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How to write Database Administrator Resume?

If your entry level Database Administrator resume is not framed impeccably, you need to get working on it right away.

Applying for a job can be easy but to land your dream job, you need to take a step ahead of other applicants and curate the best entry level DBA resume.

The features available on our Online Resume Builder can help you curate the perfect resume as illustrated in the database administrator resume template.

Maintain a professional approach while writing your SQL database administrator resume to make a statement in your job application to be acknowledged by the recruiters as the most suitable applicant for the targeted job profile.

Here is the summary of our Database Administrator Resume Blog:

  • If you have database administration certificate, do not forget to add that in the resume
  • If you are an entry level professional, focus on your education, internship, projects and extra-curricular activities on resume
  • Follow the reverse chronological method when writing the entry level database administrator resume
  • Write the resume summary or objective in paragraph format, rest of the resume should be in single line bullet points.
  • Along with your email, phone number, and LinkedIn ID, add your GitHub link or Personal blog link on the resume.

Hard work always pays off and just as you work hard to enhance your professional expertise, make the best use of your oracle database administrator resume by writing it in the best way possible.

Here are the 7 resume tips that can help you write the perfect job-winning entry level DBA resume:

Database Administrator Roles & Responsibilities

The broad responsibility of a database administrator is to monitor performance and protect the security of a database. Not only that, you will plan and design the database architecture and resolve any issue of the users.

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of database administrator:

  • Create new users and monitor user access into the database
  • Monitor performance constantly and provide response to users
  • Plan the database for maximizing performance
  • Modify the logic designs of database for increasing adaptability and flexibility for further increasing the storage space
  • Write technical documents including data standards, procedures, and metadata
  • Create data backup and recovery protocols and test it frequently
  • Install new updates and application to enhance user experience

Database Administrator Salary

According to, the average salary of a database engineer with less than two years of experience, earns 57,500 USD per annum.


According to, the average salary of a database administrator in the USA is $90544 per year, and according to it's $73,362 per annum

Use Suitable Database Administrator Resume Format

Ever heard of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?

If you have, well and good, and if you have no idea what it is, then read on.

Most of the time the recruiters receive a huge number of resumes which is not an easy task for the recruiters to manually go through so they rely on the ATS.

The ATS filters those resumes that do not contain the keywords that are relevant to the targeted job profile which makes it easier for the recruiters to narrow down on the most deserving resumes and shortlist the suitable applicants.

Hence, you need to curate the perfect resume that is both ATS-compliant as well as recruiters-friendly for which you need to use the most suitable resume format.

Doing so can help you get past the ATS and get on the radar of the recruiters.

Now, go through the following resume formats and try to understand which is the most suitable resume format for your career trajectory.

Reverse-Chronological Resume Format: This format can be considered as one of the most common formats which are widely used by job applicants. It is also preferred by most recruiters as it is ATS-friendly and highlights the most recent job profile of your upfront. Use this format to exhibit your most related job profiles upfront and raise your chances of being shortlisted by the recruiters.

Functional Resume Format: This resume format is mostly for those professionals that tend to jump jobs quite often or need to cover career gaps. So unless you have some hiccups in your career or you intend to change your line of work, avoid this format. This format is not ATS-friendly as compared to other formats so use it only when compelled to else avoid using it altogether.

Combination Resume Format: For those professional with extensive years of work experience going beyond 10+, this format is the most suitable one. You can highlight both your professional skills and work history for the recruiters to recognize the level of your expertise in your field of work.

Use Relevant Sections to Organize Your Database Administrator Resume

Include the most distinctive resume sections in your resume to make your SQL server database administrator resume stand out.

Every section you include in a resume can help you exhibit different particulars that can have a positive impact on your job application.

Make sure to include every section listed below in your database administrator CV:


Go to Hiration’s Online Resume Builder and check out all the features that can help you frame a flawless resume.

You can pick any suitable pre-filled resume templates and personalize them by filling it with your particulars as deemed necessary.

Optimize the Header Section for Your Database Administrator Resume

Forget about labeling your resume by framing "CV" or "Resume" on the topmost part of your SQL database administrator resume because it does not have as much impact as writing your name as the header.

Since you will be one of the many applicants, you need to stand out and be your own individual.

Doing so will help the recruiters to monitor your database administrator resume entry level without any hassle throughout the hiring process and the chances of your resume getting misplaced will be almost nil.

