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What do shipping and receiving clerks put on a resume?

Since shipping and receiving clerks do not work directly with clients or handle finances, it can be tricky to gauge what goes in a resume and what does not.

The simple answer to this is - everything that you do.

Even though you may not have exact numbers to display on a resume with the extensive and essential work that shipping clerks do, you have a comprehensive list of duties to add.

On top of that, a resume for shipping and receiving can be of varied nature, depending on the different jobs within that realm. Considering a shipping and receiving clerk and a warehouse associate, we find that while warehouse associates accept product deliveries and inspect them, receiving clerks organize reports and maintain the inventory.

Other than a warehouse associate, similar job profiles are shipping specialist, shipping and receiving attendant, warehouse clerk, inventory control specialist, logistics clerk, and inventory specialist.

Before preparing a resume for shipping and receiving clerk, here are a few questions that can help you:

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Here are a few similar profiles that may be of interest to you:

Shipping and Receiving Clerk Job Description

The main responsibilities of shipping and receiving clerks revolve around processing orders, organizing inventory, and planning logistics.

Here is a sample job description from Indeed to showcase shipping and receiving responsibilities:

  • Gather and process orders while accepting, verifying, and distributing deliveries to respective departments within the organization
  • Maintain company inventory at all times and oversee its timely organization to warrant easy retrieval of shipments
  • Schedule outgoing shipments and map out logistics to ensure optimal workflow across the team
  • Update records of shipments delivered and received at regular intervals while preparing reports for key stakeholders
  • Manage inventory issues and initiate efficient conflict resolution practices to contain escalation
  • Resolve client complaints and perform regular follow-ups to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

When you receive standard shipping and receiving job descriptions like this, you must evaluate it to extract relevant keywords and integrate them into your resume for shipping and receiving clerks.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk Salary

As established jobs, shipping and receiving clerk salaries have mostly stayed stagnant over the years. With all the responsibility around processing orders and arranging shipments, shipping and receiving clerks hold crucial positions in their workplace.

A standard yearly shipping and receiving clerk salary is anywhere between $30,143 and $36,377 according to Salary.
Glassdoor considers an average shipping and receiving clerk salary to be $32,200 per year
On the other hand, Indeed posits shipping and receiving clerk earn around $33,280 every year.

While there may be variations depending on level of expertise and location, the ballpark figure seems to be constant across the board. However, New York seems to be the highest-paying city for shipping and receiving clerk jobs with an annual pay of $41,288.

Skills to List in your Shipping and Receiving Clerk Resume

Mentioning shipping and receiving skills for a resume is the easiest way for your recruiter to assess your areas of expertise.

To frame this section effectively, you need to study your competencies thoroughly. Here are some of the skills you can add to your shipping and receiving clerk resume:

Shipment Management

Shipping and receiving clerks usually process outgoing and inbound shipments as part of their job. They verify, weigh, and measure them by adhering to industry specifications.

Along with that, they process receipts and manage all documentation related to the process. Once the formalities are done, they contact the designated courier to pick up the shipment.

Inventory Control

Managing the inventory is a significant portion of standard shipping and receiving clerks’ work. They ensure that the materials in the inventory are available at all times for use and negotiate with vendors to update them constantly.

In addition to maintaining the inventory, the shipping and receiving clerk also ensures proper inventory control activities.

Safety Compliance

As a warehouse worker, there are specific guidelines that you must follow to protect yourself from occupational hazards. These regulations are set to protect people, objects, and the environment.

A shipping and receiving clerk does not only secure their safety but of co-workers too, by informing them on safe practices and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are commercial documents that shipping and receiving clerks use to place orders to purchase materials in advance. Diligently preparing purchase orders is a revered skill as it helps keep any warehouse afloat.

Such a skill also necessitates a degree of cross-functional coordination and communication to ensure maximum availability of materials across the warehouse. With a single skill, you are also crossing out a few other demanded skills!

Record Maintenance

Shipping and receiving clerks are usually requested to maintain shipment invoices, purchase orders, and other necessary papers.

It is a crucial skill in a warehouse and will impress the recruiters as it communicates your competence with them!

Here is a skills section of a resume for shipping and receiving clerk that covers all of these bases:


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How to Highlight Professional Experience in your Shipping Receiving Resume

The work experience section of your resume is undoubtedly the locus of your resume. It illustrates your expertise and competence as an employee, which recruiters find extremely interesting.

The current job environment necessitates resumes to be concise and readable. Here is how you can achieve that with your resume for shipping and receiving clerk:

  • Draft one-liners and add them to a bulleted list to improve readability
  • Begin your sentences with power words to build an impactful impression
  • Organize your one-liners under relevant subheadings and place key skills as your subheading titles
  • Maintain a cause-effect relationship in sentences to give more context to your work functions
  • Quantify relevant information and provide numbers to add credibility to your work
  • Bold crucial phrases or figures that are most likely to hook recruiters' attention

If it gets challenging, you can fall back to our Online Resume Builder and get valuable suggestions on improving each factor of your work experience section!

