work experience under your sleeve, you could prepare a senior SQL DBA resume as given below to give justice to your expertise.

If you diligently follow all of the tips that we gave you, your SQL DBA resume can look a lot like this:

Jack Ruffalo
SQL Database Administrator
Certified Technology Specialist and IT professional armed with 5+ years of experience as a database administrator and possessing a prolific track record of implementing, configuring and maintaining SQL Server RDBMS systems. Adept at performing DMS testing and troubleshooting as part of ensuring the availability and consistent performance of numerous applications. Proficient in collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure database integrity and security while brainstorming & implementing process and system improvement strategies.
• SQL Database Maintenance • System Administration • Process Automation • SQL Query Tuning • Database Designing
• DMS Testing • Database Security • Application Development & Maintenance • Database Installation
• Team Collaboration • Technical Documentation • Safety Compliance
  • Programming Languages: PL/SQL, HTML, CSS
  • AWS Environment: EC2, S3 Bucket
  • Applications & Software: Oracle RAC, MySQL
SQL Database Administrator
Technovation Inc.
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    It is a software development company serving millions of users and clients across the state
    SQL Database Maintenance & Query Tuning
    • Configured and managed SQL database servers and processes while monitoring system's health & performance
    • Refined and automated regular processes, tracked issues, and documented changes for the team
    • Assisted developers with query tuning & schema refinement, and rendered 24x7 support for critical production systems
    • Performed scheduled maintenance and assisted with release deployment activities

    User Requirements & Database Designing
    • Established the requirements of users and meticulously monitored user access and security
    • Monitored performance and oversaw parameters to provide swift responses to front-end users
    • Mapped out the conceptual design for a planned database with optimal accuracy
    • Polished the logical design as part of ensuring its translation into a specific data model

    DMS Testing & Database Security
    • Installed and tested new versions of the database management system, and diagnosed defects if any
    • Wrote database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary
    • Collaborated with the technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security
    • Commissioned and installed new 10+ applications and customized 20+ existing applications to make them error-free
    • Orchestrated security & disaster recovery aspects of a database and provided suggestions w.r.t process improvement
    Database Developer
    Lambda Plus Ltd.
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      The company was established in the year 1990 and comprises over 5k employees with an annual revenue of USD 20bn.
      SQL Query Tuning & System Improvement
      • Performed a crucial role in providing assistance to developers with schema design, code review, SQL query tuning
      • Installed, tuned, implemented and upgraded DBMS installations, and wrote and deployed SQL patches
      • Upgraded & improved application schema and data upgrades while making recommendations for system improvements
      • Collated, prepared and presented statistical information with extreme precision for internal and external stakeholders
      • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) | Microsoft | May '18
      • Microsoft Certified IT Professional | Microsoft | Jan '18
      B.S. in Computer Science
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        One of the top universities with over 11k students
        • CGPA: 3.8/4.0
        • Member of the Technical Club | Jun '13 - Jan '15
        • Languages: English (native), French (working proficiency)

        Key Takeaways

        • Assess your areas of expertise and customize your SQL DBA resume to suit your requirements
        • Choose the reverse chronological resume format for your SQL DBA resume as it recruiter-friendly
        • Write your resume summary by using one-liners, starting with power verbs and maintaining a cause-effect relationship for all functions
        • Make sure your SQL DBA resume has a certifications section and include them by following the format listed above
        • Add and remove any section you like, apart from the main sections, to complement your unique career trajectory
        • Make sure that your SQL DBA resume matches the job description by listing all of their requirements on your resume and using necessary keywords
        • Pair your SQL DBA with a customized cover letter to have a more professional yet personal approach to your job by creating the impression that you want the job

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