Follow the given tips and frame the perfect resume header:

  • Write it at the topmost part of your resume.
  • Use the largest font size in the resume.
  • Write it in 16-20 font size.

The Perfect Resume Header does exist and you need to learn how to frame it perfectly.

The given sample database administrator resume has been provided to help you understand what an ideal resume header for your resume should look like:


Database Administrator Resume: Personal Information

The personal information is related to the professional information that you need to provide in your SQL database administrator resume for the recruiters to get in touch with you.

An ideal personal information section should contain the following details:

  • Updated Contact Number
  • Professional Email ID
  • Current Location
  • LinkedIn profile Link
  • Github/Kaggle Link
Hiration pro tip:
Include your online profile(s) such as LinkedIn to make the recruiters aware of your social media presence. It can help the recruiters get an insight into your online presence as a professional and connect with you for any professional purposes.

Updated Contact Number: Do not miss out on this section because you need to provide a means of communication for the recruiters to get in touch with you. They may straightaway want to interview you over the phone or need your confirmation before going ahead with scheduling face-to-face interviews with you.

Professional Email Address: Your email address is a must on a resume because it is an easy way for the recruiters to reach you and convenient for you to reach out to them too. Always make sure to give out only your official email address that has your real name.

Current Location: Mention your state and country if you are willing to relocate outside your country in your job placement. But if you intend to work in your own country simply mention your city and state. Avoid giving out your home address, locality name, street number, etc. as they are not required in your resume.

Linkedin Profile: More than 70% of hiring managers says that they hire successfully through social media. That means having excellent experience is not enough. You need to up your social media game as well. LinkedIn is the best social media to be at for job seekers. That's why optimize your LinkedIn profile and add it in the resume.

GitHub Profile: As a technical professional, the candidate must have academic or personal projects. They should include that in the GitHub profile and add it in the Resume

Include the right contact information in your resume to avoid missing out on any likely shortlist from the recruiters.

Here is an example of a personal information section of database administrator resume:

Personal Information
Contact Number: +1 376 2832 2881
Email Address:
Current Location: SF, US

The given sample database administrator resume can help you get a clear understanding of what to include in the personal information section on a resume:


Use our Online Resume Builder to create the best SQL server database administrator resume.

Database Administrator Resume: Profile Title

You can communicate the following facts to the recruiters through your profile title:

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

For any job profile, you need to convince the recruiters that you are the right candidate for the post.

And to make them acknowledge you as a professional Database Administrator, your profile title should be framed accurately.

Your profile title defines who you are as a professional and where you stand in your career. In simple words, it projects the seniority level of your professional status.

So always mention the right profile title that connects you with the targeted job profile. And avoid overstating your profile because it would be considered as lying on your resume that may lead to the rejection of your job application.

Use the second-largest text (14-16 font size) in your resume after your oracle database administrator resume header.

Here is an ideal header section illustrated in our SQL server DBA resume sample:


Perfect the Professional Experience Section of your Database Administrator Resume

If you are an experienced professional you need to narrate your work history in your SQL database administrator resume effectively so that the recruiters can recognize your expertise.

The professional experience section is the backbone of your resume as it can help you communicate your potential to the recruiters.

Utilize this segment in your resume in the best way and you will have a higher chance to be shortlisted by the recruiters for the targeted job profile.

The following factors can help you frame your professional experience section in the best way so make sure to implement them in your resume:

  • Frame one-liners: The best way to write your work description is by framing one-liners. They are easier to read and make clear sense to the reader.

To make the recruiters understand your point and give them an insight into your work history, framed point s are the most effective way.

Simply use bullet points and describe your work record in clear one-liners. Doing so will make your professional experience section effective.

  • Start with power verbs: Use power verbs to start every point to throw light on your actions and contributions to an organization.

You need to let the recruiters recognize your involvement in your current or previous organization so that they can acknowledge the level of your participation.

Focus on your actions so that you can be recognized as a professional whose involvement contributed towards the higher goals of an organization.

  • Quantify your achievements: Give specific figures to highlight your achievements as it can make you stand out as a professional who is capable of producing required results.

It can magnify your job application and take you a step further in your job application.

Every point should be listed under a relevant bucket so that it is easier for you to organize your one-liners and make the recruiter acknowledge your professional expertise.

  • Bold your framed points: Pick the main words or phrases that relate to your professional skill in your one-liners and bold them.

That way the recruiters can easily recognize your role and responsibilities as a professional.