Meanwhile, here is one of our shipping and receiving resume examples for a professional experience section:


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Top Resume Summary Examples Related to Shipping and Receiving Resume

Another essential section wherein you can demonstrate your work experience is the resume summary. You can hook your recruiters to know more about you by mentioning your best accomplishments in a curated paragraph.

Here are a few samples for shipping and receiving resume summaries:

Diligent shipping and receiving clerk possessing skills in negotiating with vendors to secure profitable deals. Proficient in maintaining communication with clients while collecting feedback as part of improving operations. Highly skilled in managing shipment delivery to optimize delivery time and increase client satisfaction.

Seasoned shipping and receiving manager with 5+ years of experience in managing warehouse operations and processing inbound and outbound shipments with 100% accuracy. Proficient in conducting quality checks to ensure maximum efficiency in warehouse operations. Adept at troubleshooting shipping issues and handling client complaints to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

3+ years experienced shipping and receiving professional possessing skills in processing orders and registering shipments by adhering to clients’ orders. Adept at maintaining inventory records and purchase orders for the stakeholders.Proficient in organizing company stockroom to ensure availability of materials at all times.

Does all of this seem too intimidating for you to achieve? You can go over to our Online Resume Builder to get similar recommendations!

The Do's & Don’ts for the Summary Section of Your Resume

Writing a perfect resume summary is crucial to ensuring that your resume is application-ready. You can follow certain methods to elevate your content in a way that benefits you and the recruiter skimming through your shipping and receiving clerk resume.

Here are some of those methods:

  • Start your sentences with power verbs instead or pronouns like I or We
  • Maintain a cause-effect relationship to highlight your contributions
  • Cover all the main accomplishments of your career

Right Approach:

Diligent shipping and receiving clerk possessing skills in negotiating with vendors to secure profitable deals. Proficient in maintaining communication with clients while collecting feedback as part of improving operations. Highly skilled in managing shipment delivery to optimize delivery time and increase client satisfaction.

Wrong Approach:

I am diligent shipping and receiving clerk who possesses skills in negotiating with vendors. I am also proficient in maintaining communication with clients. Along with that, I am skilled in managing the delivery of shipments.

Confused? You can check our detailed guide on drafting a Resume Summary to make sure that you perfect yours!

Here is one of our shipping and receiving clerk resume examples for a summary:


Showcase Team Experience in Your Shipping Resume

Being a productive team member is a valuable skill in any field, especially in the supply chain industry. Some hiring managers actively seek out soft skills like these in resumes depending on the work environment.

Being a team player is almost a requisite in such workplaces as the responsibilities show a major degree of collective effort rather than individual effort. So, if you have work experiences that show that you are an excellent team player, do not think twice before listing them all in your shipping and receiving resume.

If you have experience working in teams, there are several ways in which you can exhibit them.

In a summary, you can write that you thrive in team environments and perhaps give an incidence where you achieved goals by working in productive teams.

In the work experience section, you can explicate any experience leading teams. Here are a few examples of that:

  • Oversaw delivery of shipments to respective departments to ensure accurate transfer of shipments and mitigate errors
  • Spearheaded logistics team to manage shipment delivery and optimized delivery time to reduce time taken by 10%

Most times, employees tend to negate even the little efforts that go into keeping warehouses running. Even if you are not a team leader, the work you do will still be important and valuable!

Here are some examples of such a situation:

  • Collaborated with shipping and receiving managers to oversee incoming shipments and update shipment details for customers
  • Collaborated with logistics team of 10 to ensure timely uploads of shipping status for optimal customer satisfaction

Make sure that you do not brush aside any work experience as negligible because all of them are equally significant when it comes to providing the correct information on your work ethic.

Not only will this help recruiters assess your expertise but will also establish a layer of confidence in your reliability owing to your range of tasks.

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What to Include In The Education Section of Your Shipping Resume

Most shipping and receiving job descriptions will enlist a requirement for a degree related to your profile. Even while writing your educational qualifications, there are certain tips you can adopt to enhance its appeal.

Here is what you can add to your warehouse shipping and receiving resume:

  • Name of the degree
  • Name of the university
  • Location
  • Dates
  • GPA

If you are a fresher, you can consider adding details such as your course modules that will help recruiters understand your level of expertise. Aside from that, you can also include any honors such as Greek-letter organizations or a dean's list to add to your credibility.

Figuring out the spacing for each of these details can be confusing! With our Online Resume Builder, all you have to do is enter your details!