Database Administrator Resume Sample for Professional Experience

Hiration's Guide on the work experience in a resume has all the tips and tricks that can further enhance your knowledge about the professional experience section on a resume.

The attached sample DBA resumes is the best example of an ideal professional experience section on a resume:


Get your existing database administrator CV reviewed by the resume experts of Hiration by uploading your resume on our Online Resume Builder.

Give the Educational Background Details in Your Database Administrator Resume

Highlight your academic excellence in the education section of your SQL database administrator resume.

It can not only enhance your database administrator skills resume but make the recruiters recognize you as a suitable applicant who is academically qualified for a specific job profile.

The education section of your database administrator resume entry level should ideally consist of:

  • Name of your university.
  • Name of your degree.
  • The location of your university.
  • Date of enlistment and graduation.

Read Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume to learn more about this section and master the art of curating this section like a pro.

You can refer to our below-given entry level database resume example exhibiting the education section on a resume:


Database Administrator Resume: Certifications

Not every job profile requires a certification to validate your worth as a suitable applicant but if you are certified to practice your work, make sure to mention the same.

Sometimes it can be a tie-breaker!

In the sense, if the recruiters are in a fix to choose between you and an equally qualified candidate. In such a case, you being the certified applicant can get the upper hand.

You need to be aware that there are many efficient professionals in the job market and so you need to bring your best foot forward at all times.

Provide the following details of your certifications:

  • Name of the Certification course.
  • Name of the institute of affiliation.
  • Location of the affiliated institute.
  • Enrollment and completion date in the month & year format.

Read an exhaustive guide on certification on a resume from Hiration's Guide to listing certifications on a resume.

Look at the given database administrator resume sample illustrating the ideal certifications section on a resume:


Make your shortlist for the targeted job profile a reality by creating your database administrator resume entry level on our professionally designed Online Resume Builder.

Present Your Database Administrator Resume Skills Using a Distinct Key Skills Section

As mentioned earlier in this blog, your entry level database resume is filtered with the help of the ATS so that the recruiters can pick only the suitable ones.

Now, this section can help you highlight your skills while making your oracle junior DBA resume ATS-compliant.

Here is how ...

Start by going through your professional experience section and see whichever skills of yours have been justified in your one-liners. And once you recognize them, you can frame them in the key skills section.

Refer to the job listing and mention those skills that are relevant to the keywords used by the recruiters in the job description.

While doing so, create separate sections to highlight your functional skills and your technical skills.

That way you can make an impression of a potential applicant with the right set of skills and give you a higher chance of getting shortlisted by the recruiters.

The right set of skills on a resume can make your database administrator skills resume ATS-friendly and get you recognized by the recruiters as a suitable candidate for the targeted job.

Key Skills for a Database Administrator:

Entry-level IT Professional Key Skills
Database Integrity & Security Disaster Recovery
Design & Documentation Review Performance & Data Analysis
Database Development Life-cycle Data Privacy
Database Administration Data Monitoring & Modeling
Issue Resolution Software Development
Data Warehousing & Tuning Policy & Procedure Development

Example of technical skills of an entry level IT professional:

Entry-level IT Professional Technical Skills
Database: Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB
Software: MySQL, Redis, Oracle, Sybase, jQuery, Tableau
Programming Language: SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Operating System: Unix, Linux, CentOS
Business Intelligence: MicroStrategy, Birst

Create your database administrator skills resume as shown in the below-given database administrator resume sample:


Curate an Impeccable Database Administrator Resume Summary for Your Resume

While going through a resume, the recruiters do not have the time to read through your entire resume unless they are intrigued to do so.

To catch and hold on to the attention of the recruiters you need to compose an effective overview of your resume and give them an insight into your oracle database administrator resume.

Include a database administrator resume summary or database administrator resume objective in your resume to highlight the main points in your resume.

Database Administrator Resume Summary

Compose a database administrator resume summary only if you are an experienced professional with more than 3 years of work history.

A resume summary should be able to help you communicate your professional experience to the recruiters and make them recognize your professional skills.

It should be definite and brief at the same time so that they can have a clear idea of what your junior DBA resume is comprised of and be intrigued to read your resume further.

Work on your database administrator resume summary after completing every other section because it is an overview of your resume and doing so can save you time.

Go through your professional experience section and pick the main points that need to be mentioned in your database administrator skills resume summary. And also pick some relevant skills from your skills section and include them in your summary.

Try to limit you database administrator resume summary in 3-4 lines to keep it brief and easy to read and do not repeat unnecessary points.