Here is an example for a shipping and receiving clerk resume education section:


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Shipping And Receiving Clerk Certifications

To add extra credibility to your shipping and receiving clerk resume, creating a separate section for certifications can do wonders for you. Not only that, you can add your commercial driving license in this section to pull recruiters' attention.

Here are details of some certifications that you can consider boasting on your shipping and receiving resume for those extra brownie points!

Certifications Certifying Institute
Commercial Driver License (CDL) FMCSA
EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certification (EPA) EPA
International Accredited Business Accountant (IABA) ACAT
Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) PMI
Computer Service Technician (CST) ETA
Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) AHIMA
Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) ASTL
Incident Safety Officer - Fire Suppression Certification (ISO) FDSOA
Certified Network Computer Technician (CNCT) ETA

If you have certifications, you need not go into great detail and explain what you learned from the courses. Instead, you can follow this format while adding certifications to your resume:
Certifications | Certifying Authority | Date

To know more about entering certifications in your resume, you can check this guide on How to List Certifications on a Resume.

Add Extra Sections

If you think that the basic layout for a standard shipping and receiving clerk resume is not enough, you can take the liberty to explore your career history.

Such a stance would be particularly useful if you were a fresher with not much experience to begin with. You can customize by adding sections on volunteer experience and campus involvement with clubs to show that you were an active student.

Showing involvement in clubs can be a great way to show [multitasking skills], analytical skills, ( or interpersonal skills like teamwork, conflict resolution, dependability, etc. However, it is important to note that you do not include irrelevant experience as it will only take up space and reduce your credibility.

Basically, the idea is to make as much use out of your valuable academic qualifications and experience you had at campus. You may not realize, but most of those experience cater you to perform optimally in jobs.

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Shipping and Receiving Resume Sample

If you follow our tips, your shipping and receiving clerk resume can look a lot like this:
Tips & Guides
Tony Saunders
Shipping & Receiving Clerk
3+ years experienced warehouse clerk armed with a prolific track record of handling & processing hundreds of shipments daily. Proficient in tracking incoming & outgoing shipments while complying with transportation regulations to ensure smooth business operations. Adept at managing the inventory and maintaining shipment records as part of delivering compelling business value.
• Record Maintenance • Shipment Processing & Handling • Inventory & Operations Management • Report Generation
• Warehouse & Storage Management • Quality Assurance • ERP & Forklift • Invoice Documentation
Technical Skills: MS Office Suite
Warehouse Associate
Owl Networks
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    California based freight transportation company with over 5k employees and 15+ offices across the U.S
    Shipment Handling & Inventory Management
    • Tracked, labeled, and scanned inventory while processing 100+ incoming & outgoing shipments per day
    • Operated heavy machinery including forklifts to ensure proper stacking and storage of shipments
    • Monitored inventory & supply orders as part of maintaining accurate records of the same
    Report Generation & Quality Assurance
    • Conducted quality checks on a weekly basis as part of ensuring standard product quality of the shipments
    • Ensured 100% compliance with California Department of Transportation regulations for a safe and systematic workflow
    • Generated 5+ reports on a monthly basis for the senior management as part of ensuring smooth operations
    Receiving Clerk
    Shadow Box Logistics
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Established in 2002, it is a logistics company based in California with 6k+ employees and over 10k client base
      Shipment Processing & Invoice Documentation
      • Handled 100+ incoming shipments on a daily basis while documenting invoices of inventories & purchase orders
      • Oversaw the shipping & signing of shipments while ensuring 100% accuracy by matching the order details with invoices
      Record Maintenance & Storage Management
      • Assisted 5+ drivers daily with unloading the shipments & freight from trailers to facilitate the unloading process
      • Organized shipments to their assigned area & shelves in the warehouse to maintain orderly storage
      • Coordinated with the shipping department and maintained daily, monthly and quarterly logs for incoming shipments
      B.A. in Supply Chain Management
      Purdue University Northwest
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Founded in1982, it is a renowned public university with a faculty of 250+ professors across 2 campuses
        • GPA: 3.5/4.0
        H.S. Diploma
        Townsend Harris High School
        Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
          A public high school serving students in grades 9-12 with 2k enrolled students
          • GPA: 3.5/4.0
          • Languages: English (native) and French (fluent)

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          Key Takeaways

          With a prolific list of work experience, you can keep progressing in your career if you have an updated shipping and receiving clerk resume!

          Here is what you can take away from this blog:

          • Add desirable skills like inventory control, shipment management, record maintenance, etc. to enhance your warehouse shipping and receiving resume
          • Draft your professional experience by providing a bulleted list of one-liners and maintaining a cause-effect relationship in each of them
          • Analyze all of your accomplishments to create a perfect resume summary that includes major feats in your career
          • Include your academic details like your degree name, GPA, etc. to match the requirements of a company

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