Hiration's resume summary guide can help you learn more about this section so make sure to give it a read.

Refer to the database administrator resume sample attached below showcasing the ideal database administrator resume summary:


Database Administrator Resume Objective

The database administrator resume objective should be included in a resume if you have not more than 3 years of work experience.

You need to include a resume objective if you are writing a database administrator resume entry level with zero or limiter work history.

Unlike the database administrator CV summary wherein you need to highlight your professional experience, a resume objective needs to highlight your willingness to gain experience.

You need to express your desire to work for the targeted organization and mention the values that you can contribute to the next organization.

Make use of this section to market yourself as a suitable candidate despite your lack of work experience by listing your relevant skill.

Want to learn more about resume objective?

make sure to read our guide on resume objectives.

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Database Administrator Resume Sample

Mae Ellison
Junior Database Administrator
5+ years experienced IBM Certified Junior Database Administrator adept at maintaining database integrity and security by developing policies and procedures. Highly skilled in orchestrating disaster recovery by analyzing performance and tuning data. Proficient in reviewing designs and documents for providing suggestions for enhancements based on the same.
• Database Integrity & Security • Disaster Recovery • Design & Documentation Review • Performance & Data Analysis
• Database Development Life-cycle • Database Administration • Data Monitoring & Modelling • Issue Resolution
• Software Development • Data Warehousing & Tuning • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Database: Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB
  • Software: MySQL, Redis, Oracle, Sybase, jQuery, Tableau
  • Programming Language: SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Operating System: Unix, Linux, CentOS
  • Business Intelligence: MicroStrategy, Birst
Junior Database Administrator
Lemon Technologies
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    A US-headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with an employee base of 1k professionals
    Database Integrity & Security
    • Installing and configuring databases along with security, performance tuning, backup, replication, and monitoring
    • Developing, implementing and maintaining policies & procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the database
    Database Troubleshooting & Data Tuning
    • Administering disaster recovery while conducting 2 monthly performance analysis and tuning of data
    • Monitoring, investigating and troubleshooting database issues as part of a 10 member Incident Recovery team
    Database Design Review & System Integration
    • Reviewing database design and integration of systems while providing recommendations for enhancements
    • Evaluating and reviewing technical designs, reports, documentation, and other materials produced by the staff
    Database Development Life-cycle
    • Managing end-to-end database and software development life-cycle to ensure the highest level of system performance
    • Leading the development, implementation, and maintenance of all data systems to support performance and scalability
    Database Administration
    • Performing Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase database and application server administration
    • Governing database management system to organize & store data on a daily basis for 6 senior database administrators
    Database Developer
    Bridge Technologies
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Provider of integrated technology solutions and services with an employee base of 500k employees globally
      Data Monitoring & Integrity
      • Oversaw overall data quality and ensured data integrity while establishing consistent data definitions by deploying SQL
      • Installed, patched, performance-tuned and monitored 2 database management systems in high available systems
      Issue Resolution
      • Liaised with the technical staff of 10 for resolving software problems & responding to software modification suggestions
      • Analyzed source data for potential data quality issues and address the same within the set deadline
      Software Development
      • Participated in the development of software user manuals while designing and developing key systems
      • Developed 2 web applications by deploying HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS
      Data Modelling
      • Administered data modeling via techniques like Star Schema and SCD2 and integrated the data to these models
      • Supported and architected 6 data models for future state infrastructure
      Data Warehousing
      • Delivered business intelligence reporting warehouse by deploying reporting tools like MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Birst
      • Assisted 10 junior database administrators in carrying out complex data warehouse projects
      B. Sc. in Computer Science
      Grapevine Charter University
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        A private research university in Fayetteville, AR which offers 30+ courses
        • 3.8/4.0
        • IBM Certified Database Administrator – DB2 | IBM | Jan '20
        • Certified Microsoft Technology Associate | Microsoft | Jul '18
        • Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Interactive) and Catalan (Fluent)

        Key Takeaways

        • Get recognized by the recruiters for who you are by providing your accurate professional status through the profile title.
        • Never share your home address or any unrelated information in your resume.
        • The right resume format can take you a step closer to your dream job so make sure to use the most suitable resume format to frame your resume.
        • List your work history in separate buckets and bold your points.
        • Conclude your resume with a suitable database administrator resume summary.

        Now that we have reached the end of this blog, refer to all the database administrator resume examples and database administrator resume samples that we have provided in this blog.

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